Twitter Party Friday 25th August 2017


🚸 It’s time to head back into the classroom TopCashbackers, you won’t want to miss this lesson! So word around school is that there’s a Twitter Party coming your way and do you want to hear the best part? You and your friends are all invited to join us from the comfort of your home, there’s no pen or paper needed here! Join us for 1 hour of fun as we talk all things ‘educational’ with a TopCashback twist of course! To thank you for taking part we want to give 3 lucky followers a chance to win a £75 Next voucher!



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There’s no school uniform needed here TopCashbackers! On Friday 25th August we have something very special coming your way. We invite you to join us as we get back in the classroom ready to talk all things educational from favourite subjects to funny stories and unforgettable moments, we want to hear about it all! Don’t forget to include #TCBSchool in your answers as we’ll need that to find the 3 lucky winners in our prize draw at the end. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to be in with a chance to win, we’d hate for you to miss out on any top offers, deals or updates along the way!


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3 winners will be chosen at Random. They will each receive one £75 Next voucher which will be sent via post.


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Good luck TopCashbackers and we’ll be tweetin’ you very soon!

Posted on 24 Aug 2017  |  Posted in  Top Twitter Parties
My most memorable moment(s) were when I chose a project for my final art exam at school and my teacher told me it couldn't be done; he lost patience with me for attempting such a risky piece (this would be a large proportion of my final marks) and walked away. I completed the work, got top marks and an exibition of the work to the public; my Art Teacher was so proud of me! I was in smug mode for quite a while after that!
  28 Aug 17 - 14:32
#TCBSchool My home economics teacher locked me in the broom closet during one class for the whole class!! I was rubbish at sewing and she said I sewed so slowly I had heart disease!! You'd never get away with that nowadays!! 😳😂
  25 Aug 17 - 13:59
I'd say it was 30 years ago, my throwback memory of school was sitting outside our chalet on a school trip to Normandy and 5 school friends and I were singing and reenacting the complete Grease movie from start to finish.
  25 Aug 17 - 13:07

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