Give a Christmas they’ll never forget with £100 John Lewis vouchers

John Lewis

John Lewis

Competition has now ended, winner to be announced shortly!

These days, few stores capture the spirit of Christmas quite as much as John Lewis. The John Lewis Christmas television advert has become a yearly tradition, and this year ‘The Bear & The Hare’ caught the public’s imagination like never before.

You can capture the John Lewis spirit with their exclusive range of The Bear & The Hare products and merchandise, including the charity soundtrack single “Somewhere Only We Know”, by Lily Allen. This range of gifts make the perfect present for your loved ones!

John Lewis

Give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget with John Lewis this year – everything for him, for her, or for the home. And don’t forget to check out the likes of “Gifts for keen cooks”, “Gifts for cosy nights”, or even “Gifts for those who have it all” for those particularly difficult prezzies.

Plus, we’re here to help cover the cost of some of those gifts with a £100 John Lewis voucher for one lucky TopCashback member!

Enter now!

For your chance to win, just check out John Lewis and tell us which type of present you’d like someone to give you from John Lewis this Christmas, and why. Would a “Budding Baristas” gift be perfect for you? How about “Gifts for Gadget Gurus”?

Simply tell us which type of gift would be perfect for you and why in the comments below; and don’t forget to browse the full range of fantastic gifts on offer at John Lewis today. Competition has now ended - Congratulations to Chris Ciballi!

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Posted on 09 Dec 2013  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
I would like the biggest and best Television (or any other from the range!!!) From John Lewis this year so I can watch all the Christmas tv in glorious high definition and maybe some 3D too - it will keep everyone quiet after our dinner
  19 Dec 13 - 12:57
Ipad for me so I can keep in touch on my travels
  17 Dec 13 - 11:18
Gadget Gurus all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16 Dec 13 - 21:59
JuiceCube - awesome, handy, and so necessary in today's on the go environment! Can't think of anyone who would not appreciate this little stocking filler!
  16 Dec 13 - 13:13
I would like a stylish cardigan from Mint Velvet to keep me warm and fashionably cosy!
  16 Dec 13 - 12:37
Santa can you bring me a gym membership, I need help getting rid of my mummy tummy!
  16 Dec 13 - 12:01
I'd really love to have the new Samsung curved 3-d telly :)
  16 Dec 13 - 11:55
Santa can you please get me a nexus 5 mobile please!!!
  16 Dec 13 - 00:09
I would like to buy my first Ipad. Only had laptops so would like to see what all the fuss is about.
  15 Dec 13 - 23:39

A nice cheese board from the cheese and wine selection
  15 Dec 13 - 23:38
I would love to receive something from the Keen Cooks section as I am a budding baker :)
  15 Dec 13 - 22:58
Straight to Gadget Gurus and a lovey Sonos Play 5 - my iPod dock is embarrassing.
  15 Dec 13 - 22:00
Gifts for Gadget Gurus would suit me as I so love gadgets! I would have a really hard time choosing as so many too lol!
  15 Dec 13 - 21:59
Night Before Christmas
This wll be the first christmas where our little boy is aware of what's going on and I want him to have a lovely time :-)
  15 Dec 13 - 21:53
I would love a PacaPod Napier Changing Bag. We're expecting our first child, so been browsing the baby accessories. Would love this changing bag, practical and stylish.
  15 Dec 13 - 21:16
I`D love a grandmother clock.. To give my children a hint that times ticking by to make me a grandmother.
  15 Dec 13 - 21:10
I would put the voucher towards an iPad for myself for Christmas
  15 Dec 13 - 21:07
I would like a smart t v. My old set has crashed and I am lost without it for Christmas..
  15 Dec 13 - 21:02
Ipad with retina display. My ipad smashed and ive been lost ever since!
  15 Dec 13 - 20:51
I'd like a new Tablet from John Lewis because I love the extra piece of mind that you get from their 2 year guarantee. Their Customer Service is second to none.
  15 Dec 13 - 20:17
....A new fragrance.
  15 Dec 13 - 20:10
A bottle of Tattinger dahhhhling
  15 Dec 13 - 20:09
Chees and Wine Hamper :-)
  15 Dec 13 - 20:01
It must be a 2 in 1 Tablet and performance pc
  15 Dec 13 - 19:55
Without a doubt for me
A nifty ipad mini it would be
  15 Dec 13 - 19:24
I would a dress by mint velvet for my christmas party
  15 Dec 13 - 19:13
I would really love a little tablet :)
  15 Dec 13 - 18:14
It would be a great tablet to have at home for everyday use
  15 Dec 13 - 17:19
A kitchenaid Artisan Stand mixer would be perfect for me.
  15 Dec 13 - 17:19
A Janome DC3050 Sewing Machine - so I can go into 2014 making stuff for the house and family and saving a fortune
  15 Dec 13 - 16:38
Something gorgeous from the Cookshop section.
  15 Dec 13 - 16:36
I'd like a new laptop as my current one is ancient and held together with tape and an elastic band
  15 Dec 13 - 16:10
Definitely something from the Merry Baker
  15 Dec 13 - 15:58
I would love sewing machine :)
  15 Dec 13 - 15:52
I'd really love a Gifts for Gadget Gurus gift, as I like to keep up with all things tech :)
  15 Dec 13 - 15:44
I would love a new kindle, all the family can share it too x
  15 Dec 13 - 15:41
Something from fitness fanatics - i'm always buying new running kit
  15 Dec 13 - 15:38
Something from 'keen cooks' - a kitchenaid mixer is my dream !
  15 Dec 13 - 15:34
A Samsung television would be the perfect gift for the whole family to see Christmas films at there best.
  15 Dec 13 - 15:17
I'd like something for tech lovers, because i'm such a geek!
  15 Dec 13 - 14:11
Some sort of gadget, I love my tech, so anything gadgety is always going to make me happy
  15 Dec 13 - 14:04
Chanel chance in green purrrlease.
  15 Dec 13 - 14:04
Brother XN1700 Sewing Machine

I love to sew but my present machine ain't cutting the mustard any more- this would be an awesome surprise.
  15 Dec 13 - 14:00
Tech Lovers is always a good one, browsing the net and keeping in touch with family :0)
  15 Dec 13 - 13:47
Fragrance Lovers. I love myself and my house to smell good so would so like something from this section.
  15 Dec 13 - 13:00
Cheese and wine as I like nothing more than a programme on the telly a glass of wine with crackers and cheese
  15 Dec 13 - 12:39
Something from the Tech Lovers section because that's exactly what I am!
  15 Dec 13 - 12:25
Want to give my baby the best start, if can have the john lewis 'Skip Hop Tree Top Activity Gym' as a gift would be wonderful!
  15 Dec 13 - 11:54
I would pick something from the Gadget Gurus section for my wonderful hubby
  15 Dec 13 - 10:59
Would buy some new pots and pans my are so old I really need some new ones :)
  15 Dec 13 - 08:06
I would love the Juice Cube, Emergency Mobile Charger in Black for myself, what a very useful item, looks cool too.
  15 Dec 13 - 07:46
I love gadgets so that will always be my first choice!
  15 Dec 13 - 05:59
My hubby would love to have proper home brewed cofffee.
  15 Dec 13 - 05:52
Something from the Green-fingered section for my gardener mum!
  15 Dec 13 - 04:40
But, I would love a Magimix Ice Cream Maker from the Keen Cooks section because then I could make my very own pistachio ice cream all year round.
  15 Dec 13 - 04:18
I would love something from the Food Gifts for her section - a treat for me instead of doing all the preparation and cooking.
  15 Dec 13 - 02:26
I'd love a Nook Glowlight eReader for my daughter to inspire her to read more!
  15 Dec 13 - 02:21
I'd love to get a gift from "Gifts for Creatives", I have so many hobbies and love trying out new crafts. The "Make Your Own Winter Wonder Skin Balm Kit" looks especially enticing, fingers crossed I find it in my stocking.
  15 Dec 13 - 02:07

Id just love to win
  15 Dec 13 - 01:58
I hope I could win...
  15 Dec 13 - 00:33
I'd like one of those lovely kirchen aid mixers
  15 Dec 13 - 00:23
I'd have to say a novelty gift for him for my hubby :)
  15 Dec 13 - 00:15
I would like to win it for my foster child who is 17. Love her.
  14 Dec 13 - 23:57
Twas the night before Xmas and my trousers were tight,
I knew i'd be busting the zip by next night!
The roast is too tasty, the pudding too good,
And I don't exercise as much as I should. :-/
Motivation is lacking, as it is every year..
But with a Fitness Fanatics gift - at least i'd have the right gear!
  14 Dec 13 - 23:54
I need a new laptop as mine is overheating so it would have to be "Gifts for Gadget Gurus" for me
  14 Dec 13 - 23:45
I like baking so Keen Cooks would be great!
  14 Dec 13 - 23:41
Gifts for a Gadget gurus
  14 Dec 13 - 23:26
The gifts for Keen Cooks range suits me best, as I love baking and my dream is a Kitchenaid mixer
  14 Dec 13 - 23:01
Definitely something from the Gadget Gurus.
  14 Dec 13 - 22:55
A Pampered Pets gift would be good for me, so that I can cheer up my little girl Kanga after we had to have her brother put to sleep in July :(
  14 Dec 13 - 22:47
Pretty much anything from the Gadget Gurus section would be good for me - iphone accessories are always welcome
  14 Dec 13 - 22:44
Gifts for a Gadget gurus
  14 Dec 13 - 22:41
Would love a new gadget
  14 Dec 13 - 22:40
Fancy a change to my iPad and the Nokia Lumia 2520 in particular is exclusive to John Lewis and looks great!
  14 Dec 13 - 22:31
Green fingers for some garden goodies...Barbara s
  14 Dec 13 - 22:26
Would love a new gadget, something like iPad mini so I can be online on the go to check my emails.
  14 Dec 13 - 22:08
This ones for me:)
  14 Dec 13 - 22:00
A Mattress would be amazing; or even a bed, this one is getting to the point of being pointless :(
  14 Dec 13 - 21:52
Puss needs a new bed and there are some fab beds here
  14 Dec 13 - 21:39
Gadget Gurus :)
  14 Dec 13 - 21:13
Would love some new cooking gear for my kitchen <3
  14 Dec 13 - 21:11
A cosy gift, ideal for the dark cold winter nights
  14 Dec 13 - 20:10
I would love some new curtains or blinds for our new house that we have just bought. Can't move in until March/April as it is still being built! :(
  14 Dec 13 - 19:51
So gadget gurus for me!
  14 Dec 13 - 18:34
I would love an ipad!
  14 Dec 13 - 18:33
I would love some perfume
  14 Dec 13 - 18:27
The item I would get would be a few candles. I love scented candles and would get archipelago and Cire Trudon as candles are relaxing and the smell when you walk in the room is amazing and the waft you get whilst the candle is burning is enough to put a smile on any ones face and make them happy. My mum would be lucky also as if I won the £100 voucher for John Lewis I would give my mum one of the candles. Plus the heady notes on the scented candles are great for winter and make you feel all warm and happy. You can't beat great candles to do that x
  14 Dec 13 - 18:20
I would love to receive something from the @Gifts for Grandparents range, for example a Janome 9200D over-locker would make a fantastic and useful change from slippers and wrinkle cream! But for grandchild price range gifts a pocket lavender garden or champagne truffles would also be gratefully received.
  14 Dec 13 - 18:04
BaByliss 7475U Super Clipper - Because my current clippers have seen their best days and my hair and beard are now grown out of control.
  14 Dec 13 - 17:44
I would love the benefit make up set from the looking great category, anything to make me look better in these cold months.
  14 Dec 13 - 17:15
Tech lovers - so many gadgets, so much choice
  14 Dec 13 - 16:54
Tech lovers section for me
  14 Dec 13 - 16:26
I'd like something in the Looking Great category as I am losing weight and would love to be able to pamper myself and make the most of my newly forming figure.
  14 Dec 13 - 16:23
Heston Nutri Juicer Pro so I can kick start the New Year as I ean to continue.
  14 Dec 13 - 15:47
I'd love a new camera
  14 Dec 13 - 14:46
Something nice and warm from the Cosy Night In Section, then a bottle of win and film with my husband :)
  14 Dec 13 - 14:25
I'd really love a dualit milk frother! It seems a bit of a luxury to buy for myself, as it's only me that would use it! Of course, if someone was feeling particularly generous and wanted to buy me the whole Nespresso deal .... Well, I wouldn't be complaining!
  14 Dec 13 - 13:59
Tech Lovers
  14 Dec 13 - 13:58
Fragrance Lovers would be perfect for me as I love smelling good and having luxury perfumes!
  14 Dec 13 - 12:26
I would love a gift from the tech lovers range as i'm all about the tech x
  14 Dec 13 - 11:22
Gadget Gurus to get a new sat nav. Our old one has broken holder and has to sit on my lap!
  14 Dec 13 - 11:11
Hubby wants a toaster that will cook super quick and evenly
  14 Dec 13 - 10:16
Tech lovers for me
  14 Dec 13 - 08:55
I would love a nice fragrance, Boss Jour Eau de Parfum Gift Set
  14 Dec 13 - 00:36
They can't get it wrong with Cheese & Wine hamper
  13 Dec 13 - 22:32
I would like a new tv to go in my bedroom.
  13 Dec 13 - 22:19
Me and my wife absolutely love jl fitted kitchens. A fully fitted kitchen for out new future home will be fabulous.
  13 Dec 13 - 20:13
White Stuff clothing - because we are unlikely to have snow on Christmas day!
  13 Dec 13 - 19:47
Contribution towards a led tv.
  13 Dec 13 - 18:43
I'd like a Night Before Christmas present :) x
  13 Dec 13 - 18:31
I'd buy anything from john lewis. Good warranties and I want to work for them because I hear time and time again they are a great company to work for!!! But I would love an apple I phone or I pad air for my husband!!
  13 Dec 13 - 18:02
I would love to have the gorgeous Apple tablet, the iPad Air. Last year I only got a table mat.
  13 Dec 13 - 17:55
I would like lg tv 47 inch.
  13 Dec 13 - 17:27
I would love a new tv but that's unlikely ;-)
  13 Dec 13 - 16:21
I'd love a bean to cup coffee machine - in my dreams, given the price of them!
  13 Dec 13 - 15:50

The Brother XN1700 Sewing Machine would be great - i've wanted a sewing machine for years. I love crafts, and really want to learn to sew.
  13 Dec 13 - 14:45
The top-spec Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi & Cellular 128GB in silver to replace my ageing netbook.
  13 Dec 13 - 14:32
A pair of slippers from the Cosy Nights section. Our floors are freezing at this time of year!
  13 Dec 13 - 14:17
In my wildest dreams I would love to be given the Philips reaura skin rejuvenation Laser , because I would love 2014 to be a more attractive year than 2013
  13 Dec 13 - 14:07
Those Who Have It All
  13 Dec 13 - 13:56
I would love someone to give me anything from the Gadgets for Gurus section as would love to update any of my gadgets which have stagnated since I rtired.
Happy Christmas to all!
  13 Dec 13 - 13:44
Our poor old Sofa is on its last legs :-( 10 years of lazy Sunday afternoon naps (obviously pre children) and then 5 years of our two active boys has meant that the old thing is now tired and worn. We would one of John Lewis yummy Sofas but until we save a few more pennies the old one will have to keep on going :-(
  13 Dec 13 - 12:52
I'd love a new laptop, my present computer is like me - worn out!
  13 Dec 13 - 11:50
I would love a Philips Sonicare HX9332/04 DiamondClean Electric Toothbrushto keep my teeth squeaky clean
  13 Dec 13 - 11:32
Im trying to start a charity and inspire children. A Macbook pro would help with my blueprint for building schools. And where better to get from then the only place that offers 3 years warranty inclusive
  13 Dec 13 - 10:56
I have wanted a coffee machine for ages but always think of a reason not to get one - ' they are too expensive', ' we have other things to save for' and mostly my husband says 'where are you going to put it? They are too big.' Not anymore as there are now lovely little ones that you can put on the counter top. Christmas is a lovely time of year, so whether I win or not - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on Topcashback.
  13 Dec 13 - 10:53
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer - Almond Cream would be an amazing gift for all my cooking experiments!
  13 Dec 13 - 09:29
Love John Lewis but not a fan of their premium contact number. Bring back the normal numbers.
  13 Dec 13 - 09:11
I love making food and kitchen/Foodie presents are always welcome :)x
  13 Dec 13 - 09:10
I love making things so something craft related would be fantastic...Possibly a sewing machine as mine is old and decrepit.
  13 Dec 13 - 09:02
My Husband is amazing and I would love to treat him to some fancy shaving bits - it really would be too good to be true
  13 Dec 13 - 07:25
Would love a Dualit toaster for all the family to use.
  13 Dec 13 - 07:05
I'm a LIz Earle girl so i'd like to pamper myself with some of her luxury products. Merry Christmas.
  13 Dec 13 - 06:38
I'd love to be spoiled rotten with a Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Home Candle - all the superstars have them in their dressing rooms apparently, so i'd feel like a celebrity in my own home
  12 Dec 13 - 23:54
Would love to Buy my hubby the
Cotswold Wall Clock, Blue £40 but worth every penny as its classy and oversized ...He would never be late for work again !!!
  12 Dec 13 - 23:12
A hd recorder would be amazing to capture those soon disappeared moments with the family at Christmas...Also my son could use it to do his filmmaking! Merry Christmas all!
  12 Dec 13 - 23:09
I would like a hand blender as I am itching to make silky smooth butter icing to make fancy cupcakes for family, friends and work colleagues.
  12 Dec 13 - 22:36
A fantastic selection - difficult to choose but one of the audio gadgets would be ideal.
  12 Dec 13 - 22:34
Need a new toaster - the black Bosch styline would be nice.
  12 Dec 13 - 22:20
Would work for me. Or a lego Journal.
  12 Dec 13 - 22:09
I would love one of the dinky colourful digital radios from the Gadget Gurus range...Such good value at under £30 and at last I could listen to my favourite stations without having to do it through our telly!
  12 Dec 13 - 22:06
Tech Lovers
  12 Dec 13 - 22:06
I would love to get my wife a Kitcheaid for Xmas
  12 Dec 13 - 22:03
Dear Santa Lewis, a simple beautiful pair of cultured fresh water pearl stud earrings under the tree. Pure and simple.
Thank you Santa Lewis
  12 Dec 13 - 21:54

I would love to buy my little brother a laptop :)
  12 Dec 13 - 21:54
I would love the Tefal Ingenio pan set to go on my new induction hob (purchased from jl, of course). It epitomises all that jl stands for: beautiful form and function
  12 Dec 13 - 21:46
I would love a crystal vase to use to put my flowers in on Xmas day
  12 Dec 13 - 21:44
As we have both just given up our jobs and moved 500 miles to care for elderly parents, a new laptop to find work and work from home would really help.
  12 Dec 13 - 21:43
Asus Vivobook S550CA Laptop, Intel Core i3, 6GB ram, 750GB, 15.6" Touch Screen, Grey
  12 Dec 13 - 21:38
Eyes don't get much better over time. A big screen to replace the 32" in the corner of the living room would go down very nicely.
  12 Dec 13 - 21:23
Since leaving Northern Ireland for the mainland I don't get to see my mum very often. I would like any iPad with a camera so I can give it to her as a thank you for everything she gave me. It will also allow her to see her new grandchild who arrives in the new year. Plus iPads are cool!
  12 Dec 13 - 21:22
I would love the Toshiba PortéGé Z10t-106 Convertible Ultrabook, it would help all the family so much!
  12 Dec 13 - 20:44
A Bose home cinema system would be great for watching films and listening to music over Christmas.
  12 Dec 13 - 20:38
A Bose SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® Speaker so I can listen to music at home, on the go or wherever I am!
  12 Dec 13 - 20:21
Would treat myself to some travel luggage for my up and coming holiday.
  12 Dec 13 - 19:56
My ideal present would be a MacBook Pro, but i'd settle for anything from the John Lewis Christmas gifts selection :)
  12 Dec 13 - 19:29
Spent 3 hrs looking round jl the other day lots of fabulous pretty things I would love. Would treat myself to some origins products which are just heavenly. Or would put the money towards a new chair as my sofa gives me a bad back.
  12 Dec 13 - 19:29
The best present I would love would be to spend the whole of Christmas at a specially themed John Lewis "hotel" with all their sparkle and glitz, and food!
  12 Dec 13 - 19:20
Anything for our new kitchen that we're hoping to get from John Lewis in January.
  12 Dec 13 - 19:19
Tablet or nice boots - do not have either at the moment...
  12 Dec 13 - 18:33
I could do with help in purchasing a new tablet.
  12 Dec 13 - 18:24
Tassimo coffee machine for me.
  12 Dec 13 - 17:53
Will go towards a new tablet
  12 Dec 13 - 15:18
I would like a lovely stylish handbag
  12 Dec 13 - 13:09

Couple of new items for the party season would be nice! Reiss Zinc in white or selected homme tweed blazer :)
  12 Dec 13 - 11:18
Oooo Definitely a new Samsung led telly to watch all the festivities on!
  12 Dec 13 - 11:06
I would use it towards a new tv.
  12 Dec 13 - 10:49
I'd like a robot vacuum cleaner.
  12 Dec 13 - 10:37
It would have to be the black Aline dress from lk Bennett. Just what every girl needs to feel amazing on New Years Eve!!
  12 Dec 13 - 09:29
A digital radio for the kitchen love spending time in there and would just keep me entertained.
  12 Dec 13 - 08:59
I would love to put it towards an iPad Air. Would be so cool to own.
  12 Dec 13 - 01:45
Mine would have to be something from the looking great gifts! As I love to (try) to look great!
  12 Dec 13 - 01:04
I'd love a pair of 'Just sheepskin' boot slippers from the 'cosy nights' range. My feet are always cold and these are perfect for relaxing at home, keeping me warm and comfy all day.
  12 Dec 13 - 00:49
I'd buy the Lego John Lewis Exclusive vw Campervan and enjoy building it with the kids, looking out on a cold January garden and looking forward to the summer. Wishing we had a full size one to take us all to find that special 'somehwhere only we know'.
  11 Dec 13 - 23:22
Mine would have to be something from the looking great gifts! As I love to (try) to look great!
  11 Dec 13 - 22:45
A brand spanking new MacBook Pro. To finally update my old and thoroughly weathered old laptop.
That would be a Christmas I would not forget.
  11 Dec 13 - 21:31
I'd use the £100.00 to indulge myself & Buy loads of Molton Brown products ... Quintessentially British, good quality and good value ... Just like John Lewis !
  11 Dec 13 - 21:04
I love coffee and am saving up to buy an indulgently expensive coffee machine that can make fresh coffee and super frothy milk and John Lewis is just the place for such a treat!
  11 Dec 13 - 21:03
Would go towards a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer - beautiful machine in its looks and one great performer.
  11 Dec 13 - 20:53
I'd like a camcorder
  11 Dec 13 - 20:27
£100 voucher would have to go on a gorgeous pair of Hobbs or MW3 leather boots to replace my tired leaky ones which I cant replace till after xmas as all the cash has gone on the kids :)
  11 Dec 13 - 20:14
Over £100, but it would go a long way towards it!
  11 Dec 13 - 19:50
Scented candles would be the perfect gift for me. Great for those cosy nights in and ideal when entertaining over the Christmas period.
  11 Dec 13 - 19:20
Definitely a brand new coffee machine. Mines as old as time it would just the ticket!!
  11 Dec 13 - 18:47
I would buy them an Oral b Electric Toothbrush to keep their pearly whites actually white during this festive period!
  11 Dec 13 - 17:45
The trouble is I change my mind an awful lot, my ideal present today isn't the same as I wanted yesterday, but with a John Lewis gift voucher I could get exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it!
  11 Dec 13 - 16:44
Our 'justmarried' son & His lovely wife didn't ask their guests for presents - now hosting their 1st family xmas in their new flat, they'd have such a great time in the fab kitchen department choosing beautiful china and glass
  11 Dec 13 - 15:41

Something from the budding baristas range for my husband as he loves trying all new coffee products
  11 Dec 13 - 15:39
Something from the "Budding Baristas" range would be right up my alley as i'm not brilliant at making coffee and it would give me the chance to practice, so I can make it for myself and the family, something like this would be perfect:
  11 Dec 13 - 15:07
A winter jacket.
  11 Dec 13 - 14:31
Gadget Gurus
  11 Dec 13 - 14:27
I would love a bean to cup coffee machine!
  11 Dec 13 - 14:17
Making crafts
  11 Dec 13 - 14:03
Reiss Charise Double Breasted Coat, Navy

Keep me nice and warm this winter.
  11 Dec 13 - 13:45
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer;
Make and prepare lots of lovely food for all the family to enjoy!
  11 Dec 13 - 13:36
I would love to 'Build Your Own Gingerbread Village Kit' with the kids
  11 Dec 13 - 13:21
I would love this so I get smell all nice
  11 Dec 13 - 13:11
A Festive Hamper would be great.
  11 Dec 13 - 12:25
What a brilliant colour and seems like a lovely warm jacket to keep out the cold during these winter months!
  11 Dec 13 - 11:08
I celebrate Chanukah, but i'd love an olive oil mister!
  11 Dec 13 - 10:58
A sat nav would be wonderful so I can blame something else when I get lost instead of me!
  11 Dec 13 - 10:54
I'd love something from the 'Fitness Fanatics' collection - a new pair of trainers maybe, or some new swimming goggles ....
  11 Dec 13 - 10:31
I'd love to get these for our lounge in our new house as a Christmas present to my husband and to allow my 10 Christmas day family members to have somewhere to sit on the big day!
  11 Dec 13 - 10:05
Much needed cosmetics to tame the hare bear bunch on my head!
  11 Dec 13 - 09:19

Chanel, Chanel et encore Chanel! There is nothing like a bit of luxury to start the new year...
  11 Dec 13 - 09:01
I'd buy my cat one off these these look fabulous
  11 Dec 13 - 08:47
My wife has had her eye on a Le Cresuet pot for months now - that would be my choice!
  11 Dec 13 - 08:25
I'd love a new bear for my daughter, whilst a little hair for me would do nicely.
  11 Dec 13 - 06:40
A luxury hamper so my husband and I could celebrate our 25th Christmas together in style.
  11 Dec 13 - 05:42
Tech Lovers for me because even though I am knocking on a bit I love all the new things
  11 Dec 13 - 03:39
Buying pressies for my son is so easy bt choosing somthing formy princess? Now thats hard :0 so if I win these vouchers are hers!
  11 Dec 13 - 02:48
Viktor & Rolf Antidote. Nicey Nicey!
  11 Dec 13 - 00:43
Not only is it Christmas soon but my little boy will soon have a new baby brother or sister to share his life/Toys/Mummy with....!
  10 Dec 13 - 23:07
I'd love some more saucepans from the john lewis range! My husband hopes they would improve my cooking!! Lol!
  10 Dec 13 - 22:53
The budding baristas gift
  10 Dec 13 - 22:37
I'd love a pair of the gorgeous John Lewis Pocahontas sheepskin slippers in the Cosy Nights Christmas section, so I can rest my feet after running around after two busy toddlers!
  10 Dec 13 - 22:26
A dress to wear to a friend's wedding on New Years Eve. Xx
  10 Dec 13 - 22:11
A2B Hybrid 24 Bike Online

White or any hybrid really
  10 Dec 13 - 21:58
I'd love some Over Ear Headphones...Especially the Bose Quiet Comfort QC15! I check them out every time I go into John Lewis and still can't believe how good they sound! :)
  10 Dec 13 - 21:53
Cheese and wine for sure!
  10 Dec 13 - 21:37
I'd love someone to buy me the Cyberjammies Fleece Shawl Robe , Purple ( because it is in my favourite colour and the fleece would keep me toasty and warm all winter long instead of shivering and miserable!
  10 Dec 13 - 21:35
I'd choose something from the Keen Cooks range!
  10 Dec 13 - 21:33
I'd love an I pad docking station to listen to my tunes over Xmas & New year while nursing my broken leg & Missing all my Xmas parties :((
  10 Dec 13 - 21:21
I'd love a gift from the Gadget Gurus Section - in particular the Toshiba Satellite Convertible Tablet Laptop as my laptop died a long time ago and I haven't been able to replace it. This would be more than perfect, it would be amazing!
  10 Dec 13 - 21:16
Lg 55EA980W oled Full hd 3D Smart tv,

This for xmas movies would be awesome
  10 Dec 13 - 20:59
Some beautiful items for the home.
  10 Dec 13 - 20:55
I love cooking and baking, so la creuest for me!
  10 Dec 13 - 20:52
Something from Gadget Gurus, so many fantastic items!
  10 Dec 13 - 20:49
A shiny new Asus Zenbook would really give me some festive fizz.
  10 Dec 13 - 20:44
I would get my boy a mini micro scooter as I know he would love it
  10 Dec 13 - 20:42
I would love a cot for my baby to sleep in dreaming of the bear and hare!
  10 Dec 13 - 20:40
Got to be the ipad for me, as I cant afford one but would love it.
  10 Dec 13 - 20:26
A new led tv as my old one has broken.
  10 Dec 13 - 20:17
I would send my 1st 15 month old grandson who lives in Australia some beautiful clothes from the Baby and Toddler section to look festive down under :)
  10 Dec 13 - 19:41
I'd love something from the Gadget Guru section!
  10 Dec 13 - 19:20
L would like a mini ipad
  10 Dec 13 - 19:17

Great fun to keep me and my friends & Family entertained for hours!
  10 Dec 13 - 19:05
I need all the help I can get in the kitchen so i'd love something from the Keen Cooks category - the Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel looks ideal!
  10 Dec 13 - 18:24
I would like some wireless headphones, as a tangle free way to watch videos at a distance without disturbing others.
  10 Dec 13 - 18:22
A ghd Straightener from the looking great range.
  10 Dec 13 - 18:09
I would love the Laurent-Perrier Limited Edition Grand SièCle Champagne & Pourer Gift Set - a real special treat
  10 Dec 13 - 17:43
I would love to have a Xbox one as i've been a big fan of the console and I could share it with my little brother and play cooperative games together. :)
  10 Dec 13 - 16:53
It's got to be something gorgeous from Jo Malone
  10 Dec 13 - 16:28
I need new Benefit make up in time for Xmas!! Please please pick me :o)
  10 Dec 13 - 16:01
Gadget guru is where it's at
  10 Dec 13 - 15:03
Keen cooks
  10 Dec 13 - 14:17
I'd love a new bag for uni to help carry all my books
  10 Dec 13 - 14:00
I'm in dire need of gadgets. Mobile would be nice.
  10 Dec 13 - 13:37
Oh anything from the Cheese & Wine goodies!
  10 Dec 13 - 13:25
I'd love to give my sister a hamper of benefit goodies!
  10 Dec 13 - 13:12
Tech Lovers
  10 Dec 13 - 12:44
Id probably pick something from the fragrance lovers section, I really need some new scent
  10 Dec 13 - 12:13
Our garden and allotment are a big part of our lives, and I like to add things to make them pretty and quirky
  10 Dec 13 - 11:43
New tv!
  10 Dec 13 - 09:25
I don't think you can go wrong with one of the gifts from the Cheese and Wine section
  10 Dec 13 - 09:20
Gifts for Gadget Gurus - I am an it geek and love gadgets
  10 Dec 13 - 08:34
I'd love a new camera from the Sharing the Moments collection. This would be ideal to.Capture the magic of Christmas as well as the great moments to come in 2014.
  10 Dec 13 - 08:05
Since I love tea and fine china!
  10 Dec 13 - 07:35
Everyone deserves a little indulgance at christmas .
  10 Dec 13 - 07:20
A new fridge freezer will help.
  10 Dec 13 - 07:19
I'd pick from the Gadget Gurus, i'd love a slr camera to help me with my new hobby.
  10 Dec 13 - 01:45
My favourite category of gifts is Gadget Gurus.
  10 Dec 13 - 01:34
Anything from tech lovers would be hugely appreciated - I couldn't see a category "socks"...
  10 Dec 13 - 01:31
I'd love something from the Gift for the Home range. I'd love to have a relaxing night in with added luxury.
  10 Dec 13 - 00:51
Gadget Gurus
  10 Dec 13 - 00:18
Gadget gurus for me!
  10 Dec 13 - 00:16
Ipad mini - perfect for my travels
  10 Dec 13 - 00:05
I'd like a Dyson vac, it's something functional which I would use regularly.
  10 Dec 13 - 00:02

Cheese and wine
  09 Dec 13 - 23:54
I'd love a food mixer so I could pretend i'm on Great British Bake Off whenever i'm in the kitchen
  09 Dec 13 - 23:49
I'd love something from the Gadget Guru section would be perfect for me because I love technology <3
  09 Dec 13 - 23:11
A new laptop as mine is on its last legs
  09 Dec 13 - 23:03
I would love to be given a gift from the Looking Great section :)
  09 Dec 13 - 23:01
Would have to be something fab from the ladies dept as there so many wonderful items to choose from
  09 Dec 13 - 22:49
Anything from cheese and wine. I love a nibble when i'm drinking.
  09 Dec 13 - 22:48
B&W Zippelin.
  09 Dec 13 - 22:45
Gadget Gurus. I need a new camera.
  09 Dec 13 - 22:42
I would love a Google Nexus 7 tablet from the Gadget Guru section because it looks amazing and I would love to own a tablet!
  09 Dec 13 - 22:27
Something from gadget gurus section would be my perfect gift
  09 Dec 13 - 22:23
I love gadgets; there is no reason more profound than that, i'm afraid!
  09 Dec 13 - 22:15
A hamper of Kiehls skin products would be lovely!
  09 Dec 13 - 22:13
I would like a gift from the Gadget Gurus category as - quite simply - I love gadgets!
  09 Dec 13 - 22:11
Fragrance Lover gift set would be great, need some new smellies and hoping I get some for Christmas if I don't win.
  09 Dec 13 - 22:09
I would definitely go for this laptop I spend most of my time on the internet, and if I can combine my time on the internet with saving money I am in seventh heavn

Asus Vivobook S550CA Laptop, Intel Core i5, 6GB ram, 1TB, 15.6" Touch Screen, Grey
  09 Dec 13 - 22:05
Yep i'd go for something from the fitness gifts, probably the Nike running shoes...Perfect for getting in shape again in the new year!
  09 Dec 13 - 22:01
Mutts and hounds dog bed for my pampered pooch
  09 Dec 13 - 21:59
I have two little ones who would both like a onesie and some slippers!
  09 Dec 13 - 21:58
Definatly something from the Gadget Guru section, such as the Sonos Connect Wireless Music System for my boyfriend.
  09 Dec 13 - 21:57

Something to help my baking like a food processor
  09 Dec 13 - 21:54
Fragrance lover gift for me! I always like to think I smell good at my work well certainly I try too lol! Some really nice looking gift sets their hmmmm think I might drop a few hints now! ;-)
  09 Dec 13 - 21:42
Looking Great
Fragrance Lovers
  09 Dec 13 - 21:34
Keen Cooks, a KitchenAid! Would love one.
  09 Dec 13 - 21:31
There's a few things in Gadget Guru's I wouldn't mind getting.
  09 Dec 13 - 21:29
I need a new laptop badly.
  09 Dec 13 - 21:13
I'd love to recieve the ghd eclipse® Styler, White because it would be an end to bad hair days!
  09 Dec 13 - 21:08
A gift set would be nice!
  09 Dec 13 - 21:07
Keen Cooks
  09 Dec 13 - 21:07
A Kindle
  09 Dec 13 - 21:04
I would choose something from Tech Lovers
  09 Dec 13 - 21:04
Love perfume
  09 Dec 13 - 21:03
I love tech :)
  09 Dec 13 - 21:01
Gifts for Gadget Gurus for me
  09 Dec 13 - 20:51
SOMETHINGfrom the cheese and wine section, so we can reax and share friends over Christmas
  09 Dec 13 - 20:50
Definitely something from Gadget Gurus. I am badly in need of a new laptop. There are some lovelies in that section of the website that I would love to give a spin (or not, if it's an ssd)
  09 Dec 13 - 20:49
Fragrance Lovers
  09 Dec 13 - 20:43
Keen Cooks
  09 Dec 13 - 20:38
I would have to buy a few pairs of John Lewis Santa Slippers some red,green an maybe white for all my visitors as our kitchen is all out and the floor is a cold concrete. They would keep them warm.
  09 Dec 13 - 20:35
Night Before Christmas for me a festive onesie and some novelty slippers Perfect!
  09 Dec 13 - 20:34
Keen Cooks for me!
  09 Dec 13 - 20:29
Tech Lovers for me Ritakd
  09 Dec 13 - 20:26
Budding Baristas, coffee is the only thing that keeps me going!
  09 Dec 13 - 20:15

I would be like a kid in a candy store in the kitchen gadgets dept!
  09 Dec 13 - 20:15
Tech lovers
  09 Dec 13 - 20:12
Oooh a Culinary Concepts Polished Knot Cheese Wire would be ideal for me, its small, fits in my stocking and I would love to glide though the cheese (also after the drinkiepoos its probably a lot safer than a knife hee hee)
  09 Dec 13 - 20:11
Would love cheese and wine as they are my favourite
  09 Dec 13 - 20:08
Its got to be Perfume for me
  09 Dec 13 - 20:08
A house full of people and nothing to eat.
A John Lewis hamper would go down a treat!
  09 Dec 13 - 20:01
My old dog is 15 now, and has definitely earned a bit of pampering!
  09 Dec 13 - 19:59

........Gadget gurus
  09 Dec 13 - 19:51
Gadget Gurus
  09 Dec 13 - 19:38
Cheese and Wine
  09 Dec 13 - 19:35
I have a miniature Dachshund and she totally deserves an awesome Christmas :d
  09 Dec 13 - 19:30
Tech Lovers - Love a good gadget.
  09 Dec 13 - 19:22
I'd choose Cosy Nights because I love coming home from work and getting cosy
  09 Dec 13 - 19:11
Gadget gurus and the new Google Nexus 7. That will do me very nicely.
  09 Dec 13 - 19:10
Definitely Keen Cooks, i'd love a Kitchen Aid Mixer!
  09 Dec 13 - 19:05
Gadget gurus
  09 Dec 13 - 18:58
A onesie xx
  09 Dec 13 - 18:57
Gadget Gurus
  09 Dec 13 - 18:57
Gadget Gurus category please
  09 Dec 13 - 18:56

From the gadget gurus range x
  09 Dec 13 - 18:55
Gadget Gurus
  09 Dec 13 - 18:52
I would like something from the tech lovers dept as it would be a Christmas pressie for all the family and not just me
  09 Dec 13 - 18:51
I would love something from the Gadget Gurus category because i'm a bit of a geek!
  09 Dec 13 - 18:40
Cheese and wine for me please
  09 Dec 13 - 18:40
I would love a Jaeger Draped Cocoon Coat, as I in need of a new coat, I have my Marks and Spencer coat for a few years now (well over 20) its not looking its best. Would love something stylish but warm, John Lewis can always deliver on both counts...
  09 Dec 13 - 18:38
My ideal one would be Cocktail Party. I've bought a 1950s Cocktail Cabinet and am keen to make cocktails for the girls!
  09 Dec 13 - 18:38
Would be Night before Christmas for my husband. He loves Christmas Eve & Is as excited as our son! The onsie in the section would suit him perfectly!
  09 Dec 13 - 18:31
I would love anything from this range as I adore baking and i'm having a new kitchen in the new year, so would be perfect
  09 Dec 13 - 18:30
... Would be perfect for me because I hibernate in winter as I suffer from sad.
  09 Dec 13 - 18:28
Bodum Chambord Cappuccino Set
  09 Dec 13 - 18:28
I would love something from the Keen Cooks Range
  09 Dec 13 - 18:20
Tech Lovers section
  09 Dec 13 - 18:15
Definitely Tech Lovers. :)
  09 Dec 13 - 18:13
Gifts for Keen Cooks!
  09 Dec 13 - 18:12
... Instead of pikachu i'd choose the Tech Lovers
  09 Dec 13 - 18:04
I love all things tech so this would be a huge plus.
  09 Dec 13 - 18:01
I would choose night before christmas, nothing better than getting all snuggled up :)
  09 Dec 13 - 18:00
Gadget gurus for me
  09 Dec 13 - 18:00
I would like Cottage Delight Fruit and Nut Mini Cakes from the night before christmas collection for mr and mrs christmas to enjoy whilst sorting all the presents ;-)
  09 Dec 13 - 17:59

Something from the Tech Lovers section for my techie brother - one of the tablet sleeves look good!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:59
Definitely something from the Keen Cooks range for my sister
  09 Dec 13 - 17:53
Tech Lovers as I love all tech
  09 Dec 13 - 17:50
I would love something from the Wild Animals Stag Gift Collection! I have a thing for all things faux Stag & Antler. Be it a scarf with repeating stag print, soft furnishings printed with the design, ornate antler lamp, to the large white stag head with silver Antlers I have on my wall! I have such a liking for the look that I have been nicknamed... The old Deer! ;)
  09 Dec 13 - 17:45

I'd like to be given a dishwasher as I am sick of washing the pots everyday
  09 Dec 13 - 17:43
Something nice for my wife
  09 Dec 13 - 17:40
I love food hampers but only the best quality.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:36
Aftershave for the hubby would be my choice :)
  09 Dec 13 - 17:35
I would love something from the Keen Cooks range, especially a Kenwood Artisan Stand Mixer
  09 Dec 13 - 17:30
I'd like to give my dog something from the 'pampered pets' range!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:30
Something from the fragrence lovers category
  09 Dec 13 - 17:29
Would have to be perfume x
  09 Dec 13 - 17:29
I'd love something from the 'looking great' range.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:26
A KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer because I love baking.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:26
I love the Gingerbread pj's - for a cosy night in with hot chocolate and marshmallows and an old film. I'd be like a pig in muck!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:25
I would have to choose the Vagabond Teddy Bear Hot Water Bottle as i'm always cold and this is just an adorable way to stay warm!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:25
John Lewis Spectrum dab/Fm Digital Radio
  09 Dec 13 - 17:25
The Snowman toy makes me feel 18 years younger taking me back to 1985 when Aled Jones was just a little boy singing Walking in the Air.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:25
Some crafting kits such as the sock creatures reindeer kit.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:22
Derek Rose Savile Row Stripe Cotton Pyjamas , Blue/White I love my pjs and just chilling out. These look smart and would give me that touch of class while i'm enjoying a cosy night in.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:22
I'd choose a Cheese & Wine gift. Yum!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:22
A girl can never have enough perfume!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:18
I'd like something from the Keen Cooks range as i'm a keen cook
  09 Dec 13 - 17:17
Any perfume from the fragrance lovers category
  09 Dec 13 - 17:13
Love the new Canon eos 100D Digital slr Camera to take Christmas snaps - from the Gadget Gurus section.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:11
Aftershave..Anything..Makes me smell nice...Not that I smell bad !! ;)
  09 Dec 13 - 17:08
Fitness Fanatics
  09 Dec 13 - 17:07
I would love the chrstmas sparkle hamper as I love sparkle and food!
  09 Dec 13 - 17:06
I'd love some espresso cups, a coffee grinder & A new kettle. It's time to say goodbye to instant coffee.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:04
I would love a new dining room table so I can teach my daughters how to sit and eat at a table and not in the front of the tv.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:04
The bigjigs Dino island simply because my little boy would love it
  09 Dec 13 - 17:03
I would like some luxury perfume, as I m totally out of perfume at the moment.
  09 Dec 13 - 17:00
I would love the chrstmas sparkle hamper because it is such a happy time of year it would add shine to anyones christmas
  09 Dec 13 - 16:58
I'd like a chocolate themed present from John Lewis this Christmas because I have enough chocolate and John Lewis sell the most beautiful and unusual chocolates.
  09 Dec 13 - 16:54
I would love a Kindle. Fed up of carrying huge books around.
  09 Dec 13 - 16:54
I would love a sewing machine so that I can get all crafty
  09 Dec 13 - 16:53
I'd love something from the Fragrance Lovers section - might have to steer the husband in that general direction... ;)
  09 Dec 13 - 16:53
A new dab Radio for our kitchen would be nice seeing as our one popped it's electronic clogs at the weekend!
  09 Dec 13 - 16:49
A bit boring, but i'd love some luxury bedding!
  09 Dec 13 - 16:48
I would love one of the champagne gift sets-maybe the Bollinger La Grande Annee 2004....Because a special day deserves a special drink.
  09 Dec 13 - 16:46
Molton Brown would be coolio !
  09 Dec 13 - 16:46
I'd have to be greedy and say a digital camera. Our cat destroyed ours when it knocked over a mug of coffee
  09 Dec 13 - 16:45
I'd love some Molton Brown - unbeatable
  09 Dec 13 - 16:45
I'd like something from the Merry Baker range. Nowt like the smell of freshly baked bread!
  09 Dec 13 - 15:46
Then I can pass it on to my wife to make her work easier as she's the gardener in the family!
  09 Dec 13 - 14:47
I would love a new dining room table so that the whole family can sit together for Christmas lunch.
  09 Dec 13 - 14:17
I'd like something from the greenfingered category as I love my garden - well I think so but the website never shows anything in that category.
  09 Dec 13 - 13:47
I don't have it all, but I love the gifts in the Those Who Have It All category because they are amazing presents anyone would love to receive.
  09 Dec 13 - 12:47
I'd love something from the 'Looking Great' range as I need all the help I can get!
  09 Dec 13 - 11:55
I'd like something in the Merry Baker range, as i'm a Merry Baker!
  09 Dec 13 - 11:41
Suit me down to the ground and saves on getting a baby sitter :)
  09 Dec 13 - 10:15

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