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Posted on 27 Jul 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Travel
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If you’re thinking about travelling again after what has been a difficult time for us all, Tripadvisor are on hand to provide you with peace of mind when booking accommodation — and allay any fears you might have regarding safety.

Their research shows safety is the number one priority of travellers, which is quite understandable given the current situation we all find ourselves in.

In order to get us all travelling again, they believe your safety must be recognised as the biggest hurdle to closing the confidence gap created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, the world’s largest travel platform have launched a Covid-19 Travel Safe tool, which is designed to help ensure you feel more confident with your accommodation choices, no matter where you’re planning to go.

When you look at a list of hotels in a particular destination, the Covid-19 search filter will let you see the hotels which are taking specific precautions and what those are.

They hope this will give you the confidence to book hotel stays through them, and as they offer the lowest prices on hotels, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t.

From holiday rentals to hidden gems, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay thanks to their easy price comparison and their hundreds of millions of reviews.

If you need another great reason to book, we’ve got one for you as we’re offering our members an exclusive 9% cashback* on all hotel bookings until August 2nd.

In order to get cashback, you must book your hotel directly with Tripadvisor by choosing the Book & Get Rewards option on the hotel booking page. If you opt for a deal being offered by a third party, you will not receive cashback.

Before you get booking, why not read a little more about Tripadvisor’s Covid-19 Travel Safe tool.

Tripadvisor Health

How they’re helping travellers

Tripadvisor’s Covid-19 Travel Safe tool will help you find, filter for and validate health and safety information so you can feel more confident when booking a hotel, whether you’re staying in the UK or jetting off abroad.

Health and safety checklists

Hotel owners can share information about the safety measures they have in place directly on their Tripadvisor listing. This could include such things as sanitation procedures, their guidelines on wearing masks, social distancing policies and more.

Tripadvisor Filter

Search filter

A new filter allows you to easily find which hotels are taking these added safety precautions when you’re looking for accommodation.

Traveller reviews

Tripadvisor have added prompts to the review submission form, which allows you to validate the safety measures which have been put in place and share your experience of them with other travellers.

Q&A with business owners

If you still have any questions, you can directly message business owners about the safety measures they have in place, or anything else for that matter.

You’re hopefully now feeling confident enough to book your accommodation. If you are, don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive 9% cashback* offer.

* The cashback rates listed are what Plus members will receive.

lacey0077 August 2020, 20:25 I won't be going anywhere until I feel the risk of covid-19 is greatly reduced, which it clear is not at the moment!
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