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Grow your savings, reduce spending on bills, and manage your money better. Plum is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and is designed to adapt to your life. Plum builds a picture of your transactions and spending before calculating how much you can afford to save at any time. This information is also used to identify where you’re overpaying on things like household bills, and applied across all areas of your personal finances to help make you better off. With extra savings rules and a variety of ‘moods’ to choose from, you can control how much you put away according to your current circumstances, and stash more if you have a little extra to spare. It’s free to save with Plum and it only takes 2 min to get started! Plum comes as an app for either Android or iOS.

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Plum: ‘the ultimate money management app’

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Start planning for a more financially secure future today by finding new ways to save money with the Plum app. Nobody is perfect when it comes to managing their money. Maybe you’re a strict budgeter who keeps tabs on every single penny coming in and out of your accounts, or perhaps you’re more of a ‘let’s wing it and hope for the best’ kind of person. Whatever your relationship with your money is like, Plum is on hand to help you take back control.

Plum is a user-friendly personal finance app that allows you to set savings goals, keep track of your bank balance, and even compare household bills to find a better deal. With their daily and weekly balance updates, Plum can make it easier for you to manage your finances and track your spending, as well as find ways to improve your overall financial health.You can even take advantage of the Plum referral scheme and earn a Plum sign up bonus when they join.

Head over to the Plum UK website to find out more about the money management services they offer their customers. If you have any questions about their AI-driven financial services, get in touch with a member of Plum’s customer support team.

Search for the free Plum app on the App Store or Google Play and start finding easy ways to improve your personal finances today. And if you sign up to TopCashback, you can earn cashback when you sign up for a Plum account. It only takes a few minutes to get started, so why not start saving yourself money today?

Plum: the ultimate money management app

Control your everyday spending with Plum

If you’re looking for genuinely useful budgeting and savings apps, Plum has many features for you to utilise. But what makes Plum different from any other banking or budgeting app? Well, the first thing to be clear about is that Plum are not a bank. Plum use open banking technology to connect to your bank accounts and cards, so their AI can analyse your spending history and make budgeting recommendations.

The Plum app supports all major UK banks, making it easy for you to set up your account. If you just want to keep track of your daily spending, the Plum Basic account will probably cover you just fine, but there are different paths you can take if you’re interested in additional services. Connect all your bank accounts and cards to your Plum account and see all of your spending and saving in one place.

Plum uses AI tech to organise your bank transactions by category, allowing you to set individual budgets for certain categories such as travel, groceries and shopping. What’s more, you can withdraw money and get instant access to your cash at any time for free. Request your withdrawal before 3pm to get easy access to your money that day, or on the next working day if you request after 3pm.

You can now also apply for a Plum Card, which can be used in the UK as well as abroad. You can load money from your Primary Pocket or linked bank account via the app onto this debit card to help you keep tabs on your spending.

Plum Features

How the Plum App works

There are plenty of benefits to take advantage of when you subscribe to the free plan from Plum, or you can upgrade to a Plum Pro account to access additional features.

With Plum Pro, you can set advanced saving rules, earn Plum cashback and set savings goals for each of your savings Pockets. Plum offers users fund management at a range of price points. With Plum’s Pro (£2.99 p/m), Ultra (£4.99 p/m) and Premium (£9.99 p/m) subscriptions, you’ll have the chance to invest in managed investment funds.

At the time of writing, if you were to open an Easy Access Interest Pocket (provided by Investec Bank) on your free plan with Plum, you would have received 2.00% AER interest on the money you keep in there. Plum Pro and Plum Ultra subscribers could earn a rate of 2.30% AER on their savings, while Plum's best rate of 2.70% is reserved for customers on their Premium tier.

Other Plum features on the Ultra and Premium subscriptions include the Money Maximiser tool, which allows you to earn interest on your available money each month as the system automatically moves funds into your savings Pockets until you need it.

Pockets are provided with your Plum account, but the number available will depend on your subscription. With Plum’s Basic (free) subscription, you’ll get one primary Pocket to stash away money for things like holidays and house deposits. However, one of the exclusive features available on Plum Pro, Plum Ultra and Plum Premium includes the chance to organise your money into 15 Easy Access Interest Pockets.

Increase your savings with Plum’s automatic deposit features

When you download Plum, you’ll discover a range of easy ways to maximise your personal savings.

As well as Plum’s Easy Access Pocket system, this budgeting app has a range of additional benefits you can use to save money automatically. Plum’s smart technology can set aside money for you into an extra Pocket each week based on your income, spending patterns and available balance.

Plum’s artificial intelligence understands that every penny counts, which is why their algorithm allows you to round up your spending to the nearest pound each week and automatically send it to your savings pot. Use the free Weekly Depositor feature to automatically set aside money each week without having to manually do it yourself.

Schedule your Plum app to automatically move money to your savings on your payday, and you can also activate their Rainy Days Rule, where the app will automatically set money aside from your current account to your savings pot for each day it rains where you live.

What’s more, if you enter their 52-week challenge (available for all paid subscribers), you could save a whopping £1,378 in just one year. Pledge to take part in this saving challenge and your Plum app will make set savings on your behalf each week, starting with £1 in week one, and then increasing by £1 every week thereafter. You might not notice this money going from your main account to your savings pot, but you’ll be glad you did by the time the year is up.

Adjust your mood throughout each month to lower or increase the amount of money your Automatic Depositor automatically sets aside money for you. Your mood will be set to Normal as default, but you can activate Beast Mode to save 75% more than your baseline deposits for that month, or go as far as 50% less on Shy Mode if money is a bit tight. And there’s also everything in between Chilled (which saves 25% less than normal), Eager (which saves 25% more than normal), and Ambitious (which saves 50% more than normal).

Other ways to save and invest with Plum Money

The Plum money-saving app works on your behalf to find you the best deals when it comes to utility bills.

If they find a better deal for you, they’ll let you know as soon as possible, and they’ll even sort the switch for you if you decide you do want to change provider. Plum also offer their own Self Invested Personal Pension (Plum SIPP), which allows users to consolidate all their existing pension pots into one place and invest them in a risk-managed fund.

The Plum pension service is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and FSCS protected. However big or small the funds you choose to invest are, make sure you read the relevant terms and conditions before setting up investment funds in any investing app. Your capital is at risk if you invest because the value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Did you know you can get rewarded with the Plum referral programme? At the time of writing, the money management app was offering £15 when you refer three users successfully. That's one great Plum sign up bonus

Cashback terms and exclusions

What will stop me getting cashback?
  • Cashback is not available for existing Plum users.
  • Cashback will not be paid if you delete your Plum account or delete the app from your device.
  • Using a promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
What else is essential?
  • Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
  • Cashback is available only when a user hasn't installed the app before clicking on the TopCashback tracking link.
  • A new Plum user is defined as a person who has installed the Plum app, registered and connected their current account. They have not previously held a Plum Profile nor have they downloaded the app onto their device.
  • Cashback is only awarded if the sale is attributed to TopCashback - ie last click before downloading the app.
  • This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges.
What to do when
  • A "Missing Cashback" query must be submitted within 100 days of the transaction, if the transaction does not track automatically.
  • We will make all reasonable endeavors to secure the payment of commission on a transaction but we do not and cannot make any guarantee in this regard.

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