What to do with the Children


What to do over the holidays can sometimes fill parents with dread and anxiety. We can assure you there is no need to panic though. We have put together a few ideas to try and give you a little bit of inspiration of the type of things you can do to keep your mini-you entertained.

Get Out and About Safely


Just because your darling small people aren’t at school doesn’t mean they can’t still be learning. There are many fabulous museums that will help your youngsters discover something new without even realising. Gone are the days of boring, quiet museums. You can become a pirate on a ship, make your hair stand on end or visit a castle and be crowned king. There are so many interesting and interactive places that even your older moody teenagers will pick up a little. Of course during this time they are all abiding my the socially distant rules and making sure everything is safe and sanitised. This means it is essential to book ahead and make sure you have a slot. Check out the cashback deals you can get here.

If the hyperactive sugar filled sleepovers are sending the little dears to skyrocket, as if they were Bugs Bunny and the Tazmanian Devil locked in a space hopper, pogo stick and merry-go-round triathlon, then why not consider a few outdoor adventures. If the weather permits then why not take a nice trip to a theme park, again book in advance for cheaper tickets, get back to nature by going to a petting zoo or why not visit an escape room and pray they won’t get locked in, at least not forever. We have a number of latest cashback deals here to make your money go around further. It is worth having a look through the website if you are worried about social distancing during this period, there are lots of fantastic walks to just get the children out of the house. Checkout local places or even make a stop over with some great cashback rates on hotels to be found here there is always somewhere to go safely.

The Big Screen Adventure



A great day out that will tend to keep tykes of all ages quiet and happy is a good old fashioned family cinema day. Some cinemas are back open with the rest hopefully following suit soon, all taking the necessary precautions needed. There are lots of great movies coming out for when the cinema is back. Feel good family movies coming out include "100% Wolf" and "The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn" both of which tell heart warming tales with some lovely messages to teach your little ones and fill your older ones with laughter. If you want to get nostalgic "Flash Gordon's 40th Anniversary" will certainly help you reminisce and enjoy the story all over again with your younger family. There are also many places opening up for outdoor drive-in cinemas which can be a fantastic way to watch some of the classics in a different, fun environment and stay safe.

If you still aren't liking stepping outside for filming treats, why not make a home cinema and grab Disney+ or check out our tech section for projectors. There are also many options for buying new films on DVD still if you wish to get the latest releases, of course we will throw in some cashback here too.


Fill their Stomachs


TopCashBack, I hear you cry… what do we do with the offspring when we are at home? Don’t fear there are lots of things that can be done around the house; plus teaching them to clean up is always good practice for you not having to lift a finger in housework.

Cooking sessions are a great way to go! You can all get involved in making pizza for tea, no bake snack bars throughout the day and try their hands at baking different types of bread. The kitchen shows no limits so whilst supervision is key, you still get to reap the rewards when it comes to tasting. Find cashback on all your ingredients needed here.

Time to Get Creative


Getting crafty is always a treat, there is nothing the munchkins like more than getting messy with art materials. It can be so easy too.

Why not try making a bird feeder out of an orange! You only need one orange for two feeders. Simply cut it in half scoop out the insides, so the wee ones also get a mushy healthy treat! Pierce some holes in either side of each orange half and attach string. Then mix together birdseed and lard, pop it in the orange and hang up the feeder. You get some peace and quiet whilst they wait for the birds and wildlife to come along and feast on their hard work.

All small fry’s love to paint surely, but why let them have all the fun. Introduce cork painting to them, paint a background such as a tree bark and use a wine cork bottle dipped in paint to make up the rest of the picture, like the leaves. This will entertain them no end and look great on the fridge whilst you are having a well-earned glass of wine from out of it. There is cashback available on all the resources you will need to recreate these ideas or any of your own here.

We have tried to give you at least a few ideas to do things this half term, but if you have any more then please do feel free to share the knowledge. We genuinely hope you have the loveliest time and look forward to hearing all your stories.

Katanlyn16 Feb 20 - 11:41Another arty one. Get dressed for the weather outside. Take some chalks and let the children draw with the chalks on the garden walls. The next time it rains it will wash off, but they can do really big pictures on the walls that are not possible on paper indoors.