Tenerife Travel Guide - Brought to You by TUI

Tenerife Guide - Brought to You by TUI

Posted on 30 Oct 2017 Posted in  Travel
TUI Travel Guide


As part of the excitement around the name change, TopCashback and TUI have partnered up to provide you with an exclusive series of travel guides written by travel blogger Matthew Hirtes for some of TUI’s top destinations – so whether you’re looking for a seaside excursion or a city break, our guides will give you some great pointers.

Our first guide is for Tenerife, a paradise island just a short-haul flight away. It's the largest of Spain's Canary Islands, off the coast of West Africa, and is an island dominated by the stunning Mount Teide, a dormant volcano that is Spain's tallest peak. With beaches of sand that range from yellow to black, it's one of our holiday hotspots. 

And remember, you can earn exclusive cashback when you book your holiday in Tenerife with TUI.

Attractions: Siam Park is one of the best water parks in the world. This Thai-themed attraction is located in the south of Tenerife, in Costa Adeje. If you go on only one ride, make it the Tower of Power: a vertical descent into shark-infested waters where glass protects you from the beasts but nothing gets between you and an adrenaline rush.

Beaches: From the artificial beauty of picture-postcard Las Teresitas to the swell surfers' fave El Médano, there's a beach for everyone in Tenerife. Other perfect playas include the naturally blond La Tejita, El Bollullo in the north of the island which is best reached by trekking through the nearby banana plantations, the hidden Masca beach three hours on foot from the mountain village of the same name, and Puerto de la Cruz’s Garden Beach, Playa Jardín.

Drinks: Dorada's the home brew, a light lager which combines well with the sunshine. Take the Tenerife Wine Route which visits the northern vineyards (famed for their reds) between Tacoronte and Acentejo. Finish your meal like a local with a barraquito, a layered glass of coffee which starts with condensed milk and ends with a topping of cinnamon and also includes coffee-machine coffee, the sophisticated Licor 43 made up of forty-three separate ingredients hence the name, full-fat milk, and lemon peel.

Eats: Visit a guachinche. These were pop-up restaurants before the concept even existed. Whilst some open all year round now, most conform to the tradition of having a season (tied in with the wine) and are usually off the map. They can be housed in garages.

Fiestas: The biggest of the year takes place in carnival city and capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is twinned with Rio de Janeiro. The Carnaval de Santa Cruz's exact dates vary each year but it usually starts in January/February and goes on for three weeks before ending with Lent. There's a different theme each year but costumes tend to be of the pantomime variety with men dressing as women (particularly for the Burial of the Sardine towards the end of the carnival where butch widows theatrically mourn the death of their sardine "husband").

Hikes: You can hike all the way to the top of Spain's highest mountain, Teide, although you will require a permit if you plan on making it to the summit. Cheats can reach the upper levels by cable car.

Souvenir: If there's one tree that represents Tenerife, you may be surprised to learn it's not the palm but the dragon tree. The not-so-humble Dracaena draco is actually related to the asparagus. The guanches, the pre-Spanish Berber-descending natives, used to bleed the trees and use the sap to embalm their dead Egyptian style. To recreate local fauna back home, pick up a pack of dragon tree seeds.

Sport: Whilst the favourite sport of Tenerife natives is undoubtedly football, basketball comes a close second. CD Tenerife play their home games at the 24,000-capacity Estadio Helidoro Rodríguz López in capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife whilst Iberostar Tenerife, who formed in 1939, are based in the pretty university town of La Laguna. If you can, try and go along to a lucha canaria event. Canarian wrestling bouts take place in circles of sand and are a test of technique as much as strength.

Hotels: For a family resort, you'll want to consider the Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes, with its big lagoon pool and spectacular views. For a beach front location, check out the Hotel Riu Palace in Costa Adeje, with its sea-and-mountain setting and stunning views. And finally, for that five-star plus experience, the TUI Sensatori Resort is a luxury escape par excellence.

Your Say:

Emma Simkin

“If you find yourselves in Playa Paraiso, go up to the top floor bar of the Hard Rock Hotel. You’ll be rewarded with excellent views and you don't need to shell out to stay in the hotel in order to visit."

Donna Saunders

“Tenerife is a beautiful place to visit. Mount Teide at night was spectacular as well as during the day. Breath taking.”

Michelle Colloby

"Don't use up your luggage allowance taking all your toiletries, buy it all when you get to your destination! Weighed mine to discover they were 5 kg. So I left it behind and bought it when I arrived. Same tip for nappies too, if taking little ones.”

Matthew Hirtes has been based in the Canary Islands since 2004. He uses it at a base to cover Spain and beyond for the likes of Condé Nast Traveller, Telegraph Travel, and The Huffington Base. Matthew's favourite cities worldwide are his metropolis of birth, London, San Francisco (keg parties on Ocean Beach), and Seville (love those free oranges). 

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