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Do not buy any phone
WeBuyAnyPhone does not buy any phone.
  tchiscilo | 26 Mar 2023 Report Abuse
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They don't pay the cashback
  TeeKay62 | 01 Sep 2020 Report Abuse
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AVOID AVOID AVOID, Firstly they tried to say my phone was damaged. I informed them that I had photos that it wasn’t and witness when I sent it, to return my phone and if it was returned damaged I would contact training standards. All of a sudden, miraculously, it was and error and my phone wasn’t damaged and they offered me full price again. ??. I was promised payment within 5 days. That came, no payment, rang them assured it would be by midnight next day. Surprise surprise, that came no payment, rang again told it had flagged as a late payment and would be in by midnight that day. Guess what no payment again. Rang again spoke to Grace to whom I made it very clear, I was not happy. She then got on to payments and APPARENTLY there was a technical issue and my payment finally came through that afternoon. Only technical issue was, there a bunch of scammers. Will stick to fonebanker in future ??
  ClaireD30 | 14 Sep 2019 Report Abuse
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Avoid this company. They do not pay out. I phone every day and every day I am told that the money will be paid later that day. This morning I rang and spoke to Grace who promised me an email this afternoon informing me my payment had been made - no email and no payment YET AGAIN. Always tomorrow well I will be reporting to Trading Standards tomorrow just like all the other people who have written reviews on here should be doing - lets get this place shut down.
  | 12 Feb 2019 Report Abuse
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Appaling. I have been waiting for payment for three weeks and have had to chase them. How did they get four stars on the Compare and Recycle website? Do not use them
  | 20 Sep 2018 Report Abuse
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They took far too long to process the payment for my phone, around 3 weeks it took for it to come through.
  RobertMoody95 | 13 Jun 2017 Report Abuse
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Cash back great, took 6 weeks and several emails and phone calls to get the payout for my iPad. Would steer clear of this phone recycler. Check reviews before being tempted by the money
  Jeff789 | 03 Jun 2017 Report Abuse
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Absolute joke - waited 3 weeks for them to pay out on my phone after chasing them several times and now cash back has been declined - what a surprise - will never use this company again nor recommend them to anyone
  juliedee4663 | 14 Apr 2017 Report Abuse
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Terrible service, do not use, nearly 3 weeks and only one response to my complaints. use.
  carolm101 | 06 Apr 2017 Report Abuse
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AVOID. Sent my phone and no response for 2 weeks. Chased once and no response. Tried calling but spent over 20 minutes without speaking to anyone. Emailed them direct with copy to their CEO and immediatlely advised that my phone had arrived however they made a substantially reduced offer as it was received outside their 14 day offer window despite it being sent to them using their 48 hour service 2 weeks prior. Then stated it was faulty although I had already advised of the same when I made the original application. Asked for it to be returned and will sell it elsewhere, don't care what I get for it now just don't like being ripped off!
  davidbarnett17 | 06 Apr 2017 Report Abuse
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Worst service ever, do not use
  carolm101 | 29 Mar 2017 Report Abuse
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Do not use this retailer, sent phone special delivery and recieved a cheque 2 weeks later stating that the phone was damaged therefore only recieved a 1/5 of original offer. I sent 4 emails stating this to be wrong as I used the phone just before sending it and it was fine. No reply to any emails so I couldn't claim from the post office either. I'm not holding my breath over the cashback either
  liquid | 14 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
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Do not trust this company sent 3 phones to them and they emailed me saying that none of the worked which was wrong they all worked. So I asked them to be returned to me, when I got them back they had taken the battery out of one of them so I could no longer use it they did not send back the original box that I sent with earphones instructions and user disks. I complainted to customer services about this and they did not what to know. They are real Con artists avoid at all costs.
  Heatherga | 12 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
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added to earlier review. cashback gone to payable but at zero. what a surprise, this site is a joke. DON'T USE
  liquid | 28 Jul 2011 Report Abuse