Valentine's 2020 Tips

Valentines Tips

Love is in the air this Valentines… or is it?

Not everyone loves the idea of Valentine’s day. However, there is no need to fear because we have come up with some ideas that can help even the busiest of couples save money and still enjoy a little alone time on the 14th of February; whilst grabbing some handy cashback on the way.

There is no need to be traditional on Valentines, if big gestures aren’t your thing and the thought of venturing out into all the other couples fills you with fear. There are so many cute, inexpensive things you can do staying in that will still fill your heart with joy, your stomach with butterflies and a little bit of cashback in your pocket.

Rather stay in on Valentines and save money?


If your partner is expecting a big romantic gesture and you just need to have ten minutes to yourself after you get in from work before you are ready to begin the weekend of love; consider turning your house into a treasure map! Buy a few small presents, potentially with a cryptic clue or cute message and send them about the house looking for their gifts. This works especially well if you have children too, why not let them join in!

There are many small keepsakes you can buy that are inexpensive; such as their favourite picture in a lovely frame, a book with a hidden message, Morse code bracelets and of course the firm favourite of cuddly toys. Browse our gift section for cashback and see what fun things you can come up with to give yourself that little bit of extra time to relax.

When the hunt is over a cosy Valentines cuddle on the sofa could be just what is needed. This is the perfect time to enjoy those tasty chocolates and a bottle of wine guilt free. See your cashback deals here.

DVDs are always a great accompaniment too for the night, they aren’t over the top as a gift and you know you can watch them over and over again; which means you get your money’s worth! Check out the latest cashback here.

Rather have a Valentines away from the crowds outside?

Maybe we have it wrong though, and a night out is what is on the cards! To avoid the couple multitudes why not book your own experience. Then you can stay in your own little bubble of happiness whilst enjoying working together on something like a cookery course, laughing the night away at a comedy night or get your competitive side out and try your hand at an escape room. All the cashback is here waiting for you.

If you choose to take up one of these offers or deals, it might leave you needing a place to stay; then you can make a night of it and hide away from the busy lifestyle of home. Valentines does fall on a weekend this year after all, so why not stay out and grab all the best cashback deals on a fabulous hotel near your destination.

It also means the next day you can go for a lovely walk somewhere new or just enjoy a lovely lie in with breakfast provided before having to get back to reality.

Can’t be together on Valentines?


Of course, if you really have no choice but to be apart from each other this Valentines then flowers are the age-old solution. In our opinion they are bound to cheer up your partners day and show them you are thinking about them whilst also giving a lovely aroma to the household! Who wouldn’t like a nice bunch of roses or carnations in their favourite colour? Pick your perfect bunch with fantastic cashback deals here.

Nowadays everything can be delivered so why not try to think outside the box and see if you can get your loved one’s favourite treats sent to their door and enjoy a romantic meal over the internet.

We hope we have given you a few ideas to spend some time with your loved ones over this Valentine’s day. We are optimistic it is going to be your most special one yet and with a bit of luck we have helped saved you something along the way for your next big adventure together. We look forward to hearing all your Valentine stories!


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