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friend icon Have been a member for a few months now and already clocked up £154 ! Just for the sake of a few extra minutes login on and linking through to the site you want to purchase from. Not bad at all !!!
  danmath | 8 Jan 2011
friend icon Great site, theres nothing better than rewards for your everyday spending, as well as having a base website that holds all the places I need to go shopping, its like the shopping mall online!! Ive earned £200 so far and getting another £100 today hopefully, keep it up :)
  dezzi83 | 7 Jan 2011
friend icon I've just gone over £1000 on my TopCashBack account. Its soon built up over 4 years and certainly makes me feel I'm getting value for money from online shopping. Thanks guys.
  Nobby99 | 6 Jan 2011
friend icon What a fantastic site, I can't believe I have been buying stuff online for years and never knew about this site. So far I am up to £480 and soon to exceed £500. This is for stuff that I would normally be buying aswell. To all at TCB keep up the great work! Dan
  happyman212 | 21 Dec 2010
friend icon Been with you 13 months and got £1385 and over £400 still pending. Keep up the good work.
  alaska123 | 16 Dec 2010
friend icon Greetings to you all, just to say THANK YOU very much in the last week I have earned £75.00 its better than working I have only been a member for just over a week so if your thinking about joining stop thinking and just do it. Best regards and thanks John Eddowes (Selsey Bill)
  Member101289247959 | 27 Nov 2010
friend icon Superb. A friend introduced me to the site 18 months ago. I thought it was just a gimic... but over £300 later in cashback I'm more than pleased. I now use the site for every single online purchase I can. Well done, and keep the good work going.
  mwitcomb | 11 Nov 2010
friend icon What a great site. When a friend sent me the link six months back I was a bit sceptical. However, totally unfounded- this is great. Have got back about £65 so far, simply by purchasing products I need anyway! Great stuff!! THANKS!
  Taranic | 1 Nov 2010
friend icon TopCashBack is the one and only site that always pays on time, always has an easy site to use, always has their site available to use and manages to do their site maintenance behind the scenes without disrupting its use, always respects your purchases and credits accordingly, always free to join and use, always answers queries promptly, has always and will always be the Top cash Back site......
  ohyeh | 24 Oct 2010
friend icon Been a member since May 2010 and have earned £210 so far.I can't complain.The support staff are really good at answering queries and sorting it out.Keep it going
  Turnaround1981 | 23 Oct 2010
friend icon 18 months a member, £3000 cashback, topcashback pays better than all other cashback websites, THANKS TOPCASHBACK
  enda1968 | 20 Oct 2010
friend icon i just want to say how happy i am with topcashback , this website has been an absolute godsend and makes me money for the most simplest things.just want to thankyou and also kids are loving it with what i am gonna get them for christmas
  steveiejack | 7 Oct 2010
friend icon Hi everyone. just like to say that I have earned £252.00 myself this year and friends & family over £300 between them and we are purchasing as normal. So thanks to TCB and keep up the good work. Its nice to know that we can get a little bit extra. Thanks
  nursebri | 6 Oct 2010
friend icon Hi to all at TCB. Just thought I would let you know I have recieved my LG 42" TV today that I won with the Top CashBack World Truck Blog Competition. It was such a huge to suprise to win, such a lovely bonus on top of all the cash that I earn with TCB. Many Thanks and Good Luck to all, in any competitions you may enter!! It really can happen to anyone!!
  jumapech | 4 Oct 2010
friend icon Hi, Topcashback Team. I have to tell you how glad I am that I found TCB. I'm saving frantically to send elder daughter to Nepal to do a DofE trip, and all the cash I've saved from spending via TCB is helping to build up the fund! I've recommended TCB to loads of people, and eveyone who has signed up has said the same thing - how brilliant it is to get paid for buying the things you'd buy anyway! Thanks again, folks!!
  ktm | 22 Sep 2010