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Western Union Cashback

New Customers first transfer from Ireland - £100 minimum transfer
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Western Union

Transfer money internationally to over 200 countries and territories with Western Union, quickly and reliably.  Pay the way that works for you: directly from your bank account or with a credit/debit card.  

When you send money using our international money transfer app or website, you can choose how you want it to arrive: send money with our app to billions of bank accounts around the world; transfer money for cash pick-up at Western Union agent locations in 200+ countries and territories; send money online to your receiver’s mobile wallet in selected countries.  

Relied on by customers around the world.  Western Union aims to help grow economies and create a better world. You can send funds online, with our app or in person to billions of accounts worldwide. So, go ahead: send money with us and enjoy ease of use, reliable service and all the other benefits we have to offer.  We encrypt your transfers, and we are committed to keeping your data secure.  

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Western Union — Moving Money For Better

Western Union Logo

Transfer money around the world for less by not only getting great rates, but also by making savings with our Western Union promo codes and cashback deals. As global leaders in payment services, they can help everyone from individuals and families to small businesses and big corporations move money, wherever in the world they are.

Whether you are a consumer or business, they are always looking for innovative new ways to send money abroad, whether digitally or via mobile, while they also provide a range of payout options to meet the need of customers. They have more than 500,000 agent locations and some 100,000 ATMs and kiosks in over 200 countries and territories, allowing people to transact in more than 130 currencies.

Whether it is via a retail location, or through the Western Union website or app, you can send money securely to friends and family members via money transfer 24/7 in India, the United States or a host of other locations. You can also pick up cash at an agent near you.

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Money transfers as convenient as checking your email

Move money online from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day, thanks to Western Union's fast, convenient and safe money transfer options, and save money by signing up to TopCashback using the form at the bottom of this page and taking advantage of our superb cashback offers.

Just choose the service which is best for you, while you can send up to £800 within a 12-month period before they will ask you to verify your identity. Select a cash pick-up if you need money to be there quickly, send straight to your receiver's bank account or, where available, have it moved to their mobile phone through one of their partner mobile operators in their country if they have activated a mobile wallet.

When it comes to payment, you can do so with a debit or credit card - including a Visa, MasterCard, Visa debit or Maestro - or pay directly through your bank account. You are also able to receive money through Western Union by arranging to pick up cash at a Western Union agent location or, depending on where you live, have it deposited into a bank account or mobile wallet on your phone.

Western Union Features

Western Union's Blog

If you are looking for advice about currency, money or travel, the Western Union blog page is packed full of great articles.

The WU + You section offers tips on ways to learn a new language, how to get yourself a job abroad and how to send money. If you are a regular traveller, the Life & Travel area will help you decide where to visit at particular times of the year, as well as how to holiday on a budget and make the most of your luggage allowance.

You will also find mobile money tips such as how to notify your bank when you are going abroad or what the advantages of using a Western Union prepaid card are. Finally, they also provide money guides which will help you work out exchange rates or complete a money transfer.

Western Union App

Download the free Western Union app from the App Store or Google Play and you will be able to send money even faster on the go on your iOS or Android device.

It provides great features which will allow you to safely send money across the globe, either to a bank account or to one of more than 500,000 agent locations. You will be able to estimate fees when using the service by checking them, as well as exchange rates, at your fingertips, while you can track a transfer as it will show you exactly where it is and when it has been collected.

Integrate your phonebook, meaning you will be able to select the receiver from your contacts, while when it comes to making a payment, you can scan your credit or debit card to save time and avoid mistakes. The app will also help you find your nearest agent location, view the opening hours and contact information, and get directions.

Western Union FAQ

How Does Western Union Work?

It is easy to send money online with Western Union. Just log in to your profile and choose the service which is best for you, then enter the receiver’s information and complete your payment details. When all this is complete, you will receive confirmation by email.

What Is Western Union?

The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications business which provides a network which allows you to transfer money around the world. It means you can collect money in nearly 500,000 agent locations worldwide.

How Do I Send Money?

With Western Union, you can send money online for a cash pick up or to a bank account or mobile phone. Money can also be sent via one of more than 500,000 Western Union agent locations worldwide using cash or a debit card. Alternatively, you can do so by phone by calling their free number.

How Long Does Western Union Take?

Send money online using your debit or credit card and it will be available to the receiver in a matter of minutes. If the receiver lives in a country where they offer mobile money transfer, you can send it to their mobile phone in minutes. If you choose to send money to a bank account, meanwhile, this will usually be available in one or two days.

How Do I Receive Money?

You can pick up cash from a Western Union agent location or have it deposited into a bank account or mobile wallet, depending on where you live. To collect cash, you will need to ask the sender for the tracking number (MTCN) and visit an agent location, taking your government-issued ID.

How Much Does Western Union Charge To Send Money?

When you send money, Western Union will charge you a transaction fee. This will depend on where you are sending money to, the amount, how the receiver wants to get their money and how you would like to pay. Just click on the ‘Send Money’ tab at the top of the website homepage, fill in the details and it will tell you what the transaction fee will be.

Cashback terms and exclusions

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  • Using a promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
What else is essential?
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  • This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges.
What to do when
  • A "Missing Cashback" query must be submitted within 100 days of the transaction, if the transaction does not track automatically.
  • We will make all reasonable endeavors to secure the payment of commission on a transaction but we do not and cannot make any guarantee in this regard.

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