Get a 5% Payout Bonus by Choosing Amazon Vouchers

Posted on 29 Jul 2011 Posted in  Tips & Updates

Do you know you can get a 5% bonus if you cash-out in Amazon vouchers?

Once Top CashBack members have earned cashback and its sitting as 'payable' in their TopCashBack account, you can request to cash-out the full amount and have it transferred to a PayPal or bank account (the latter via BACS), or opt to send it directly to a charity of choice.

However, do you know you can also plump up your payment in Amazon vouchers, netting a 5% bonus on top?

So, for example, if you have £200 sitting in your TopCashBack account and decide to go for Amazon vouchers, you'd actually get £210 worth.

Not bad if you're a regular buyer from the shopping Goliath, or have had your eye on something in particular it sells. Alternatively having vouchers for it may prompt you into investigating what it has to offer.

As Amazon is currently the UK's 11th most visited, according to (though, of course, Amazon owns Alexa), a fair few people should be able to maximise on the extra value gained.

Who can really benefit from this great Amazon bonus

  1. Calling all Kindle owners. Getting topped-up Amazon vouchers as payment is ideal as you can use the currency to buy new releases for your Kindle. Or if you're Kindle-less, you could even save up your cashback and buy one. They can be picked from £111, so keep saving that cashback (£105.72 equals £111 in Amazon vouchers) and you could effectively get a Kindle FREE!  
  2. If you resent paying for delivery. Amazon's Free Super Saver Delivery means you won't need to spend your vouchers on paying for the posting of your order. You can expect your goodies to arrive 3-5 days after dispatch in the UK.
  3. If you need something urgently. If you need an item asap consider signing up to Amazon Prime, the retailer's premium delivery service that offers a 30-day free trial. But remember to cancel if you don't want to be charged its £49 annual fee once the time's up.
  4. If you always miss a great deal on Amazon. Do you hate the feeling when you buy something, then see it cheaper on Amazon? Don't let that happen again! ZeeZaw allows you to create a list of Amazon goodies you desire, as well as set a target price for each item. When the right product is at the right price, Zeezaw will let you know! You can then use your Amazon vouchers to pay for it, saving even more!

Not a TopCashBack member yet? It's free to join and then you can enjoy the deal too!

All you have to do to become a TopCashBack member is sign-up with a valid email address and password. There's no joining fee whatsoever. Then you're ready to shop and earn.

How TopCashBack members can cash-out in Amazon vouchers.

Step 1. Once logged into your account view your cashback earnings.

Step 2. You'll be able to see the total amount of cash you have available to request in your account's 'payable' column. Then click on the payments tab.

Step 3. The amount of sterling you could have credited to your bank or PayPal account will be shown here or if you opt for Amazon vouchers, the amount - including bonus - you'd receive in those. Then click on pay me.

Step 4. Select the - Amazon Voucher Code - as the payment type you'd like. Amazon voucher payment requests are usually processed each Tuesday and credited to your TopCashBack account the following Thursday (and we'll email to let you know when this has been done too), ready to spend on Friday.

You'll receive an e-voucher for the full, exact amount of the payable balance in your TopCashBack account, which you can apply to your Amazon account within 12 months of issue. You don't have to spend the entire amount at once; you can use it to cover many transactions. Or you could use it as part-payment towards a big purchase.

Step 5. Finally simply 'click to confirm payout' on the next page, to ensure you definitely want Amazon vouchers.

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SonnyK29 Jul 11 - 22:26 I received my amazon voucher sooner then expected. I don't know what's wrong with the above person. Amazon issues the vouchers so it takes time. I requested on 12/07/11 it was ready to use on 15/07/11.
Astute29 Jul 11 - 20:18 That's all very well if you actually get the vouchers. I've been waiting weeks for mine. Another time I don't think I will ask to be paid in Amazon vouchers. So far all i've received from them is thin air.