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We couldn’t find the perfect dress so we decided to invent it. SDress was created to satisfy the desires and needs of women we create for in a respectful way to our planet and our future generations.

Our inspiration are women and how they want to look; chic, feminine, desirable but also how they want to be; free to move, travel, spend time with their children, confident to work, dance, create. And look impeccable all along.

Our inspiration is also nature; it’s colours and our love for it. The clean timeless style of SDress is sustainable in that it is resistant to whims of fashion, versatile and adaptable to any dress code.

We design respecting female shapes with fabrics that sculpt the figure in a most comfortable way. Without any zips, buttons or labels, SDress feels like second skin and lingerie but with a tailored look.

SDress is designed to follow the woman in whatever she needs to do. To be the perpetual answer to the question of what to wear. When she is a businesswoman, a mother, a party girl, younger or older, of every shape, in any occasion, SDress is where fashion follows you, not the other way around.

Virtually maintenance free; machine washable and no iron, your perfect dress doesn’t crease or lint, maintaining pristine look during any task at hand. Even if you need to travel to space.

SDress doesn’t only sculpt your body, solve any wardrobe dilemma, accompany you on your travels and spare you all maintenance nuisances. It is also environmentally friendly.

Ethically made in Italy, it doesn’t exploit anyone. It is eco-certified, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and even provides UV protection – and at the same time it is chic and unique.

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