Get your Cashback converted into Tesco Clubcard Points and make even greater savings

We've just launched a brand new payment method for all TopCashback members: you now have the option of getting your hard-earned cashback converted into Tesco Clubcard points, as well as the existing methods of BACS, PayPal, Amazon and Love2shop. And as a little extra bonus, if you choose to use this new payment method, we will add a 5% bonus to your payout!

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From today, you will be able to request any ‘Payable’ cashback in your account to be paid to you as Tesco Clubcard Points. You will get 1 point for every 1p of cashback that you earn!
Clubcard is Tesco’s way of giving something back on the purchases you make – in that way, we feel that their ethos is quite similar to our own here at TopCashback. So, we have now teamed up with them to make your savings ever greater.

If you don’t have a Tesco Clubcard, or are not quite sure what one is, then let us fill you in…

As a Clubcard member, you can collect points on the purchases you make from Tesco, not just in-store but also on-line, when you’re filling up your car, and using your Clubcard credit card. Once you have collected 150 points, these are then converted into a voucher worth £1.50, which gets sent to you in your quarterly Clubcard statement. You can then spend your vouchers at Tesco - all you have to do is use your voucher when you checkout and the value will be taken off your bill. The more points you earn, the more vouchers you’ll get back!

how to clubcard

And it doesn’t end there…  If you choose to spend your vouchers at Clubcard rewards you can increase the value of your points even more - every £5 of Clubcard vouchers is worth up to £20 on rewards. You can buy gifts, days out and even holidays – just with your Clubcard points.

Now that we have teamed up with Tesco, you will be able to convert your cashback into Clubcard points too, and we’ll add on an extra 5%! So, say you have £40.00 ‘Payable’ cashback in your TopCashback account, this would equal £42.00 worth of Clubcard points (4200 points), which, after we have processed your payment, would be added to your Tesco Clubcard account.

By using this payment method, it means that you can now spend your cashback in-store and online at Tesco, or when you’re topping up at the petrol tank.

If you don’t have a Clubcard, then you can apply for one here: It’s completely free to join so there’s nothing to lose!

If you already have a Clubcard, then great - You can begin saving today!


Posted on 25 Mar 2013  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Is Tesco still an option for payout?
  15 Oct 13 - 13:20
  Hi there, it is still an option. If you have a Clubcard entered on the 'my profile' page, you should see this whn you go to 'payments'. If not, can you send a ticket from 'customer care' and we can take a look at your account? Many thanks, John
It will not give me an option of paying say £50 to tesco points and £90 via bacs why is this. Thanks Anne
  20 Aug 13 - 00:35
  Hi there, it is possible to split a pyment, but only by merchant. We don't currently have the facility to split a payment by amount, so if you had £100 from merchant a, you couldn't take this via Clubcard points, but if you had £50 from merchant a and £50 from merchant b, you could have £50 as Clubcard points and £50 by bacs. I hope that this makes sense!
Many thanks, TopCashback

Hi eddycha,

This is a great question, thank you!

The £50.00 limit has to include any top-up provided by ourselves and cannot be exceeded. However, the 5% Top-up added to your payment request for choosing Tesco Clubcard points can take the limit over £50.00.

I hope i've explained this well enough :)

Let me know if you'd like to anything else.

Have a lovely day!

  03 Jun 13 - 09:36
Dear TCB,

Love this Tesco offer and is much appreciated. It is quite tricky to cash out when a lot of the offers pay out above £50. My question though, is if we get a £50 cashback offer and you "top it up" to £50.50, can we now not withdraw that as Tesco points cos of the top or will this in fact go through?

  02 Jun 13 - 10:47
Hi Jamiemcfromfriz,

The £50 limit is per account, not per houshold, you could each request your payment by Clubcard points but only if you have seperate TopCashback and Clubcard accounts.

Many thanks,
  07 May 13 - 10:09
Is the 50 pound limit per account or per household. If there are 4 of us in the house can we all convert 50 pounds to different clubcard accounts?
  05 May 13 - 17:10

It is nice to see positive things continue to happen at Top Cash Back. My dad recomemded me to you and he has earned over £1000 to date for just normal spending.
  30 Apr 13 - 18:48

It is nice to see positive things continue to happen at Top Cash Back. My dad recomemded me to you and he has earned over £1000 to date for just normal spending.
  30 Apr 13 - 18:47
What happens to excess cash if you don't have the exact amount for the vouchers
  20 Apr 13 - 15:51
  Hi there, each merchant's cashback can be requested separately by clicking on the 'advanced payment' option just above pay me. Once the £50 threshold is reached, you won't be able to request any more payments in Clubcard points for that year. It is not possible to split one merchant's payment up into smaller amounts. Any cashback that you can't take via the Clubcard option will be available to request as bacs, Paypal, Love2shop or gift certificate. Many thanks, TCB
Hi w0z, The 5% Bonus for using this method isn't counted towards the threshold, so you can still take out a payment of £50 using the Clubcard option.

All of the information about this payment method is shown here-

I hope that this helps, but please let me know if you have any more questions.

Best wishes,
  10 Apr 13 - 10:10
Despite the comments below the article you still haven't amended it to show the t+C's of a £50 annual limit. Are there any other conditions specific to this clubcard points scheme which you have ahem "neglected to mention"? Also would this make the maximum less than £50 because of the 5% Uplift, so the maximum cashback would actually be £47.50 (if it's in 50p increments (or £47.62 if not in increments)or are the maximum annual clubcard vouchers actually = £52.50? Thanks
  09 Apr 13 - 21:26
Hi spurs321,

You can split payment into different merchants, so you could do this for any of the payments below £50 and use a different payment option.

To do this, simply go to the payments page and click 'view advanced options' above the pay me button.

I hope that this helps!

Many thanks,
  02 Apr 13 - 15:44
What happens to the rest of my cash back if I have more than £50
  31 Mar 13 - 08:30
Hi there,

Once we've sent your request to Tesco, the points would usually be reflected in your Clubcard account the following day after we've sent it. At the moment we are processing these payments on a Monday and Wednesday, so this should help to give you an indication of when your points would be available, based on when you request your payment and when we process it.

The £50 limit is simply what was agreed in the contract between ourselves and Tesco.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes,
  28 Mar 13 - 10:29
How long does it take once Topcashback say they have paid out?
  26 Mar 13 - 19:01
Why is there a limit of £50.00 that can be applied to a Clubcard account within a 12 month period?
  25 Mar 13 - 14:49

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