What is Green Cashback? Get to know our ethical shopping category

Posted on 29 May 2023 Posted in  Green Cashback, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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green cashback

Our Green Cashback category makes it easier for you to make more ethical choices when shopping online. 

Green Cashback has been around since October 2021, but do you know the ins and outs of how we choose brands and why?

If you’re a new member, a sustainability enthusiast, or simply want to know more about Green Cashback, we’ve compiled a quick guide to keep you informed.


What do we mean by ‘green’?


There can be some apprehension when companies start using the term ‘green’, with a disappointing amount of greenwashing that goes on. Greenwashing is when clever marketing language is used to make things seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are.


We take our green initiatives seriously when it comes to featuring brands on our site. Green Cashback brands are thoroughly vetted using a combination of our own research and criteria along with the comprehensive database from Ethical Consumer.


For branding purposes, we like to stick to the term ‘green’, although we also sometimes describe things as sustainable and ethical when relevant. 

Spruce Green Cashback

Ethical Consumer guidelines


Ethical Consumer is an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder cooperative that uses in-depth research to rate companies with an Ethiscore. 


They were founded in 1989 and have an impressive clientele, including Amnesty International and the Guardian, for whom they provide research and consultancy. All their research and deep-diving is based on a database built on 20+ year’s work, so it’s safe to say they’re a pretty reliable source.


Their ethical rating system is based on a variety of factors like animal welfare, impact on local communities, water usage, product quality & sourcing, workers’ rights, and more.


We take all of the research from Ethical Consumer and use our own judgement when selecting brands for Green Cashback. For example, if a brand meets most of the requirements but perhaps lacks an expensive certification, we take into consideration how small or new that company is.


How Green Cashback started


TopCashback co-founder Oliver Ragg is a big environmental advocate, so as a company, we’re always looking for ways to improve sustainability for both staff and members.


Green Cashback started as a way to reduce our impact on the environment and give members more ethical choices when they shop online. We also want to use our platform to give a voice to ethical brands, with a special place on site for them to shine.  


Green Cashback brands


Since we began our Green Cashback category, we’ve continued adding brands that we love. You’ll find ethical companies across Health & Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, and Gifts.


Some of our most popular brands include Oxfam Online Shop, whose shop offers even more goodies than its physical one, like vintage clothing, collectables, books, and retro tech.

Members also love food delivery service
Abel & Cole with their carbon-neutral deliveries and minimal packaging, as well as forest-friendly loo roll, paper towels, and tissues from Who Gives a Crap.

Who Gives A Crap

There are lots more brands to discover that you may not be so familiar with. Whether it’s natural, refillable skincare from UpCircle, biodegradable phone cases from Wave Case, or planet-friendly pet treats from Wild Thought, have a browse to find your next favourite ethical establishment.


Stay tuned…


We hope this helps you get to know our Green Cashback category a bit better so you can shop from an informed perspective. 


We’re really invested in the Green Cashback category, so you’ll be hearing more about it this year. Stay tuned for more updates on some of our favourite ethical brands and Green Cashback news, or let us know about your favourites in the comments below.

Photograph of the blog author, Becca Moody.

by Amy Hornsby

Amy Hornsby is an SEO Copywriter at TopCashback who loves money saving, especially when it comes to travel and sustainability. She brings her eco-minded ways and travel bug to the blog to give you the best tips on saving.

The_GrayMan24 March 2024, 19:15 Very well explained, thankyou Amy
Leah170519 March 2024, 08:15 Thank you for this valuable information
TheGreenerGuru1 June 2023, 19:55 So many great ethical brands doing cashback. We always get our who gives a crap and wuka are a popular one I recommend to friends too 💕
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