The Rumours behind the iPhone 6 Launch

iPhone Launch 2014

With the eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 launching next week, we decided it was about time we rounded up the rumours and got an idea of what we can expect from the newest addition to the ever-growing Apple family.

When will the iPhone 6 launch?

The iPhone will be launching on Tuesday 9th September, with handsets going on sale 10 days later – on Friday 19th September. Rumour has it that people have already started camping out!

What can we expect?
Look: With consumers preferring a larger display, the new iPhone screen is set to be bigger than ever at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, depending on the version you opt for. Some models will also feature a highly durable sapphire crystal screen – it’s even possible that the screens will be curved. It’s also been suggested that the new models will be considerably thinner than the iPhone 5S, at 6.9mm instead of 7.6mm. Like its iPad counterparts, the new iPhones will boast rounded edges.

New Features: Camera improvements are expected for both the small and large models, with the 5.5” version incorporating optical image stabilisation and up to a whopping 128GB storage capacity! There will also be a barometric pressure sensor, which not only enhances navigation and weather forecasting, but can also perform lung function measurements. Apparently, the new phones will also be able to track their owner’s pulse and body temperature. Finally, the addition of an NFC chip will enable mobile payments, or iPayments, in a similar way to contactless cards.

Other rumoured features include:
• An atmospheric sensor to measure weather trends and supply altitude data
• Faster Wi-Fi
• 13-megapixel sensor from Sony for the camera

How much will it cost?
With prices expected to start at around £550 for the smaller model, the iPhone 6, like its predecessors, does not come cheap. However, we understand that most of you will be looking to buy the phone on contract, rather than outright and unfortunately these prices haven’t been released yet.

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Will you be picking up the new iPhone?

Be sure to check back for the next iPhone 6 update.


Posted on 08 Sep 2014  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
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