Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Posted on 17 Dec 2014 Posted in  Christmas Ideas

Whether you’re a regular last-minute shopper or you just haven’t had a chance to get to the shops yet, time is definitely ticking, and most of us have finished putting our Christmas lists together now! If you’re panicking, don’t worry – we’ve come up with a few gift ideas that will allow you to skip the voucher and still find something personal enough to win you brownie points this Christmas.

Keep it Simple

Your opportunity for an elaborate gift has long passed; instead think about what your recipients like, and find them something of really good quality related to their favourite hobby. Often hobbies and passions are undertaken with a little frugality, and most people will relish the thought of having a nice, high-quality item to add to their collection.


  • Coffee lovers: A package of really good Fair Trade coffee, and maybe a pack of cinnamon sticks or some nice biscuits. Wrap it all up in a nice package to finish the look.
  • Artists: People who draw, write, play music, take photographs or indulge in any creative outlet often find themselves with a large wishlist of equipment - ask in-store for some good product recommendations and you’re sure to find the right gift. Make the most of Amazon Prime or start a free trial and earn up to 3.15% cashback on your last minute purchase, or make the most of click and collect with our cashback offer with Argos – the perfect place to shop for hobbies.
  • Gamers: There’s always the risk that they might already have the game if you buy them something, but a new piece of hardware is a good call – perhaps a console accessory or a multi-button gaming mouse, or the official guidebook for their favourite game. Shop using our gaming cashback offers and make your budget go further too!


Make it Personal

The best way to get something that you know they don’t already have is to base it on what you’ve been thinking of recommending them. This is a surprisingly personal gift, and much more of a lasting surprise for the recipient as they find out just how well you really know their tastes!


  • CDs are a standard gift, but if they’re chosen from your personal favourites or just your recommendation, they’re still a nice personal gift. Bonus points if you get a box set or even find it on vinyl.
  • Skip the Christmas annuals and bumper books, and opt instead for books that have affected you personally, or that you think carry a message the recipient would appreciate.
  • A print or wall hanging by your favourite artist, or perhaps of a subject you both appreciate, is a nice way to say “I saw this and thought of you.”

 If all else fails… give food!

You can’t go wrong with food at Christmas, so take this opportunity to shop at your preferred supermarket (and check out our supermarket cashback deals first!) and splash out on the luxury goods – a really nice hamper of food will keep even beginner foodies happy. Think about their personality – do they like to cook, or do they prefer to veg out on the sofa with snacks?


  • A bundle of luxuries like oils, dressings, breadsticks, spices and wine is perfect for serious foodies – and all items can be found at your local supermarket.
  • Local foods are a great way to make a gift more personal – try a combination of preserves, snacks and chocolates. If you have the time, you’ll find plenty of these at your local large farm shop.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates is always welcome. If you’re buying for somebody with a large family, make sure you write “For One!” on the gift card, so they don’t have to share!



jamieleesis03 Dec 15 - 09:34Some good ideas there. I'll bookmark the page for when I do my shopping on the 24th of Dec!