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We all deserve a holiday, but the question is where to go? We have done some intense research here at TopCashback to help you as we know how overwhelming and stressful it can be when it comes to choosing a destination. Whether you are interested in a beach holiday, city break or want to try something completely new, we have it all covered.

Looking at some research for this year, it seems that Morocco is the top destination to visit, followed by Costa Rica, Santorini, Chile and Istanbul. Both and fly to all five locations, plus you can earn exclusive cashback when you book hotels, holidays and flights with them through us today!



If you are more interested in a relaxing holiday in the sun, we have found some of the most popular beaches around, such as the Baia do Sancho in Brazil and the Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico. If museums are more your thing, why not visit the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Both and fly to all of these locations.

If you prefer to stay in the UK, there are a number of things for you to do, from exploring the countryside in the Lake District or Cornwall to sightseeing around London or Edinburgh. Groupon and LivingSocial both offer a number of red hot deals for things to do at home, from a weekend spa break to a family holiday in Devon. Plus, you will earn exclusive cashback whenever you book with them through us today!



You can even travel around the UK using Gatwick Express and Virgin Trains with our exclusive deals and cashback!

Gatwick Express:

Virgin Trains:

If you would prefer to go on a Caribbean cruise or a trip down the River Nile, there is plenty to choose from. P&O Ferries offer a number of cruises around the Caribbean and the Canary Islands. Celebrity Cruises, meanwhile, have a variety of trips to select from throughout Europe. With both of these merchants, you can again earn exclusive cashback when you book through TopCashback.

P&O Ferries:

Celebrity Cruises:

We also have a number of merchants on our site who offer airport parking and car hire in a number of worldwide destinations. These merchants include Hoppa, Airparks Airport Parking and Holiday Extras.


Airparks Airport Parking:

Holiday Extras:

Another important factor you need to think about before jetting off on your getaway is travel insurance! Whether you are looking for single trip travel insurance or annual travel insurance, Columbus Direct, Staysure and Aviva have a variety of offers which will see you make big savings.

Columbus Direct:



Last but not least, you will need to exchange some money to spend abroad on your fabulous holiday. We have a number of merchants who offer amazing deals and cashback, including the Post Office, Western Union and Travelex.

The Post office:

Western Union:


Hopefully by now you have more ideas in mind for where you may be going on your next getaway. Remember to shop through TopCashback when booking your trip or buying any other holiday extras as you will earn great cashback to use towards your next holiday! Remember to tweet anything that has caught your eye and use the hashtag #TravelTuesdays today.

Posted on 20 Sep 2015  |  Posted in  Travel
Can l travel to Ghana? I come from Ghana. And l am 70
  20 Apr 16 - 18:06

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