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Ernest Jones Reviews
friend icon Although my purchase was confirmed very quickly it took from 20th Jan until 20th May to pay up. I am pleased with my cash back amount but be prepared to wait for your expected payment. It is much too slow in my opinion.
  Stoney_Broke | 20 May 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon I have been waiting since September 2013 for my cashback. Although Topcashback are aware that they have not received any cash back from this company since September 2013 they still continue to advertise Ernest Jones on their web site. And the only reply is that they have contacted the supplier.
  jcwright007 | 10 May 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Item tracked quickly with correct cashback but still awaiting payment having ordered shoes in September 2013. Topcashback quick to respond to my follow up but did not instil confidence issue will be resolved. Disappointing overall experience to date.
  Vin24 | 11 Apr 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon placed my order in Early November. There was an issue with the item being delivered directly which meant i had to go into the store twice (the made a mistake about it being in store as well hence the second visit). The item and the service (barring the mistakes they made) were both very good. The staff really do seem to care about your experience and were very apologetic. The cash back tracked quickly but as yet still no payment and that's almost 20 weeks at the point of putting in this review. I would have to say that i would avoid this merchant in the future if i was using cash back as part of my buying decision. If your not fussed about the cash back ever turning up then they seem to be ok.
  yoshino1 | 05 Apr 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon 6 months to pay out???? crazy. still not got my cash back.
  scott_barker | 18 Mar 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback still hasn't been paid for a November purchase also asked for a gift warp and message and they printed the message on the dispatch paper and packed it in a dented and broken box. the picture on the site showed a nice white card and a white wrapped ring. terrible shop to make purchases with online maybe better in store.
  | 01 Feb 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Still not received any cashback on 2 items I received from the Merchant, reported it to Top cashback,this was for Mens earrings (difficult to find) will not use the company again as used them because of the Cashback.
  lordlashy | 02 Jan 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon No cashback ever given, even after waiting over 2 months for a claim! I would of bought somewhere else if I had known.
  hannahgchappell | 16 Feb 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Coincidence, cash back just cleared for payment :)
  David_Bone | 05 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Hi folks...although my cashback traced quickly, I noticed the purchase rate and the amount to be "cashbacked" were incorrect. I checked the FAQ section and it seems that the cashback from this merchant is on the ex-VAT rate of the item and not on the purchase price. Wasn't aware of this and thought of informing prospective buyers. Having read other reviews, I'm not expecting to receive the cashback very soon but if it does happen, y'all can expect another comment from me updating you. Good luck with your purchases!
  Butter81 | 03 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Having read other reviews I didn't expect to get my £120 cashback. It did take a while to be confirmed and even longer to become payable but eventually after 6months it came through. Maybe I was lucky! Thought it only fair to give a half decent review, they're not all bad
  el_spokeo | 29 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon No Cashback received from this merchant. Raised a query through Ernest Jones stated that another organisation was the last link used before using them (which was not the case). Be careful using this merchant for cashback. We will not be using them again.
  bungy1212 | 21 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Absolutely disgusted. Spent £800 with them through topcashback. After several months and a manual claim cashback denied. Will not use again. Very disappointed.
  shinythingsuk | 20 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Great rate of cashback but it takes too long to come through. Its been nearly 6 months and still waiting. I'd use a different merchant next time.
  t23 | 30 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Still waiting for cash back from a purchase in made in December. By far the slowest payer I have come across..
  byrnejamie | 05 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Really disappointed. Transaction tracked fine... ring arrived and it was faulty. Returned it to the store for an EXCHANGE, then waited another 3 months for the cashback, only to have it turn to £0. Chased TCB a couple of times and dont really seem to be getting anywhere. Have lost all confidence in both TCB and EJ!!!!
  S4nd1e | 06 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Where are my cash backs??? i have placed 2 orders now.
  AmieKon | 06 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I was about to make a purchase for a lovely ring (£1499) as a 40th birthday present and was hoping for a large amount of cashback too. Then I saw the reviews and became a little wary of whether it will be paid or not. I went in to the store at Ernest Jones and asked the staff if there was any flexibility on the price. They agreed to a 10% discount at the discretion of the manager quite easily. I would rather go with this than wonder if TCB will ever pay out. Try it and see!
  chalky123 | 23 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Purchased my wedding ring back in April online but had to return it to the store to get a different size. Cashback tracked fine but then changed to zero when it became payable. After opening an enquiry I finally managed to get my cashback at the beginning of November. Good rate of cashback offered but would probably look at other merchants first.
  amcsalley | 12 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Finally got my cashback. Took 3 months.
  AntW | 01 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Still waiting for cashback after weeks............if these companies want to offer cashback I do wish that they would speed up the payment process.
  chrishowe | 21 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon I have used this site at least 3 times for purchases with ernest jones - and I have only ever recieved payment once. I have been chasing up the others, one of which I have been waiting a year now and have had no response. I don't understand why ernest jones is offering cashback when they refuse to pay up
  suzannecotton | 16 May 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Purchased a ring through Ernest Jones in August 2010, still awaiting my cashback although it's starting to look like it will never surface. Shame as the reason I chose Ernest Jones through TopCashback was due to the cashback making the purchase cheaper than elsewhere. Personally I'd avoid using TopCashBack for Ernest Jones...
  LeeBradbury | 30 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon It took a few months to get the cashback on this retailer after submitting a ticket
  Scott76 | 21 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Tracked quickly, items was half price and delivered within a few days on 'normal postage'.
  dabbit | 08 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
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