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While it is fair to say Toby Deals have received mixed reviews from members who have decided to leave feedback after shopping with them through us, you will find plenty of very positive comments. Most complaints centre on either the products or service provided by Toby Deals, though many members have clearly been delighted. Comments include “great prices and customer service — would buy again from Toby”, while one member said: “Very impressed. Ordered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 at an amazing price. Updates were sent via email and the phone arrived two weeks later. Fantastic service Toby Deals, I will not hesitate to buy from them again — A* sellers.”

Another explained: “I was a bit apprehensive about using this merchant due to the mixed reviews. Nevertheless, I ordered a camera from them as it was nearly £100 cheaper and hoped for the best. They kept me up to date with despatch and shipping info, and I am pleased to say the camera arrived within six days.” There seem to be very few issues with cashback, with member comments including “very quick and good payout speed. Very happy, will use merchant again” and “excellent retailer, great product and quick cashback”.

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Toby Deals Reviews
friend icon Avoid - they are selling second hand items sent me a second hand item (had a microsd card with videos of an asian office in!) then refused to accept any responsibility. Customer service sent me automated emails, rma department flat out refused and lied even though I sent them all the evidence.
  Member675438594322 | 18 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Terrible service. Goods did not arrive after a month and had to claim my money back through paypal. I will never use again. If you like to pay for goods that don't arrive, use this company
  Member675409440330 | 17 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Atrocious. Refusing to refund my money for a gopro that I never received, even though i've given them letters and emails from yodel confirming the package was lost. Avoid, total scammers.
  childrenanddogs | 27 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Got cash back straight away but the phone was useless as it was only for the chinese market so do not buy from them
  mazip | 09 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Back in 13/01/19, I have ordered huawei p20 lite dual sim 4gb/64gb sim free/ unlocked - black, from tobydeals.Co.Uk. They arrived a few days later than what they promised but that's not an issue. After receiving the product, I have realised that it seems so slow and applications are crashing. This shouldn't happen to a brand new phone at all. So I have contacted them by email as there is no phone number (total scam). They told me to create a case (rma case support - ****1025) and gave me a web link and said you also need to create a video and upload it in dropbox and attached it to the case. I have done all of that and then they told me to return the item with all the accessories and I had to pay for postage. After a week later, they have received the product and confirmed it was faulty. (So this confirms they sent me a faulty product, total scam). After they have confirmed this, I have requested full refund including postal expenses I had to pay. But they advised that they're only able to refund the product amount and confirmed it will take 5 to 7 working days. It has been more than 10 working days now and still no refund. So I have contacted them again and they said you will receive your refund shortly and I am still waiting. Just wondering how much time is shortly for them. This is a hong kong based company and they sell used refurbished phone and advertise as brand new. There was another company like this previously called simply electronics which went bust. Stay away from these scammers.
  Member371894553059 | 02 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Terrible experience-they havent refund for an item sold out terrible experience! they have not yet refunded my money for an item I purchased over 10 days ago and only yesterday they admitted they dont have in stock (after several emails from me). This was my daughters' birthday present, a laptop, and I had no present to give to her, and I cannot purchase something else for her. There is no one to talk to (the phone number is only a designated number for legal reasons), the emails are all automated (no explanations, no customer care at all). Will have to liase with my credit card now for further actions
  Member170733114455 | 22 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered a samsung odyssey+ vr headset from toby deals. My order was initially listed as "processing" for about a week. After contact with their support desk, the status changed to "shipped" and from there everything went fine until the headset arrived. When I tried the headset, it became clear that it wasn't suitable for my needs (it didn't fit my head very well), so I followed the rma return process. The first response I received flatly refused to honour their return policy, stating "headphones, earphones and personal care products like shavers are not covered under this policy due to health and hygiene issues." I replied explaining that a vr headset is none of those things, and I could not understand how their refund policy could be denied on that basis. The next reply I received stated that only items that were unused could be refunded, and that if the product was inspected and found to be used a refund would not be given. This is in direct contradiction with the refund process described on the website, which states very clearly that if an item has been used or accessories are missing, a restock fee of up to 50gbp may be applied. The support person from tobydeals made no mention of this, instead acting as if the refund could simply be refused if the item had been used. I am now left with no confidence at all that I can send the item all the way back to hong kong, and not simply have my refund refused (leaving me with no headset and no money, or an additional change to have it sent back to me). I am now planning to sell the headset second hand, where i'm sure it will find an owner that is happy with it, but at a financial loss to myself. All the positive reviews on here seem to be for orders that all went fine, and no doubt these exist, but be warned that the refund policy is not applied as described on the website. I personally don't feel I can "shop with confidence and peace of mind" as the website suggests, and will not be using this seller again.
  Member170485498654 | 15 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Received the item but can't use it as it has an american plug. Can't contact the company via the phone and no response from raising a support ticket. Rubbish service. My husband has had a really disappointing birthday because of toby deals!
  Member1168397930623 | 20 Nov 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Really, bad and isn’t a uk company. When u check details they are based in hong kong. Goods with arabic instructions and packaging not much good to me!! #dodgy
  Simon_Prue | 08 Nov 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback declined
  tropical1979 | 13 Oct 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Very poor ordered an item that was in stock on website 3 days later hadn't heard anything so emailed them to find it wasn't in stock at all and they would have stock within a week - 2 weeks later no item dispite website still saying in stock and no reply to 3 emails asking for an update
  Member966288092414 | 25 Sep 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered motorola moto g6+ on 16 july. The phone did not arrive as it was lost during the delivery. Tobydeals didn't refund me in line with their policy on missing items. They didn't even respond to my e-mails or apologise.
  penkov65 | 30 Aug 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon I wish that I could give this dealer no stars I am still awaiting delivery of my ipad 2017 that I paid for on the 14th march, customer services are no use at all.
  Mike220359 | 18 Apr 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Avoid this merchant ... No reply to emails goods not dispatched although claim in stock had to seek refund
  robert_hawkins | 18 Mar 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered a camera lens from them at £355 - was the best price online. I got an email to say that their shipment was damaged and they were cancelling my order as they wouldn't get any stock in for a while. Oddly the lens is now on sale for £399. I suspect the real reason they cancelled the order was more related to the fact they weren't wanting to honour their own sale price as the new shipment was coming in at a slightly higher unit cost!
  markayates | 04 Jan 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Do not buy anything from this merchant! they are a complete sham who will just take your money and leave you hanging. I ordered a phone 3 weeks ago and have not received any update, despite my numerous emails. The phone number never works and the livechat is never available. I don't believe they actually keep any stock, they just take your money and hope they can sort something out. If they can't they just ignore you. Topcashback should be ashamed for promoting such a shoddy operation like tobydeals! please, stay clear of them. Head over to trustpilot to see what I mean.
  woolgie_bear | 19 Dec 2017 Report Abuse
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