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Admiral Travel Insurance Reviews

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TopCashback members who have taken out Admiral Insurance through us have, on the whole, been happy with their experience if you take a look at the feedback below. One delighted customer summed up their feelings by saying: “Great deal and even better to find out I can get £50 cashback. Great incentive for new driver — and the best insurance quote by a mile.” Take a look at the Admiral Insurance review feedback on this page and you’ll find plenty of it praises them for both the amount of cashback offered and the speed with which it is paid out.

Examples of the comments you’ll find include “great retailer, easy to deal with, fast cashback”, “saved nearly a third of the price of the policy”, “all good, makes their insurance deal very competitive” and “fantastic deal and quick payment”. Another TopCashback member said: “Did as it said. Was nice to get this amount in cashback as it’s my first insurance and the total cost was quite steep.” However, the Admiral Insurance reviews don’t just highlight the cashback process, as they come in for praise for their great deals and service too, with feedback including “great service received and a great price” and “cheapest deals by far. Good to talk to about negotiating long-term customer prices”. Review this merchant

Admiral Travel Insurance Reviews
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Did not track. Then only received half of what was promised.
  Member588477545319 | 07 Sep 2020 Report Abuse
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Had to raise a claim with TopCashback because of incorrect tracking, finally got the correct level of cashback and took a while to payout.
  Paulcarly8485 | 22 Nov 2019 Report Abuse
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It took 8 months for a home insurance cash back to become payable. Firstly, it didn't track. Then tcb chased it up after a 90-day 'cooling off' period. Then it took almost another 3 months finally to become payable.
  pss | 27 Aug 2018 Report Abuse
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Although the cashback amount was quite generous, it still took 9 months to get it.
  waldoat52 | 17 Aug 2018 Report Abuse
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Good company and a competitive quote but fobbed off when it came to the cashback. Not a criticism of TCB, they chased it for me but Admiral just weren't going to pay. Disappointing.
  Shuck | 20 Jun 2018 Report Abuse
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Yet another insurance company using this site for advertising,but when you get a quote through site it is more than going direct.Which then leaves the dilemma whether to take saving or gamble as to whether you get the cash back,and past experience with insurance companies tells us it’s unlikely.
  markellabunt | 13 May 2018 Report Abuse
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was advised £70.00 and received £32.00. Unable to rasie claim as over 100 days
  MrGidge | 09 Mar 2018 Report Abuse
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Purchased home insurance in August 2017, had to log a missing claim, finally received my cashback end of January 2018, took 5 months, however, I was antcipating it would take 8 months so better than nothing, it will put me of using Admiral again though. If you are going to offer cashback then at least pay back within a reasonable timescale.
  Alison2233 | 05 Feb 2018 Report Abuse
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Policy bought in December, payout August :(
  john307 | 25 Aug 2017 Report Abuse
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I bought an insurance in Sept 2016... to this day I'm still waiting - (2 stars because it's confirmed - ha ha...)
  gregoryjack | 19 Jul 2017 Report Abuse
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took very long
  neelchudasama | 11 Jul 2017 Report Abuse
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After waiting and chasing cashback for over 6 months they have refused to pay. Not impressed with the slow processing. No issues with the product.
  | 02 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
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Come on Admiral and TCB - Sack those employees who can not even run this simple TCB scheme properly. These employees are giving a bad name to your companies.
  | 08 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
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Waste of Time No cashback.... showing as £0.00 payable should be £35 nobody at Admiral or TCB cares Don't take the quote rellying on the cb to make it the cheapest!!
  ukbunny | 02 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
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Declined cashback
Avoid using the cash back was declined despite meeting terms.
  GCabot | 13 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Did not honour cashback despite meeting terms
Cashback denied for absolutely no reason. AVOID THIS MERCHANT. Could have gone with a cheaper provider but didn’t. No reason given for declining either. Absolute scoundrels
  FellowDealFinder | 05 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Very Slow.............
To take 4.5 months for cash back I would consider it very slow!
  jojojo63 | 27 Feb 2024 Report Abuse
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They will decline your cashback.
They will decline your cashback. Don't bother.
  ambsweeney | 29 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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Declined by Admiral completely!
It did not pick up when I made the purchase for an annual product from Admiral. I had chosen them partly because of good cashback and a good product. Consequently I had to make numerous and very time consuming conversations with Top Cashback (TCB) to follow up however Admiral still declined. I did not use any ither search engines, vouchers or codes so I am unclear why Admiral should decline. TCB however, did very generously give me the cashback as a good will gesture. This experience will make me think twice about trusting Admiral again unfortunately.
  Treloar | 17 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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didnt even track. On hold until January!
The title says it all
  richnfamous | 16 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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would not give me a quote for travel insurance
  scott51 | 10 Jan 2023 Report Abuse
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Cashback cancelled without explanation. It was the primary rwason with going with admiral will avoid them in the future.
  Motty83 | 30 Dec 2022 Report Abuse
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Went through to them to purcahse insurance with the cashback as it worked out a better deal. Cashback didn't track, submitted claim with TopCashBack which displayed my transaction when submitting the claim. Admiral have come back to say they can't confirm that TopCashBack was not the final referral point. Certainly feels like an excuse used by Admiral to avoid paying cashback on certain claims.
  MT10101 | 27 Oct 2022 Report Abuse
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Yet again another error due to the Topcash back plug in on my browser, another cashback lost!
  wilson1990 | 12 May 2022 Report Abuse
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Still waiting 7 months later for cash back. Gave up now.
  Member689535239158 | 16 Dec 2021 Report Abuse
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