Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway

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Our Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today! Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 60,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £1,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a sweet surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 60,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £20,000 up for grabs over the next 14 days.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain up to 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 27th March to the 9th April 23:59 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 9th April at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

BASSLINEBARGAINS15 April 2024, 18:32 When will we be getting the hummingbird game this year?!! Please x

If we were to have a new hummingbird game we would post about this to let all members know before it starts

Betsyboo5927 April 2023, 16:33 Will be thinking of you tomorrow shazzy68. Sounds like your mother-in-law was a special lady whom you obviously thought a lot about, which is lovely. As a mother-in-law myself all I can say is I hope my daughter-in-law feels the same about me. It's important that our sons/Daughters have special partners in their lives and it is comforting to any mother when her son/Daughter chooses a wonderful partner. Take comfort in the lovely memories you have ♥️
shazzy6826 April 2023, 20:05 Thank you for your kind words Top_Frances, Betsyboo & SusieAsp ❤️. Funeral is this Friday it was my Mother-in-law a fantastic lady and she lived a long, lovely life but still heartbreaking to lose her. Covid got her in the end along with many other health problems that come with old age. Take care my friends and I will see you next time ❤️
Betsyboo5923 April 2023, 15:51 And well done SusieAsp and hubby on your 30p wins and you Top_Frances on your £1.30. Plus all the other members who won however much. Oh and me, what did I win this time??

Ah well, hopefully better luck next time 🤞🤞

Betsyboo5923 April 2023, 14:13 Hi shazzy my heart goes out to you my friend. I wondered where you had disappeared to at the end of the game but wrongly presumed you, like many of us, had got bored with this very poor game and had stopped playing. I am so sorry for your loss. And yes it's nice to hear from you Top_Frances, you have been mentioned often. Look forward
To hearing from you more in the next game. Fingers crossed 🤞 For a much better game next time and I look forward to seeing you all on here again hopefully very soon. Take care all my TCB friends ♥️
SusieAsp22 April 2023, 22:06 Hi shazzy68,

So sorry to hear of the loss of your family member, I hope you are okay. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Congrats on your win Top_Frances, hubby and I both won 30p and were one egg away from each prize, such is life.

Look forward to seeing you all next time round. Until then, stay safe and well everyone.X

Top_Frances17 April 2023, 09:59 I am so sorry for your loss, shazzy68. Thank you for asking after me kindly, especially at this difficult time.

I'm ok, and noticing the slightly different instant prize spread this game (more £100 prizes, less £20's and £10's but increased prize fund overall) I was hopeful I might win £5 but, no, £1.30. The pde's of birds found turned into too many Whoopsie Daisy pages and made the game less playable. I didn't experience the too many birds portion of the game either. Hopefully, whatever was amiss is fixed for next time.

shazzy6813 April 2023, 21:44 Hi Top_Frances. It's great to read your comment and I hope you are well? I was asking after you a couple of games ago and Betsyboo59 often asks after you hopefully you will join the chat next time 🙂. Sorry I wasn't around for the end of the game. I stopped playing when a member of my family died 💔 😔. I see the game carried on as it started by the comments i've just read on the blog! Here's hoping for a better game next time🤞🏻 And even though the game wasn't great this time it was still lovely to catch up with you guys and check in on each other. Thanks as always to Dave, Chris and Betsyboo for all the tips of places to look also the laughs and poetry! And it was nice to catch up with all the regulars too SusieAsp, BabyAki and JKJ2017 to name but a few. Great to hear you are well Mike and hopefully Butterfly786 🦋 Will join us next time. See you all in the next game 🙂
Top_Frances13 April 2023, 00:29 Congrats to Natalie a, winner of the grand prize draw.

Thanks Phil for clearing that up, by support ticket sounds like a great way to do it and easier to be sure it's really from Top Cashback.
Top_Frances11 April 2023, 19:10 Hello everyone, hope you all had a peaceful enjoyable Easter.

Thanks to those that gave me a shout out the last couple of games. I'm a bit late to the blog this game.

Tcb, I have a question about the grand prize draw: in the Ts and Cs it says "The winner will be notified by phone and/Or email." Where in my TCB account is the place for a phone number, because I can't see it and I don't recall ever being asked for it?

I have fed this back to our team as the winner would be contacted by email or support ticket due to us not asking for Phone number information upon sign up

Best wishes
francis1711 April 2023, 18:12 Good luck for the prize draw...
cool_hip_lin11 April 2023, 15:14 So who won the £1000 TCB??
Jan_Bird10 April 2023, 14:48 I also ended up finding three Eggs out of the four needed!
JKJ201710 April 2023, 12:53 Just checking to see if the birds have woken up to offer anything other than 🎁
(Even though the thing has closed)😉😄
Gracie115510 April 2023, 10:46 It's amazing I have won 10p, and started looking for eggs at the beginning. My sister started the hunt for eggs yesterday and won 20p. It's not how you start It's how you finish. Enjoyed it.
ThisIsMyPublicName10 April 2023, 03:46 I don’T think i’M going to get distracted by this next time round. It was fun at first but then no more eggs after the first 10p.
redruby1210 April 2023, 00:02 I clicked and clicked but didn't get a hummingbird for even one prize. Mostly one egg short in the categories. Very disappointing and a waste of time.
Garywebb799 April 2023, 21:55 Betsyboo59. I'm afraid that TCB dangling carrot has been eaten by the TCB donkey! I have 913 pde's through sharing! Will I win £1,000, I doubt it very much. Haven't played last few days as it has become sooo borrriiing!!!!
Mbads6669 April 2023, 21:55 Just got a pde on Green People. I will have to settle for my £0.20 win! Good luck all, hopefully someone wins a bit more
DCG19 April 2023, 20:58 Never a winning bird when you need one
redruby129 April 2023, 20:45 I'm missing one egg from most categories. It's hell.
Dswlc9 April 2023, 20:34 I spend 3 days but one egg need in each type. Nothing won ,can only says Good Designer.
sutton5279 April 2023, 19:57 I've also been waiting for one egg on all but keep getting prize draw entries! 😞
redruby129 April 2023, 18:46 Click on British airways doesn't show bird.
ItsOnlyMoney9 April 2023, 16:44 I think not only this game but the site could be going to pot

I have made 9 purchases through the site in the last 10 days and not a single one registered even the £2 bonus so now I 10 bloody claim forms to fill in
Annecon889 April 2023, 16:28 I got all but one egg for each of the 50p upwards prizes up until 5 days ago. Have only had prize draw entries ever since. Fingers crossed for the big one though!
Betsyboo599 April 2023, 16:26 You and many more of us Wendy1971. And I agree Garywebb79 - a very disappointing game. Many of us haven't won a penny this game but Chris121212 posted he had seen on a media site that one person had won on five lines - that's five cash prizes! How on earth can you call that fair? But TCB keep insisting that the game is "random". I am sorry but i'm not convinced 👎
Wendy19719 April 2023, 16:17 Ends today? I have been waiting for 1 egg in every selection since day 1... Arghhhhh
Garywebb799 April 2023, 16:01 A very disapointing game TCB! Not even won 10p! You need to fix this so it us fair next time and is truly random?
Nigel Newton 9 April 2023, 13:48 No birdies for 2 days 😢 😞
Member12831578688149 April 2023, 13:05 Not a winner but thanks for fun
Top Cashback you're no1,
A hunt thats made for everyone,
Whilst scoffing down a hot cross bun,
Hiding eggs all around
Some lost forever,some are found,
I've had a blast and read the dittys,
Very good and always witty,
I hope to see you all next spring
Where i'll return to hopefully win!

snowshine9 April 2023, 12:47 Whole competition has been a dead loss since day one when I found most eggs.
Member41132105806459 April 2023, 11:44 Hello everyone
Betsyboo599 April 2023, 10:35 I wouldn't worry LadyG this game has been very disappointing. Error from day 1 where many of us got all but one egg for each cash prize and nothing but pde's since. Check out the blog!
You haven't missed anything, been a complete waste of time.
LadyG9 April 2023, 10:12 Have just received an email informing me today is the last day for this - would have helped if i'd received an email telling me it was beginning!!! No chance now to win anything - Thank you Top Cash Back - I really appreciate you letting me know that we're nearly over the finishing line!!!
MrASP9 April 2023, 00:05 British Airways is todays clue but link not working.
Hey, we would advise to clear cookies and cache as this can help with the running of the game. If you have any issues please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look -Phil
Raspberry1018 April 2023, 22:57 Pde on victoria plum
HiLFC8 April 2023, 21:43 This is a bit of fun guys just enjoy it! You're lucky to be able to catch over 200 birds. ☺️
HiLFC8 April 2023, 21:34 Not sure why people who spend hours on here and have got over 250 pdes moaning? Ive only 33 pdes. Although ive not spent hours on end on here, not sure how people do it if im honest.
ickle_claire8 April 2023, 21:30 Clarks
Buzz33888 April 2023, 16:28 Like a lot of other people I found all the eggs bar one in each group on the first day. Since then not one solitary egg. I have a total of 350 pde’S without sharing on Facebook or Twitter to gain further entries. Now as the game is coming to an end the birds have hibernated and I haven’T found any since the daily clue this morning. A very disappointing game, only consolation has been reading the regular bloggers posts to see how many are in the same situation. Big shout out to Chris for his rhymes which put a smile on my face, thank you. 😊
Member4873078123098 April 2023, 13:15 Jacamo.......
Member4873078123098 April 2023, 13:15 Thought i'll help out someone...Bird with egg today @
pdally8 April 2023, 11:48 In fairness I did win 10p one day but that’S it!!
anna2606608 April 2023, 11:31 Like many, only need 1 egg for a prize but all I get is pde's.
Game of chance maybe but so coincidental that many are in this position with not even a 10p win!
Member12831578688148 April 2023, 11:07 Not won a thing
Member4873078123098 April 2023, 09:31 Found an egg this morning @ Db 😁
Betsyboo598 April 2023, 09:27 Two more birds this morning - onbuy where i've had birds before in this game and Which - both pde's again. 282 pde's so far and two days haven't had much time to play! I am convinced there are no eggs out there 😡😡
And Chris - are you ok?? Looks like you've been up all night with the rhyming bug 😂😂
Roperhouse8 April 2023, 06:52 Just a few sites from previous lists ... G2A, Your clothing, audible, taste card, Hobbs, Sunday Times Wineclub
Chris1212128 April 2023, 01:00 Betsyboo59, Moneymoney12, and SquishyMissy,
Our egg hunt skills are getting quite risky,
But with a clue from Which? In hand,
We'll find that egg, it's in our command.

But wait, what's this? No bird in sight,
Could it be that Alfie's lost his might?
Chris1212128 April 2023, 00:39
Which? No bird again!!!!!

Whoopsie Daisy!

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Chris1212128 April 2023, 00:22 Which? No bird again!!!!
Chris1212128 April 2023, 00:08 Oh TCB, why must you tease us so? With prize draw entries and nothing to show, We won't give up, we'll keep on clicking, For that one last egg, that we're all desperately missing.

How many of us are in this mess, Stuck in this one-egg-away distress?
No wins yet, Just PDEs to obsess, Is this some evil conspiracy, I guess?

The evil continues, I am clicking, day and night, One egg left, no win in sight, Alfie the hummingbird, oh where are you? Only PDEs, is that all you can do?

Chris1212127 April 2023, 23:53 Oh, TCB, you tricksters, hear our plea, We're one egg away since day three!!!

PDEs are all we ever see, and Boredom disease has now infected me!

Hi Chris,

We do appriciate the rhyming artistry you have produced. We would advise however that the game is down to chance and the prize draw is a great chance of winning a huge prize so don't be too down yet.

We wish you the very best of luck

Chris1212127 April 2023, 22:34 I have a confession to make.

I'm back in pure voices and rhyme to make. The boredom on Topcashbach has made and I have a last egg to Take. The boredom is mad and just not Woke.

I hired Alfie the hummingbird to deliver the missing eggs for me. But apparently, he's been too busy sipping nectar to care about my prize draw entries. All he brought me were more PDEs! Guess he's not cut out for the delivery business.

But wait, there's more! As it turns out, all of us TCB users have been playing the game wrong this whole time. The real prize is the satisfaction of being one egg away from each prize for days on end, without actually winning anything. It's like a modern-day Zen meditation technique!

So, my fellow TCBers, let's keep on practicing our patience and gratitude for those lovely PDEs. Who needs actual money when you can have the joy of almost winning? I mean, I don't think i've ever had so much fun losing in my life. Cheers to TCB for creating the ultimate mind-bending game!

Here I am clicking, day and night, One egg left, no win in sight, Alfie the hummingbird, Oh where are you? Only PDEs, is that all you can do?
Use e-reward surveys. Less time and more usable points, per second, are where the points are. At
shelly10210277 April 2023, 22:32 I have accidentally hidden the easter treats competition, foes anyone know how I can turn it back on please ?
Hey, if you could please clear cookies and cache and this will bring the banner back on our website -Phil
Chris1212127 April 2023, 21:50 Betsyboo59 and moneymoney to

I hear your complaint, dear friend it's so true,
About Topcashback and PDEs that ensue,
We log in each day with hopes so high,
But alas, PDEs are all we spy!

We wait and wait, one egg away,
For days on end, we curse and pray,
But still, no win, no prize to keep,
Just PDEs that make us weep.

We're bored with this game, that's for sure,
But we keep playing, hoping for a cure,
To our endless pursuit of that one egg,
And to end our pde plague.

So let's keep playing, and not give in,
For who knows when that egg we'll win,
And finally, be free from this pde test,
To cash out and say, "i am blessed!
Chris1212127 April 2023, 20:51 I'm bored, bored, bored with TCB,
One egg away, that's all I need,
But PDEs are all I see,
It's like a cruel joke, can't you see?

I login every single day,
Hoping for a cash prize to come my way,
But all I get is pde dismay,
It's enough to make me want to run away.

I'm starting to think it's all a game,
Designed to drive us all insane,
One egg away, it's all the same,
At least we can still play the rhyming game?
SquishyMissy7 April 2023, 20:42 Poppyjem I too just got an egg at Farfetch, thanks for the recommendation. My third chick egg, I doubt i'll find the 4th :/
GVJackson7 April 2023, 20:42 Great start but no eggs for 6 days now and only need one in every one. Doesn't seem fair.
moneymoney127 April 2023, 20:39 Great start but no eggs for 6 days now and only need one in every one
Member12567575619067 April 2023, 20:32 Hello everyone 🤟🏻
moneymoney127 April 2023, 20:20 Been one egg away on all of them for last 5 days and ever since just prize draw entries!!!
Betsyboo597 April 2023, 20:14 Lots of posts on here saying they've only just got the email to say this game is running. From experience I can say I don't rely on any email from TCB to tell me when games are running because, as you can see, they don't always send them out . I tend to check TCB most days and that way, quickly pick up when games start, any offers etc. Some may say that's sad but it works for me and could work for others 👍
Merrifield7 April 2023, 19:37 I had an email earlier to say the game was nearly over but been playing for days!Like everyone else one egg away from a prize!Not even a 10p this game 😡
Garywebb797 April 2023, 19:16 Come on TCB make the game fair? There are loads of us with not one egg since day one!
Hi gary, we do make the game as fair as possible with prizes awarded by chance when a hummingbird is found.

We wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game -Phil
Margarett627 April 2023, 19:03 Hi I have been waiting for one egg on each prize for the last few days just been getting pde's did win 20p though
PoppyEm7 April 2023, 18:50 Just found a hummingbird at Farfetch, could be an egg for someone else :)
Vicky_green7 April 2023, 18:23 Any néE answers always comes to a holt now we’Re close:(
Member4873078123097 April 2023, 17:55 Pink egg @ ' Mattress Online ' 😁
Member4873078123097 April 2023, 17:54 Pink egg @ ' Mattress Online ' 😁
Betsyboo597 April 2023, 17:09 Again not had time to play today but just got one bird on Joanie clothing - where i've found birds before earlier this game. Just another pde. Would be interesting to know just how many of us are, and have been for some time, one away from each prize? 🤔🤔
Still nothing at all won. Don't think i've ever had a game before where I haven't won anything 😭
Wendy19717 April 2023, 17:05 Me too Ghostmedium...
olocky7 April 2023, 16:51 I’Ve been one egg away on every line since day 2, Not even a10p win. Now all I get is prize draw entries no money!
JoeBir7 April 2023, 16:30 £15000 plus won so far. Not by me. Nothing but pde and I only need one egg in each category.
Chris1212127 April 2023, 15:42 Missing posts again! Why bother?
scarySpice7 April 2023, 15:40 I never knew this was on either
Anna_manning1237 April 2023, 14:58 I've not had any eggs because else I need to win money 😭 Because I have them all so if I get a egg I will win something so all pde
ghostmedium7 April 2023, 13:45 I’Ve been one egg away on every line since day 2 and no wins, not even 10p. Has anyone found a 10p egg yet ?
JKJ20177 April 2023, 13:10 Aha the people saying they didn't know about it must have been on the other previous one that some of us missed out in. Topcashback are running these for groups at different times surely.

No we try and let as many members know about our offers and hummingbird games as possible each time one is active -Phil
rowntree7 April 2023, 12:56 Same as other - Didn’T even know it was on Only got an email now saying it’S nearly over

We do post on social media and our home page before the game starts and throughout the game to help notify members

Best wishes
Chris1212127 April 2023, 12:47 Marriott International
Lands’ End
Terry’S Fabrics
E.L.F Cosmetics
Legoland Holidays
The Official ghd website
Dulux Decorator Centre
Cathay Pacific
Claire’S accessories
Topcashback.co.Uk/Q-park (put this in url bar and search)
Oliver Bonas

wildatheart7 April 2023, 11:57 Ive not had any eggs since day 1, all ive been getting since then is a entry into a prize draw.
tjcoulson307 April 2023, 11:54 No eggs in 7 days now
maddogs3687 April 2023, 11:45 Not had any eggs in days 118 pdes but I need one egg for each prize . Nothing after 1st day except pdes.
Nikkijack17 April 2023, 11:42 As Shazzawagga said this is the first i’Ve heard of this?
EllaH7 April 2023, 11:35 Not had a egg in 4 days just numerous prize draws. Definitely fixed when the system knows your waiting for one egg of any type. Prize draw symbol comes up slightly blurry
Shazzawagga7 April 2023, 11:23 Didn’T even know it was on 😞🙄 Only got an email now saying it’S nearly over 🙁
marybell7 April 2023, 11:12 Not even earned 10p
6885909017 April 2023, 10:17 I wish you'd email me the day sweet treats starts.
Brette7 April 2023, 08:24 No birds on elemis
JKJ20177 April 2023, 07:52 Just came across something called plopsa attractions😄
Marykj7 April 2023, 04:18 Thanks Chris121212 I would never have got Elemis.
JKJ20177 April 2023, 04:16 Elemis.
Happy Good Friday.
Brette7 April 2023, 01:38 Got 10p on very yippee who says you don't win on cashback games, thanks very much TopCashback you always deliver,i have never once not won something be it little or large. Once again top hat thank you very much. Just wish all the conspiracy Munger's would shut up and enjoy a free game, Cheers to all
Chris1212127 April 2023, 00:39 I finally broke it!
Chris1212127 April 2023, 00:28 Elemis. No bird?
Member71083503358476 April 2023, 23:46 Very
Chris1212126 April 2023, 22:01 Scuffball. See my comment 2 below. 05 April 22:06
scruffball6 April 2023, 19:55 How do I claim £2 egg cashback please. I have the receipt


Please visit our home page and you should find the offer to click on. If you are having issues please submit a support ticket as our team can help

Betsyboo596 April 2023, 19:21 Not had time to play today until now. Have found a few birds - all pde's of course - but on sites where i've found birds before. Have exhausted my lists so just going over sites again and surprised to see that many of them are giving birds again. Shame they're not giving eggs for prizes!!
Chris1212126 April 2023, 18:45 Interflora
kessetti6 April 2023, 18:14 1 egg away
Dave05646 April 2023, 16:10 Pde today on:

Virgin Media

And Superdrug is back, after a short holiday.

Now 292 pdes..... 20p won so far (the first 2 birds out the trap). I'd settle for a striped for 10p.....
The Worzels6 April 2023, 16:00 Eggtastic!!
ZOZOemz6 April 2023, 15:23 Pde on Boots today.
1 egg to go for every line🤞🤞🤞
Radoz6 April 2023, 11:21 Ive got...105 pdes...All my eggs collected in the 1st two days of the game as the birds were coming thick and fast and....(One egg away from any decent cash prizes) then nothing but pdes after that..Not a single egg in site !!!!..For a few days,the only birds I could find were from the daily clues,now they seem to have come back,but I lacked enthusiasm to search for birds about a week ago as the game became very tedious..I will play till the end,just to get the last clue..I wish everyone the best of luck for these last few days..Take care everyone
Stevemanics6 April 2023, 11:12 Much like everyone else commenting, i've been one egg away on every single prize for days on end and getting nothing but prize draw entries ever since
jkccna7776 April 2023, 10:37 Just one more bird - O2
Foxymax6 April 2023, 10:29 Happy Easter Topcashback, Thank you for the £2 cashback if I buy an Easter Egg, Love playing this game, I hope to find an egg to win an instant prize soon, its a fun game, good luck everyone.
shazzy686 April 2023, 10:10
Well done samuelo 🥳 There's hope for us all yet!
shazzy686 April 2023, 10:03 Same here Betsyboo 2 x pde's this morning and not a penny won! We all know now there was a mistake in the beginning when the birds were flying constantly and the eggs were all being released too quickly, but trying to think on the positive side at least we are still getting birds even with pde's is better than no birds for days on end because we are still in with that chance of the big 🙏😊. I have 131 pde's the most i've ever got in this game and i'm sure more eggs are going to be released soon🤞🏻. Nannaphine I was the same last night got the clue but no bird, but it came up this morning so try again it should appear 😊
Bridgette626 April 2023, 09:58 Kate Spade is today's answer
trishknott6 April 2023, 09:49 Losing the will to live nothing but pde's for days now even on the Daily Clues have these Eggs been laid by dodo's the extinct bird!!!
samuelo6 April 2023, 09:37 2 eggs this morning!! Shock horror, after days of just PDEs with all the collections missing just one egg
A 10p and a 50p prize - woohoo - time to retire! :-D
Betsyboo596 April 2023, 09:18 Two more birds this morning - pde's again! Absolutely nothing won, not even 10p!!!!
lexi656 April 2023, 08:30 Sorry TCB, but i'm getting bored with 7 solid days of pdes. The birds might be random but the eggs are definetly not
FrankieKelly6 April 2023, 08:14 I really don’T think this game is fair. I’Ve got a lot of entries into the prize draw and almost all the eggs filled but all i’Ve won is 10p. It would be nice to win a bigger prize just once. Out of all the my prize draw boxes i’M sure I could have been given an extra egg to win some cash
kazza19776 April 2023, 06:41 Haven't had an egg for 5 days now......Somethings not right ...🤔
Marykj6 April 2023, 04:42 Kate spade is todays clue
NansTCB6 April 2023, 04:35 Sorry. Tcb. But this game is not fair. Only pew when you do manage to find a bird!!!!! Too frustrating and misleading..

Have run out of patience and giving up.. Better things to do with my time,,,, Not fun any more..
We have taken feedback from members on board for future games. We can see that there are many prizes left to be won and we wish you the very best of luck -Phil
nannaphine6 April 2023, 00:36 I saw today's clue not long after midnight and have been trying ever since but no bird appears after clicking. Giving up now it's 0.36
Chris1212125 April 2023, 22:06 Hi. Lucy_Baiiley.
If you click on the Topcashback logo with the hummingbird (top left) then go to What's new. You will find the offer there. If not it's on the Topcashback Facebook page.
Lucy_Bailey5 April 2023, 21:04 I got an egg (worth 10p) on my first hummingbird! Now looking to find out where I load my Easter egg receipt?
Chris1212125 April 2023, 20:34
Julian Charles

Tries to post a link to a pick on a media site earlier but that did not get through. Some lucky person got 5 winning rows on his ticket and only needs one egg on the other three rows.

Great to hear you're doing well Mike Jagger. Lots of people asking after you.
Betsyboo595 April 2023, 19:21 Thanks Chris just got a bird on Campus and Columbus, both pde's of course. Also got two on sites i've had birds on before - Ninja and Goldsmiths, again pde's 😟
shazzy685 April 2023, 19:15 Aw just seen your message to Mike Jagger Betsyboo! And see his message has popped up now could have so easily been missed! Hi Mike, so glad you are well we have asked after you in previous games. Keep well 🙏
Chris1212125 April 2023, 16:42 Iconic London
Betsyboo595 April 2023, 16:38 Mike Jagger........ I can't believe it! Just scrolled down the posts and seen your message. Lovely to hear from you, was a bit worried 😟 But glad to see you're ok. Keep in touch please on here on this game and future games. Thrilled to bits to see your message ❤️
Chris1212125 April 2023, 16:32 Columbus
Campus Gifts.
Chris1212125 April 2023, 16:20 Snapfish
Iconic London

Some people get all the luck. Iv'e had 2 wins before but never 5 on the same card.

Cleopatra815 April 2023, 13:46 Very is today’S anagram
Garywebb795 April 2023, 13:10 Totally agree with all the "just one egg posts"! The game has been rigged all along and is not in fact random at all! A case of dangle that big carrot in front of you so you jeep coming back for more thinking ""ive got to win something as I only need one carrot sorry egg!!!

We are seeing members post on social media about winning prizes and these are awarded out randomly when hummingbirds are found.

There are many prizes still left to be won and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

Betsyboo595 April 2023, 09:14 Ted Baker - another pde!
Now on 254 so since day 1 and only waiting for 1 🥚 On each prize - i've had 204 straight pde's!
Indianajohn if you read the posts many of us are in exactly the same position - and have been for days - all just waiting for that one 🥚 On each prize. Highly frustrating to say the least but as you say the game is "random" 😜
indianajon5 April 2023, 09:04 After three days I only needed one egg in each category to win a prize, since then nothing but pde's.... So much for the "random" nature of the game
Betsyboo595 April 2023, 08:16 Just got two birds this morning hp which I have been trying for days and today's daily clue Very -
Both pde's of course. Why would I expect anything else?? 😭😭
Marykj5 April 2023, 06:39 Todays clue is very
BabyAki5 April 2023, 06:30 Betsyboo59. No like most people here I am waiting for one egg for everything and getting just Pdes. Just holding out hope for one egg.
Fizzerella165 April 2023, 01:42 Hamleys, anne summers ,
Chris1212124 April 2023, 23:17 Betsyboo59. I can't remember off the top of my head, sorry I presume it has auto-corrected itself. Nothing but PDEs today and very few of them.
shazzy684 April 2023, 22:26 Thanks Betsyboo, i'll look into that👍🏻
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 21:50 Well done Chris. I only saw it today and luckily had bought an egg this morning. Got the £2 immediately.
Did you answer my query sent to you on the 3rd? Don't think i've seen a reply. From your list of sites - Pinkertons??? Nothing coming up for that?
Member12690336357264 April 2023, 21:37 Where are all the eggs lots of entries in the prize draw but no eggs I give up!!!
Chris1212124 April 2023, 21:35 Hi betsyboo59.
There was some talk about the egg receipt having to be from the 4th -10th but I put one in from yesterday and it worked fine.
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 21:09 Shazzy it's the Easter snap and save offer on TCB. If you've bought an Easter egg just download a copy of your receipt onto snap and save and TCB gives you £2 👍
shazzy684 April 2023, 20:59 Aw sorry Betsyboo that's the list I found surely they haven't all been won? And surely we would have heard of someone winning something by now if all the prizes are gone. I think we are going to get a great big surprise at the end and have lots of winning eggs 🙏 Oh what's a snap and save Easter Egg?
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 20:43 Shazzy you have depressed me and I thought you were my mate! All those prizes on your list and here I am, having played from day 1 and only wanting one egg for each cash prize from day 1 (as have so many others) , now with 248 pde's and not a single penny won. I am going to go and have a little cry now 😭
I did get £2 from snap and save Easter Egg though 👍
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 20:27 BabyAki - you've been quiet, are you keeping stum cos you've won all the top prizes? 🤞
shazzy684 April 2023, 19:54 SusieAsp he is very cruel I got really excited said I would have to put it on the blog and everything! Yeah to right he would have to give me half he gets all his tips from me where to look (well not me really that would be Dave, Betsyboo and Chris!) 😂 I don't blame you for taking your hubby's winning if he won fairs fair! I know wouldnt it be lovely just to hear about someone on the blog winning I dont care who it is just want someone to win a nice amount. I wish you good luck too🤞🏻 I've been finding birds every couple hours or so or when I can be bothered to look Betsyboo so having slightly more luck than you, all pde's just like the rest of you. Wonder when your message will show up! 🤔
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 19:44 Just found my first bird for ages on gourmet society - a pde of course. Put a message on earlier telling TCB exactly what i, and i'm sure others, think of their game this time. Strange they haven't posted it, can't understand why 🤔🤔🤔
MIKE JAGGAR4 April 2023, 18:54 Sending out a "Big Hello" to Betsyboo59

I've not been around for a while but thankfully the Prostate Cancer hasn't finished me off yet !!!!

Mike j

SusieAsp4 April 2023, 18:50 Ah Shazzy68 that's a cruel child, I blame the parents!😂 The least he could have done is split his winnings with you had he actually won. Fingers crossed for both of you. If hubby won i'd spend his winnings anyway, I mean who's doing all the work here.

I wish someone would come on and tell us they've won a decent prize, someone must be winning surely.

Right back to the grind, i've got rsi in one finger.😂
Msbumblebee4 April 2023, 17:02 Where are all the eggs??? We’Re there only a few to start with and now all gone? Given up now!!
shazzy684 April 2023, 16:21 Ah SusieAsp or should I say Miss Marple! 😂 Yeah that's very strange maybe they just save them all for anyone that's just starting the game. I might do the same as my other half hasn't bothered with the game at all bet he will get loads of easter eggs too 🤔. My son told me he won £100 the other day and I was really pleased for him said have you really? And he said "no just joking" little git! 😂
shazzy684 April 2023, 16:11 Thought I would try "Which" Marykj seeing as you said it and got a bird also so thank you 👍🏻 I was just looking at the prize list and I didn't realise that TCB gave 20 x £100 I thought it was only 5 at most this was what I saw...
Instant Win prizes consist of:
20 x £100
30 x £20
40 x £10
550 x £5
2,500 x £1
4,500 x £0.50
25,000 x £0.20
35,000 x £0.10
SusieAsp4 April 2023, 16:08 Gotcha Chris121212, sounds good, will watch that.

Shazzy68 I thought it was thortful too!

So call me bad minded but... Last night I did a bit of my Miss Marple sleuthing. I need one egg for every prize but hubby's TCB account had next to nothing so I went on (with his permission of course) and clicked away and loads of birdies and loads of eggs appeared - all the ones I wanted too. Of course that means he's one away from lots of prizes now because as soon as he got to one egg away the birdies started bringing pde's. I'm calling in Hercule Poirot next.😂

Still doesn't stop me from playing though does it.🙄

Any hangover today Chris121212?
Chris1212124 April 2023, 15:17 One of the £100 prizes went to Hamzah Patel today. Well done. Unfortunately, it's not one of us.
Member41131326664264 April 2023, 12:23 How do you enter competition

You can play the hummingbird game on our mobile or desktop website -Phil
Marykj4 April 2023, 11:43 I thought todays clue was Which even got a bird on it
Natalie Sutherland 4 April 2023, 10:02 In the same boat as you guys! All eggs with one missing from each since day one… It is getting a bit boring now… The last one was more fun to play!
Traceybean4 April 2023, 09:20 Daily clue Confused. Com
shazzy684 April 2023, 09:09 Just seen your comment Betsyboo 😂, Thank you I for 1 was confused!!
shazzy684 April 2023, 09:04 Sounds like you had a good night Chris121212! 😅 Hope you had a great Birthday. Does anyone know what the daily clue is? I thought it might be thortful but no hummingbird there 🤷‍♀️
Betsyboo594 April 2023, 08:57 Confused com........
That's the daily clue i've seen. Perhaps they've removed it to confuse everyone 😂😂
Get it????? 😂😂😂
Lordanum4 April 2023, 08:53 The clue today is Confused.Com.
trishknott4 April 2023, 08:52 Daily clue is confused .Com
Lordanum4 April 2023, 08:52 The clue today is Confused.Com
Raspberry1014 April 2023, 07:29 Pde on Confused.Com
Dave05644 April 2023, 07:27 Daily clue is confused.com van bike car

And it's there.....
edwinasmudge4 April 2023, 07:08 Today's Clue
Confused.com motorbike,car,van,insurance
JoeBir4 April 2023, 06:40 The daily clue has disappeared
amananeja4 April 2023, 06:26 Today’S clue is Confused.com - car travel insurance
Chris1212124 April 2023, 03:19 You will never, never, ever need to think stupid?
Why would you think that?
Why would you do that?
That is not normal thinking to me? . Stop Being silly and fun SusieAsp!

Its just a part of our missing 300 year back History. (Look it up with the popes)

Ive had enough g&T to stop the show and halt me.
I really need a good Munrow to climb and know that at the top there might be snow that time forgot and never to be seen. Start of glasier.
NansTCB4 April 2023, 02:19 Come on TCB please play fair.. No eggs at all still!!!!!
Chris1212124 April 2023, 02:18 I might be drunk now?
Chris1212124 April 2023, 01:48 Perhaps later?
SusieAsp4 April 2023, 01:24 Chris121212, what does that even mean, missing yts??? I think i'm going to feel stupid when you tell me.😂

The daily clue is missing again.
Chris1212124 April 2023, 01:18 No mention of missing yts then???
SusieAsp4 April 2023, 00:17 I think quite a few of us are in the same boat, one egg away from a prize of any value at all. I was getting lots of eggs until I was one away from each prize and then all pde's after that. Mind you, i'm still nowhere near the amount of pde's others have got, i'm just waiting for a teacher to come on and say "Must try harder."😂

Will it stop me playing - nah.
Chris1212124 April 2023, 00:07 Superdrug are currently not on site but you can use the following page for the daily clue: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/superdrug/
Please note there are no offers on this page at the moment for cashback..

It's not my fault.
I'm all g&T'd up.

How does this happen if it's a daily clue??? Whoo hoo.
Garywebb793 April 2023, 23:49 Tcb, Have loads of entries but no one prize? What is going on with your game?
Chris1212123 April 2023, 23:40 Perhaps like Superdrug? Look that up.
Where is that now? It was a topcashbach main clue on this.
Smh. What are they doing ???

Did you get the yts comment?

MissCH3 April 2023, 22:54 I’M glad Easter Treats is back, as I enjoy taking part.
Betsyboo593 April 2023, 22:37 Come on Chris give us a clue. Just going through the couple on your list I haven't already checked. Got a bird on elc - pde suprise, surprise - but what's Pinkertons? Nothing coming up for that.
Chris1212123 April 2023, 22:01 Dear chrisl6171,

I totally get where you're coming from. It's frustrating to think that while we're trying to save some money through cashback rewards, the site is also making some profit from our clicks. But hey, that's just how the world works, right? The big guys always find a way to get a piece of the pie.

But don't worry, i've got a plan. Let's start our own cashback website! We can call it "Chris & Chris's Cashback Bonanza" and make a fortune while sticking it to the man. Just kidding, I have no idea how to start a website. But at least we can take comfort in knowing that we're not the only ones getting fleeced by the same company.

Hang in there, Chris, and keep chasing those cashback rewards. Maybe one day we'll hit the jackpot and become cashback millionaires, With their 10p reward?

Chris1212123 April 2023, 21:24 Does any of this stuff get through????

Dear chrisl6171.

Let's be honest - who cares about how much commission Topcashback earns?
We should just focus on getting as much cashback as possible and not worry about what the company is making. After all, we're the ones doing the clicking and shopping, so we should get all the rewards we can. And if that means Topcashback makes a little profit along the way, so be it. It's not like they're taking money out of our pockets. So go ahead, shop and search to your heart's content and enjoy those sweet, sweet cashback rewards!

All 10p of it!!! Lol

shazzy683 April 2023, 20:05 Brilliant Chris121212 👏 Thank you Betsyboo59 😊
chrisl61713 April 2023, 19:23 Easter give away!! Get all eggs bar one for each prize. Spend hours looking through thousands of sites all different categories and all you find are PDEs. If the prizes are there to give away, why is it so difficult to find a final egg for 20p or 50p. Waste of time.
Chris1212123 April 2023, 19:08 I heard that emojis get flagged on here and any flagged messages are being handled by the new yts employee, causing major delays in the comments section on TCB. It's like they're sending carrier pigeons to deliver our messages! I wonder if they're trained to decode our internet slang, from 'lol' to 'roflmao'? Maybe they need a crash course in modern communication!
Lots of love.
Roflmao here!
(Rediscovering Obscure Funny Little Moments And Observations)🤣

NansTCB3 April 2023, 18:48 Where have all the. Eggs gone?
There were some on first visit But only prize draw tickets since.
Not a fair game !!!!!!!
Chris1212123 April 2023, 18:21 One for betsyboo and all.

Oh gods of cashback, hear our plea,
Those prize draw eggs are nowhere to see,
We'll scour the web and search with glee,
Hoping to win some cash for me!

But wait, those eggs are just a tease,
A marketing ploy to make us pleased,
We search and search to win the prize,
And curse the ones who spread those lies!

Let's keep on clicking, far and wide,
For the elusive egg, we need to find,
But in the end, if we don't win,
We'll still have fun, with a cheeky grin!🤣

Betsyboo593 April 2023, 18:10 Happy birthday to you two - Chris and shazzy for next week 🎂🎉
shazzy683 April 2023, 17:10 😂 Chris121212. I'm sorry I can't help as my Birthday is next week and worried enough about my own age creeping up on me! Happy Birthday and hope you have a great evening. Ah there you are Betsyboo59 glad you are back. I now only post another message once I see my previous 1 as keep getting caught out by TCB and all my message show up at once! I hope someone finds an egg soon 🙏
Betsyboo593 April 2023, 17:02 Oh and it looks like my response to Dave0564 which I put on on the 31st March has now also been posted! Tcb messages need putting on the blog when they are posted by members not days after. They get lost amongst all the other posts and can be easily missed when they take days to put on! Highly frustrating 😡
Chris1212123 April 2023, 16:56 I might be wasted later!

Shazzy68, it's my birthday,
I'm getting older, what can I say?
I'll blow out the candles, but not my hair,
I need that for my rhyming flair!

I'll party hard and have some fun,
But not too much, I can't outrun
This age that's creeping up on me,
Oh Shazzy68, can you help?
Betsyboo593 April 2023, 16:52 I'm still here shazzy68 but haven't been putting messages on the blog cos it looked like they weren't going to post them if I did! Only taken 2 days and 4 hours to post the one I put on on the 1st and there's still at least one missing. Now got 240pde's - that's a straight 190 with not an egg in sight since day one and sounds like others are having the same issue. Very poor this time, not a penny won 😢
Chris - I have to take my hat off to you - your rhymes are magic - now magic some eggs up for us all please 🙏
Roperhouse3 April 2023, 16:48 For those who cannot find Superdrug
Type in the search bar
Good luck everyone
shazzy683 April 2023, 16:41 Bloomin heck Garywebb79! I cheered when I got to 100 pde's! I'm obviously not working hard enough to find these birds! No prizes for me yet either but I live in hope 🤞🏻
shazzy683 April 2023, 16:33 I do SusieAsp, yes I agree with you Chris121212 is great and is wasted on here! 😂
Chris1212123 April 2023, 16:32 Thanks. Susieasp.

I'm not a poet and I know it, that's plain to see
But words and rhymes come easily to me
I may not be a master of poetic fate
But i'll leave that to the Poet Laureate.
Chris1212123 April 2023, 16:18 I see the comments are all over the place once again.

Not sure if these have been given already but it won't hurt to give them out.
PDEs on.
Early learning centre
Chi chi
Pink soda sport
Brand alley
Travis perkins
Reiss uk
Quiz Clothing

Good luck all.
SusieAsp3 April 2023, 15:33 Thanks Shazzy68, that was a one off for me, unlike Chris121212 who is a genius! He could be our next Poet Laureate don't you think.
shazzy683 April 2023, 15:14 I see your lost messages Betsyboo59! Strange why that keeps happening I was just going to post a comment asking where you were 😊 And yes Brette was lucky enough to win £100 a while ago 🤔
Thanks for your response to my comment Phil I can see the problem was resolved after a few days 👍🏻
Dave05643 April 2023, 14:41 Today's pdes:

Izabel London
Lovell Soccer
Music Magpie
Post Office Travel Insurance
nu1wan3 April 2023, 14:27 Thank you very much
trishknott3 April 2023, 13:09 Has anyone stopped finding Eggs, 2 days now no eggs are there actually any left?
Satirist0073 April 2023, 12:59 I’M not sure this competition is working for me - in fact, i’M pretty sure there’S a big glitch!

On the first day, I got so many eggs that I was just one egg off winning all the prizes.

Since then, it’S only been giving me prize draw entries. It has been blocking me from certain pages the first time round then letting me in.

I tried 500 different traders, today, found about 5 hummingbirds and none of them had an egg for me.

I’Ve documented all this with screen grabs if anyone in charge of TopCashback is interested in helping me?
We know lots of hummingbirds were found in the first day of the game and our team have resolved this going forwards. I've just checked and can see that there are many prizes left and that the last icons are available to be found at random with hummingbirds flying around -Phil
Garywebb793 April 2023, 12:26 786 pde's and still not one prize TCB????
Chris1212123 April 2023, 12:05 Nothing in that lot, Dave, it's a shame to see
A pde on Waterstones, that's 193 for me
My rhyming skills are waning, I don't know what to do?

S*D it, he's getting a new bike!

But I Might get one too!
heart053 April 2023, 11:57 Todays clue is Thorntons
amandahender3 April 2023, 11:21 Zero, had a pretty but I think they're more randomised than that. Some of the sites suggested here work, others don't. It seems to work better if you use 1 or 2 when first logged in, then log out and leave for a few hours before trying again. Although only seem to be getting pdes at the moment as waiting for 1 egg on all sets except won 10p and 20p.
shazzy683 April 2023, 10:44 SusieAsp 👏 And Magzy99 😂 Took me a minute or 2 to figure that out, very good 👍🏻 What's happened to you lot out there? You have all gone rhyming mad! I won't even bother trying to make 1 up it would be terrible! 🙈
chailawson19883 April 2023, 10:34 Thornton’S
Sevtap Cansiz3 April 2023, 09:32 Todays clue is, Thornton's
Garywebb793 April 2023, 01:43 Todays clue is, Thornton's
Marykj3 April 2023, 01:26 Todays clue is Thorntons
SusieAsp3 April 2023, 00:16 Magzy99 that took me a while to get, I thought they were sites to click on.😂

Dave0564 thanks for the lists, i've been so lucky with your suggestions. Of course, that ship's sailed now. I think the birds have all died.

No Daily Clue so far so off to bed.
Magzy992 April 2023, 23:09 2Ys ur
2Ys ub
I c u r
2Ys 4 Me

Lol x
Chris1212122 April 2023, 20:59 Nothing in that lot, Dave, it's a shame to see
A pde on Waterstones, that's 193 for me
My rhyming skills are waning, I don't know what to do?

Bugger it, he's getting a new bike!

But I might get one too!
Dave05642 April 2023, 20:37 Today's pdes:

Dulux Decorator Centre
Latest in Beauty
Policy Expert Home
shazzy682 April 2023, 20:34 Loving your rhymes Chris121212 😂 Did you swallow a book? Well i've reached the top 100 pde's! My job here is done 👍🏻
Chris1212122 April 2023, 20:12 Chris121212, a name quite unique
Rhyming is easy, it's like a technique
I don't get exhausted, I just let it flow
Creating rhymes is like putting on a show
SusieAsp2 April 2023, 19:01 Thanks guys, it was db I was missing.

No birdies today, they must all be exhausted from yesterday.

So am I after the rhyme, don't know how you do it Chris!
SusieAsp2 April 2023, 18:54 Chris121212, you are brilliant, love the rhymes!

You've definitely made my day
And just like you i'm one away
From every single Easter egg
I'm off right now to kneel and beg
That Topcashback an egg will send,
Before this game comes to an end.

Dave05642 April 2023, 18:06 Daily clues so far:

Rac uk
The Royal Mint

But Superdrug seems to have disappeared during yesterday...
Chris1212122 April 2023, 18:01 Xponxe.

I swear this site is cursed,
Superdrug's page has dispersed!
Chris1212122 April 2023, 17:51 I saw a bird, no humming sound,
On Missoma, I thought I found,
An egg so rare, but not to be
It's just a blooming pde!
xponxe2 April 2023, 17:18 Anyone else having probs with superdrug. I can find it on list.
Chris1212122 April 2023, 16:29 Oh dear, oh dear, what a mess,
I lost a bet, I must confess,
My son, he won, I can't deny,
Now I must now rhyme til the day I die.

For all of you who are confused,
My words are now all nicely fused,
In rhyming tongues, i'll have to speak,
Or my son's prize I will have to seek.
Fizzerella162 April 2023, 16:09 I have had 50 competition entries in a row... What's going on?... A number of friends also have 100 competition entries in a row and are also one away from everything... Is this a fix??... Is there a winners list for the big prize... Never see who wins this alleged mega prize of a thousand pounds. Also noone winning anything more than 10p...Not even 20p being won, not good.
Chris1212122 April 2023, 16:02 Listen up, SusieAsp, don't you stray,
I've got clues that will make your day,
Royal Mint, rac uk, Radisson Hotels, what a catch,
Superdrug, db, Canon, and Jacamo, now that's a match.

No need to fret, no need to frown,
With TopCashback, we'll track them down,
We'll hunt those eggs with all our might,
And cashback will be yours, that's right!
Chris1212122 April 2023, 15:49 I've got eggs on all of the below,
But now i'm in a bit of woe,
Just one egg for each to go,
And i'm not sure which way to blow.

Swarovski, Betfair, and Vista Print,
Music Magpie, espa, what a stint!
Lv, I Saw It First, and Eurooffice too,
Appleyard Flowers and Western Digital, woo-hoo!

But don't you worry, don't you fret,
I'll find that egg, you can bet,
On TopCashback, i'm on the hunt,
For that last cash egg, or is it a stunt!

Mbads6662 April 2023, 15:09 Jacamo
Green People
Nature's Best

All pde's today. Happy hunting and good luck!
SusieAsp2 April 2023, 14:57 Could someone tell me all the daily clues please, my message didn't arrive until late so I missed the first few days. I've got 6 but think it should be 7, is that right?
Chris1212122 April 2023, 14:43 On TopCashback, a prize hunt's on the go,
No hummingbirds, just PDEs to show,
We stay alert, with eyes open wide,
For that one hummingbird or the grand cash prize.

One egg in everyone, we need,
For a prize to be won, it's quite a feat,
But we'll keep on searching, through day and night,
For that elusive egg, shining so bright.

So let's keep hunting, let's keep the faith,
We'll find that prize, it's not too late,
And when we do, we'll raise a cheer,
Thanks to TopCashback, our prize is near!

Ioulia Panayiotou 2 April 2023, 11:11 It's Jacamo
JoeBir2 April 2023, 09:43 Only pde since Thursday. Only need one egg in every one for a prize. Not holding my breath.
lexi652 April 2023, 07:54 When are the humming birds going to start laying eggs again, i've just had 5 days of pde's
Marykj2 April 2023, 02:45 Todays clue is jacamo
Hannah761 April 2023, 22:28 I don't get any birds on most from the suggested list below. So far i've invested about 3-4 hours in total and won a whopping 10p

I live in hope.......
Bridgette621 April 2023, 17:22 Green people egg
ZOZOemz1 April 2023, 17:19 Got an egg on Canon🙌
Good luck today everyone.🤞
Betsyboo591 April 2023, 16:51 My messages not posting again!!!
Dave05641 April 2023, 16:24 A few more pdes:

Mattress Online
Ultimate Outdoor
shazzy681 April 2023, 16:23 Very good Chris121212 😂
Leighharper351 April 2023, 16:16 Just had striped egg first go took the advice from someone’S post got it on Victoria plumb first bird instant win
Betsyboo591 April 2023, 13:42 Well said shazzy68 👏👏
We are not bitching, just stating we think there has been a major problem with this game! Frustrating when the eggs come thick and fast and you think you are in for a big win and then nothing 😢
Sadly, we are not all as lucky as you Brette - you did claim to have won one of the £100 prizes a couple of games ago didn't you? Best wishes to you for another big win .
And Dave0564 - I didn't ignore you when you said to me that you welcomed any site suggestions. I put a message on with a number of suggestions but it hasn't been posted! Messages are still being missed off the blog. Think at least a couple of mine have been. Hope someone finds a much needed 🥚 Soon 🤞

DCG11 April 2023, 13:36 @ Member387216178538

Im also 1 egg away from every prize good luck to you hope you get a win
AGUCHA19891 April 2023, 13:17 Today get few in:
Raison hotels
Victoria plum
Christy england
Yankee candle
Tyre shoppers
Member81088645751231 April 2023, 12:38 Easter Egg
shazzy681 April 2023, 11:51 JKJ2017...😂 Maybe you are right! I've not got any prizes yet so as soon as an egg pops up I know i'm going to get something! 😊

DCG1 & Brette no one's bichin and nor are we a moaning bunch of sour grapes! We know it's a game and we know it's free, we are just wondering if there as been some sort of error because of most of us getting bird after bird and all the eggs except 1 very early in the game. I personally am glad of the pde's as more chances of winning the big prize but if people want to make comments that's up to them doesn't mean they are bichin! I wish you both good luck finding a prize 🤞🏻
We know lots of hummingbirds were found in the first day of the game and our team have resolved this going forwards. I've just checked and can see that there are many prizes left and that the last icons are available to be found at random with hummingbirds flying around -Phil
Betsyboo591 April 2023, 11:42 JKJ2017 - not an egg anywhere. Found 4/5 birds this morning - all pde's. Haven't won a thing this time yet. Usually win something 😢
Hope others are having more luck 🤞
JKJ20171 April 2023, 11:16 Anyone got the striped egg at least yet? Think Topcashback started their April Fools couple of days ago 😁😉😇
Member41130851683461 April 2023, 09:09 What do I have to do?
Dave05641 April 2023, 08:19 Some pde's since yesterday:

All Beauty
Direct Line Pet Insurance

Member7904091805141 April 2023, 03:57

Very gives an egg
Member7904091805141 April 2023, 03:50 The royal mint
Kuro3571 April 2023, 01:50 Canon is today's clue you lot.
DCG11 April 2023, 01:03 Its free its fun enjoy

So iys clickbait so what if you get a in you win of not its a game thats free dont like it dont play and moan its realy that simple
Brette1 April 2023, 00:47 Stop being such a moaning bunch of sour grapes and just get on and enjoy the game "it's free" you will win a little or win a lot. There is no conspiracy, no tricks, just a free game so play and have fun.
Brette1 April 2023, 00:33 Please just enjoy the game it's not a scam or anything like that, remember it's free all you can do is win, sometimes a little sometimes a lot but most of all is just enjoy the feeling of being lucky . And remember to keep them eyes peeled for them pesky birds, good luck and enjoy xx
ShazzaK31 March 2023, 23:43 Tcb take note of your ‘Customers’. Every comment says the same. Something radically wrong with game this time around in everyone’S opinion
Hey, we have taken feedback on board for future games -Phil
shazzy6831 March 2023, 22:12 Yeah you are right Dave0564, let's all keep trying we never know 🤞🏻 There's eggs out there somewhere to be found. Good luck to you all 😊
Dave056431 March 2023, 20:09 Guys

According to the banner "over £5,973 given away so far". There are £19,000 worth of "spot prizes", plus the £1,000 draw, in total. So still £13,000 to be found with birds.

My observation over many games is that TCB give away all but change from the spot prize total. It may be a bit "end-loaded" ie a lot given away in the last couple of days but it has been happening.

It's just frustrating that there aren't any other options than just to "hang in for an egg" at the moment. I'm pretty sure that TCB have figured out that their "rule change" for this game had some unintended consequences. And that they will fix it for next time - hopefully, without the mid-game drought.

Right now, I would settle for a stripe egg for 10p, which would at least bring this game into line with the rest. To get anything more would be sheer luck (but I live in hope).

Another £0.02.
Wendy197131 March 2023, 20:02 Can't be just us, says that they've given £5,973 away so far...
Betsyboo5931 March 2023, 19:42 Radoz you've got some catching up to do! 215 straight pde's (not gained through sharing on social media). So that's now 165 pde's found without an egg in sight 😢. I have to say that i'm not now playing as much as I usually do because sadly I am not convinced there are any more eggs to be found for those of us who are only wanting one for each cash prize. But would be more than happy for any of my TCB friends to prove me wrong.
Try these - good luck
Harvey Nichols
The Jewel Hut
Wendy197131 March 2023, 19:30 I also am only 1 egg away from every prize! I search & When I find a bird its always a pde :-(
shazzy6831 March 2023, 19:06 ZOZOemz are you 1 away from each prize like a lot of us on here?
ZOZOemz31 March 2023, 18:14 I did get an egg on Ancestry. PDEs after that, but i've only found 4 birds today.
Garywebb7931 March 2023, 18:05 708 pde's and not one prize!!!
shazzy6831 March 2023, 17:55 I also think there was error in the beginning with so many birds being released! But probably shows that's as far as we were ever going to get if we played the game as we usually do. Some people reach the stage we are at now even when the game is running normally 1 off each prize I mean! Then just pde's or like in your case Betsyboo and BabyAki nothing for days and days on end. I think we all reached the end of the game too soon and that's why we are just getting pde's now but there are prizes still up for grabs according to Phil! Like you asked Betsyboo in an earlier comment has anyone had a prize at all since those first few days when the birds were flying one after another? I'm quite happy to get pde's more chances for that big prize. I'm just plugging away till I get 100 pde's which will be the most i've ever got 😊
JKJ201731 March 2023, 16:50 Alas other Topcashbackers are right no more birds... 😕
Radoz31 March 2023, 15:58 Betsyboo59....I agree,it does seem pointless to post suggestions.. I just getting pdes..No matter where I find the birds....And on the 2nd day,i was one egg of the bigger prizes,just like a lot of the members here...The birds seem to have slowed down a lot now...On the plus side...Ive never had so many pdes before.....LoL....Nearly got 100 now...
Betsyboo5931 March 2023, 15:31 Hi Dave, ok you've twisted my arm 😂
Some of these may already have been posted, sorry but too much effort to check.
Phase Eight
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Claire's accessories
Tyre Shopper

Lots more that I know others have mentioned and, again, I apologise if some of the sites on my list have already been posted. Happy hunting, hope they work for you if there are any sites in there you haven't already tried 👍

Dave056431 March 2023, 15:27 Some more pde's today:

John Lewis
Phase Eight
Dave056431 March 2023, 13:44 Betsy

Posting any site where birds are found helps me, as it might give me some new places to try. Obviously, I don't need to be told about the ones i've posted here......

Agree though, endless pde is a bit frustrating.
1mutton231 March 2023, 13:40 Urban outfitters
Betsyboo5931 March 2023, 13:19 Sorry for not posting suggestions as I usually do but can't see the point as if - and it is if - you find a bird you only get a pde! Has anyone found an egg recently???
Traceybean31 March 2023, 12:36 Pets at home
Ray Bans
Member79040918051431 March 2023, 11:26 Dunelm egg
Brette31 March 2023, 09:57 Hi everyone just got an egg on daily clue , only found out that the game was back by luck "still it's free and always get some money" just keep ya eyes peeled for them pesky birds.
Betsyboo5931 March 2023, 09:55 Bridgette62 - think today's clue is db not pb. I have had a pde from Photobox previously. Try db, you should get another bird 👍
indianajon31 March 2023, 09:36 Have the birds all migrated?
Garywebb7931 March 2023, 09:06
Well I have 672 pde's and not one prize yet!
Betsyboo5931 March 2023, 08:59 Chris - Radisson hotel was the daily clue - day 3.
Still same for me, nothing won, one egg away from every prize!!! And birds now very sparse.
Garywebb7931 March 2023, 08:45 Daily clue! Clicked on Db and got a pde!
Bridgette6231 March 2023, 05:48 Pb photo box pde
JKJ201731 March 2023, 04:33 Db
(So annoying-nothing to do with dogs or buckets)
Chris12121231 March 2023, 00:23 Hi again Divid.

Not sure what Radisson hotel is about. But its not a daily clue?
I did get another egg.

I need less eggs and more PDEs to win the big prize !
czarnykamien30 March 2023, 23:25 Lovely treat!
Mbads66630 March 2023, 23:19 Found another chick egg on Tails.Com. On the max for most apart from my huge £0.20 win! Not much today, but we all know that. Good luck all
Charpassion02_30 March 2023, 21:03 Happy days
Charpassion02_30 March 2023, 20:58 Great stuff
Dave056430 March 2023, 20:29 Chris

Radisson was yesterday's clue. (The anagram was a bit questionable, but there you go)

I got a ... Pde ... Just like every other bird since I scored 17 eggs on day one!!!

I live in hope....
shazzy6830 March 2023, 20:15 Hi Chris121212, glad you've joined the game, you make the most of all those eggs your about to get! 😂 I've not played much today but still getting pde's, no prizes yet. Here's hoping 1 of us lot on here gets the big prize 🤞🏻
Chris12121230 March 2023, 19:06 Have you tried pressing the magic mushroom button Hippychic?
Only kidding!
Do the usual clear history and site data then log out and back in again.
This only worked on the site and not phone app.I

It's ok phil. I'll cover your shift on this one mate.😂😙
BabyAki30 March 2023, 18:59 Hi Chris121212 and Betsyboo59. I only found this game yesterday but I too am 1 away from everything and just Pdes now. Good luck everyone
Limin30 March 2023, 18:55 Lovely treat!
Hippychic 10530 March 2023, 18:54 Sweet treats not coming up on my iPad whether via app or website. I’Ve tried my iPhone and the log in page on the website has so far taken 15 mins to upload only halfway 😡 (Internet connection is fine)
Chris12121230 March 2023, 18:46 Got an egg on Radisson hotels Dave? It's not an official daily clue but if you know something different then I will start to believe in astrology! 😉
tinalc30 March 2023, 18:20 No bird for me at Mainline menswear
jackin999930 March 2023, 18:19 Pdes all the time now
Chris12121230 March 2023, 17:56 Only got email today as well. At least we got one This time!
Mbads66630 March 2023, 17:55 Just found a chick egg on Mainline Menswear. First bird since lunchtime today. Happy hunting all!
Chris12121230 March 2023, 17:46 Two posts missing so far.
Hi betsyboo, Dave thanks for clues. Hello shazzy,francis any sign of butterfly yet?
I can see all these eggs ending in tears of frustraton. Good luck to all.
Marykj30 March 2023, 17:30 I haven’T had a single bird since 9am. What is this behaviour Chris from TopCashback you’Ve been running this game for how long? How are there still so many errors to it? When it works this game is so much fun but when it doesn’T it ruins everything.
Dave056430 March 2023, 17:01 For the late joiners (i only got the email today), daily clues so far are:

Rac uk
The Royal Mint

And another pde on:

Ninja Kitchen

Chris12121230 March 2023, 15:45 This is ridiculous! I've been searching for PDEs to win the thousand pound for over an hour now and all i'm getting is easter eggs. This is a fix! 😇
Betsyboo5930 March 2023, 14:40 Well hello Chris121212 - and about time too!!
Don't worry, I am sorry to say you haven't missed a good game this time, it's a shambles!!! You will see from the blog loads of us got all the birds except one on each cash prize very, very quickly (me within two hours of starting to play) and then nothing but pde's since! And today for me - not one bird other than the daily clue. Nice to see you back on here though. Good luck 🤞
Chris12121230 March 2023, 14:27 Hi. Betsyboo59, Dave, shazzy, baby, Where's Butterfly?

There looks to be changes on here.. I predict a nightmare of last egg Syndrome!
HProsser30 March 2023, 14:26 I accidentally muted the banner for 30 days. How do I now see what i’Ve collected so far? Tia
If you clear cookies and cache, this will bring it back for you.

- Matt
Graciebabe30 March 2023, 14:24 1 egg away from all so pdes all the time now
Darryl Peel30 March 2023, 14:23 How to win? Now that is a great question.
Dave056430 March 2023, 14:19 S1efs: the birds are within the TCB site. You need to be at the "Get Cashback Now" screen for each merchant. When you're lucky, the bird flies on to the screen. You don't have to click through to the partner site. Today's clue is SuperDrug - you are guaranteed a bird (not a prize) there today. Try it - you'll see what I mean.

Some to be going on with:

Mainline Menswear
My 1st Years
The Entertainer
Chris12121230 March 2023, 14:11 Only just got the email! I'll read it and get back to you all.
Good luck all.
Foxymax30 March 2023, 13:56 Love this game great fun x
PhoneManiac30 March 2023, 13:50 How to win ?
Paul_S_Martin30 March 2023, 13:46 Sweet Treat :)
Redcard195130 March 2023, 13:39 Life's too short!!!
S1efs30 March 2023, 13:34 Are the items to find within the TopCashback site or on the partner sites?
They are all within the TopCashback site! - Matt
Garywebb7930 March 2023, 13:11 Still the same boring old story TCB! No eggs just pdes! Come on give us some eggs? You make enough cash out of us all using your website so give us all some payback?
mickcoles30 March 2023, 13:04 Got to be in it to win it :)
Fetchie30 March 2023, 12:39
Becoming increasingly bored! Seems we are all getting 1 egg away from a prize then all pde's. Games are meant to be fun but this one has lost that element for me.
blessed3230 March 2023, 12:12 Ive won eggs on very, samsung, victoria plum, trainline and hq also pdes on dunelm, blacks, footasylum and easyjet
Garywebb7930 March 2023, 11:58 The most I have ever won is £1.80 having spent hours looking for birds! Getting very boring now no eggs!!!!!
tinalc30 March 2023, 11:28 Thank you Dave0564, Goldsmith didn't work for me but the other 2 did.
Fetchie30 March 2023, 11:19 Becoming increasingly bored! Seems we are all getting 1 egg away from a prize then all pde's. Games are meant to be fun but this one has lost that element for me.
Sneakyginlady8830 March 2023, 11:01 Same here!
r00k1e30 March 2023, 09:57 I've spent the last couple of hours on the hunt and not only have I not found any eggs but the pde are hide to find also lol
Dave056430 March 2023, 09:39 3 new pde's so far:

Auto Europe
Corgi Home Plan

Yes, nuisance that this game has worked out so disappointing.

We have learned, though:

It is possible to get too many birds (just as it is irritating to get too few);
It is possible to set the game up so that you don't need to wait 20 minutes, logout, reset cookies etc after getting a bird;
It is a bad idea to have so many prizes come out too early.

Frequency of birds today so far seems to be in line with tradition - obviously no prizes, because i've already got to 1 away across the board (except I won 20p, on the first 2 birds I got - only pdes since).

Just my £0.02....
ShazzaK30 March 2023, 09:38 Seems to be the consensus. 1st day lots of different eggs. Ever since PDEs all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️
Valpar30 March 2023, 08:56 Sounds like everyone is the same as me in getting loads of birds in the first couple of days and just want one bird to win a prize, but only pde's since. It is getting very boring now. Come on Topcashback, give us a reason to enjoy this games instead of making it frustrating. I am beginning to wonder if this has been fixed to ensure birds are only going to become available near the end of the game and therefore limiting the prize money that can be won. Give your customers a proper treat, to find some Easter eggs. 😠

We have taken feedback about this current game on board for the future and we can see that there are many prizes left to be won during the rest of the game

Best wishes
Marykj30 March 2023, 08:45 Same hanner221 same 255 pde and no eggs
Hanner22130 March 2023, 08:20 Is it me or is no one finding eggs? I got 71 pde but can’T seem to find any more eggs 🤔
Marykj30 March 2023, 02:20 Todays clue is Superdrug
Betsyboo5929 March 2023, 22:53 You and a lot more of us MissPaterson15. Seems lots of members, me included, got all but one egg very early on in the game and only pde's since. Think there's been a major error with this game unfortunately. They are usually really good fun. Such a shame ☹️
MissPaterson1529 March 2023, 22:28 I got all eggs apart from one on each winning line. All the birds are just now entries and i’Ve not found a single egg since. Even wit the daily clues it’S just constant entries to prize draw. What’S going on? I’M just like one egg away from even winning anything. Which is total Pants!!! 🩲 😂
Hey, we can see that there are many prizes left for members to win and as they are given at random you still have a chance during the rest of the game to find a prize. We have taken feedback onboard for future games -Phil
shazzy6829 March 2023, 21:59 Mmm birds were still flying thick and fast until a couple of hours ago but nothing since. I got 71 pde's I think that's the most i've ever had!👍🏻
Betsyboo5929 March 2023, 21:49 Gone from one extreme to the other. Not a bird flying anywhere for the last 3-4 hours!!!
Dave056429 March 2023, 19:13 The plethora of birds has been fixed all right. Not a thing this afternoon, but 46 (!?!) Pde's this morning.

Notably, since my last sharing:

Hq Hair
Jd Williams
Light in the Box
Machine Mart

Just got to find some of those birds hiding eggs now.....
Marykj29 March 2023, 19:06 Helloooo TopCashback
Why am I getting the oops something has gone wrong message. Also I know you read these messages so can the daily clue be an egg because i’M one egg less for all the prizes and don’T tell me it’S random because I will not believe you.

I am sorry for any frustration with the game. Prizes are awarded at random and we can see that there are plenty of prizes remaining to be won for members.

Garywebb7929 March 2023, 18:04 Don't think this game is random at all!!! Found all eggs bar one yesterday very quickly, and now only pdes!!!! I have 624 pdes so please tell me why finding of eggs is not random at all TCB????
We know lots of hummingbirds were found in the first day of the game and our team have resolved this going forwards. I've just checked and can see that there are many prizes left and that the last icons are available to be found at random with hummingbirds flying around -Phil
Betsyboo5929 March 2023, 16:10 Seems like there are a few of us who quickly got to the stage where we had all but one egg for all the cash prizes. I did within 2 hours of starting the game and it would be interesting to know if any of those members in that position have found an egg since. Or are we all just finding pde's?? I haven't played much today but now got 177 pde's so that's 127 birds found since I got to the position of only wanting one egg for each cash prize - and all 127 birds just pde's. Also still getting birds on sites where I have found several birds before.
We know lots of hummingbirds were found in the first day of the game and our team have resolved this going forwards. I've just checked and can see that there are many prizes left and that the last icons are available to be found at random with hummingbirds flying around -Phil
shazzy6829 March 2023, 15:44 Hi Betsyboo, just caught up with the blog and all the messages that were missing seem to be there now, I hope you are well? I, like a lot of you need 1 egg for each prize now. I wish you all good luck 😊🤞🏻
Yaahx329 March 2023, 15:24 Now i'm getting the Oops something went wrong message.
Clare574629 March 2023, 14:26 Swann15
Pde stands for Prize Draw Entry
r00k1e29 March 2023, 12:05 Not much luck today, no eggs found just PDEs
swann1529 March 2023, 11:29 Sorry to seem a bit dumb but could someone please explain what pde means and how you find multiple birds as I only ever seem to find one .... What am I doing wrong??
JKJ201729 March 2023, 11:17 How cute are the images. Top marks for the graphics👍
🐰Happy Easter🐇
crazyhorse080429 March 2023, 09:18 Radisson hotels is today!
Yaahx329 March 2023, 09:14 Rhubarb23 me too... One off everything but now I only get pdes and repeat birds. We're not supposed to win anything it seems...
Marykj29 March 2023, 08:48 I’M getting multiple repeats too I just go in a cycle
Ann summers
Look fantastic
Train line
Foot asylum
Betsyboo5929 March 2023, 08:23 I think members are right, the game is really not working as it should. Lots of us are just one egg away from every cash prize and then literally hundred pde's or more in one day. And yes Rhubarb23 I also have had lots of birds from the same site, (quite a lot of sites really) one immediately after another!
Malcmobey29 March 2023, 08:17 Think there is an error on todays clue, there might be an s missing.
Dave056429 March 2023, 08:05 More pde's since yesterday so far:

Atg Tickets
Brand Alley
Christy Towels
Direct Line Car Insurance
Ethical Superstore
Furniture 123
Gourmet Society
Hello Fresh

The "Ooops" seems to have been fixed.....
francis1729 March 2023, 07:37 Think the anagram has a mistake......

This should now be corrected :)

Best wishes
Rhubarb2329 March 2023, 07:35 Following on from my last post.

I'm getting repeat birds from lots of retailer sites, eg 6, so far from Dunelm! Is it just me?
francis1729 March 2023, 07:00 Strange anagram today, found who it was but I think there is a mistake...

Suehinde29 March 2023, 05:35 Radisson hotel
Marykj29 March 2023, 04:27 Pde
My protein
Train line
Look fanatic
Easy jet
Ann summers
I saw it first
Travel lodge
Natures best
Corgi pet plan
Nasty Gal
Perfume Click
The North Face
Ann summers
Train line
Foot asylum
Big Blue Cover
Easyjet Holidays
Getting Personal
Look fantastic
House of Fraser
Iconic London
Polarn o Pyret
Music room
Pet plan
Photo box
Dorothy Perkins
Marykj29 March 2023, 04:06 What’S todays clue my brains refusing to work
Rhubarb2329 March 2023, 01:06 I think something a bit odd is going on here. Loads of people seem to be one egg off everything, myself included. The birds are everywhere, much more so than usual, I must have found over a hundred yesterday alone, all PDEs and the clue is not changing at midnight.
Hanner22129 March 2023, 00:49 Worked late tonight so catching up! Thank you to everyone that shared! Got 60 pde and i’M one away on all the eggs! 😬😬
Garywebb7929 March 2023, 00:23 Game is a bit naff now! Only oops! Something went wrong!!!
francis1728 March 2023, 22:17 Every time I get a hummingbird I have the following message.

(Something went wrong. Please try again later.)
Radoz28 March 2023, 22:07 Loads more humming birds this time to be found
Garywebb7928 March 2023, 22:00 Game has screwed up! Keep getting woops something has gone wrong please try again later!!!
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 21:57 Getting the oops something's gone wrong like others on here. Last half a dozen birds i've found have had this message! Come on TCB sort this out please. How can we play a game when this keeps happening??

Our team are investigating this and we do see that leaving the game until the next working day as this can help. We can confirm that you would not be at a disadvantage with the game

Best wishes
francis1728 March 2023, 21:55 Again. All the time I get a hummingbird, I get the message. Oops
(Something went wrong. Please try again later.)

That's now over 10 birds. Really frustrating.
DCG128 March 2023, 21:55

Ive had 10 opps msgs today why
DCG128 March 2023, 21:46 Getting lotts of oops msgs
shazzy6828 March 2023, 20:42 The birds are coming thick and fast aren't they? It's great not having to wait so long even if pde's because the more chances of winning that big prize 😊
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 20:41 Just put a message on to say earlier messages not posted. Have been checking and refreshing blog for last couple of hours but not there. Even sent a support ticket to TCB to ask what the problem was. Guess what? Just refreshed blog again and hey presto!!! Think TCB does it on purpose to wind us up 😂😂
Well hello shazzy - better late than never! Brilliant couple of hours when started to play last night, egg after egg found. Today 100+ Birds found - all pde's 😢
Wonder how long the other regulars are going to be before they decide to join us 🤔
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 20:30 Messages not posting again!! Really frustrating. See if this posts. Sort it out please TCB.
Dave056428 March 2023, 20:16 Started getting the "Oops! ..." This evening. Avoided it so far.

101 pde's today. Packing up now until tomorrow, when hopefully "Oops" will have gone away.
shazzy6828 March 2023, 19:37 I've only just found this! How is everyone? All well I hope. Hi Betsyboo59 and Dave0564 you have been very lucky can't believe how many birds and prizes you've got already. I've got some catching up to do! I hope Chris121212, 🦋 And all the other regulars catch up soon🤞🏻 Thank you TCB it's great the game is back 🙂
Mbads66628 March 2023, 19:26 Not been on much today as working. Must say everytime I have logged on I have quickly found an egg or pde! Probably nothing tomorrow lol
jrjohnson28 March 2023, 18:34 I don’T understand - are the birds on the actual websites or just when you search for companies on TopCashback??

Hummingbirds can be found on our offers pages for retailers -Phil
Julie Powell 28 March 2023, 17:35 Hi all I guessed today's clue but when I open it I am not getting any birds come across my screen is anyone else having problems?
MrsBrown28 March 2023, 16:55 Having serious issues. Every time I find a bird and click on it I now get an Oops something went wrong message to try again later. There are others on Facebook reporting this issue too

It was working well until this morning and I have collected lots of eggs and PDEs
I can post a pic if required
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 16:38 Messages not posting again! Put one on earlier - Chris, shazzy, baby, butterfly et al - where are you???
So far today another 48 birds found - all pde's. And that's straight birds not enhanced by sharing on social media. Looks like there's a few of us who got lots of eggs to start with and are waiting for just one for each cash prize - going to be interesting to see if any of us get those last eggs 🤞
Member311302087084728 March 2023, 16:21 Lets get them humming birds
JKJ201728 March 2023, 15:38 Pde as 🎁 Is soooo much better than before 👍
Dave056428 March 2023, 15:05 And there's these (all pde's):

Just Hype
Lands End
Master of Malt
Monster Pet Supplies
Nasty Gal
Oliver Bonas
Perfume Click
Terrys Fabrics
The North Face
Tokyo Laundry
Yours Clothing

Garywebb7928 March 2023, 13:09 First day on and one off everything thanks to all the lists posted on here. Got loads of birds already over 360 pde's!
JKJ201728 March 2023, 12:23 It's baaaack 😊 Though i'm a day late 😀😕
No need to have an rac breakdown😉
Member311302128515128 March 2023, 12:23 28th March ,whet the clue for today ,i am having issues
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 12:21 24 birds found so far this morning, all pde's.
Come on Chris, shazzy, BabyAki, Butterfly et al, where are you all???
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 12:21 24 birds found so far this morning, all pde's.
Come on Chris, shazzy, BabyAki, Butterfly et al, where are you all???
Member311302128515128 March 2023, 12:08 28 March 12:07 pm what’S the clue for today
MrsBrown28 March 2023, 11:26 Having serious issues. Every time I find a bird and click on it I now get an Oops something went wrong message to try again later. There are others on Facebook reporting this issue too

It was working well until this morning and I have collected lots of eggs and PDEs
I can post a pic if required
Betsyboo5928 March 2023, 11:17 Morning everyone. So in two hours - yes two hours - last night once I had realised the game had started until I went to bed I found 50 birds, 16 eggs, nothing won, one egg away from each cash prize! 🐦S coming one after the other, no logging out, no clearing of history, no waiting 15/20 mins between birds. So I just want one egg for each cash prize.... And this morning.... All pde's! There's a surprise 😂😂
amananeja28 March 2023, 09:56 Rac uk breakdown
dawnboreham128 March 2023, 09:33 Anybody else having probs today ??? Had 5 hummingbirds today and when I click on them it's says " Something went wrong please try later "
I cleared out cookies and cache and still not made any difference
Dave056428 March 2023, 09:23 Today's clue is rac uk.

All pde's so far since yesterday (didn't really expect anything else):

Ali Express
Appleyard Flowers
Bensons for Beds
Big Blue Cover
Chi Chi London
Easyjet Holidays
End. Clothing
French Connection
Getting Personal
Green Man Gaming
House of Fraser
I saw it first
Iconic London
Julian Charles

Stay lucky.....
MissPaterson1528 March 2023, 08:43 What’S today clue?
Marykj28 March 2023, 06:44 Eggs
Mountain Warehouse
Natures Best
Polarn o Pyret
Serenata Flowers
Trainline egg x2 eggs
Vision Direct

Foot asylum
Look fantastic
Buy a gift
Chain Reaction Cycles
Drink supermarket
E.L.F Cosmetics
I love Wallpaper
Natures Best egg
Thompson & Morgan
Hazel Wheatley28 March 2023, 00:57 Whilst searching for those pesky Hummingbirds and clicking on several with no problems.... Now if clicked on one on my Topcashback it now says oops somethings gone wrong please try later.... Have I clicked something I shouldn't ?
Hi Hazel,

We would advise to help with the game to clear cookies and cache and we will let our team know about the issue. On expereince we do see it resolve within the next day and rest assured you would not be at a disadvvantage with the game -Phil
Kitty li27 March 2023, 23:57 Royal mint
Radoz27 March 2023, 22:14 I didnt realize this was back on,until a random humming bird flew across the screen,lets hope everyone else finds the game soon..
francis1727 March 2023, 22:06 Keep getting , when finding a hummingbird
(Something went wrong. Please try again later.)


If you are having issues please clear cookies and cache and if this still happens please reach out to us via a support ticket and we can take a closer look to help -Phil
Dave056427 March 2023, 21:18 Don't ask: 72 (!?!) Birds found today. 17 prizes (only now need 1 of anything for more cash - 20 p won so far). 55 pdes!!

Multiple birds found today on Trainline, LookFantastic, Foot Asylum.

The full list (eliminating the duplicates):

Ann Summers
Astrid & Miyu
Best Western
Cathay Pacific
Chain Reaction Cycles
Cotton On
Dorothy Perkins
E.L.F Cosmetics
F Hinds
Go Groopie
I love Wallpaper
Legoland Holidays
Lv= Home Insurance
Mac Cosmetics
Magic Madhouse
Mountain Warehouse
My Protein
Natures Best
Pets at Home
Pretty Little Thing
Serenata Flowers
The Jewel Hut
The Royal Mint
Thompson & Morgan
Travis Perkins
Tyre Shopper
Urban Outfitters
Vision Direct
Warner Leisure
Zatu Games

Good luck, everyone.
Betsyboo5927 March 2023, 21:17 Late checking TCB today so didn't know a new game had started! Missed a whole day looking for those lovely 🐦. Come on all the regulars let's see if one of us can win big this time 🤞. Good luck all 👍
akirkmartin27 March 2023, 19:23 Two birds, two bunny eggs! Found on Lookfantastic and Hotel Chocolat. Today’S clue The Royal Mint (got pde). Good luck everyone!
Bell4tr1x27 March 2023, 18:42 Um.. The banner isn't showing for me at all, so I can't get it to work... Any help?

To help with the game please clear cookies and cache and the game is only available on our mobile or desktop website -Phil
jrjohnson27 March 2023, 18:26 I’M confused as to how the game works. I searched for todays clue, where’S the hummingbird?
The game can be played via our mobile and desktop website only with hummingbirds flying around on retailer offers pages to find.

We give a chance to find multiple hummingbirds with our daily clue helping to find one hummingbird daily

Best wishes
Marykj27 March 2023, 17:23 Todays clue is royal mint.
dawnboreham127 March 2023, 16:49 I too am not on any Social media but am lucky I already won 20p doubt I will win anymore but 20p is better than nothing and was lucky only did 5 clicks and won 2 x 10p so good luck to the rest of you
Suzyblue604 March 2023, 14:15 Where are the results? All it said was the winner to be announced, and it's now disappeared!
Hi Suzy

We did post about winners on social media and you should be able to see previous blog comments that mention who won this year -Phil
Betsyboo593 March 2023, 20:05 Hi Phil, thank you for your response and I assumed you hadn't put anything out because several members posted that they hadn't realised the game was on. The other problem is a lot of members don't do social media so wouldn't see it if you did put on that a game was starting. I normally check TCB most days and that's how I realised Sweet Treats was on but not everyone is as sad as me 😄. Wish there was some other way you could alert members, it's such a shame when games are missed.
i will pass your feedback on to our team and we wish you the very best of luck for future games -Phil
AG66863 March 2023, 10:46 This was by far the worst, hardly ever worked. And I really don't believe anyone actually got any of the big winnings like they never do.
Betsyboo592 March 2023, 16:11 Magzy99 - it ran from the 14th to the 27th February. Sorry you missed it. Don't think TCB put anything out on social media or sent emails informing that they were running the game so think quite a few people will have missed it. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one 👀

We do post on Social media and put something on our homepage to notify members of a upcoming hummingbird game

Best wishes
Magzy991 March 2023, 15:32 Hello.. I'm sorry I missed it this time... Was it on for longer than 3 days this time?... I'm sure it wasn't that long since I last looked at the page. Cheers xx
Betsyboo591 March 2023, 15:10 How come this anonymous wins one of the £100 prizes just about every game??
Chris1212121 March 2023, 12:38 Brian t . Won the £1000. Well done.

Winner Name Date Won Instant Win Prize
Anika p 17.02.2023 £100
Anonymous 22.02.2023 £100
Lisa h 26.02.2023 £100
shazzy681 March 2023, 12:13 Congratulations on your big win Brian t! Midge998 not sure when the next game will be maybe Easter or around Halloween? That's the usual but was whole year between games last year! See you next time 😊
Betsyboo591 March 2023, 11:11 Ah well, not one of us again, what a surprise!
Congratulations though to Brian t on your big win.
See you all next time ❤️
shazzy6828 February 2023, 19:44 JKJ2017 I know how you feel. I felt lost this morning with no hummingbirds to find! 😂. Was great to catch up with you all. Betsyboo59, Chris121212 & Dave0564 thankyou for the lists you shared and to everyone else who contributed. Nice that you 🦋 Joined the game even if it was just for a little while. Take care everyone and I wish you the best of all luck 😊
JKJ201728 February 2023, 18:49 I miss the humming bird 😁
SusieAsp28 February 2023, 18:41 You're eager John, i've only just recovered from this game!😂 I need time for my rsi in my finger to improve before the next game.
I won 30p on the first day which gave me hope and was one away from all the good prizes, ah well, such is life.

Still, it's all just a bit of fun and it's lovely to see the regulars on here. I don't post as much as some but do enjoy reading the comments.

Till the next time folks and good luck for the big prize!
midge99828 February 2023, 17:49 Hi guys .. Anyone know when the next 'event' is please .
All best
Angels4728 February 2023, 17:28 When will they announce the winners
Carolinestobi28 February 2023, 15:46 How long until we find out the big winner?
Betsyboo5928 February 2023, 14:28 Yes Chris121212 you are absolutely right. The games were off for a year while TCB "improved" them. They were exactly the same - birds going missing for days on end, messages not posting. No improvement whatsoever! But as you say it's a good chance for us to meet up on here and share a few suggestions, a bit of time and good fun and banter. And if we win a few bob, so much the better. Won't hold my breath for any of us winning the big one 😢 Love to all my TCB friends, keep safe and see you next time 💓
JKJ201728 February 2023, 03:19 (What are we supposed to do now)? 😁😉😇
Butterfly78628 February 2023, 01:25 It was over before it even started for me ! Congratulations to the winners (yet to be announced)...

Look forward to the next game, take care everyone 🙏🏼❤️
Chris12121227 February 2023, 21:15 Yes, they do normally Betsyboo59!

I presume they think we are getting old after all these games we have attempted and done so far and now. They regard us as old regulars. They presume we need our sleep after two weeks of this. Lol
Or they are so woke and snowflake that any work after dark will shock and offend them!
The whole TCB system goes to pot after dark (4:50 pm) and it's not much better during the day.
Sorry. But it's true. There was us thinking and believing they were trying to update and fix things when Nothing changed and things got slightly worse with the clock1 lol

Massive amount of fun with this though and always good to meet the regulars, again.
Two weeks is too long but that gets TCB the "click revenue " They need.

I love Patrick from TCB on Crackbook who insists that everything is random. Lol..
Dog bless him.

Please let us know when you win the big one.Betsyboo59. You deserve it.
I will always give all my luck to you, hun.
Member111170545333627 February 2023, 19:59 So who's won???
Betsyboo5927 February 2023, 19:21 Chris121212 - the clock's stopped ticking! 😂

Just an observation, don't the games usually end at midnight not at 5pm??
Chris12121227 February 2023, 17:15 Is it too late? My clock stopped.
shazzy6827 February 2023, 16:21 I haven't found any today think that's it for me now. Good luck to you all 🤞🏻
Betsyboo5927 February 2023, 15:34 Think the birds have been turned off now. Got a few pde's this morning but nothing this afternoon. Not a 🐦 Anywhere.
ThisIsMyPublicName27 February 2023, 14:34 I think i'm going to call it a day. Can't seem to find any more birds with boxes...Even on the rspb Bookshop which is a tad ironic...
But a shame I found the bonbon instead of one of the final saucer/Jelly thing out of the set I needed.

seaviews27 February 2023, 14:31 Hello! I need one more jellybean and one more dummy and can swap for a loveheart. How do I do this swap please?
Radoz27 February 2023, 14:04 Found my first humming bird today on Wiltshire Farm...Another pde 😭
ThisIsMyPublicName27 February 2023, 13:41 Can't seem to find any more today.
dkdkdk27 February 2023, 13:32 Did it end early? I was under the impression the cutoff was 5pm uk time.
Betsyboo5927 February 2023, 13:21 JKJ2017 - it's taken two days plus for my messages to post, kept checking and nothing. Had given up on them. Looks like TCB have had a catch up morning this morning ☺️
Betsyboo5927 February 2023, 13:15 Nats2wise - if only!!
It's just friendly banter between members. As I said in an earlier post, if we could swop and change TCB would be bankrupt 😂
JKJ201727 February 2023, 13:14 You're most welcome BetsyBoo59 just scrolled down and saw your comment 😊
JKJ201727 February 2023, 13:01 Look chilled even with only 4hrs left!😨
Need just 1more bon bon.
Also yesterday they could have imaged it like👻😭
Nats2wise27 February 2023, 12:37 How do we swap or just give/Receive prizes or did I understand that wrong from the comments?
Nats2wise27 February 2023, 12:26 Is it really a thing that we can give/Receive the prizes we won e.G if I want to give someone a jelly bean or something, how do I do it? Or did I get the wrong end of the stick reading the comments
ThisIsMyPublicName27 February 2023, 11:26 Policy-expert = Bonbon
Betsyboo5927 February 2023, 09:35 Chris121212 - the clock's still ticking 😂😂
Just got a pde on Wiltshire farm foods. Good luck all for the last day 👍
hakanaktas27 February 2023, 09:10 09:09 Superdrug - Love heart
Saz54527 February 2023, 07:36 Look fantastic is today's clue...Pde though
shazzy6826 February 2023, 23:10 Finally a gummy bear on Cadburys! Not that I needed it but been looking a lot this evening and now i'm going bed 😴 So I need 1 of everything now apart from the heart (got 2) which I would still give away if I could! Hoping the game will still be on tomorrow for 1 last chance. I wish you all good luck with the rest of the game 😊
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 22:40 BabyAki - don't know what happened around 3 today but I found about five birds, couple of pde's and 3 prizes - two of which were eggs winning me 20p but since then - nothing! I've got a gummy bear you can have - only got one of those.
MrASP26 February 2023, 22:37 I know this is a free game but it's a bit of a con when there are no birds available even on sites that others have found one earlier. A bit if a con now.

Our game is intended to be a little bit of fun for members and give members a chance to find multiple hummingbirds on our site which can be different to other members apart from the daily clue each day the game is active

Best wishes

Radoz26 February 2023, 22:22 Ive got 53 pde....I dont do social media either
BabyAki26 February 2023, 22:20 Betsyboo59 - no birds again today. I need a bonbon, flying saucer or gummy bear.
Chris12121226 February 2023, 22:03 Strange! Click just reset.😂😂
Chris12121226 February 2023, 21:56 Thanks Haki. Got a jellybean. One more to go like a lot of other people. Also got one on Hotel chocolate.
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 21:54 Chris121212 - does the clock reset every hour?
Radoz26 February 2023, 21:38 Betsyboo59...Your right,it did say there was 2 days left,now its the final hours?
Chris12121226 February 2023, 21:28
T & C's says it finished at 5pm tomorrow.C
Got a bird on Reebok.
These comments are also acting funny.
hakanaktas26 February 2023, 21:23 21:23 Tastecard - Dummy
MrASP26 February 2023, 21:19 Agree no birds all evening even on posted traders.
And no bonus entries for tweeting!
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 20:40 The clock might still be ticking but the 🐦S have stopped flying. Turned off maybe??
Chris12121226 February 2023, 20:13
Clock resets every hour.
Hi Chris,

To help with the game please tr clearing cookies and cache as we can see the game clock showing correctly -Phil
Chris12121226 February 2023, 20:03 Clock resets every hour.
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 19:55 I thought it ended tomorrow? Sure when I looked this morning it said 2 days left. What's occurring? I've won 20p today so have £1.30,
137 straight pde's (not gained through social media) and want just one more prize on flying saucers, bonbon and hearts. How's everyone else doing? Looks like whatever we have now is our lot if the clocks ticking but certain it said it didn't finish until tomorrow 😢
112564007632326 February 2023, 19:52 Not a bird in sight
shazzy6826 February 2023, 19:24 Yeah Chris121212 really strange! It gets to zero then another hour gets added!
Chris12121226 February 2023, 18:27 Clock still ticking. It said 5 mins left 25mins ago! Lol.
Marykj26 February 2023, 18:05 Fried egg look fantastic
Dave056426 February 2023, 17:52 Only pdes today:

Machine Mart
Mainline Menswear
shazzy6826 February 2023, 17:43
Oh fmul49862, I thought we had another day or 2 yet! 🤔
shazzy6826 February 2023, 17:38 Just found my first hummingbird of the day! (Pde) didn't find any yesterday either apart from the daily clue that is. Can't compete with the amount of pde's others have on here I don't do social media either. I was hoping to reach 100 pde's but don't think i'll find another 10 birds by the end. Good luck to one and all! 🤞🏻
fmul4986226 February 2023, 17:29 Terms say will end on 27th at 5 pm, but countdown says 35 minutes from now! That means it'll end at 6 pm on Sunday 26th.
Any comments?

The game does end at 5pm on 27/02/2023 and to help with the running of the game please try clearing cookies and cache

Best wishes
ItsOnlyMoney26 February 2023, 16:07 Samsung gave a love heart ❤️

1 more needed
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 14:51 The birds are back! Just got a couple of pde's and three prizes, including two eggs in a row both on sites where I have found birds before - Master of Malt and My 1st years. Still hopeful of that ❤️ 🤞🤞
Garywebb7926 February 2023, 13:54
Thanks Mbads666, I am up to 304 now, a little behind you lol. Must be someone with over 1k? Who knows lol!
Garywebb7926 February 2023, 13:31 Thanks Mbads666, I am up to 304 now, a little behind you lol. Must be someone with over 1k? Who knows lol!
Brette26 February 2023, 13:04 Just won 20 pence happy days
tkaradza26 February 2023, 12:56 Jellybean on Superdrug
bec290026 February 2023, 12:11 Tastecard
My memory
ThisIsMyPublicName26 February 2023, 11:55 I wonder if TCB has a budget for the sweets and if that is reached before the end of the competition, they switch to Prize Draw Entries instead?
Betsyboo5926 February 2023, 11:39 Just got a second pde on shoe zone only my second bird other than the daily clue for 4+ Days so you are doing well Butterfly786 if you are still finding birds, albeit only pde's. Well done and good luck 👍🤞
ThisIsMyPublicName26 February 2023, 11:32 The North Face - Prize Draw Entry
PrettyLittleThing - Prize Draw Entry
Garywebb7926 February 2023, 11:25 Dawnboreham1 I just click share on twitter and you get an extra 5 entries each time
Mbads66626 February 2023, 10:58 Garywebb79 - I don't think there is a limit on pde's, I have 409 but only as I share on Twitter.
Boohoo - Bonbon
John Lewis -pde
Butterfly78626 February 2023, 09:04 Looks like the birds are hibernating! Only PDEs yesterday....Let's hope it is lucky for us.
Marykj26 February 2023, 04:07 Boohoo = Love heart (3rd)
dawnboreham126 February 2023, 02:04 292 pdes well done Garywebb79 makes my 63 look sad but there again i'm not on Facebook or Twitter
Garywebb7926 February 2023, 00:18 Anyone know what the maximum number of pdes you can get as I have clocked the wheel at 292 pdes?
ItsOnlyMoney26 February 2023, 00:01 Boohoo todays clue
MrASP26 February 2023, 00:01 Boohoo. Todays clue
May13018325 February 2023, 22:18 Whoopsie daisy,daisy doo,micka macka moo 🤷‍♀️
May13018325 February 2023, 21:16 All i'm really getting over the last couple of days is whoopsie daisy.
BabyAki25 February 2023, 21:12 Betsyboo59. No don't think i'll get mine as only clues last couple of days. I'll keep trying though
Good luck
Betsyboo5925 February 2023, 20:16 BabyAki - i'll swop you a bonbon for your ❤️. Hanging onto my saucers only need one more. Ever the optimist me - hardly likely i'll get the saucer or the ❤️ - As I said in an earlier post, other than the clues only one other bird found - now in the last four days.
Betsyboo5925 February 2023, 16:39 Messages not posting again! Put two on earlier today, the first one didn't post so tried to put it on again and that's not posted. Didn't think there was an issue this game with mentioning other members in posts but did mention you Paul, jk and Itsonly so maybe that's why??? Who knows. Only positive comments though so can't see the problem.
MrASP25 February 2023, 15:07 Waiting on one of everything for a full house.
Dave056425 February 2023, 14:14 Only Policy Expert Home = Pde so far today

BabyAki25 February 2023, 12:47 Betsyboo59. Would gladly swap my heart for a flying saucer or bonbon
Betsyboo5925 February 2023, 09:42 Prize on today's clue again - was it the ❤️ I so desperately want? Was it heck - a gummy bear, my first, absolutely no use to me at all 😭
Betsyboo5925 February 2023, 08:55 Well hello paulofcroydon was thinking about you the other day and wondering why you weren't playing. Thanks to you JKJ2017 and ItsOnlyMoney - there's no way I would have got today's clue. Haven't tried it yet, please, please let it be a ❤️ 🤞🤞🤞
Smundeac violeta25 February 2023, 08:24 AstăZi indiciu pe currys
Suehinde25 February 2023, 07:57 Just got treat on Iceland
Member105259242343525 February 2023, 06:53 I need you! Where are you?
paulofcroydon25 February 2023, 00:27 Donaghy Bros
JKJ201725 February 2023, 00:15 Donaghy Bros
ItsOnlyMoney25 February 2023, 00:02 Todays clue is

Donaghy bros
shazzy6824 February 2023, 22:11 Aw Betsyboo59 i'm sorry! You know I would send you my ❤️ If I could 🙃
BarneyWol24 February 2023, 21:55 Oh my goodness, thanks for the explanation of the crossed out "e". Should have had more coffee before attempting it :-)
BabyAki24 February 2023, 21:53 Betsyboo59. No birds for last couple of days either except clues
Betsyboo5924 February 2023, 21:33 Shazzy68 - fancy you nicking my heart ❤️. I thought we were mates 😢
Betsyboo5924 February 2023, 19:49 SusieAsp - can you imagine if we could all do exchanges TCB would be bankrupt 😂
The thing is a lot of us have played these games many times before and we know we will never win anything substantial but we still try - we must be bonkers. Fun though 👍
For information, apart from the daily clue I have had just one other bird in the last 3 days 😭
Chris12121224 February 2023, 19:25 Second treat from this site on Tails.Com.
Iftimie 24 February 2023, 18:17 Awesome 🤩
Marykj24 February 2023, 18:13 Haven’T see any birds last 2 days just in the clues. The actual offence TopCashback with all its tracking skills must know i’M not on instagram anymore i’M on here the least they could do is reward me for that ( i’M joking but i’M serious but joking …. Mostly kinda maybe )
SusieAsp24 February 2023, 17:45 Chris121212 you stole my dummy - how very dare you!😂

Betsyboo59 I have a heart to spare, isn't it a pity we can't just swap.🙂

Right back to work, nothing happening here, must try harder.
Alison W24 February 2023, 17:44 Anyone know where it is today?
Dave056424 February 2023, 16:56 Pde on Wynsors World of Shoes
Chris12121224 February 2023, 16:29 Perfume click
shazzy6824 February 2023, 15:45 Got a 3 birds today so a bit better than yesterday! 2 with prizes 1 flying saucer so only need 1 now for a fiver and 1 i'm so sorry to say Betsyboo59 a ❤️ So many people getting the hearts and really hoping it would be you 🙏
Elliedoll24 February 2023, 14:10 BarneyWol
The cross out e is because rac is uk not European cover.
Jennysib24 February 2023, 13:55
It's a picture of a race and when you cross the e off you get rac.
Hope that helps barnywol
Garywebb7924 February 2023, 13:38 Cross out the e in race gives rac!
Chris12121224 February 2023, 13:16 Got a dummy on Ann Summers I think. It looked like a dummy😇
Chris12121224 February 2023, 12:51 It's a race and if you remove the e you get rac. That is today's clue.
Mbads66624 February 2023, 12:50 Found a loveheart on Pets At Home. Only need one more - not that there is any chance of that! Happy hunting all - good luck!
Jennysib24 February 2023, 12:48 BrandAlley gave a jellybean x
BarneyWol24 February 2023, 12:27 Can anyone explain the crossed out "e" in today's clue - I don't get it :-(
Jennysib24 February 2023, 09:47 Rac uk breakdown got a flying saucer. Still looking for my 4th bonbon 😆
Betsyboo5924 February 2023, 08:34 Marykj - I wanted that!!!! 😂
Dave056424 February 2023, 07:50 First 2 pdes today

Aa uk
Rac uk

The car should be ok then - they'll just fly in.
Butterfly78624 February 2023, 03:49 BrandAlley - ❤️
Marykj24 February 2023, 00:42 Todays clue is rac breakdown I got a love heart
shazzy6823 February 2023, 21:17 Mbads666 the comments do show up eventually. I often just press refresh over and over until I see my message on the page then I can see the new ones from others that have posted before me. If you look back over the blog you'll probably find they are there now.
shazzy6823 February 2023, 21:12 Oh no SusieAsp! I hate it when that happens it's hard enough finding a hummingbird as it is. I've looked a lot today not a bird in sight apart from the daily clue that is pde for me.
Mbads66623 February 2023, 21:02 Does anyone else find their comments aren't always posted? I've noticed it a few times. Good luck all 🤞
Dave056423 February 2023, 17:58 Little Mistress - pde
SusieAsp23 February 2023, 17:27 I'd chuck my dummy out of my pram but i'm one short at present. I do have a bon bon to spare though.😂 I actually got a bird on BuyAGift but I was either too fast or too slow as birdie jumped I missed clicking and next thing i'd clicked back and it was gone.🙄 It was just messing with me!

Agoda worked for me today and for hubby yesterday also SuperDrug.

I'll try Treatwell. 02 and Betfair next, thank you.
Mbads66623 February 2023, 15:54 Butterfly786 & Shazzy68 - found a loveheart on Treatwell but not much else as work is busy today! Will be one away from the top prizes as most of us will. Good luck & Happy hunting all!!
Butterfly78623 February 2023, 14:06 Betfair - pde
Dave056423 February 2023, 13:25 Only O2 = Pde to share.
Butterfly78623 February 2023, 12:49 Mbads666 it's ashame only the saucer flew in my direction 😜

Shazzy68, BetsyBoo59, I joined a few days later but not had much time with commitments....I enjoy reading your posts, thank you for keeping the game alive 💛 ! Not forgetting Chris121212, BabyAki and Dave0564 for all the suggestions....

Happy hunting 🕊

blessed3223 February 2023, 11:47 Hi

So far today i've won the following

Wallis - jellybean
Treatwell - pde
Ninja - pde
Victoria plum - pde
Browns fashion - pde

Betsyboo5923 February 2023, 11:45 Well last 3 days daily clue has given me a prize, ❤️, Bonbon and today a jelly bean. Other than that not a 🐦 Anywhere to be found. Keep looking 👀👁️
shazzy6823 February 2023, 09:32 Aw 🦋, It's lovely you've joined the chat we've been asking after the ones that are missing and wondering if you knew the game was even on as it's been such a long time. Hope you are well? You are an early bird posting comments! Good luck with the rest of the game 😊 Oh and 🦋 Can you give Mbads666 thier flying saucer you won!
Betsyboo5923 February 2023, 08:53 Well hello Butterfly786 - what took you so long to join us?? Welcome ❤️
Mbads66623 February 2023, 08:08 Shazzy68 It would be fantastic! Someone won my flying saucer earlier! 😆
Butterfly78623 February 2023, 06:10 Flying Saucer - Victoria Plum
Zitajs23 February 2023, 05:51 Dunelm.
Butterfly78623 February 2023, 05:15 Hey Hummingbird spotters, I hope your all in the best of health. Lovely to see all the regular peops' much love to you all. 🙏🏼❤️

Thank you TCB team....10p so far and a stream of PDEs. 🙏🏼❤️
Marykj23 February 2023, 04:26 Todays clue is browns fashion
shazzy6822 February 2023, 22:05 Chris121212 🤣 I didn't even want the bon bon! I want a jelly bean! I would gladly give it away 😁 Welcome Jennysib, I hope you will find your last bon bon!
Jennysib22 February 2023, 21:52 Hi all, I am new to this and love how you share sites. I just got a bonbon on Clarke shoes but nothing on shoe zone. I now have 3 bonbons so hoping for a 4th 😆
Chris12121222 February 2023, 21:51 JefferyRA I think shazzy68 stole the last bonbon
"Shazzy68 22 Feb 23 - 18:05
Thanks Dave0564! Got a bon bon with shoezone"

What a rotter!!!! Lol.
shazzy6822 February 2023, 19:58 Mbads666 I have a flying saucer if only we could swap! 😂
Betsyboo5922 February 2023, 19:57 Oh I am so glad you are all still finding birds, I really am. I am not in the least bit jealous, no definitely not 😡😤 Lol
JefferyRA - you can have one of my bon bons, no problem, swop you - have you got a ❤️ Going spare?
Mbads66622 February 2023, 18:29 Shazzy68 - I will try again later thanks! Just found a jellybean on Shoezone, would swap it for a flying saucer! Happy hunting all! 🤞
JefferyRA22 February 2023, 18:23 I don't think people are complaining, just having a laugh. Two birds and both pde's and Chris and Betsyboo, keep your hands off my bonbon, I only need one more.😃
shazzy6822 February 2023, 18:05 Thanks Dave0564! Got a bon bon with shoezone
Marykj22 February 2023, 18:03 Thanks ickle_Claire got a pde with ted baker
BabyAki22 February 2023, 17:53 Birds a bit slow since yesterday afternoon Betsyboo59.
shazzy6822 February 2023, 16:58 Mbads666 I would try Expedia again later if I were you. You should get a bird on there even if you got 1 on there before today.
shazzy6822 February 2023, 16:52 It would be great if we could actually do that 👍. Yep just waiting for that last jelly bean for £20 i've given up hope on the other treats as only have 1 of each. I've only had 1 bird today apart from the daily clue and they were both pde's for me so they are getting scarce now I think. Good luck for the last few days everyone 🤞🏻
Holzter22 February 2023, 16:28 Flying saucer @Ted Baker
Jelly bean @Yours
Love heart @Lightinthebox
Kitty li22 February 2023, 16:25 Today is expedia
Betsyboo5922 February 2023, 16:16 Chris121212 - if I could give you the bonbon I got on today's clue I would. You could have it with pleasure.
Dave056422 February 2023, 16:01 Try these:

Shoezone = Gummy Bear

Still seems a bit thin for birds.
Mbads66622 February 2023, 15:59 No birds today at all - I didn't even have one on Expedia, bit disappointing. I will have to make do with my £1.30, at least I have won something. Good luck everyone!
Poshbird22 February 2023, 15:15 Brilliant. I love these Sweet treat incentives
Betsyboo5922 February 2023, 14:32 You're on shazzy68 - I have only one jelly bean which you can gladly have for a ❤️. That would get me my £100 and you your £20 I presume 🎉🎉. Wouldn't that be good if we could help each other out like that. Tried dozens of sites again today and, yet again, not one bird. Looks like my £1.10 is it for me this time but that's ok. As i've said before, I enjoy the games and the banter with my TCB friends. Hope others are having more luck 🤞. How are you doing BabyAki? I know in previous games you and I have both had the same experience and struggled to find birds for the last few days. Hope it's going better for you this time.
Chris12121222 February 2023, 14:27 Don't you be trying to steal my last bonbon Betsyboo59.
No.No.No! Lol
shazzy6822 February 2023, 13:08 I've got a ❤ If you can give me a jelly bean! 🙂. I see my message to you Betsyboo59
From yesterday afternoon has now appeared wasnt there last night! Try it it might just work 👍
ickle_claire22 February 2023, 12:58 Ted Baker
Betsyboo5922 February 2023, 09:45 Anybody want to swop a bonbon for a ❤️? Just got a bonbon on today's clue, Expedia. Really, really wanted a ❤️ 😂😂
Betsyboo5922 February 2023, 08:44 Nobody is "griping" Brette, just stating how the game is going for them. I think this game and members have been very positive - up to now! Hope it stays the same.
bec290022 February 2023, 08:26 Music magpie
Best western

No win yet but hoping for one soon!
Marykj22 February 2023, 02:54 Buyagift = Pde
Marykj22 February 2023, 02:42 Hobbs
Post office = Jelly bean
Brette22 February 2023, 01:10 Nice to see everyone is griping again, it's a free game, if you win 10p or a 100 who cares it's fun and free . And if you are not having fun just don't play, "simples,"
Brette22 February 2023, 01:00 Just won 10 p only found out about the new game by chance, so "hi everyone," it's been a while so good luck to you all and keep an eye on them pesky birds,
ItsOnlyMoney22 February 2023, 00:18 Todays clue

SusieAsp22 February 2023, 00:05 Expedia today.

So, i've decided that more pde's appear at night because the birdies are tired after a long day of flying and can't hold bonbons and other treats by bedtime...

Got one on Superdrug earlier.
JKJ201722 February 2023, 00:03 Expedia.
Can 😴 Unlike last night over half hr on gaming sky and thank god someone already sussed it here (Comet😕)
BASSLINEBARGAINS21 February 2023, 23:54 Pde - Comet
BabyAki21 February 2023, 23:11 Betsyboo59. My birds have flown away too. Only 30p this time. Need one flying saucer for £5. Good luck for the £100
Chris12121221 February 2023, 22:52 Pde farfetch
MrASP21 February 2023, 22:30 Atg Tickets- pde.
Chris12121221 February 2023, 21:26
Pde drinksupermarket
Chris12121221 February 2023, 21:11 Pde stubhub
Chris12121221 February 2023, 20:59 Post office travel insurance.Pde
Eddiesolo21 February 2023, 20:49 My prize winnings so far are £1.20! Don't care what I win, just having fun lol.
Dave056421 February 2023, 20:38 Pde Brand Alley
Holzter21 February 2023, 20:02 Cola bottle hotels.Com
shazzy6821 February 2023, 19:49 The birds were pretty non-existent for me until this afternoon when I got 1 on Morrisons suggested by CaptainK since then i've found another 3 (all pde's). I started the list again from the beginning just got through the a's, b's and c's then I just pressed the back button to go back over the list and a bird popped up on the way back on Chi Chi London maybe try that Betsyboo59? Don't go to fast though cause you might miss a bird. Welcome back Merrifield! Do you have all the clues up to date?
Holzter21 February 2023, 19:49 Pde photobox
Betsyboo5921 February 2023, 19:20 BabyAki you should be banned, you've had your share of winnings 😂😂
The two p's I mentioned previously that you need for these games - patience and perseverance - well mine have been sorely tested today - other than the daily clue - still not a single bird 😡😡😭😭
Chris12121221 February 2023, 19:16
Prettylittlething pde
Holzter21 February 2023, 19:11 Cola bottle on hotels.com
Merrifield21 February 2023, 18:45 Only realised this game had started today
Lots of catching up to do 😁
BabyAki21 February 2023, 17:56 I won the £20 in Aug 2019 and £5 in April 2020.
Dave056421 February 2023, 17:27 Cola Bottle (finally) on HQHair.

Birds seem a bit thin on the ground today....
shazzy6821 February 2023, 16:50 Just got another bird on Hobbs London not sure if it's been mentioned before.
Betsyboo5921 February 2023, 16:33 Ah, so you Chris121212 and you BabyAki have both had £20 wins in the past - should be about my turn then surely 😂😂
Not at this rate it won't, not a single bird today other than the daily clue. Where have they flown off to I wonder?
shazzy6821 February 2023, 16:18 Just checked my earnings from 2018 onwards the most i've ever won is £1! Oh well maybe this time🤞🏻🙏
shazzy6821 February 2023, 16:07
Good to see that £20 has been won in the past, i'm going to look mine up in a minute see if i've ever won more than £1!
nickym95921 February 2023, 15:59 Just found a bonbon on natures best
shazzy6821 February 2023, 15:54 Thanks CaptainK, i've not found a bird today apart from the daily clue just tried Morrisons and found one a pde for me, thank you! 🙂
Chris12121221 February 2023, 15:49 Got my 3rd bonbon on that thanks CaptainK. Fingers crossed for the 4th.
Chris12121221 February 2023, 15:18 Betsyboo59. I have checked my earnings and I also won £20 back on 24 Oct 2019 on the Trick or Treats - Cashback Giveaway! Wow was it really that long ago? My first ever game was on the 26 june 2019. I won £1.80 then and I don't think I have ever not won something in a game since.
Good luck all.
CaptainK21 February 2023, 14:11 I just found one on Morrisons!
BabyAki21 February 2023, 12:19 Hi Betsyboo59. It was me. I won £20 a few years ago. 30p on this game. Good luck for the £100
Betsyboo5921 February 2023, 10:36 Chris121212 you are a star. Like shazzy68 I don't think I would have got that clue 👍 Love heart for me, just 1 to go for £100! Will I get it? Will I heck! No other birds flying this morning though.
Haki - one member a couple of games ago posted that they'd won £20. Can't remember who it was now and another member called Brette claimed to have won one of the £100 prizes again a couple of games ago but Brette wasn't one of the names posted by TCB as a winner.
You never know, we can all live in hope and just keep trying 🤞👍
shazzy6821 February 2023, 09:02 😂 Chris121212, you keep your cola bottle you definitely got in first. I wouldn't have got today's clue 😳
Dave056421 February 2023, 08:29 Thought I would work up my list today (ie from Zoro to & Other Stories) rather than the other way round.

Pde on Zoro immediately!!
hakanaktas21 February 2023, 08:13 Has anyone actually won the big prize or even £5, £10, £20 before.
I think they give people so little to hook them up on games so website gets more clicks.
Vicky_green21 February 2023, 01:10 Comet next one guys x
Chris12121221 February 2023, 00:48 The main problem was after 12:00 I refreshed and had "Converse" hanging in the box from the previous. Daves's suggestion actually had a bird on the second go! So I had to refresh and clear cookies again, before getting to look at the first clue of the day.
Did I win my cola bottle?
Chris12121221 February 2023, 00:26

This was hard and took me 9 mins!
I thought Comet did washing machines/
Chris12121221 February 2023, 00:16 I thought Comet did washing machines!
Chris12121221 February 2023, 00:10 The daily clue to the new answer for the sweet treats hummingbirds on 21/02/2023 is:
Comet. This took a while the logo gave it away.
00.09! Who won?
Eddiesolo20 February 2023, 23:20 Hi Guys and gals, hope we are all having fun playing again?

I have just one £1! Well chuffed, love looking for the lickle hb and his/Her gift box.

Keep searching all!

Marykj20 February 2023, 23:07 Got a jelly bean on eventim. Thanks
Chris12121220 February 2023, 23:05 There is a strange crazy connection Betsyboo59/
Shazzy68 it's a nice thing. I think?

Have you taken all our luck AjRH88?????
Do you have the best heart?
Marykj20 February 2023, 22:58 I have a list in my notes of all the places where birds show and every few hours click on ones that haven’T shown a bird and I eventually get a hit. Also if I don’T get a bird I go to the sites listed underneath and get a bird from there. For eg I didn’T get Cadbury for 3 days but I got thorntons etc . Also some sites give you a bird every day like monsoon. Hope this helps and gets posted my longer ones don’T.
AjRH8820 February 2023, 22:18 Yahooo!!!
shazzy6820 February 2023, 21:44 I feel the same way Betsyboo59. I was so happy when the games came back so we could check up on each other and to make sure everyone was ok 😊
Betsyboo5920 February 2023, 20:45 Chris121212 - yes we know there's virtually no chance of ever winning anything big and and as you say it's revenue for TCB but I still live in hope for one of us and to be able to interact and share with you all on here is fantastic. These games bring us together and that for me is priceless ❤️
Chris12121220 February 2023, 20:38 Can we have a speed run to find out who gets tomorrow's daily clue first?
I offer my 10p winning cola bottle prize money as incentive.
I know there will be thousands accepting this challenge
If they knew where this blog was.
Chris12121220 February 2023, 20:27 Hey Betsyboo59!!
What if we use the ones that aren't on our own old lists???

Would that be a shorter list for a fast-track to new winnings?
We know how this works and fall for it every time.
If you are lucky you get the right card and a small cash prize up to £100 and if you are very lucky you might also get the big prize. £1000.
That is the only random thing about this. All the rest is advertising revenue for Topcashback, but what is wrong with that if we love and enjoy finding the birds?

Betsyboo5920 February 2023, 20:15 Don't think comments are getting blocked Chris121212, think they're just on a go slow with the posting ☹️
BarneyWol - you have to have the two p's to play these games - patience and perseverance.
The suggestions other members kindly make - try them and if you don't find anything first time try them again from time to time. For example, Dave0564 mentioned buy a gift which I hadn't tried. Have tried it several times yesterday and today without success. Just tried it again and the bird appeared 😄. Only a pde but all appreciated. Thanks Dave0564.
It's great how we all try to help each other and would be fantastic - and I really look forward to - someone who posts on here posting that they had won something substantial
Chris12121220 February 2023, 19:34 Thanks shazzy68.

I tried that. Thanks.
Chris12121220 February 2023, 19:29 Bensons for Beds was good for pde. Dave0564. Thanks.
shazzy6820 February 2023, 19:28
Chris121212 i'm finding that our comments are taking forever to show my message to Betsyboo59 earlier didn't show until much later in the day. When I post a comment now I refresh the page over and over until I see it on the page, maybe try that 👍
shazzy6820 February 2023, 19:23 I found another fried egg when I got back to the game this evening! So 20p for me 🥳 Found a bird on Waterstones earlier too don't think it's been mentioned yet 😊
Dave056420 February 2023, 19:15 Some pdes today:

Bensons for Beds
Green Man Gaming
Jd Williams
Chris12121220 February 2023, 18:22 Why are my comments getting blocked again? Is it because I refer to people's user names?
Betsyboo5920 February 2023, 17:29 Hi BarneyWol - there is no secret. I have played these games many times so have a lengthy list of where birds have been found in previous games. I use that and the suggestions from other members on here. Never win a fortune £1.30 most I have ever won. Still on £1.10 this game and 124 pde's. Good luck 🤞
Chris12121220 February 2023, 17:01 Mountain warehouse was good for my 2nd dummy thanks Betsyboo59. Everything on go slow at the moment. Good luck all.
BarneyWol. Find a bird then clear cookies and site data. Log back in and wait 15 min before looking again. Try the sites people mention on here as they tend to pop up on the same sites as mentioned. Dave0564, Marykj, Betsyboo59, and others all have lists that work below.
BarneyWol20 February 2023, 13:59 Hi Betsyboo59 - what's your secret for finding them? 💋
Mikail332220 February 2023, 13:51 Hi, TopCashback can you tell me how many £100 instant win prizes are left. I'm on three hearts!!!
Betsyboo5920 February 2023, 13:19 🎉🎉🎉. Just got a jellybean on Mountain warehouse. First one though so long way to go to get the £20 😢
shaz93220 February 2023, 12:10 Waggle pet insurance
mironv20 February 2023, 11:50 Waggel Pet Insurance today clue
Saz54520 February 2023, 11:21 What's today's clue please,?
shazzy6820 February 2023, 10:52 Ah but you never know Betsyboo59 you may win the grand prize 🤞🏻At least you are still getting the birds this time without days passing in between when you don't find anything at all. I've only had 2 birds today 1 prize & 1 pde still waiting on a jelly bean and now a fried egg for 20p. I hope you all find something today, I won't look again now until this evening 😊
Betsyboo5920 February 2023, 10:04 Half a dozen birds found this morning - all pde's. Not a prize in sight 😢
shazzy6820 February 2023, 09:46 Hi DebsStork, i've just read that you can reverse this action by clearing your cookies. Thanks Marykj I just got a fried egg with Zoro 👍
DebsStork20 February 2023, 08:26 I’Ve accidentally tapped on hide for 30 days how do I get it to show again

Please try clearing cookies and cache as this should help get the game board back for you -Phil
Marykj19 February 2023, 23:02 Zoro had a bonbon for me
Betsyboo5919 February 2023, 21:43 Try these - apologies if others already made same suggestions

Getting personal
So-sure mobile phone insurance
Theatre tickets direct
Astrid and meyu
Sunday times wine club
Thompson and Morgan
Good luck 🤞
Dave056419 February 2023, 19:24 Claire pde is "Prize Draw Entry"

Found today:

Auto Europe
Corgi Home Plan
Easyjet Holidays (Gummy Bear)

The rest were pde......
SusieAsp19 February 2023, 19:02 I won two prizes on the first day and since i've cleared my browser the birdies have all disappeared. I'm one short of a dummy or am I the dummy!😂
JefferyRA19 February 2023, 18:45 You're certainly not thick, you just don't know the answer which is Prize Draw Entry. Everything is easy when you know the answer. Good luck Clare!

Pretty Little Thing
Samsung, today
Clare574619 February 2023, 18:09 I'm being thick what is a pde?
Jennysib19 February 2023, 18:04 Actually found 2 bonbons whoop whoop 🥳
Marykj19 February 2023, 17:23 Boots
Victoria plum
Jd Williams
End. Clothing
Best western
Purely pets
Iconic London
Lands end
Photo box
Top gift cards
Appleyard flowers
Monster pet supplies
Brand alley
Virgin media
Ali express t
AhmarJ2419 February 2023, 17:08 Had anyone found the last bonbon
Radoz19 February 2023, 16:53 Thanks Betysboo59...Just found a bird on Currys (pde)
Betsyboo5919 February 2023, 16:38 Yes Chris121212 I do that every day and get two birds but have never got two prizes together. If (miraculously) one is a prize the other one is always a pde. Can't find any birds anywhere this afternoon 😭
Marykj19 February 2023, 16:32 Found a gummy bear on audible
Chris12121219 February 2023, 15:59 Betsyboo59 If you search for a bird normally first and find one, then put in the daily clue after you can get two in a row. Worth doing to speed things up.
Radoz19 February 2023, 13:07 👀 Emp 👀 Found a bird
Betsyboo5919 February 2023, 12:48 Radoz 🎉🎉🎉 Wow, well done!! Never been that lucky to get two prizes in a row 👍👍
Radoz19 February 2023, 11:41 Wow...My first visit today,clicked on Boots..Got a fried egg,then immediately clicked on Dunelm to get the daily clue,i was expecting to get a pde,but what I got was another fried egg,so that meant I won 20p !!!! Wasnt expecting this...😲😲😲😲
Mbads66619 February 2023, 10:25 Love heart - Zoro, Jellybean -Illamasqua. All the rest pde’S:
Photo box
Dorothy Perkins
Natures Best

ickle_claire19 February 2023, 00:23 Today's clue: Dunelm
JJ718 February 2023, 22:35 Can you win more than once in a day?
Jennysib18 February 2023, 22:31 I haven't found 1 bird over the 4 days. Think I must be doing something wrong 🤔
Chris12121218 February 2023, 21:54 Lists and comments getting blocked again?
shazzy6818 February 2023, 21:45 Thanks Betsyboo59, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you too 😊 Thanks for latest list Dave0564 they really do come in handy👍
Betsyboo5918 February 2023, 20:46 Oh dear, same old game. Birds gone home for tea! Not a single 🐦 For the last 4 hours 😭😭
Dave056418 February 2023, 20:04 One prize today, rest pde:

Cotton On
I saw it first
Polarn o Pyret
Betsyboo5918 February 2023, 19:01 Looks like a lot of us are on 8 prizes BabyAki. I'm still on £1.10 won. Shazzy68 - got everything🤞For you for that last jelly bean. Would be great if one of us could win something a bit more than the lesser cash prizes. Keep hunting ❤️
BabyAki18 February 2023, 18:37 Hi Betsyboo59. 8 prizes. 10p won and 83 Pdes.
Marykj18 February 2023, 17:40 One flying saucer the rest pde’S

Victoria plum
Jd Williams
End. Clothing
Best western
Purely pets
Iconic London
Lands end
Photo box
Top gift cards
Appleyard flowers
Monster pet supplies
Brand alley
Virgin media
Ali express

Good luck
BabyAki18 February 2023, 17:25 Just a few I have had birds on
Music room
Travis perkins
Magic madhouse
Yours clothing
365 games
Chris12121218 February 2023, 17:05
New sightings:

20 cogs (this isn’T in the search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/20cogs/https://www.topcashback.co.uk/20cogs/ )
999 inks *New*
Amara (this isn’T in search so copy and paste this in your url bar https://www.topcashback.co.uk/amara-living/ )
Ann Summers
Appleyard flowers
Avis *New*
Aviva Car insurance
Benefit Cosmetics
Chi chi London
Claire’S accessories
Clarks *New*
Cotton on
Crabtree and Evelyn
Create and Craft. This won’T appear in the search, so copy and paste this in your url bar: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/createandcrafttv/
Direct Line Car Insurance
Direct Line Pet Insurance
Donald Russell (this is not in search so copy and paste this in your url bar https://www.topcashback.co.uk/donald-russell/ )
Dp (Dorothy Perkins)
EasyJet Holidays
End.Clothing *New*
The Entertainer
Espa Skincare *New*
Ethical Superstore
Foot Asylum
Furniture 123
Gourmet Society
Hello Fresh
Iconic London
I love wallpaper
I Want One of Those
John Lewis
Julian Charles
Laptops direct
Land’S End
Legoland Holidays
Little Mistress
Littlewoods (this isn’T in thr search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/littlewoods/ Into your url bar)
Look fantastic
Mac Cosmetics *New*
Mainline menswear
Master of Malt
Megacasino (you can’T find this in search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/megacasino/ )
Monster Pet Supplies
Mountain Warehouse
MusicMagpie *New*
The North Face
O2 *New*
Perfume Click
Pets at home
Phase Eight
Polarn o Pyret
Policy Expert Home Insurance
Post Office Travel Insurance *New*
Rac uk Breakdown
Reebok *New*
Serenata Flowers
Snow and Rock
Sse Energy. You won’T find this in search so copy and paste this into your url bar: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/sse/
Ted Baker *New*
Tokyo Laundry *New*
Tyre Shopper
Uber Kids
Urban outfitters *New*
Uswitch – Energy Comparison
Victoria Plum
Virgin Media Fibre Broadband and Calls
Watch shop
Western Digital Europe
Wynsors World of Shoes
Yankee Candle *New*
Yours clothing
Zatu Games *New*
Zoom (This isn’T in search so xopy and paste this into your url bar https://www.topcashback.co.uk/zoom/ ) *New*
shazzy6818 February 2023, 17:00 I'm on 8 prizes too, 43 pde's and 10p won so far! I only need 1 jelly bean for £20.00 🤗 Like you finding on average 1 prize a day now and the rest are pde's which suits me because a big win would be lovely too 👍
Betsyboo5918 February 2023, 16:05 Ah Chris, you've burst my bubble, there I was thinking it was down to me asking TCB to give you a nudge 😭 Don't think they sent an email about the game this time, I didn't get one and others on here say it was just a fluke they found it. You're doing well, are you still logging off after finding a bird, clearing history and cookies and waiting 15/20 mins before looking again?
I'm on 8 prizes and 92 pde's. Seems to be a pattern - last 3 days - 1 prize found in the morning, rest of day pde's. How's everyone else doing - shazzy68, BabyAki???
Chris12121218 February 2023, 15:21 Just a fluke Betsyboo59. I made an inquiry about when the snap and save option was coming back as it's a great offer. Then I got an email but it was not the one about the sweet treats promotion like I got last time. I only noticed when The banner at the bottom popped up. 10p and 4 sweets so far. That's 42 entries. Only been looking for about half an hour so far as i'm busy.
Good luck to all again. I'll see if there are any lists on Facebook.To help.
Binnzy lad18 February 2023, 12:18

Oh and hello fresh there is olso a humming bird
Binnzy lad18 February 2023, 12:13 Green chef is today's clue also boots have a humming bird too
Mbads66618 February 2023, 11:00 Today’S clue is Green Chef Saz545, Hopefully you win more than me which was a pde. Good luck!
Mbads66618 February 2023, 10:28 Today’S clue is Green Chef Saz545. Hopefully, you will win more than I did - a pde! Good luck 🤞
Saz54518 February 2023, 10:15 What is today's clue, does anyone know?
Betsyboo5918 February 2023, 09:28 Coincidence Chris or did my request to TCB (19.22 yesterday) asking them to send you a nudge pay off?? Really glad to have you with us 🎉😘
Thanks TCB 👍
Betsyboo5918 February 2023, 09:05 Welcome Chris. Thought you were going to miss this one 😢
Mbads66618 February 2023, 07:17 Won a flying saucer on Boots this morning. Only pde's last couple of days. I did win the grand sum of £1.10 first game day! Will post more later. Good luck all!
Chris12121217 February 2023, 23:23 Thanks betsyboo59 just found this when I got a snap and save email link for pancake mix. Would not of known otherwise.
Good luck all.
kieli4317 February 2023, 22:46 Super ok
shazzy6817 February 2023, 19:47 Yep Betsyboo59, also 🦋 And a couple others from a while ago Top_Frances and mike jaggar hope you are all well?
Betsyboo5917 February 2023, 19:22 Still no sign of Chris121212 and others who always play. Seems members don't know it's running. Tcb can you send a nudge to Chris121212. Will be disappointed if they miss the game.
Dave056417 February 2023, 18:37 All pdes today:

Furniture 123
Iconic London
Lands End
SusieAsp17 February 2023, 18:33 I didn't know this was back as it didn't appear on my Mac desktop until today. I was just wondering how soon before we had another game....

Thanks for the clues everyone and good luck!
Marykj17 February 2023, 17:57 Boots
Victoria plum
Jd Williams
End. Clothing
Best western
Marykj17 February 2023, 17:34 Pde’S

Big blue cover
Tyre shopper
Snow and rock
Christy towels
Atg tickets
Direct line pet insurance
Betsyboo5917 February 2023, 17:14 Exactly the same as yesterday - love heart first thing then all pde's. Looking on the positive i'm halfway to £100. 😃
And.... I'm positive that's as far as i'll get, certainly won't be lucky enough to win it ☹️
Marykj17 February 2023, 16:56 What’S worked for me in last 20 minutes. Tried loads recommended in comments below

F. Hinds
Snap fish
Far fetch

All prize draw entries.

Good luck
shazzy6817 February 2023, 15:37 SonalDadhania, no you won't always get birds where other people have found them but the suggestions are very helpful. I go through a list (usually collected from what people have put on here) and I try that list around 10/20 sites usually then I get bored and give up but just because you don't find a bird first time round doesn't mean you won't find one later or another day for example i've been trying 'Big Blue Cover' since day one but only just got a bird on it today. But it's all random apparently so just try anywhere and everywhere! I prefer the lists the lovely people put on here because it makes it easier and they've found birds on those sites so chances are you will too. Some people wait around 15/20 minutes after finding a bird before they look again. I however just look when I think about it which could be a couple hours later! Hope that helps and good luck 👍
Dave056417 February 2023, 15:01 Sonal

No you don't always get birds where others have found them. But you might, so it's worth a try.

When you get a bird, log out and wait maybe 20 minutes before you try again. That mostly works.

You get maybe one prize for every 5 to 7 pdes, if you're lucky.

For additional clues and explanation of how this all works see this blog:

Found today so far:


All pdes.
SonalDadhania17 February 2023, 14:26 Do I always get some birds where others got it? And what are the chances I am getting it? I mean do I need to wait for some time before I try name I can see below?
honeyrogers17 February 2023, 13:43 I also just won 20p 😀

Thanks, Topcashback!
bec290017 February 2023, 13:35 Myprotein
Ann summers
Nasty gal
Hype yesterday mainly pde
MrASP17 February 2023, 12:28 Yay , won 20p with two fried eggs, last one on Wayfair.
Saz54517 February 2023, 12:18 Am I missing something? I never see a bird
Please make sure you are playing on our mobile or desktop website as this should help -Phil
Radoz17 February 2023, 11:57 Found a bird on Dunelm
Mr_Graham_Burgess17 February 2023, 11:44 Yay! I just won 20p for two fried eggses
Fetchie17 February 2023, 11:41 IHerb is today's answer
shazzy6817 February 2023, 09:20 Today's clue is iHerb
Creditcrunch7017 February 2023, 07:43 What is today's clue?
indianajon16 February 2023, 21:41 Pretty boring when the number of clicks per birdie is set so high and then all you get is pde's

We would mention that the Prize draw entry is a great chance at winning a huge prize and as a little extra fun for members

Best wishes
shazzy6816 February 2023, 20:12 Just won 10p 🥳
Betsyboo5916 February 2023, 20:08 Got a love heart first thing this morning then the same as you Dave - all pde's for the rest of the day 😢
shazzy6816 February 2023, 18:16 Kwkellie79 they fly across the screen.
Dave056416 February 2023, 17:59 All pdes today (so far):

E.L.F Cosmetics
End. Clothing
F Hinds
Getting Personal
Legoland Holidays
Kwkellie7916 February 2023, 17:44 Is the humming bird stationery or does it fly across the screen ?
therock11216 February 2023, 16:59 But to give you a head start we’Ll be releasing daily clues that’Ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’Ve caught one there’Ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

So where are these clues then?
Thanks for the generic response.

Wheres the tab along the bottom?

Please make sure you are playing our game on the mobile or desktop website and clear cookies to see the banner at the bottom. For the daily clue please check your game board or check our social media posts

Best wishes
wiewiora816 February 2023, 15:28 Hi, how many daily clues we had already, not sure but I think I missed the start of the competition.
Betsyboo5916 February 2023, 14:53 Messages not posting again?? Put one on earlier for you Saz545 but hasn't posted. Are you trying to use the app to play? Doesn't work on the app, go on website, you will be able to catch up on the daily clues 👍
Clare574616 February 2023, 14:00 Saz545 go in through the blog or use the desktop site
Betsyboo5916 February 2023, 13:12 Saz545 are you trying to play the game on the app? Doesn't work on the app. Go onto website, you can catch up with the clues tui and hotels.Com. Happy hunting 👍
Saz54516 February 2023, 10:04 Yesterday I went on tui website. Today went on Hotels.com and no hummingbird anywhere...Am I doing something wrong?
Tania Horincar 16 February 2023, 06:18 The Northface
Ray Ban
Go groopie
Star216 February 2023, 06:01 Yeah...Enjoy and let play
Betsyboo5915 February 2023, 22:51 Try some of these:
Mattress online
Quiz clothing
Tokyo laundry
Tyre shopper
Foot Asylum
Snow and Rock
The North Face
Nasty Gal
Master of Malt

All pde's for me but you may be have more luck with them 🤞

Nancy Leung15 February 2023, 22:48 Let’S Play
Member810886457512315 February 2023, 22:27 Happy to see this, I hope to be one of the winners
Sheila Singh 15 February 2023, 22:24 I played this last Christmas but had no idea it was on again. Disappointing really. Gl everyone.
Dave056415 February 2023, 22:21 Betsy

I got a couple of Fried Eggs (999 - previously blogged - & Christy) for 20p this morning. Otherwise only pde's today.
shazzy6815 February 2023, 20:20 Hi, I found a jellybean this morning all others pde's 😊
Betsyboo5915 February 2023, 19:33 Any prizes in that lot Dave? Not one prize found by me today, pde after pde!!
Anybody else found any prizes today or are we all on pde's??
Radoz15 February 2023, 17:53 Try Appleyard Flowers...These comments seem to be all over the place..🤔🙄
Dave056415 February 2023, 17:43 Birds on these today:

Atg Tickets
Christy Towels
Direct Line Car Insurance
John Lewis
Phase Eight
shazzy6815 February 2023, 17:37 Try Currentbody pde for me.
Fetchie15 February 2023, 17:02 Thanks Betsyboo59, makes perfect sense!
amiahuyzif15 February 2023, 16:37 Hope I win something.
It will help me massively with my astronomical energy bills 🙏🏽🤞🏽
Radoz15 February 2023, 16:30 Zatu Games...Pde
Radoz15 February 2023, 15:53 Betsyboo59...🤣🤣🤣..🤑🤑🤑
jacqueline969815 February 2023, 15:36 Good best !
Member510764361020415 February 2023, 15:03 Happy days are here again
10p for me that's 10p more than last game!!!!!
Betsyboo5915 February 2023, 14:49 🎉🎉🎉 Radoz, well done, what are you going to spend it on 😂😂
Fetchie pde's are prize draw entries. When you click on one of the flying hummingbirds it will reveal either a prize (cola bottle, love heart etc) towards one of the cash prizes shown on the Sweet Treats prize board or it will say you have won a prize draw entry. All those go into the draw for the big £1000 prize draw after the game has finished. Winner listed on here within a few days. Hope this helps 🤞
Radoz15 February 2023, 13:47 Yippee ! Found a cola bottle on Ann Summers..10p win
Fetchie15 February 2023, 13:43 What's pde's?
Betsyboo5915 February 2023, 13:38 Hi BabyAki, Radoz and shazzy68 - glad you've found the game. Yes, you are right shazzy68 you have to go all round the houses to find the blog! Why can't TCB make it simple? Anyway good luck all 👍
Radoz15 February 2023, 13:29 Wasnt expecting this,just found it today-so hopefuly I might get a little win..Hi to everyone and wishing you all lots of luck
Betsyboo5915 February 2023, 11:12 Pde's only for me this morning. Hope others are having more luck 🤞
dougowong15 February 2023, 11:09 How can this do!!!!
shazzy6815 February 2023, 09:04 Hi everyone, I did see it had started yesterday Betsyboo59 as was looking on trainline and a hummingbird just popped up so that was when I first realised! But like you said didn't have a clue the game had started 🤷‍♀️ Then I couldn't find the blog as usually I just click on "other ways to save" and then "blog" and the treats blog is there but now have to also click on "Top Games" in the Categories list and I didn't find that until this morning! Obviously you lot are smarter than me and found it straight away! 🫣 Anyway congrats on your win so far Betsyboo59! Nothing for me yet. Hi Dave0564 thanks for the clues got a few treats with them. I also found birds on 999inks, vision Direct and Aa uk breakdown cover if that helps anyone. Good luck to you all 😊
Dave056415 February 2023, 08:42 Tui is today's clue
Jacalinda15 February 2023, 07:51 Annoying, I didn’T know how to catch it!
Bbpopo062515 February 2023, 06:47 Thank you!
Wanling Peng15 February 2023, 01:49 Love it!
Szulerus15 February 2023, 00:13 Good best !
CAPT123914 February 2023, 23:23 Hummingbirds
BabyAki14 February 2023, 23:10 Hi Betsyboo59. I am here. Good 🤞.
Vicki6014 February 2023, 22:58 Looovvveeee hummingbirds 🥰
Qiu2814 February 2023, 22:53 Hummingbirds
yukihiro_suzuki14 February 2023, 22:30 Good best !
Member116852661170214 February 2023, 22:17 Thank you!
Hopefully I can get some of the Hummingbirds!😈
Betsyboo5914 February 2023, 21:42 Thanks Dave got a few from your suggestions - pde's and cola bottle to win 10p. Think TCB have been quiet about running this game, no email received this time. Bet the other regulars don't know it's running yet. Come on Chris121212, shazzy68, radoz, BabyAki, T4revor, eddiesolo, missing your input. Good luck everyone 🤞
glynnclarkson14 February 2023, 20:39 Great then
Member118231284115914 February 2023, 20:24 Be nice to catch myself some hummingbirds 🤞🏽
sueannfun14 February 2023, 19:33 Celebration
Kerry7astill14 February 2023, 19:21 Happy Valentines Day :)
marg1814 February 2023, 18:44 Do you give any clues please?
Sophiew56414 February 2023, 18:43 Thanks for the hints 😀
ADIGUNT14 February 2023, 18:29 Happy Valentine’S Day
Member19617428771214 February 2023, 18:27 Happy Valentine’S Day
annetteoreilly14 February 2023, 18:21 Fabulous
Dave056414 February 2023, 18:19 Try these:

Best Western
Cathay Pacific
Mac Cosmetics

Good luck everyone.
Juniepoos14 February 2023, 18:14 I think I need a clue to find where the clue is
Pauly wauly14 February 2023, 18:02 Very good site just remember are to follow rules i've been paid out lots
tumpleby14 February 2023, 17:50 I got my first bonbon this afternoon
patrickyip14 February 2023, 17:37 Happy Valentine's Day.
Member111166019835114 February 2023, 17:28 Happy Valentine’S Day 💕
wilksy14 February 2023, 17:23 Good time filler as well as good topper up for my tc account
CruzUK14 February 2023, 17:13 Not showing for me at all ?

Please try our mobile or desktop website as this is where the game would be showing for members

[Ed:TopCashBack-If you clear cookies and cache and it should come up for you.

therock11214 February 2023, 17:03 Absolutely nothing about this on the website. No link on the bottom of the website like normal. Well done Top Cashback. Muppets

As soon as the game is live we do put the banner live on the site for you to see.

[Ed:TopCashBack-We do post about our games on Social media as well as on our homepage.

If you are having issues please try our desktop or mobile webiste as this is where the game can be played

Best wishes

Saidbigboss14 February 2023, 17:00 Good game hope a win
Shore8114 February 2023, 16:46 Where do I find the clues?
Linglam14 February 2023, 16:45 Happy valentine 💘
ALANFARMER14 February 2023, 16:41 Some pay-outs take far too long. Many months in some cases, and need follow-ups!
Harrifarm14 February 2023, 16:39 Happy valentines 💝 Everyone
Member67512446792714 February 2023, 16:37 Not working
Betsyboo5914 February 2023, 16:37 £1 won already this morning.......Yippee!!!
Marc_inn14 February 2023, 16:36 Top cash is the best
Fouziasif14 February 2023, 16:30 I comment only because u must give me price plzzzzzzzzzzz
Iftimie 14 February 2023, 16:30 Top cash is the best ❤️
pembS4fun14 February 2023, 16:28 Sounds really exciting.
Chris_the_Yorkie14 February 2023, 16:26 Great website
stopstick14 February 2023, 16:24 Feeling lucky xxxx
JKJ201714 February 2023, 16:22 I'm in this time 😊😊😊😊
Salthor14 February 2023, 16:21 Happy Valentines everyone.
jenks4914 February 2023, 14:42 This is the first I have heard about this competition.
denise247214 February 2023, 14:13 Didn’T even know it was on in January
Betsyboo5914 February 2023, 12:51 Here we go again folks. Come and join the party. Today's clue Purely Pets. Good luck everyone 👍🤞
Betsyboo5930 January 2023, 08:39 Congratulations DaleM on your big win and Ann and Sarah-Jane on winning the £100 prizes 💰👍
Eddiesolo28 January 2023, 22:29 It is a shame that some bugs have cropped up and spoiled the search for some, me included. However, I also missed the start as I didn't get the email as my preference must have ditched into spam.

I have enjoyed the game, although 3 days is just not long enough. Won nothing, had the issues so lost out on some presents and chance to gain extra entries. Would a £1000 win make my day...Oh yes, but, I reckon it would for everybody right now. The thing is, despite the issues, the shortness of the game and winning zero on the game itself...I was happy when I noticed it was back on and enjoyed looking and playing.

So, TCB, please get the bugs sorted and lets hope we can start to have longer games in the future and folks; remember, it is just for fun and if you win just 20p it is 20p in your pot.
JKJ201728 January 2023, 20:54 So annoying! You're lying or selected certain users I only heard about it once it was over and I regularly log in and out. Also visted the blog because there was nothing at Christmas so thought must be something for New Years.
Ofcourse it appears njow after its finished hence I can comment & See everybody else's. Email on way and support ticket advising you Topcashback to remove bugs and not unfair discriminate.
So annoying!
Betsyboo5928 January 2023, 19:49 Liansk and HiLFC - I think you need to check your email preferences in your account and make sure they are turned on then you should get the email from TCB informing you when the game starts. Go into your account, click on my profile, you should get a green banner across the page with a downward arrow, click on the arrow and select email preferences from the list. Make sure they are all turned on so you don't miss anything from TCB. Hope this sorts it for you.
HiLFC28 January 2023, 17:18 Missed it,didnt even know its back again, why three days?
DCG128 January 2023, 16:54 This game is good I like it its a time filler for me so all fun thanks TCB
liansk28 January 2023, 12:02 Didn’T even know comp had started
Betsyboo5928 January 2023, 11:00 Thanks everyone for your input in this game. Have enjoyed it, though not sure why only for 3 days?? Looks like there have been glitches for some. Have to say I personally did not get the oops problem bit when finding a bird, frustrating for those who did!
I have 8 presents, just 20p won (and that was won first thing on day 1) and 61 entries to the big draw. Lovely to chat on here with my TCB regular game buddies Chris, shazzy, Dave, BabyAki, radoz, eddiesolo, T4revor. Let's hope one of us wins big, take care and hope it's not too long before we meet up on here again ❤️
Magzy9928 January 2023, 10:28 Has it ended?.. It says it's now "closed".. It's only been running 3 days.. Nothing for today.. Is this right.. Has it ended so soon?

This game was a teaser game which was shorter than previous games we've had

Best wishes
indianajon28 January 2023, 08:59 Have to concur with other comments... As soon as I only needed one treat to win on all the prizes, the oops message came up every time I found a bird
Carolann5227 January 2023, 23:37 Perhaps tc would like to give me a prize for the 10 oops something went wrong from Swifts, Goldsmiths, Terry, Samsung etc?
Carolann5227 January 2023, 23:31 Adezyone - were you getting close to a prize when the oops message came up? It’S almost over now and still showing.
Feel very cheated. Maybe they should extend it to be fair to us.
Carolann5227 January 2023, 23:20 Keeps saying oops something went wrong!! Very disappointing especially when it finishes in 40 minutes😩🫣
dighton27 January 2023, 23:13 Had the oops somethings wrong all day 😞
shazzy6827 January 2023, 23:10 Hi everyone, thank you for all the tips! As always I wouldn't have got anywhere without them especially to Dave0564, Betsyboo59 and Chris121212. Not sure what happened here last night I didn't feel anyone was trolling or being nasty think there may be some crossed wires! Nice to see Eddiesolo back with us. I have 5 sweet treats and 21 entries into the prize draw. I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully catch up again soon 😊
Adezyone27 January 2023, 21:38 Oops! Something went wrong message again!
Dave056427 January 2023, 20:07 Some birds from today:

Cathay Pacific
Ethical Superstore
Go Groopie
I love Wallpaper
Ninja Kitchen
Terrys Fabrics
RBhu27 January 2023, 18:38 Hi Phil TCB,

Thanks for your respond, can you explain how only seeing "oops somethings gone wrong" is not being at a disadvantage? Is this adding into pde's?


Our team have taken feedback on board and we can assure you that the error showing would have not put you at a disadvantage.

We are sorry for any frustration

Best wishes
Eddiesolo27 January 2023, 17:13 Hi guys, hope you are all doing well?

Well, nice to see the lickle birdie again.

Won naff all and had some 403 forbidden pages so might have lost a few presents but, nice to play again.
Claire4499427 January 2023, 16:55 I was one away from all the prizes at the end of day one! Won 10p. But it’S all good clean fun 😀
Betsyboo5927 January 2023, 16:19 Member157125680549 and Tanzina98 - one away from all the prizes???? I have played these games many times and have never been that close. I have played this game from the moment it was launched and have only 7 treats (just 20p won) - nowhere near as many treats as you have found. All the rest have been pde's for me 😢😢
Good luck to you both, hope you find your remaining treats and win a load of money 💰💰
RBhu27 January 2023, 15:51 Hi TCB,

Just doing this sweet treat as a destress.

I have constantly received the "oops something's wrong message" I am 1 away on all sweets to reach the target.

I would like to express this is zero sportsmanship on your part TCB. You have increased the activity on your website but not committing to providing a fair game.

Yes I am acting like a sob but everyone plays a game to win.

Hey, our team are aware of this error and are on the case to bring a resolution to this. We have taken feedback on board from members about the game for the future and we would like to assure you that you would not be at a disadvantage when playing the game -Phil
Tanzina9827 January 2023, 14:40 Ive got 1 away from them all but only seem to be getting pde only so sad :(
Betsyboo5927 January 2023, 14:01 Forgive me if some of these have been mentioned before but working off my list and so haven't checked all suggestions mentioned by other members.
Tokyo Laundry
Tyre shopper
999 inks
Mac cosmetics
Sunday Times wine club
Light in the box
North Face
Land's End
Big Dug
Betsyboo5927 January 2023, 13:31 Slow today, not many birds found, just one flying saucer and a few pde's.
So what's happening at the end of today then TCB?
Betsyboo5927 January 2023, 10:45 You are absolutely correct Chris - I contacted TCB in July re when the game would be running again and received this:

The team are currently putting in some works to make the games even better than before, so they have had to pause the games for now.

As soon as they have it up to the standard they want they'll have one running and you'll see this on the blogs, our socials and site.

For now, the humming birds have had to be popped into hibernation so they can thrive in the next game.

I am sorry i'm not able to confirm when the next game will run, but we will post out about it as soon as we have one.


Well from my experience nothing has changed! Still have to log out, clear cookies etc. After each bird found, wait 15 mins or so before trying to find another. And again nothing on an evening, all birds disappear. So what TCB reckon to have improved is beyond me! Still it's good to have it back and to see all our TCB friends on here. Also good to share sites where birds may be found (regardless of whether they have been found by members or come from social media sites) - much appreciated. Still on 20p won on first morning but will see what today brings. Hope someone posts on here that they've won something decent. Not seen Brette this time - he claimed he had won one of the £100 once didn't he? Good luck all, keep searching!!!!
Dave056427 January 2023, 09:08 Chris 121212

I didn't mean to give offence. Betsy just asked how you'd got those tips, and I had an answer. (And I do use that other site for ideas, but I have only shared them after they work for me, which is what I share on here anyway)

No intention to troll. For the record, I haven't won any cash this time, but happy to supply ideas to everyone.

Good luck to you today. Let's hope we get a real session soon.

Elahee2727 January 2023, 09:04 How come you say ops try again later why don’T finish the humming bird game
Our team are aware of an error showing and are on the case to reduce this showing during the game. We want to confirm that seeing this error whilst playing would not put you at a disadvantage -Phil
Chris12121227 January 2023, 00:20 Had. Rac a few days ago so this is a second
Chris12121226 January 2023, 23:55 I just agreeing with you hun, nothing else.

I know you don't get the points advantage with crackbook and other sites. We all know this. If we know you.

It's a free game and we know the tweaks and advantages, through platonic conversations on here, experience through time, and knowledge from others.
Why could be more helpful to others than that?

It all looks to be the same as the old games, last time. Things work for a short time and then they stop. We complain. Nothing Happens and some random stranger wins. Its the same fun every year but this is 3 days!!!
Betsyboo59.. You must change your name to a random Stranger to win!
Buzz338826 January 2023, 23:35 Last 3 hours when clicking on a bird getting error message “Oops something went wrong, try again later”
Our team are aware of an error showing and are on the case to reduce this showing during the game. We want to confirm that seeing this error whilst playing would not put you at a disadvantage -Phil
Member72400838684626 January 2023, 23:34 Haven't been here for a good while, but i'm back.
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 23:12 These comments are all over the place again! Hence my last question entry to you Chris121212. Just read your comments to Dave0564 in the blog then refreshed it and find several additional entries on. Can't keep up.
Hello Radoz welcome to the party.
Also, as I said earlier no birds after 7 last night and tonight!! Tried a number of your suggestions Chris121212 but nothing!
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 22:53 Sorry Chris121212 what do you mean when you said "Betsyboo59 that was exactly what i"m trying to say too"?
BabyAki26 January 2023, 22:45 Betsyboo59. I just got a bird on Dorothy Perkins. Not had a lot of time to look this time.
Chris12121226 January 2023, 21:43 Betsyboo59
"Question - anybody finding any birds after 7 pm? None last night and looks like tonight's the same. Numerous sites were tried, but not a bird anywhere. Think TCB turn them off when they go home 😭😭"

No last night. Hun. Today it went 15 min/Out /In/Refresh
Loads of birds about 30 but only 2 Items and as you know were treats. (You have to wait 10-15 mins) between every time as that is a must and works.

We would like to confirm that hummingbirds can be found at anytime during the game and members have a chance of finding multiple hummingbirds a day

Best wishes

Radoz26 January 2023, 21:40 Hi Betsyboo59..I just found the email today...So I will give it a go for the last day
Chris12121226 January 2023, 21:28 Betsyboo59. That was exactly what i'm trying to say, too, Dave0564. Thanks.

I'll give you my 50p winnings, this time.
Dave if you stop being a prat/ Troll and understand, this is not plagiarism. We on here created the lists that you are accusing us of stealing and providing to others for free!
Just look at the friends on here who helped create the list!
Where were you then?


We would advise members to be kind to one another as we do monitor posts and comments for unfairness and would take action if needed after investigation

Best wishes

HazelR26 January 2023, 20:38 I’Ve not seen the hints on fb how do I find them please?
HazelR26 January 2023, 20:17 I’Ve noticed that if someone has found one on 1 site it doesn’T mean you will find one on the same site
shazzy6826 January 2023, 20:09 I've not found many birds today and the few I have they've been pde's which suits me if I win the big one 👍. Just got 1 then so work after 7pm for me! I've got 16 pde's in total i've not been trying very hard! 🙈 . Hope you are well 🦋? Glad to see BabyAki on the chat 😊
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 19:38 Ah I see Dave0564, well as I have said many times before, those members who do social media have an advantage over us dinosaurs 🦕 What with tips on there and extra entries for sharing! Totally unfair 😢 Going to have a little sulk now 😂😂
Question - anybody finding any birds after 7pm? None last night and looks like tonight's the same. Numerous sites tried, not a bird anywhere. Think TCB turn them off when they go home 😭😭
JoeBir26 January 2023, 18:47 Giving up!!!

Only pde all day. Only need one
For each prize - can’T even get 10p
Dave056426 January 2023, 16:57
Betsyboo: Chris didn't find them himself. There's a Facebook page with these hints on.

I use it too, but only share the ones where I get something.
Dave056426 January 2023, 16:52 Some more from today:

Big Blue Cover
French Connection
Lv= Life insurance
Natures Best
Post Office Travel Insurance
Vision Direct

Shazzy68: the only reason I know the bird is Archie is cos I got an email containing some newsletter from TCB, saying that he'd be back in January.
Tanzina9826 January 2023, 15:51 I keep getting a message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later”
How can I fix this please?

Our team are aware of an error showing on the game and are working to resolve this asap. We would like to confirm that you would not be at a disadvantage playing the game seeing the error

Best wishes
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 14:32 Butterfly 786, Radoz - another two of the regulars not put in an appearance yet. You are missing the party, where are you??
Jimmyr26 January 2023, 14:18 Samsung & Ann Summers
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 14:15 Well hello T4revor, welcome back! Best of luck to you, hope you win big this time.
Chris 121212 - you have never found on this game all the ones you have listed surely. You haven't had enough time have you?? 🤔🤔
T4revor26 January 2023, 13:28 Hoooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Been waiting ages for a game, Thank You tc
Hi Betsyboo
Can't really call myself a regular, but really pleased we have a game!!!!
Bit confused on the 3 day thing, normally takes me 2 weeks to win 20p, gonna have to go some for my 1st big win
I've also joined the rspb to try and improve my chances!!!
Happy Birdwatching everyone😉
Chris12121226 January 2023, 12:17 Ann Summers
Cathay Pacific
Chain reaction
Claire’S accessories
Create and craft (you can’T find this in search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/createandcrafttv/ )
Esure (you can’T find this in the search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/esure-car-insurance/ )
Dorothy Perkins
Greenman gaming
I love Wallpaper
Legoland Holidays
Little Mistress
Magic Madhouse
Megacasino (you can’T find this in search so copy and paste https://www.topcashback.co.uk/megacasino/
Monster Pet supplies
Nature’S Best
Ninja kitchen
Perfume Click
Pet drugs online
Pets at home
Phase Eight
Sse Energy. You won’T find this in search so copy and paste this into your url bar: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/sse/
Terry’S Fabrics
Tyre Shopper
Western Digital
jessicawuhan26 January 2023, 12:06 Yes please
Chris12121226 January 2023, 12:06 Clear cookies and site data Member763647087706. Log out and back in again. Then do the same after you find each bird leaving 15 mins in between. I don't think it works on the app.

Agreed Betsyboo59 All pde's so far this morning. Nothing looks to have changed from the previous years except it has got shorter.
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 12:03 Think the birds have gone to roost, nothing at all for the past hour and a half ☹️
Katesamuel26 January 2023, 11:22 I went in Holland and Barrett and nothing 🥺
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 10:24 All pde's so far this morning 😢☹️
Magzy9926 January 2023, 09:52 Yay.. Got it.. Today's clue 26th is Holland and Barrett..
shazzy6826 January 2023, 09:05 Thank you roof30 and Dave0564. I was stuck on today's clue 🙄 Yes i'm well thank you Betsyboo59 😊 DCG1 no there were no games last year which was such a shame, but they seemed to do far more TCB bonuses for spending a certain amount I think which was great 👍🏼
Betsyboo5926 January 2023, 08:59 Hi BabyAki was wondering where you were yesterday. Holland and Barrett today me thinks. Good luck. Wonder what's happening after the 3 days?
Dave056426 January 2023, 08:35 Holland & Barrett today
milfordgirl201226 January 2023, 08:24 Yes please
roof3026 January 2023, 07:56 Today's clue is Holland & Barrett
BabyAki26 January 2023, 07:39 Hi Betsyboo59. I have won 10p so far but stuck on today's clue
Anyone any ideas
JoeBir26 January 2023, 07:04 Only pde this morning. Only need one of each prize to win. But as I can’T sit on the mobile all day looks like i’M not going to get any further. Just hope for the main draw.
Diamondsylv26 January 2023, 07:03 Had about 20 prize draws then oops something went wrong
Can you fix it TCB thanks
Our team are aware of an error and are on the case. We want to confirm that seeing this error whilst playing would not put you at a disadvantage -Phil
HazelR26 January 2023, 06:57 Thank you @Betsyboo59 i’Ve got it working now, 1 jelly bean 1 heart 1 dummy & A few entries so far, good luck everyone
DCG126 January 2023, 01:18 Was there any games last year as I didnt see any ?????
Betsyboo5925 January 2023, 22:08 No the game does not work on the app HazelR. I use my phone to play but log onto the website to do so. Select your retailer and if there is a hummingbird on there it will fly onto the screen. You need to click on the bird to reveal the prize. Hope this helps 🤞
HazelR25 January 2023, 21:43 Does this game work if you use the app on your phone? Are the birds hidden on the retailers sites if you click on the link as i’Ve not been able to see any at all?

The game is only available on our mobile and desktop site. If you need any help at all please drop us a support ticket as we can take a closer look

Best wishes

Betsyboo5925 January 2023, 21:28 Hi shazzy68 - beating you already - i've got 20p 😜, Plus a couple of jelly beans and a love heart, all this morning but all pde's since then. Chris 121212 how on earth have you got 54 entries? Thought I was doing ok with 20! I am well thanks shazzy68, hope you are well, and you too Chris 121212 and Dave 0564. I have missed our banter on here. Wonder how long it will be before the other regulars join us?? Best of luck to all 🤞🤞
Chris12121225 January 2023, 21:06 3rd gummy bear on ted baker for £0.50.
54 entries. That's me done for the week.
Betsyboo59.Yes it looks like you still have to wait 15 mins.
JoeBir25 January 2023, 20:48 @Sstocks same here
ange799125 January 2023, 20:25 Can someone please explain what we do with this? I’Ve never seen it before. I’Ve checked loads of pages as detailed below but not sure what i’M looking for and how big the hummingbirds are likely to be x

You should see hummingbirds on our daily clue answer retailer offers page on our mobile or desktop website and should see the hummingbird flying around. Please click on this to reveal a prize

Best wishes
shazzy6825 January 2023, 20:19 Yay, so glad the game is back won 10p so far yippee 😊 Hope you are all well, it's been far to long! Lovely to see the regulars back. Nope never knew the hummingbird was called Archie Dave0564! Hi Betsyboo59 hope you are well? And you too Chris121212 😊
Betsyboo5925 January 2023, 19:55 I was hoping they had upgraded the game so once you've found a bird you didn't have to wait 15/20 mins before you could find another as was the case in previous games. But from my experience of playing today it looks as though you do still have to wait between birds. That's a shame. Happy hunting all 👍👍
Claire4499425 January 2023, 19:51 Yes I keep getting the oops when the bird comes on
Our team are aware of an error showing and are on the case. We want to confirm that seeing this error whilst playing would not put you at a disadvantage -Phil
a_kearn25 January 2023, 19:02 Terrible I did not get the games
Ziyad78625 January 2023, 18:14 Thank you
sstocks25 January 2023, 18:06 When I click on the bird I get the message ‘Oops something went wrong - try again later’. Been happening all afternoon and i’Ve missed out on a few treats. Is just me or is anyone else having this problem?
Our team are aware of an error showing and are on the case to reduce this showing during the game. We want to confirm that seeing this error whilst playing would not put you at a disadvantage -Phil
janeybloom8825 January 2023, 17:57 Let's go
leemx525 January 2023, 17:42 So pleased to see this back
Dave056425 January 2023, 17:24 Who knew the bord's name is Archie?

Found these today:

Bensons for Beds
Corgi Home Plan
E.L.F Cosmetics
Jd Williams
Lv= Home Insurance
Perfume Click

Good luck everyone. No money for me so far
JoeBir25 January 2023, 16:47 When is the main event then????
Trevor194825 January 2023, 16:45 Looking for a good hummingbird
Chris12121225 January 2023, 16:25 Monster pet supplies
Look fantastic
Brand alley
PrettyLittleThing !
Pets at home
Rac uk breakdown
Virgin media
Dorothy Perkins
Ali express
End. Clothing
michaelharris25 January 2023, 16:23 Yippee! I won a flying saucer
Rickjane1125 January 2023, 16:22 Please let it be me really would help me out please 🙏🤞
MrASP25 January 2023, 16:04 Flying saucer for me.
Chris12121225 January 2023, 15:38 The usual suspects are here. Good luck.
Monster pet supplies
Look fantastic
Brand alley
Pets at home
Rac uk breakdown
Virgin media
Dorothy Perkins
Ali express
Betsyboo5925 January 2023, 15:26 Jpyhyk. - Only started today so hotel.com first and only clue 👍
Patryk926925 January 2023, 15:19 Nice one!
Katia181225 January 2023, 15:16 Good to see this back, really missed this at Christmas.
Trevor194825 January 2023, 15:05 Nice one
dillon2325 January 2023, 14:35 Only on for three days starting today so nothing for yesterday
Chris12121225 January 2023, 14:23 What is the 3 day teaser?
Member35969445661925 January 2023, 14:14 Hummmmmm
nobbytoo25 January 2023, 14:11 I won a jelly bean !
Chris12121225 January 2023, 14:09 Hello Betsyboo59. Great to see you got an email. I got one too!
Tried hotels.com but got no hummingbird. Not a great start. Triad all the usual stuff clear history and cookies but still nothing.
Good luck.
DHD121225 January 2023, 14:03 Hotels.com 🏨🤞
timefridge25 January 2023, 13:55 Love this!
Tonto325 January 2023, 13:53 Brilliant…Missed this little bird!
stpsmt11625 January 2023, 13:49 Nice lets hope its improved
Magshogan25 January 2023, 13:48 Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
dustybin15525 January 2023, 13:43 Its not showing up for me
rozalind25 January 2023, 13:35 Nice one!
lily0825 January 2023, 13:32 I'll have a go
ScooterStanton25 January 2023, 13:30 Hope to win this time!!
Laura_Edwards25 January 2023, 13:28 Fantastic x
Porkypig67 25 January 2023, 13:24 First time for me so i’M not too sure how it works
Member111201298781925 January 2023, 13:21 Nice one!
jhanchi25 January 2023, 13:19 Great to see this free competition back . Thanks Missed the sweet bird
Larges25 January 2023, 13:11 Where's the humming bird
Karen_keane25 January 2023, 13:01 About time
Mariant042125 January 2023, 12:56 Really missed this over Xmas
jpyhyk25 January 2023, 12:53 Today's clue is Hotels.Com

Does anyone have yesterday's clue?
Raider8825 January 2023, 12:49 Cool about time
Chezashford25 January 2023, 12:28 Really good app
91154925 January 2023, 12:26 Sweet treat banner not coming up for me on my mobile site unless I go to customer service page

Please try clearing cookies and cache as this may help with the running of the game

Best wishes
panagiotiskara25 January 2023, 12:19 Great app
louuk25 January 2023, 12:11 Omg....My kids will be so happy!

They love this game and asked for ages when it will be back.

It's great to see the game is back and that members are enjoying it

Best wishes

robs33325 January 2023, 12:01 Loged in , can you speed payouts please
bushra201025 January 2023, 11:57 Great app
Betsyboo5925 January 2023, 10:50 And about time too 😂. Hasn't been a game on here since Christmas 2021. I have asked a couple of times when it was coming back. Hopefully see all the TCB regulars on here again. Just one observation Sweet Treats information page is displayed too big on my mobile, presume it will be the same for everyone. Have to scroll backwards and forwards to read it but thanks for bringing it back. Good luck all 👍👍
Hi Betsyboo

Thanks for your feedback and we will get this to our team. We wish you the best of luck for the game

Best wishes
michelle00724 September 2021, 21:30 @Phil you didn’T really answer T4revor’S question. We’Re looking for the blog for newest sweet treats, like this thread but new!

The Autumn treats blog post can be seen here https://www.topcashback.co.uk/blog/autumn-treats-cashback-giveaway/

Best wishes

T4revor22 September 2021, 23:37 Hi TopCashback team
The Blog link seems to be slightly more difficult to locate
And the Autumn Treats doesn't seem to be on it 😊

You should be able to find the game banner on our mobile website or desktop website home page and can play the game there.

If you are having any issues please reach out to our team via support tickets, social media or email. Just so we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Baileye39322 September 2021, 17:17 Omg sweet treats, yay!!!! I love love love this game, cheers for bringing it back Phil 🤗🤔😎😍

It's not just me bringing this game back, it's our hard working team and cheeky hummingbirds that need a shout out :)

I'm so glad you love the game and wish you the very best of luck.

Best wishes

Emma minshull26 March 2021, 00:41 Hi when is the sweet Treats hummingbirds game playing next, thanks

We will be sure to keep our members update on our site and on our social media when the next hummingbird game is coming : )

Best wishes,
shazzy6823 March 2021, 15:22 Congratulations Jo h on your win, I always thought there were 10 x £100 winners on here? Maybe not though 🤔 Can't remember now. Which one are you Brette? See you all in the next game. Take care of yourselves 😊

We have annouced all the winners including the 5 £100 winners who were :

Debra c


Ben h

Natalie w

Ivana o

Best wishes

Betsyboo5923 March 2021, 14:06 How come the £100 wins are so regimented? One won every 4 days. Christmas treat one was won every 2 days. Mmmmmm.........
Hey Betsyboo

This is just how the prizes fell and winners are chosen randomly.

We wish you the very best of luck for the next game

Best wishes
JoeBir23 March 2021, 08:45 Wow. Someone won £100 on day 4. Good going.
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 23:15 Johnandcarol - glad my site list got you a decent win. Nothing more for me, still just 30p won. Have been looking all day today and not one bird found. Tired now so going to bed. Take care all, hopefully see you all on here next time. Take care, keep safe x
DCG121 March 2021, 22:59 Not an extra bird after I won 5.10p
johnandcarole21 March 2021, 22:51 The sites that Betsyboo59 listed
shazzy6821 March 2021, 22:42 Just tried another 3 messages not posting! Anyway if they all come through later sorry for the bombardment! Will be thinking of you Betsyboo59 hope your op goes well, take care and will see you in the next game. Lovely chatting to you guys good luck for the big prize draw ❤
shazzy6821 March 2021, 22:04 I wish you all the best Betsyboo59, hope your op goes well and look forward to speaking in the next competition. I know we don't know each other but it's nice chatting with all you folks on here 😊 Please try not to worry about covid it pretty much ran through my immediate family when my dad died as all rules and regulations went out the window while we were grieving. I caught it and so did my elderly mum and we've all survived to tell the tale in fact my mum was the least poorly out of us all, got my vaccine next week and not really looking forward to that because every person i've spoke to have not been well with it 😬. I'm not bothering to look for any more birds tonight think the prizes will be pretty much gone now. Well done on your lotto win HiLFC I always say when I win the lottery i'll do this and i'll do that, trouble is I need to start playing it again to do that!! 😂 Good luck with the big prize draw everyone 🤞
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 22:02 SusieAsp - thank you so much for your very kind words. I will take your advice on board. This is the first of two ops I have to have, hopefully both will be done this year. Thank you again and yes hope to see you back on here for the next game 💓
JKJ201721 March 2021, 21:28 Final Day just under 2.5hrs left!😯
suzalee0721 March 2021, 20:48 I need 1 of everything except that I need 2 flying saucers!! Its just 3 hrs left!!! :( I have 157 entries, I hope that's worth something!
SusieAsp21 March 2021, 20:40 Betsyboo59, thanks for all your suggestions and good luck for the 17th April, hope all goes well. Take your own hand sanitiser and keep it by the bed and wear masks if possible if the nurses aren't. Do all you can yourself to stay safe in hospital, I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back on here for the next game, whenever that is. Just think by late April all this operation and hospital stay worry will be over with and you'll be back giving us lots of great tips. I'll mark on my calendar to keep everything crossed for you.X
BabyAki21 March 2021, 20:31 Betsyboo59. I have 150 entries but still no birds except daily clue. 80p still. Got treat today on clue but not one I was waiting for.
HiLFC21 March 2021, 20:22 Good luck Betsyboo59, I hope the op goes well. Havent you been offered a jab yet? I've had mine last month, I even got it before my mum and shes high risk!
Thank you for the list, no luck 😢 ... But im not bothered because I won £10 last night on the thunderball (lotto game) . 🙂
Take care and look after yourself.🤗🤗
Nicolacar21 March 2021, 20:09 I just found a bonbon in PrettyLittleThing. I hope at least one of you gets a sweet too.
johnandcarole21 March 2021, 20:06 The most I normally win is 50p so there is a chance that you might get a bigger amount sometime😊👍
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 19:51 Well unless I get any more suggestions for sites, think that's me done. Thanks TCB for putting the game on, frustrating as it is most of the time, it has helped with the lockdown. Thanks again to all the regulars on here who share messages, it's good to be able to chat even though we don't know each other personally. If you care to, please think of me on the 17th April. Going into hospital for op and very apprehensive as two neighbours have been in recently, both caught covid, one survived the other sadly didn't. Would be cruel to catch it in there having adhered strictly to rules, not been out, not seen family or friends other than on facetime for over a year. Keep everything crossed for me.
Not sure when the next game will be put on by TCB but I hope we can once again share some time and banter together. Please all take care and keep safe.
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 19:37 Don't tease the rest of us John and Carol - give us a clue as to the site(s) please.
shazzy6821 March 2021, 19:08 Congratulations johnandcarole, I may give it another go now i've heard your news 😊
shazzy6821 March 2021, 19:00 I haven't had any more birds for the rest of the day. Think i'll give up now 🤔 Mike jaggar glad you are still on the mend, take good care of yourself, you are missed when you don't post any comments. I wish you well for the future and will be on at my partner to get himself checked out 😊
BabyAki21 March 2021, 18:46 Betsyboo59. I have 150 entries but still no birds except daily clue. 80p still. Got treat today on clue but not one I was waiting for.
Chris12121221 March 2021, 17:54 Still nothing from your lists thanks again Betsy. The humming birds disappeared from here this week so I went to do some match betting on the horses at Cheltenham much better profit to time ratio. Lol.😁
johnandcarole21 March 2021, 17:48 Yeah just won £5
Chris12121221 March 2021, 17:25 Just going through your new list thanks Betsyboo59. No change yet and I got a bit fed up with it. Good luck.
HiLFC21 March 2021, 17:23 What annoys me the most is I keep getting '403 Forbidden' last few days.

If you do see this again please reach out to us at contact@Topcashback.co.uk so we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

HiLFC21 March 2021, 17:17 Just the two pdes today and last few days (including daily clues)....
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 17:01 Mike Jaggar - just scrolling back through the blog and spotted your message from yesterday. I had queried in an earlier message where you were. You have been missed this game and I was somewhat worried knowing about your earlier health issues. The problem with messages not posting straightaway is that they can be missed. Lovely to hear from you 💓
Where's Chris121212 gone?? Not put anything on the blog for nearly a week.
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 16:45 Ah but has he shazzy68??? I've no idea what he was saying either! Well as predicted no birds today. Think they've been switched off already. I am at 30p win and 152 pde's. I will have another hour or so tonight but think that's my lot! Hope you are all doing better.
Anthony0221 March 2021, 13:07 Sounds good
shazzy6821 March 2021, 10:12 Thanks Betsyboo59, i've pasted and copied your list to try throughout the day when I get a chance. I just got a pde from your list yesterday "Uber kids" and got a cola bottle from the daily clue today so got my 20p! Won £1.30 in total and have 89 pde's so happy with that. Fingers crossed for the big prize 🤞 I so want someone on this blog to win it so we know who did. 2 more sites I sneaked a peek on facebook people said they had got a bird on are Ccl and Converse again no luck for me but might be better luck for you. Good luck today everyone, let us know how you all did 😊
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 09:47 Hi all, try some of these and again apologies if these have been listed previously.
So sure mobile phones
Furniture 123
Ninja kitchen
Monster pet supplies
Snow and rock
Getting personal
Astrid and Meya
Sunday Times wine club
Legoland holidays
Jd Williams
Nasty gal
Savage vines

I can't imagine me getting anymore birds now so 30p is my lot and I think the birds will be few and far between today but good luck 🍀👍

paulofcroydon21 March 2021, 09:40 Normal Service has been resumed.
Got 16 Sweets from the Birds.
One away from every prize, third time in a row i've had this set, no a penny !
Betsyboo5921 March 2021, 08:50 Thanks shazzy68 already got birds on the north face and light in the box and on protein world (that was a daily clue) and muscle world as mentioned by batCave33. Just got a pde on today's clue so that's me probably done now. Will put some more sites on here shortly for people to try. Hope it's a successful last day for us.🤞🤞
technoman21 March 2021, 07:55 Good game TCB. I am done here as although agree that birds are random but what is behind it is already fixed. If you are 1 away , you keep on playing till end of the game you never gonna win it. During initial 2 days there might be small prizes. The complete game is process oriented with everything is planned. Thank you TCB for keeping game interesting I am once again 1 away from all prizes on last day of the game and its not coincidence. It works this way always as seen for past long time.

We still have prizes left for each category and so there is still a chance to claim some of our last prizes before the end of the game if you choose to continue.

Thank you for playing!

All the best,
Akasha9921 March 2021, 00:33 The Gym King Ltd
batCave3321 March 2021, 00:18 Try protein world and muscle food
Incase no one picked it up, todays clue was the gym king ltd
scrabb21 March 2021, 00:12 Today’S clue= The gym king Ltd. Another disappointing pde :( boo
shazzy6820 March 2021, 23:16 I've not found anything today apart from the daily clue tried a few from your list Betsyboo59 but nothing yet will keep trying. I had a look at what people are putting on facebook, i'm not on facebook myself but noticed a couple different suggestions from ours The north face and lightinthebox i've tried them a few times but no luck for me maybe will be for you 🤞
Betsyboo5920 March 2021, 23:04 Nicolacar - that's brilliant, really glad to help. It's lovely when you hear your suggestions have been helpful. But........ Don't spend it all at once 🙂🙂
Nicolacar20 March 2021, 22:23 Betsyboo59 Thanks for all the help you have provided here. I got my final dummy on Flowercard and won a £1 (i would share but don't know what we could buy with 50p each).
Betsyboo5920 March 2021, 22:15 Seems to have gone very quiet on here, no messages. Has everyone thrown the towel in? Nothing today, no birds flying. Have gone through my lists but nothing. Looks like 30p is my lot for this game. Any suggestions for sites welcome. Running out of time, last day tomorrow.
MIKE JAGGAR20 March 2021, 19:56 Just wanted to reassure anyone interested that i'm still alive.
Had to undergo Radiotherapy to try to destroy some more Prostate Cancer cells that the previous surgery missed.
Gentlemen over 45 years go to your gp and request a free Prostate Cancer Blood Test (psa Test), it could save your life.
Wendy197120 March 2021, 17:47 Hi, this is not to do with the competition but wanted to ask - Does anyone else have to chase up all their cashbacks? As in submitting a claim? I am thinking about quitting this as I have to constantly go into this after 1 week of using the offer to submit a claim but then it's always on ice or something. I have got the grand total of 3p.
I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your cashback. If you could get in touch with us directly then we can take a look at your account and can advise you on how to prevent these issues popping up further.

Best wishes,
scrabb20 March 2021, 12:16 Thank you Betsyboo59
Betsyboo5920 March 2021, 11:16 Now then you vultures 😂 Getting all your prizes off my sites. We are coming to the end of the game so here's some more for you to try. The list I posted last time, and other lists, have disappeared so sorry if I am duplicating or if these have been listed previously.
Far fetch
Oliver Bonas
Go groopie
Uber kids
My first years
Good luck to you all. Hope someone wins big 🤞👍

shazzy6820 March 2021, 09:02 Dave0564, i've only had 2 at most. I'm going through my whole list again now because no matter how much I look on other sites I don't seem to get a bird anywhere else.
Dave056420 March 2021, 08:49 Just curious: has anyone ever had 3 birds on the same company in the same game?

shazzy6820 March 2021, 08:49 Betsyboo59, I tried to post message 3 times last night after I saw your message! Don't know what I wrote in it that it won't show 🤔 Anyway i'll send end again which was meant for you, of course I would be happy to share my winnings with you 👍
shazzy6820 March 2021, 08:40 Betsyboo59, just been working and searching when I get a chance 😊 I read the blog and noticed, like you that comments are there 1 minute gone the next 🤔 Even opinions that are not offensive, just opinions and everyone entitled to that, I understand them removing some as not very nice. Of course I would be happy to share my winnings with you 👍
Mbads66620 March 2021, 06:21 Urban Decay gave me a jellybean not a pde! Just found a gummy bear on Ann Summers. Perhaps today will be better for prizes. Fingers crossed and good luck everybody!
NateLynnC20 March 2021, 05:36 Thank you DCG1 I was massively struggling with the Urban decay clue.
Helen_Ireland20 March 2021, 03:04 Iceland gave me a jelly bean tonight
DCG120 March 2021, 00:28 Urban Decay
BabyAki19 March 2021, 23:35 Betsyboo59. I'm not having any luck. Used all lists and suggestions and already had Karen Millen twice.
Betsyboo5919 March 2021, 22:36 Now then, now then you lot all getting your birds from me!! Share the love, where are you finding them that I can try???
shazzy6819 March 2021, 22:21 Glad you found that carmancarman 👍 Good luck with finding more. But that's all down to Betsyboo59 I mostly get hummingbirds from her lists and what others put on here. I do look for lots myself but don't have much luck 🤔
BabyAki19 March 2021, 22:18 Betsyboo59. Karen Millen was where I got a 2nd bird too.
shazzy6819 March 2021, 22:16 Just been working and searching when I get a chance 😊 I read the blog and noticed like you said comments there are there 1 minute gone the next even things that are not really bad just opinions and everyone entitled to that as long as they are not being nasty. Of course I would be happy to share 👍
Hey Shazzy68, we do check comments and if they are not in line with our site terms we would take a further look before taking action.

We want everyone to feel happy and comfortable on the blog and we do wish members to work together.

Best wishes
carmancarman19 March 2021, 22:04 Thanks Betsyboo 59 and shazzy68 as I too was struggling to find birds yet again but after going back to Karen Millen got a jelly bean (just need 1 more to win that prize)
Betsyboo5919 March 2021, 21:00 Heyup shazzy68 - thought you'd left town, you've been quiet😊. That's another one you've got off me! Don't forget where you've got all your clues from when you win big and send me a share 😂😂
shazzy6819 March 2021, 18:58 I just tried Karen Millen again after you said Betsyboo59 and I got a cola bottle aswell 😊👍 My first though so alas no 20p for me! I've only been getting the daily clues the last few days and 1 extra bird if i'm lucky nothing more than that I get sooo bored looking! Good luck for the last few days everyone 🤞
lolls19 March 2021, 18:06 Zavvi ,foot asylum pde’S
Betsyboo5919 March 2021, 16:02 In the words of Victor Meldrew "i don't believe it"! Just got my first bird in 11 days on Karen Millen - again. Got a gummy bear on there last time and a cola bottle this time. Now won 30p. Yippee!!
Betsyboo5919 March 2021, 15:08 BabyAki - 80p that's better than you did at the last game, well done. I am still on 10p!!!!
Any suggestions for sites everyone please very welcome. I am now going over the same lists!!!
Brette19 March 2021, 15:01 Today's clue is coast
BabyAki19 March 2021, 14:50 Betsyboo59. I too had a good start but just daily clues for over a week now. Won 80p and 1 away for £10 but doubt I will get it now.
Betsyboo5919 March 2021, 07:43 Why are messages posted on here being removed after a short while TCB? Several that were on yesterday and the day before have disappeared, including mine. What's that all about? And still no birds! This will be my 11th day without a single bird (other than the daily clue). Exactly like the Christmas game. How are you doing this time BabyAki cos I know you had the same problem with the Christmas game?
Hey Betsyboo

As previously mentioned we are checking comments and some may not longer be showing as they are not in line with our terms of the blog.

We do wish you the very best of luck for the rest of the game and the grand prize draw

Best wishes

jacq6719 March 2021, 05:39 Fao TCB.
Please note an acronym is where the letters stand for words ...Ie ... Tcb is an acronym for Top Cash Back...And fao is For the Attention Of .
Today's clue is a jumble of letters that make up the word which is an anagram ...Unless I am wrong and the site is a five letter site beginning with each of the letters !

Thanks for this info. Our team are looking into this further to get this resolved.

We are also checking future clues more to make sure this doesn't happen in future games.

Best wishes

Donna Barry19 March 2021, 00:51 Todays clue is hard
Ryansinclair8519 March 2021, 00:40 Todays clue is coast another anagram not a acronym

Our team are getting this correct after spotting this. I am sorry for any fustration.

Best wishes

ush88819 March 2021, 00:24 Today's clue is Coast-another
Pde- total now 448.So far won 30p😁
1 away from £10 £20 and £100🤞There is still hope for a free game🙏
Brette18 March 2021, 12:43 Sorry made a mistake I didn't win 10 p it was a pound so it should be £101.80 sorry for the confusion , it was half three in the morning . Good luck to you all
mconnect18 March 2021, 09:16 Haha. What I have got today is again what was expected and I told in previous message - Flying Saucers

I am 1 away from Flying Saucers which I know I will never get as per logic of the game.

If I get either 1 jellybeans or 1 gummybears or 1 Flying Saucers in next 4 days then I will agree that its a fair game and all prizes are random but I know that will never happen because everything is already fixed and its going exactly same way as my previous games. I will end up with 1 away from all prizes.


We do hope you get lucky and find the missing sweets you need for a prize.

If you don't then we wish you the very best of luck for the grand prize draw

Best wishes

HiLFC18 March 2021, 07:20 Hi TCB can you tell us how many of these prizes remaining?
Just so we know theres no point us hoping that we'll win one of the bigger prizes if they're already claimed... Thanks. :)
5 x £100
10 x £20
30 x £10
200 x £5
3,000 x £1
4,000 x £0.50
25,000 x £0.20
40,000 x £0.10

We are unable to break this down specifically but we can see there are prizes left and you can see the amount left in prizes on the game banner on the website

Best wishes

AiboPals18 March 2021, 01:37 Etsy today's clue
JKJ201718 March 2021, 00:05 Etsy.
JKJ201717 March 2021, 23:34 Bit like New Years Eve. 😀 Might aswell then 😴
Member107948851903717 March 2021, 23:15 Twitter sharing isn’T always giving out the extra bonuses ... I’M sure i’Ve missed out on lots on the bonus entries 🙁🙁🙁

This should show on your game card after a little while from sharing the prize draw entry post. All entries are added in the games system and would be put into the draw

If you do have any concerns please reach out to our team via support ticket and we can take a closer look.

Best wishes

technoman17 March 2021, 14:44 You are correct mconnect. I am 1 away from all prizes other than 2 away from jellybeans and 2 away from Gummybears.

Now I will not win anything but only get pde's and might be one of Gummybears or Jellybeans for sure.

Everything is fixed but just enjoy the game as TCB does a great job in creating such fun loving games.

We would advise that there are still prizes available so you may be lucky to recieve one of these from the hummingbirds.

The prize draw is also a great chance to win a huge prize so we also wish you the best of luck for this.

Best wishes

watson_8717 March 2021, 14:38 Pde’S everywhere! Can’T remember my last sweet
0Shaz17 March 2021, 12:25 @TopCashback i'm having issues with the Facebook share button. The Error shown is: 'App not set up: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.'

We are aware of this issue and our team are hard at work to resolve this but it is taking considerable time to resolve.

We are advising members that if they do wish to share on social media to use the twitter share button as this is working as normal

Best wishes

mconnect17 March 2021, 10:56 My account seems to be normal now and again my logic proved correct about rigged prize symbols.

I was 1 away from all prizes apart from Flying Saucers where I am 3 away.
And what I have got today - Flying Saucers

This is not at all random and its all fixed.

Hope TCB et al understand my point not about birds but about prizes which are 100% Rigged.

Prizes are given out at random from hummingbirds that appear on random retailer offer pages except the daily clue. The only constant is that there are only a set amount of prizes so you may see less hummingbirds towards the end of the game as prizes have already been given out.

I'm glad that you are having a little more luck recently and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes


Best wishes

mikeukldn17 March 2021, 01:22 Today’S answer is
Currys pc World
gene17 March 2021, 00:50 Any one got the 17th clue
Betsyboo5916 March 2021, 22:17 Mconnect - welcome to the "can't find any birds" club. I have only found 1 in the last 9 days. This is what has happened in the last few games. Frustrating isn't it??
And Brette - have you really won £100.80????
mconnect16 March 2021, 21:49 Hi Phil - TCB,

I am observing that when I raised issue here about rigged game, you seems to have blocked my account and I am not getting birds anymore. Please be fair. Customers have right to ask questions. Kindly unblock my account. I am also raising support ticket for the same.

We do not block members from playing the game as that would be unfair.

Hummingbirds may not be showing as frequently towards the end of the game as there are only so many prizes to be given out but if you do keep clearing cookies regularly you should still see hummingbirds on random retailer offer pages except for the daily clue.

Best wishes

toribop16 March 2021, 21:39 I agree BetsyBoo - perhaps the main prize could be solely won from acquired PDEs on site. A second prize can then be Won with the separate bonus social media entries? Therefore a playing field for standard entrants and a bonus prizes/Field for those who can use social media to boost.

I will pass this feedback on to our team but a system where the most prize draw entries wins may create a unfair system also which is why our draw picks a winner at random,

Best wishes

NextDealsUK16 March 2021, 20:53 Lancomeuk
shazzy6816 March 2021, 18:20 Just found a bird on snapfish! 1st one today apart from the daily clue.
FiSmirk16 March 2021, 14:50 Today's is Lancome
Betsyboo5916 March 2021, 14:06 TwinSandy - my point exactly! As you and I both said TCB state "more entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize" so the fact that some members can enhance pde's via social media and, as TCB state, increase their chance of winning the final prize, disadvantages all those members who, like me, do not use social media. So it is not a level playing field and "all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game" as stated by Phil might be true. But some members are in with a lot more "shots" than others. Highly unfair in my opinion ☹️
Hey Betsyboo

We do work incredibly hard to make the game as fair as possible and do adhere to strict guidence to make a fair competition.

I have replied to explain what I meant by my statement and I do appologise for any fustration caused by the game.

The more prize draw entries you have would mean more enteries into the draw but as it is drawn at random it can be a winner who doesn't have many prize draw entries is drawn but that would again be randomly chosen.

We do intend for the game to be a little extra fun for members and I will pass your feedback on to be taken on board for future games.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5916 March 2021, 13:38 Thanks Brette for the advice which is much appreciated, but I am not using the app. This game does not work on the app. I am using the website on Google but, as I have experienced in previous games, the birds are plentiful to start with and then absolutely nothing at all for the remaining days before the game ends.
mconnect16 March 2021, 12:28 As per the game only pde's for next couple of days. Its all fixed. Towards end of the game where ever you are missing more that one prize symbol , you will get it until you are 1 away so that you don't win any prize and game stays interesting.
Brette16 March 2021, 11:21 Betsyboo if you go on Google and go on the site and click the desktop site instead of using the app you will be able to top up your pde's give it a go . Good luck ....
TwinSandy16 March 2021, 11:19 Hi Phil - TCB,

Does what your wrote as an answer to Betsyboo "The game is drawn at random and this includes the grand prize draw so all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game." Sort of contradicts the t&Cs of the game as stated above "More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize"...?

More PDEs more chances not? (It is what make us come back for more birdies)

The more prize draw entries a member has would mean more entreies into the prize draw but as this is drawn at random it may mean that someone with less prize draw entries may win.

I am sorry for any fustration with the game as it is intended to be a little extra fun for members who are looking for great cashback offers.

Best wishes

Cateycat816 March 2021, 09:34 Found birds yesterday on Kipling and Kinguin xx (just pde's)
Betsyboo5916 March 2021, 09:14 And Chris121212 if I remember correctly, didn't you win £20 in the Christmas Treats and the same on one of the games prior to that??? You've got those bugs in a dish on your windowsill attracting the birds again haven't you?? Not that i'm jealous you understand, not one bit😡😡😡
HiLFC16 March 2021, 07:42 Sorry Chris121212, (i had a feeling someone would come back and say that) im not having that, that pic was still wrong, the top half was missing, so shouldnt it be 'on' and not 'mo'? Have a good day. ;-)
Hustler12116 March 2021, 00:28 Lancome u.K
Hustler12116 March 2021, 00:16 Today's clue
Landore u.K

Good luck
Got a pde
Chris12121215 March 2021, 23:53 I saw you betsyboo59?????
Chris12121215 March 2021, 23:32 Things have got tired and slowed down now Betsyboo59.
As I said before I would pay you the £1000 to scrap the poison that is social media.
When I win this hun, you can have half.
Cheltenham starts tomorrow so I could be 200% Down by friday. Then you owe me.😀
I take it as a good luck pass around of good luck!
Now you have all my good luck and you know you have to give it away!!!
It's a never ending circle, hun but some should run off on you.
Chris12121215 March 2021, 23:04 Any new lists would be welcome.😁 Need a bon bon.
Betsyboo5915 March 2021, 22:57 Wow Chris121212 - 702 pde's?? No disrespect to you and I wish you all the luck in the world but as I said earlier how can those of us who don't do social media and, therefore, can't enhance our pde's compete? Tcb states above that the more pde's you have the better chance you have of winning the main prize - so come on TCB please make it a level playing field for us all. Glad my list helped you find birds Chris 121212 and good luck finding more. I have only found 1 in the last 8 days. Same as in previous games, they've flown away☹️
Hey Betsyboo

The game is drawn at random and this includes the grand prize draw so all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game.

Best wishes

Chris12121215 March 2021, 22:56 Lost message again on here!!!! Just got 2nd fried egg on Ninja kitchen and a ped on rinkit 15 mins after. What is going on?

The birds are back
Chris12121215 March 2021, 22:25 Ok. I have 702 pde's. (117 birds) 10p and 20p that is 11 sweet treats.

I have never looked up a site on my own without it been recommended from another list or site from another person.

Here are the sites I need to find from all them lists.
The jewel hut
Zatu games
Brand ally
Easyjet holiday
Julian charles
Smash box
Litte woods
And little miss.

Some members will remember some of these from early on but they still remain on my to get list.
More options would always be welcome.
Chris12121215 March 2021, 20:57 The pedant in me will also have to correct myself as that should have said cryptic clue! Lol😠
Chris12121215 March 2021, 20:50 Hi again. HiLFC the pedant in me has to stand you and correct you. Sorry.😢
The monsoon clue only showed a half ish moon so that would be "mo" as a critic clue.
I'll get my coat. Win 30p now.
Jlw210515 March 2021, 12:13 20 cogs is the clue. 2x5 is 10 x 2 = 20
Mbads66615 March 2021, 10:47 Wow, actually had a second dummy on Thompson & Morgan. Just had PDEs last couple of days....
technoman15 March 2021, 09:05 Mconnect: I think you cracked it and know TopCashback games better. Next time they might change how game works.

After your message I also gave a thought on your scenario agree that you have a point.
HiLFC15 March 2021, 07:38 This isnt the first time they've given us the wrong clue, that monsoon, they gave us a moon + Soon.

Karen Millen - anagram not an acronym and now this, who approves this??


We are aware of the daily clue for today being incorrect and are looking into correcting this.

I am sorry if this has caused any fustration but we can see that members have been able to get the correct answer regardless of the clue.

We do check daily clues as much as possible and I will pass your feedback so we can learn from this for the future.

Best wishes

HiLFC15 March 2021, 07:32 Pretty sure that clue is wrong....10cogs??
jacq6715 March 2021, 05:48 Yes 10 cogs ...Ha ha
Magzy9915 March 2021, 05:05 Lol... Does the clue not say 10cogs... When it should say 20cogs .. They need to do their maths lol
cezzaed14 March 2021, 23:22 Just got a gummi bear on Thompson and Morgan
shazzy6814 March 2021, 22:39 Yes, it's hard to stay away from the game when there's prizes to still be won, if I find any new ones i'll list them but I mainly rely on what's listed here anyway. Hope you have some better luck over the next few days 🤞😊
Betsyboo5914 March 2021, 22:22 Yes shazzy68 you're right, I have got birds on all of those you've listed and easyJet. On 144 pde's at the moment and did say I wasn't going to continue playing if birds couldn't be found but it's addictive, you keep trying hoping that the birds will come back. I am only playing now and again though, not like I was initially. Unfortunately no birds for me anywhere 🐦😭
shazzy6814 March 2021, 21:54 Just found a bird on easyjet holidays
shazzy6814 March 2021, 21:20 I'm still getting them from the list you put on here Betsyboo59. Have you tried these?
Master of malt
The jewel hut
Zatu games
I expect you have, hope you have better luck. Yeah I saw that but couldnt quite work out if he was taking the mick?🤔 Because I know the 2 people after were!
Betsyboo5914 March 2021, 19:54 Well come on then shazzy68 be a mate and give us a clue which sites cos i've only found the one on Christy towels (apart from the daily clue) in the last 7 days. Still only 10p won, just the same as last game. Still Brette's done well according to his message on here he's at £100.80!!!!
Eddiesolo14 March 2021, 19:46 Just got a pde on feel unique
mconnect14 March 2021, 18:42 Charlotte - Topcashback : There is logic written which is rigged that is basis on probability. So that common user should never win big, may be some get small prizes to prove its not rigged.

How can same probability happen again and again for 7 times and you dont win anything. This clearly proves that its additional logic written such a way that process is followed not to allow anyone win big. This proves birds are random which can appear on any retailer but to show prizes is not random.
Ex: "i am 1 away from all prizes but 4 away from flying saucers. Now it is rigged that next prize I will get is 1 flying saucer"


I am sorry to hear that you are not having much luck with the game but that's all it comes down to.

The game gives prizes out at random for members to make this fair for all but we would advise that there is only so many of the prizes available so towards the end of the game you may see less hummingbirds than at the start.

The prize draw is also drawn at random so having the most prize draw entries may not necessarily guranatee you the huge prize and this is done at random to again give all members a chance at winning.

Our game is intented to be a little extra fun for members who are doing their visit to see great cashback offers and i'm sorry if this has caused any disapointment.

Best wishes

Hellsbells6414 March 2021, 16:24 Just won 20p
shazzy6814 March 2021, 16:13 Hi everyone, i'm finding a bird each time I come back to the game but i'm only looking every few hrs now then put in a couple sites and up one pops. 74 pde's and 1 away from winning 50p, £5 & £20. £1 won so far. Hope you all have some luck over the next few days 🤞
BabyAki14 March 2021, 13:01 Betsyboo59. I had about 40 one day. Just daily clue last few days.
JKJ201714 March 2021, 12:01 Thanks guys I thought it was The Crown something...I got 1🍳.
Happy Mothers Day🌹
davidlang2314 March 2021, 11:11 Betsyboo59 I am still finding some birds but not as many. Just got pde on The Official ghd Website. Just got to keep looking
mconnect14 March 2021, 10:52 Hi Topcashback,

Can you justify on below point or accept that sweet treat is totally rigged ?

"I am 1 away from all prizes but 4 away from flying saucers. Now it is riggrd that next prize I will get is 1 flying saucer"

This is my experience and pattern from past 7 games I observed. I end up the game always with 1 away from all prizes.

I can assure you that the game is not rigged. The prizes are completely random and we have already had members who have completed the sections to win these prizes. It is just down to chance and probability. We do not have control over who gets what symbol.

Best wishes,
Brette14 March 2021, 10:46 Twinsandy I never log out but clear cookies . Good luck to all
Betsyboo5914 March 2021, 10:41 Just a pde for me for daily clue. Anybody finding birds anywhere? Think they've gone again. Would be much more interesting if TCB spread them out a bit. Don't know how others are finding this game but for me loads found first 7 days then just one since then (Christy towels - thanks davidlang23). But I haven't been playing as much as no fun when there are no birds flying! Hope you're having better luck than me. And where are you Andrea and Mike Jaggar. You have been missed! Hope you're both ok.
KLW475361914 March 2021, 01:13 The royal mint
scrabb14 March 2021, 00:09 Today’S clue: the royal mint
annbalou13 March 2021, 22:47 Yaayyy i've just won £1 thanks to Christys towels, the most i've won on these games but I enjoy hunting the birds...
Chithupap13 March 2021, 19:06 The humming bird mostly give me 1X chance for draw.... I hate it
SamTraz8113 March 2021, 14:33 Monsoon
TwinSandy13 March 2021, 12:17 Brette,

It looks like you cracked it...

Do you clear your history, cookies, and/Or log out as others have suggested or just wait?

I have never won more than 20p so your help would be appreciated.
Brette13 March 2021, 01:34 The Birds are random , it's the same ones every game , eg the foot locker damart hotel Chocolat Clark's shoes river island , need I go on . Just leave a gap of 20 minutes between each search . Good luck hope you are doing as well as me best one ever £ 100 .80 pence ,beat my best by just under £80 .00 . Keep up the good work and remember just click on every 20/25 minutes and go random and remember the average is 5/6 pde's per treat goooood lukkkke
Tabitha130013 March 2021, 00:49 Are they cheekily trying to throw us off the scent with the hint for today's clue ?? It's an anagram not an acronym - Karen Millen. Did get me a second cola bottle for 20p though!
We did have a mix-up on the clue today, however we have updated this now!
Best wishes,
Ryansinclair8513 March 2021, 00:23 Todays is karen millen it's a anagram not a acronym
Petrunha112 March 2021, 21:46 Gummybear in Asos :)
shazzy6812 March 2021, 16:56 I just found an egg on Wiltshire farm foods which I think was on the list you put on Betsyboo59 (the list that has now disappeared!) So thank you, I have been trying Wiltshire farm foods for a while now, only my 2nd bird today but first time i've looked since the daily clue this morning. Hope you all have a bit better luck over the next few days 🤞
davidlang2312 March 2021, 16:06 Found birds on espa and Christie Towels
CactusIsland12 March 2021, 15:58 @Betsyboo59
Haha, it's ok, i've only ever won 10p, I get quite a few PDEs though so I am hoping that the PDEs will give me something instead. Good luck though! I hope you win that 50p!
Elena081212 March 2021, 12:19 House of Fraser
Hargow12 March 2021, 12:07 Pde on Armani and Fried Egg on Moonpig
Eddiesolo12 March 2021, 10:53 Apart from the daily clues the lickle dickie birds seem to have flown to warmer climes-not had any randoms for over two days now, despite going on merchants that others have found had a prize.
Looks like it is it for me, just daily clues now.
JKJ201712 March 2021, 10:01 Armani Beauty
Betsyboo5912 March 2021, 09:11 CactusIsland - just got that egg you were looking for on the daily clue - sorry!
Wish I could give it you. Now I just need one more to win 50p. And that's highly unlikely as the birds have flown away again. Not one found again yesterday.
CactusIsland12 March 2021, 08:16 I think todays clue is Armani
I finally won 10p! I'm happy with that, I just need one more egg to win 50p though
lexi6512 March 2021, 07:36 Armani beauty today folks, I only got a pde though
Elena081211 March 2021, 14:36 Getting personal
Thompson and Morgan
Elena081211 March 2021, 14:22 Bloom и Wild
Betsyboo5911 March 2021, 13:26 Antlercare - you are very welcome. I am more than happy to help. Hope you do well with the game and don't forget all those pde's go into the draw at the end of the game for one lucky person to win the big prize of £1000. The very best of luck 🤞
clonecashback11 March 2021, 13:19 8 of my daily clues so far have been extra draw entries. Starting to get a little tedious!
JAIMIEandOZ11 March 2021, 09:43 Pde on Aviva
Chris12121211 March 2021, 00:25 Monsoon for my second bird on this site. Just a pde though.
elizabethdocarmo10 March 2021, 22:29 I found pde!
shazzy6810 March 2021, 22:23 That's a shame Betsyboo59, I got another bird earlier but not tried since. Hope tomorrows a better day for you and anyone else who hasn't had much luck 🤞
BabyAki10 March 2021, 21:33 Betsyboo59. I have found 130 birds but only the odd one for last few days. Hope you have better luck.
JKJ201710 March 2021, 20:07 How cute are these hummingbirds? They kinda wait for you to click on em 😁😊
Betsyboo5910 March 2021, 19:42 Hi shazzy68 hope you've had a decent first day back to work. No, not one bird again today other than the daily clue. I really hope it's not like the last game where i, and BabyAki (maybe others also) didn't find any birds for 10/11 days. Really thought this game was going to be different as there were so many birds over the first few days - 139 found by me in total. I'll give it tomorrow but if no birds found then that's me done. I am not spending another 10/11 days looking for birds that aren't there to be found! I'll just do the daily clue.
Antlercare10 March 2021, 19:16 @Betsyboo59 thank you for esplaining that it means Prize Draw Entry, I really appreciate you taking time to explain it
Claire4499410 March 2021, 19:08 Top gift cards gave me a jellybean
BASSLINEBARGAINS10 March 2021, 18:33 Antlercare - pde = Prize Draw Entry xxx
shazzy6810 March 2021, 17:56 Only 2 birds found and 1 was the daily clue, how are you getting on Betsyboo59? Hope you have found some today.
shazzy6810 March 2021, 17:51 How are we all doing today? I've not had much time to find birds as first day back to work for a long time for me 😕
Betsyboo5910 March 2021, 16:14 Antlercare - it's a prize draw entry. Often yiuvwill find a bird and when you click on it it will show that you have won a prize draw entry (pde). At the end if the game TCB draw one ode to win the top prize if £1000. Hope this explains. Good luck🍀
Antlercare10 March 2021, 15:23 Can I ask what the heck is a pde?
julich10 March 2021, 11:34 Unable to share on facebook, it just tells me the App is still in development mode. How can I play the game if I cannot 'share'? Does anybody know how/If I can get around this? Tia

Hey Tia

Our team are aware of this issue and are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

As we are being told that this may take time we are advising members to use the twitter share button as this is working as normal.

Best wishes
Carol_Dawson10 March 2021, 10:48 Just got a bird on apple yard but disappeared as I clicked on it!
Ev3rnight110 March 2021, 10:00 Unable to share on Facebook .. App not developed


Our team are aware of this issue and are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible although we have been made aware this may take considerable time.

We are advising that if you wish to share the prize draw on social media to try the twitter share button as this should be working as normal.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5910 March 2021, 09:13 Lexi65 - just reading back through the blog and it would appear Phil from TCB has completely missed the point you were making. From his response it looks like he thought you were complaining about the issue members have been having with Facebook from the start of this game, when you were actually stating that there should be a level playing field with these games, and that those of us who don't do social media are disadvantaged by not being able to enhance our pde's. Something I have said more than once!
Hey Betsyboo

Our team work incredibly hard to make the game as fair for all members as possible and this is why winners are chosen at random.

Players can play however they wish and the amount of shares on social media you have would not necessarily mean you are sure to win as winners for the grand prize are also chosen at random.

I will pass your feedback on to our team for future consideration and do wish you luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes

HiLFC10 March 2021, 07:32 75 pdes, still no prize
JefferyRA10 March 2021, 00:26 Kiehl's today.
quinlami9 March 2021, 21:05 Tip:
I recommend if you spend 10 hours a day you get lots of PDEs.
I have 12,194.


We would advise that if you do wish to play for longer periods of time to take plenty of breaks

Best wishes

Claire449949 March 2021, 20:06 Birds have all gone for me too. 59 pdes and 30p won - my usual!
Betsyboo599 March 2021, 17:02 Perhaps i've found all that there is to find??? Not one anywhere and, like I say up to yesterday I was getting one every 15 mins. Doesn't make sense unless there are no more to find.
Chris1212129 March 2021, 16:42 Bonbon on I saw it first. Only prize sweet today but the birds are still showing fast.
shazzy689 March 2021, 16:17 3 or 4 birds today for me but not been on it much either, I usually find them after 3 or 4 clicks, not sure why you haven't found any again Betsyboo59 😔🤔 How's everyone else doing?
lolls9 March 2021, 16:13 Yey 😊 20p
BabyAki9 March 2021, 14:51 Betsyboo59. I only had a couple of birds yesterday but retried some listed below and got a few birds.
Betsyboo599 March 2021, 13:59 Well done shazzy68! I haven't had as much time to play today but when I have logged on , still no birds! Such