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GPS Vehicle Tracking

We at Paxton Clark Ltd have been involved in vehicle tracking for many years, working with the best in the world who are European manufacturers and service providers to provide the latest state of the art vehicle trackers and tracking platform. Undoubtedly vehicle insurers are becoming more interested in vehicles they insure being fitted with a tracking device so as to maximise the possibility of recovering a vehicle as result of theft, thereby reducing their costs. Also, companies who operate any type of vehicle are increasingly understanding the benefits of knowing exactly where their vehicles are and the efficiencies of operation of managing driver behaviour. We have a wide selection of trackers available and have chosen to promote the two most suitable for the UK market which will work in any part of the world utilising the three main satellite systems and at least two phone providers in every country using our specially designed non steered sim cards to maximise the possibility to track a vehicle any where in the world.

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