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Posted on 17 Mar 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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If you enjoy using Clinique skincare products, you’ll love the fact you can make double savings on them when you shop with Boots.

Famous for a comprehensive range of skincare products which are gentle on the skin, cult skincare and make-up must-haves are now available on 3-for-2 exclusively at Boots, although you’ll need to hurry as this deal is only available for a limited time.

However, we’re giving you the chance to make a double saving. As well as being able to get a great deal in the Boots 3-for-2 event, we’re offering members an exclusive 5% cashback* on all Clinique products bought through Boots from March 17-27.


Clinique exists to create great skin — simply, safely and effectively.

Discover the full range of skincare and make-up, plus new products and exclusives, including gift sets and Clinique bestsellers. They’re always allergy tested and 100% fragrance-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Clinique products you can save on thanks to Boots.

Clinique Moisture

Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 50ml

This addictively refreshing gel-cream helps skin create its own internal water source and keeps it almost twice as hydrated at the end of the day than it did before.

It works non-stop for 72 hours, leaving skin endlessly plump and dewy — even after washing your face.

You can use it under or over make-up, or as a five-minute mask.

For a hydration boost, apply over moisturiser with your fingertips, while it can also be applied to dry cuticles, elbows and ends of hair.

Clinique Dramatically

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+

This lightweight, easily absorbed lotion replenishes lost moisture and strengthens skin.

It balances skin’s moisture levels, providing rich hydration which lasts all day.

It strengthens skin so moisture stays in better, meaning skin looks healthier and is better able to retain moisture.

Because it absorbs easily, it leaves no residue thanks to its lightweight, non-greasy formula.

Clinique Soap

Liquid Facial Soap Mild 200ml — Skin Type 1 & 2

A five-star dermatologist-developed liquid soap, it cleanses gently yet thoroughly.

Step 1 in their customised 3-Step Skin Care System and with a non-drying formula, it leaves all skins feeling fresh, clean and comfortable.

Soft, non-drying lather loosens surface flakes, removes dirt and debris, then protects skin’s natural moisture balance.

Quick-rinsing formula leaves skin clean, comfortable and refreshed — never taut or dry.

It also prepares skin for the exfoliating action of Step 2 — Clarifying Lotion.

Clinique Clarifying

Clarifying Lotion 2 200ml — Skin Type 2

A gentle exfoliator which clears the way for smoother, brighter skin, this is the perfect prep product for moisturiser.

This refreshing formula is the real difference-maker for healthy skin. It sweeps away pollution, grime, dulling flakes and excess oil to reveal smoother, clearer skin.

Use twice-daily to prep for moisturiser and allow deeper hydration.

Clinique SPF

Even Better Makeup SPF15 Foundation

This dermatologist-developed foundation instantly perfects, lasts 24 hours and actively improves skin with every wear.

Not only does it hydrate and smooth, the creamy formula gives skin a natural finish. What’s more, it’s available in 56 shades.

The medium-buildable coverage foundation instantly perfects and helps to improve evenness of skin.

Stay true pigments won’t change colour on your skin, meaning you get flawless, undetectable coverage. It’s also sweat and humidity resistant.

Clinique Day Off

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 125ml

This is a uniquely textured face and eye make-up remover which transforms from a balm to an oil for gentle and easy removal of even the toughest make-up.

It gently, yet efficiently, dissolves and removes face and eye make-up (full coverage, long-wearing, sunscreens), dirt and oil due to an innovative formula which includes safflower seed oil to break up natural oils and tenacious make-up.

It cleans thoroughly, which soothes skin while gently removing the stress of pollution, so skin looks younger for longer.

It leaves skin soft without a filmy residue because of a uniquely textured formula which transforms from a velvety balm to a lightweight oil when massaged over skin.

You can save on all these Clinique products and more with Boots, while we’re also offering members an exclusive 5% cashback* on all Clinique products purchased from March 17-27.

* The cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. Classic rate may vary.

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