Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway

Posted on 01 Mar 2021 Posted in  Top Games

Our Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today, and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 72,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £1,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 72,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £17,000 up for grabs over the next 21 days.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 1st March to the 21st March 23:59 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 21st March at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

michelle00724 Sep 21 - 21:30 @Phil you didn’T really answer T4revor’S question. We’Re looking for the blog for newest sweet treats, like this thread but new!

The Autumn treats blog post can be seen here https://www.topcashback.co.uk/blog/autumn-treats-cashback-giveaway/

Best wishes

T4revor22 Sep 21 - 23:37 Hi TopCashback team
The Blog link seems to be slightly more difficult to locate
And the Autumn Treats doesn't seem to be on it 😊

You should be able to find the game banner on our mobile website or desktop website home page and can play the game there.

If you are having any issues please reach out to our team via support tickets, social media or email. Just so we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Baileye39322 Sep 21 - 17:17 Omg sweet treats, yay!!!! I love love love this game, cheers for bringing it back Phil 🤗🤔😎😍

It's not just me bringing this game back, it's our hard working team and cheeky hummingbirds that need a shout out :)

I'm so glad you love the game and wish you the very best of luck.

Best wishes

Emma minshull26 Mar 21 - 00:41 Hi when is the sweet Treats hummingbirds game playing next, thanks

We will be sure to keep our members update on our site and on our social media when the next hummingbird game is coming : )

Best wishes,
shazzy6823 Mar 21 - 15:22 Congratulations Jo h on your win, I always thought there were 10 x £100 winners on here? Maybe not though 🤔 Can't remember now. Which one are you Brette? See you all in the next game. Take care of yourselves 😊

We have annouced all the winners including the 5 £100 winners who were :

Debra c


Ben h

Natalie w

Ivana o

Best wishes

Betsyboo5923 Mar 21 - 14:06 How come the £100 wins are so regimented? One won every 4 days. Christmas treat one was won every 2 days. Mmmmmm.........
Hey Betsyboo

This is just how the prizes fell and winners are chosen randomly.

We wish you the very best of luck for the next game

Best wishes
JoeBir23 Mar 21 - 08:45 Wow. Someone won £100 on day 4. Good going.
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 23:15 Johnandcarol - glad my site list got you a decent win. Nothing more for me, still just 30p won. Have been looking all day today and not one bird found. Tired now so going to bed. Take care all, hopefully see you all on here next time. Take care, keep safe x
DCG121 Mar 21 - 22:59 Not an extra bird after I won 5.10p
johnandcarole21 Mar 21 - 22:51 The sites that Betsyboo59 listed
shazzy6821 Mar 21 - 22:42 Just tried another 3 messages not posting! Anyway if they all come through later sorry for the bombardment! Will be thinking of you Betsyboo59 hope your op goes well, take care and will see you in the next game. Lovely chatting to you guys good luck for the big prize draw ❤
shazzy6821 Mar 21 - 22:04 I wish you all the best Betsyboo59, hope your op goes well and look forward to speaking in the next competition. I know we don't know each other but it's nice chatting with all you folks on here 😊 Please try not to worry about covid it pretty much ran through my immediate family when my dad died as all rules and regulations went out the window while we were grieving. I caught it and so did my elderly mum and we've all survived to tell the tale in fact my mum was the least poorly out of us all, got my vaccine next week and not really looking forward to that because every person i've spoke to have not been well with it 😬. I'm not bothering to look for any more birds tonight think the prizes will be pretty much gone now. Well done on your lotto win HiLFC I always say when I win the lottery i'll do this and i'll do that, trouble is I need to start playing it again to do that!! 😂 Good luck with the big prize draw everyone 🤞
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 22:02 SusieAsp - thank you so much for your very kind words. I will take your advice on board. This is the first of two ops I have to have, hopefully both will be done this year. Thank you again and yes hope to see you back on here for the next game 💓
JKJ201721 Mar 21 - 21:28 Final Day just under 2.5hrs left!😯
suzalee0721 Mar 21 - 20:48 I need 1 of everything except that I need 2 flying saucers!! Its just 3 hrs left!!! :( I have 157 entries, I hope that's worth something!
SusieAsp21 Mar 21 - 20:40 Betsyboo59, thanks for all your suggestions and good luck for the 17th April, hope all goes well. Take your own hand sanitiser and keep it by the bed and wear masks if possible if the nurses aren't. Do all you can yourself to stay safe in hospital, I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back on here for the next game, whenever that is. Just think by late April all this operation and hospital stay worry will be over with and you'll be back giving us lots of great tips. I'll mark on my calendar to keep everything crossed for you.X
BabyAki21 Mar 21 - 20:31 Betsyboo59. I have 150 entries but still no birds except daily clue. 80p still. Got treat today on clue but not one I was waiting for.
HiLFC21 Mar 21 - 20:22 Good luck Betsyboo59, I hope the op goes well. Havent you been offered a jab yet? I've had mine last month, I even got it before my mum and shes high risk!
Thank you for the list, no luck 😢 ... But im not bothered because I won £10 last night on the thunderball (lotto game) . 🙂
Take care and look after yourself.🤗🤗
Nicolacar21 Mar 21 - 20:09 I just found a bonbon in PrettyLittleThing. I hope at least one of you gets a sweet too.
johnandcarole21 Mar 21 - 20:06 The most I normally win is 50p so there is a chance that you might get a bigger amount sometime😊👍
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 19:51 Well unless I get any more suggestions for sites, think that's me done. Thanks TCB for putting the game on, frustrating as it is most of the time, it has helped with the lockdown. Thanks again to all the regulars on here who share messages, it's good to be able to chat even though we don't know each other personally. If you care to, please think of me on the 17th April. Going into hospital for op and very apprehensive as two neighbours have been in recently, both caught covid, one survived the other sadly didn't. Would be cruel to catch it in there having adhered strictly to rules, not been out, not seen family or friends other than on facetime for over a year. Keep everything crossed for me.
Not sure when the next game will be put on by TCB but I hope we can once again share some time and banter together. Please all take care and keep safe.
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 19:37 Don't tease the rest of us John and Carol - give us a clue as to the site(s) please.
shazzy6821 Mar 21 - 19:08 Congratulations johnandcarole, I may give it another go now i've heard your news 😊
shazzy6821 Mar 21 - 19:00 I haven't had any more birds for the rest of the day. Think i'll give up now 🤔 Mike jaggar glad you are still on the mend, take good care of yourself, you are missed when you don't post any comments. I wish you well for the future and will be on at my partner to get himself checked out 😊
BabyAki21 Mar 21 - 18:46 Betsyboo59. I have 150 entries but still no birds except daily clue. 80p still. Got treat today on clue but not one I was waiting for.
Chris12121221 Mar 21 - 17:54 Still nothing from your lists thanks again Betsy. The humming birds disappeared from here this week so I went to do some match betting on the horses at Cheltenham much better profit to time ratio. Lol.😁
johnandcarole21 Mar 21 - 17:48 Yeah just won £5
Chris12121221 Mar 21 - 17:25 Just going through your new list thanks Betsyboo59. No change yet and I got a bit fed up with it. Good luck.
HiLFC21 Mar 21 - 17:23 What annoys me the most is I keep getting '403 Forbidden' last few days.

If you do see this again please reach out to us at contact@Topcashback.co.uk so we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

HiLFC21 Mar 21 - 17:17 Just the two pdes today and last few days (including daily clues)....
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 17:01 Mike Jaggar - just scrolling back through the blog and spotted your message from yesterday. I had queried in an earlier message where you were. You have been missed this game and I was somewhat worried knowing about your earlier health issues. The problem with messages not posting straightaway is that they can be missed. Lovely to hear from you 💓
Where's Chris121212 gone?? Not put anything on the blog for nearly a week.
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 16:45 Ah but has he shazzy68??? I've no idea what he was saying either! Well as predicted no birds today. Think they've been switched off already. I am at 30p win and 152 pde's. I will have another hour or so tonight but think that's my lot! Hope you are all doing better.
Anthony0221 Mar 21 - 13:07 Sounds good
shazzy6821 Mar 21 - 10:12 Thanks Betsyboo59, i've pasted and copied your list to try throughout the day when I get a chance. I just got a pde from your list yesterday "Uber kids" and got a cola bottle from the daily clue today so got my 20p! Won £1.30 in total and have 89 pde's so happy with that. Fingers crossed for the big prize 🤞 I so want someone on this blog to win it so we know who did. 2 more sites I sneaked a peek on facebook people said they had got a bird on are Ccl and Converse again no luck for me but might be better luck for you. Good luck today everyone, let us know how you all did 😊
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 09:47 Hi all, try some of these and again apologies if these have been listed previously.
So sure mobile phones
Furniture 123
Ninja kitchen
Monster pet supplies
Snow and rock
Getting personal
Astrid and Meya
Sunday Times wine club
Legoland holidays
Jd Williams
Nasty gal
Savage vines

I can't imagine me getting anymore birds now so 30p is my lot and I think the birds will be few and far between today but good luck 🍀👍

paulofcroydon21 Mar 21 - 09:40 Normal Service has been resumed.
Got 16 Sweets from the Birds.
One away from every prize, third time in a row i've had this set, no a penny !
Betsyboo5921 Mar 21 - 08:50 Thanks shazzy68 already got birds on the north face and light in the box and on protein world (that was a daily clue) and muscle world as mentioned by batCave33. Just got a pde on today's clue so that's me probably done now. Will put some more sites on here shortly for people to try. Hope it's a successful last day for us.🤞🤞
technoman21 Mar 21 - 07:55 Good game TCB. I am done here as although agree that birds are random but what is behind it is already fixed. If you are 1 away , you keep on playing till end of the game you never gonna win it. During initial 2 days there might be small prizes. The complete game is process oriented with everything is planned. Thank you TCB for keeping game interesting I am once again 1 away from all prizes on last day of the game and its not coincidence. It works this way always as seen for past long time.

We still have prizes left for each category and so there is still a chance to claim some of our last prizes before the end of the game if you choose to continue.

Thank you for playing!

All the best,
Akasha9921 Mar 21 - 00:33 The Gym King Ltd
batCave3321 Mar 21 - 00:18 Try protein world and muscle food
Incase no one picked it up, todays clue was the gym king ltd
scrabb21 Mar 21 - 00:12 Today’S clue= The gym king Ltd. Another disappointing pde :( boo
shazzy6820 Mar 21 - 23:16 I've not found anything today apart from the daily clue tried a few from your list Betsyboo59 but nothing yet will keep trying. I had a look at what people are putting on facebook, i'm not on facebook myself but noticed a couple different suggestions from ours The north face and lightinthebox i've tried them a few times but no luck for me maybe will be for you 🤞
Betsyboo5920 Mar 21 - 23:04 Nicolacar - that's brilliant, really glad to help. It's lovely when you hear your suggestions have been helpful. But........ Don't spend it all at once 🙂🙂
Nicolacar20 Mar 21 - 22:23 Betsyboo59 Thanks for all the help you have provided here. I got my final dummy on Flowercard and won a £1 (i would share but don't know what we could buy with 50p each).
Betsyboo5920 Mar 21 - 22:15 Seems to have gone very quiet on here, no messages. Has everyone thrown the towel in? Nothing today, no birds flying. Have gone through my lists but nothing. Looks like 30p is my lot for this game. Any suggestions for sites welcome. Running out of time, last day tomorrow.
MIKE JAGGAR20 Mar 21 - 19:56 Just wanted to reassure anyone interested that i'm still alive.
Had to undergo Radiotherapy to try to destroy some more Prostate Cancer cells that the previous surgery missed.
Gentlemen over 45 years go to your gp and request a free Prostate Cancer Blood Test (psa Test), it could save your life.
Member38721617853820 Mar 21 - 17:47 Hi, this is not to do with the competition but wanted to ask - Does anyone else have to chase up all their cashbacks? As in submitting a claim? I am thinking about quitting this as I have to constantly go into this after 1 week of using the offer to submit a claim but then it's always on ice or something. I have got the grand total of 3p.
I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your cashback. If you could get in touch with us directly then we can take a look at your account and can advise you on how to prevent these issues popping up further.

Best wishes,
scrabb20 Mar 21 - 12:16 Thank you Betsyboo59
Betsyboo5920 Mar 21 - 11:16 Now then you vultures 😂 Getting all your prizes off my sites. We are coming to the end of the game so here's some more for you to try. The list I posted last time, and other lists, have disappeared so sorry if I am duplicating or if these have been listed previously.
Far fetch
Oliver Bonas
Go groopie
Uber kids
My first years
Good luck to you all. Hope someone wins big 🤞👍

shazzy6820 Mar 21 - 09:02 Dave0564, i've only had 2 at most. I'm going through my whole list again now because no matter how much I look on other sites I don't seem to get a bird anywhere else.
Dave056420 Mar 21 - 08:49 Just curious: has anyone ever had 3 birds on the same company in the same game?

shazzy6820 Mar 21 - 08:49 Betsyboo59, I tried to post message 3 times last night after I saw your message! Don't know what I wrote in it that it won't show 🤔 Anyway i'll send end again which was meant for you, of course I would be happy to share my winnings with you 👍
shazzy6820 Mar 21 - 08:40 Betsyboo59, just been working and searching when I get a chance 😊 I read the blog and noticed, like you that comments are there 1 minute gone the next 🤔 Even opinions that are not offensive, just opinions and everyone entitled to that, I understand them removing some as not very nice. Of course I would be happy to share my winnings with you 👍
Mbads66620 Mar 21 - 06:21 Urban Decay gave me a jellybean not a pde! Just found a gummy bear on Ann Summers. Perhaps today will be better for prizes. Fingers crossed and good luck everybody!
NateLynnC20 Mar 21 - 05:36 Thank you DCG1 I was massively struggling with the Urban decay clue.
Helen_Ireland20 Mar 21 - 03:04 Iceland gave me a jelly bean tonight
DCG120 Mar 21 - 00:28 Urban Decay
BabyAki19 Mar 21 - 23:35 Betsyboo59. I'm not having any luck. Used all lists and suggestions and already had Karen Millen twice.
Betsyboo5919 Mar 21 - 22:36 Now then, now then you lot all getting your birds from me!! Share the love, where are you finding them that I can try???
shazzy6819 Mar 21 - 22:21 Glad you found that carmancarman 👍 Good luck with finding more. But that's all down to Betsyboo59 I mostly get hummingbirds from her lists and what others put on here. I do look for lots myself but don't have much luck 🤔
BabyAki19 Mar 21 - 22:18 Betsyboo59. Karen Millen was where I got a 2nd bird too.
shazzy6819 Mar 21 - 22:16 Just been working and searching when I get a chance 😊 I read the blog and noticed like you said comments there are there 1 minute gone the next even things that are not really bad just opinions and everyone entitled to that as long as they are not being nasty. Of course I would be happy to share 👍
Hey Shazzy68, we do check comments and if they are not in line with our site terms we would take a further look before taking action.

We want everyone to feel happy and comfortable on the blog and we do wish members to work together.

Best wishes
carmancarman19 Mar 21 - 22:04 Thanks Betsyboo 59 and shazzy68 as I too was struggling to find birds yet again but after going back to Karen Millen got a jelly bean (just need 1 more to win that prize)
Betsyboo5919 Mar 21 - 21:00 Heyup shazzy68 - thought you'd left town, you've been quiet😊. That's another one you've got off me! Don't forget where you've got all your clues from when you win big and send me a share 😂😂
shazzy6819 Mar 21 - 18:58 I just tried Karen Millen again after you said Betsyboo59 and I got a cola bottle aswell 😊👍 My first though so alas no 20p for me! I've only been getting the daily clues the last few days and 1 extra bird if i'm lucky nothing more than that I get sooo bored looking! Good luck for the last few days everyone 🤞
lolls19 Mar 21 - 18:06 Zavvi ,foot asylum pde’S
Betsyboo5919 Mar 21 - 16:02 In the words of Victor Meldrew "i don't believe it"! Just got my first bird in 11 days on Karen Millen - again. Got a gummy bear on there last time and a cola bottle this time. Now won 30p. Yippee!!
Betsyboo5919 Mar 21 - 15:08 BabyAki - 80p that's better than you did at the last game, well done. I am still on 10p!!!!
Any suggestions for sites everyone please very welcome. I am now going over the same lists!!!
Brette19 Mar 21 - 15:01 Today's clue is coast
BabyAki19 Mar 21 - 14:50 Betsyboo59. I too had a good start but just daily clues for over a week now. Won 80p and 1 away for £10 but doubt I will get it now.
Betsyboo5919 Mar 21 - 07:43 Why are messages posted on here being removed after a short while TCB? Several that were on yesterday and the day before have disappeared, including mine. What's that all about? And still no birds! This will be my 11th day without a single bird (other than the daily clue). Exactly like the Christmas game. How are you doing this time BabyAki cos I know you had the same problem with the Christmas game?
Hey Betsyboo

As previously mentioned we are checking comments and some may not longer be showing as they are not in line with our terms of the blog.

We do wish you the very best of luck for the rest of the game and the grand prize draw

Best wishes

jacq6719 Mar 21 - 05:39 Fao TCB.
Please note an acronym is where the letters stand for words ...Ie ... Tcb is an acronym for Top Cash Back...And fao is For the Attention Of .
Today's clue is a jumble of letters that make up the word which is an anagram ...Unless I am wrong and the site is a five letter site beginning with each of the letters !

Thanks for this info. Our team are looking into this further to get this resolved.

We are also checking future clues more to make sure this doesn't happen in future games.

Best wishes

Donna Barry19 Mar 21 - 00:51 Todays clue is hard
Ryansinclair8519 Mar 21 - 00:40 Todays clue is coast another anagram not a acronym

Our team are getting this correct after spotting this. I am sorry for any fustration.

Best wishes

ush88819 Mar 21 - 00:24 Today's clue is Coast-another
Pde- total now 448.So far won 30p😁
1 away from £10 £20 and £100🤞There is still hope for a free game🙏
Brette18 Mar 21 - 12:43 Sorry made a mistake I didn't win 10 p it was a pound so it should be £101.80 sorry for the confusion , it was half three in the morning . Good luck to you all
mconnect18 Mar 21 - 09:16 Haha. What I have got today is again what was expected and I told in previous message - Flying Saucers

I am 1 away from Flying Saucers which I know I will never get as per logic of the game.

If I get either 1 jellybeans or 1 gummybears or 1 Flying Saucers in next 4 days then I will agree that its a fair game and all prizes are random but I know that will never happen because everything is already fixed and its going exactly same way as my previous games. I will end up with 1 away from all prizes.


We do hope you get lucky and find the missing sweets you need for a prize.

If you don't then we wish you the very best of luck for the grand prize draw

Best wishes

HiLFC18 Mar 21 - 07:20 Hi TCB can you tell us how many of these prizes remaining?
Just so we know theres no point us hoping that we'll win one of the bigger prizes if they're already claimed... Thanks. :)
5 x £100
10 x £20
30 x £10
200 x £5
3,000 x £1
4,000 x £0.50
25,000 x £0.20
40,000 x £0.10

We are unable to break this down specifically but we can see there are prizes left and you can see the amount left in prizes on the game banner on the website

Best wishes

AiboPals18 Mar 21 - 01:37 Etsy today's clue
JKJ201718 Mar 21 - 00:05 Etsy.
JKJ201717 Mar 21 - 23:34 Bit like New Years Eve. 😀 Might aswell then 😴
Member107948851903717 Mar 21 - 23:15 Twitter sharing isn’T always giving out the extra bonuses ... I’M sure i’Ve missed out on lots on the bonus entries 🙁🙁🙁

This should show on your game card after a little while from sharing the prize draw entry post. All entries are added in the games system and would be put into the draw

If you do have any concerns please reach out to our team via support ticket and we can take a closer look.

Best wishes

technoman17 Mar 21 - 14:44 You are correct mconnect. I am 1 away from all prizes other than 2 away from jellybeans and 2 away from Gummybears.

Now I will not win anything but only get pde's and might be one of Gummybears or Jellybeans for sure.

Everything is fixed but just enjoy the game as TCB does a great job in creating such fun loving games.

We would advise that there are still prizes available so you may be lucky to recieve one of these from the hummingbirds.

The prize draw is also a great chance to win a huge prize so we also wish you the best of luck for this.

Best wishes

watson_8717 Mar 21 - 14:38 Pde’S everywhere! Can’T remember my last sweet
0Shaz17 Mar 21 - 12:25 @TopCashback i'm having issues with the Facebook share button. The Error shown is: 'App not set up: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.'

We are aware of this issue and our team are hard at work to resolve this but it is taking considerable time to resolve.

We are advising members that if they do wish to share on social media to use the twitter share button as this is working as normal

Best wishes

mconnect17 Mar 21 - 10:56 My account seems to be normal now and again my logic proved correct about rigged prize symbols.

I was 1 away from all prizes apart from Flying Saucers where I am 3 away.
And what I have got today - Flying Saucers

This is not at all random and its all fixed.

Hope TCB et al understand my point not about birds but about prizes which are 100% Rigged.

Prizes are given out at random from hummingbirds that appear on random retailer offer pages except the daily clue. The only constant is that there are only a set amount of prizes so you may see less hummingbirds towards the end of the game as prizes have already been given out.

I'm glad that you are having a little more luck recently and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes


Best wishes

mikeukldn17 Mar 21 - 01:22 Today’S answer is
Currys pc World
gene17 Mar 21 - 00:50 Any one got the 17th clue
Betsyboo5916 Mar 21 - 22:17 Mconnect - welcome to the "can't find any birds" club. I have only found 1 in the last 9 days. This is what has happened in the last few games. Frustrating isn't it??
And Brette - have you really won £100.80????
mconnect16 Mar 21 - 21:49 Hi Phil - TCB,

I am observing that when I raised issue here about rigged game, you seems to have blocked my account and I am not getting birds anymore. Please be fair. Customers have right to ask questions. Kindly unblock my account. I am also raising support ticket for the same.

We do not block members from playing the game as that would be unfair.

Hummingbirds may not be showing as frequently towards the end of the game as there are only so many prizes to be given out but if you do keep clearing cookies regularly you should still see hummingbirds on random retailer offer pages except for the daily clue.

Best wishes

toribop16 Mar 21 - 21:39 I agree BetsyBoo - perhaps the main prize could be solely won from acquired PDEs on site. A second prize can then be Won with the separate bonus social media entries? Therefore a playing field for standard entrants and a bonus prizes/Field for those who can use social media to boost.

I will pass this feedback on to our team but a system where the most prize draw entries wins may create a unfair system also which is why our draw picks a winner at random,

Best wishes

NextDealsUK16 Mar 21 - 20:53 Lancomeuk
shazzy6816 Mar 21 - 18:20 Just found a bird on snapfish! 1st one today apart from the daily clue.
FiSmirk16 Mar 21 - 14:50 Today's is Lancome
Betsyboo5916 Mar 21 - 14:06 TwinSandy - my point exactly! As you and I both said TCB state "more entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize" so the fact that some members can enhance pde's via social media and, as TCB state, increase their chance of winning the final prize, disadvantages all those members who, like me, do not use social media. So it is not a level playing field and "all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game" as stated by Phil might be true. But some members are in with a lot more "shots" than others. Highly unfair in my opinion ☹️
Hey Betsyboo

We do work incredibly hard to make the game as fair as possible and do adhere to strict guidence to make a fair competition.

I have replied to explain what I meant by my statement and I do appologise for any fustration caused by the game.

The more prize draw entries you have would mean more enteries into the draw but as it is drawn at random it can be a winner who doesn't have many prize draw entries is drawn but that would again be randomly chosen.

We do intend for the game to be a little extra fun for members and I will pass your feedback on to be taken on board for future games.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5916 Mar 21 - 13:38 Thanks Brette for the advice which is much appreciated, but I am not using the app. This game does not work on the app. I am using the website on Google but, as I have experienced in previous games, the birds are plentiful to start with and then absolutely nothing at all for the remaining days before the game ends.
mconnect16 Mar 21 - 12:28 As per the game only pde's for next couple of days. Its all fixed. Towards end of the game where ever you are missing more that one prize symbol , you will get it until you are 1 away so that you don't win any prize and game stays interesting.
Brette16 Mar 21 - 11:21 Betsyboo if you go on Google and go on the site and click the desktop site instead of using the app you will be able to top up your pde's give it a go . Good luck ....
TwinSandy16 Mar 21 - 11:19 Hi Phil - TCB,

Does what your wrote as an answer to Betsyboo "The game is drawn at random and this includes the grand prize draw so all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game." Sort of contradicts the t&Cs of the game as stated above "More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize"...?

More PDEs more chances not? (It is what make us come back for more birdies)

The more prize draw entries a member has would mean more entreies into the prize draw but as this is drawn at random it may mean that someone with less prize draw entries may win.

I am sorry for any fustration with the game as it is intended to be a little extra fun for members who are looking for great cashback offers.

Best wishes

Cateycat816 Mar 21 - 09:34 Found birds yesterday on Kipling and Kinguin xx (just pde's)
Betsyboo5916 Mar 21 - 09:14 And Chris121212 if I remember correctly, didn't you win £20 in the Christmas Treats and the same on one of the games prior to that??? You've got those bugs in a dish on your windowsill attracting the birds again haven't you?? Not that i'm jealous you understand, not one bit😡😡😡
HiLFC16 Mar 21 - 07:42 Sorry Chris121212, (i had a feeling someone would come back and say that) im not having that, that pic was still wrong, the top half was missing, so shouldnt it be 'on' and not 'mo'? Have a good day. ;-)
Hustler12116 Mar 21 - 00:28 Lancome u.K
Hustler12116 Mar 21 - 00:16 Today's clue
Landore u.K

Good luck
Got a pde
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 23:53 I saw you betsyboo59?????
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 23:32 Things have got tired and slowed down now Betsyboo59.
As I said before I would pay you the £1000 to scrap the poison that is social media.
When I win this hun, you can have half.
Cheltenham starts tomorrow so I could be 200% Down by friday. Then you owe me.😀
I take it as a good luck pass around of good luck!
Now you have all my good luck and you know you have to give it away!!!
It's a never ending circle, hun but some should run off on you.
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 23:04 Any new lists would be welcome.😁 Need a bon bon.
Betsyboo5915 Mar 21 - 22:57 Wow Chris121212 - 702 pde's?? No disrespect to you and I wish you all the luck in the world but as I said earlier how can those of us who don't do social media and, therefore, can't enhance our pde's compete? Tcb states above that the more pde's you have the better chance you have of winning the main prize - so come on TCB please make it a level playing field for us all. Glad my list helped you find birds Chris 121212 and good luck finding more. I have only found 1 in the last 8 days. Same as in previous games, they've flown away☹️
Hey Betsyboo

The game is drawn at random and this includes the grand prize draw so all members are in with a shot of winning the huge prize at the end of the game.

Best wishes

Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 22:56 Lost message again on here!!!! Just got 2nd fried egg on Ninja kitchen and a ped on rinkit 15 mins after. What is going on?

The birds are back
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 22:25 Ok. I have 702 pde's. (117 birds) 10p and 20p that is 11 sweet treats.

I have never looked up a site on my own without it been recommended from another list or site from another person.

Here are the sites I need to find from all them lists.
The jewel hut
Zatu games
Brand ally
Easyjet holiday
Julian charles
Smash box
Litte woods
And little miss.

Some members will remember some of these from early on but they still remain on my to get list.
More options would always be welcome.
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 20:57 The pedant in me will also have to correct myself as that should have said cryptic clue! Lol😠
Chris12121215 Mar 21 - 20:50 Hi again. HiLFC the pedant in me has to stand you and correct you. Sorry.😢
The monsoon clue only showed a half ish moon so that would be "mo" as a critic clue.
I'll get my coat. Win 30p now.
Jlw210515 Mar 21 - 12:13 20 cogs is the clue. 2x5 is 10 x 2 = 20
Mbads66615 Mar 21 - 10:47 Wow, actually had a second dummy on Thompson & Morgan. Just had PDEs last couple of days....
technoman15 Mar 21 - 09:05 Mconnect: I think you cracked it and know TopCashback games better. Next time they might change how game works.

After your message I also gave a thought on your scenario agree that you have a point.
HiLFC15 Mar 21 - 07:38 This isnt the first time they've given us the wrong clue, that monsoon, they gave us a moon + Soon.

Karen Millen - anagram not an acronym and now this, who approves this??


We are aware of the daily clue for today being incorrect and are looking into correcting this.

I am sorry if this has caused any fustration but we can see that members have been able to get the correct answer regardless of the clue.

We do check daily clues as much as possible and I will pass your feedback so we can learn from this for the future.

Best wishes

HiLFC15 Mar 21 - 07:32 Pretty sure that clue is wrong....10cogs??
jacq6715 Mar 21 - 05:48 Yes 10 cogs ...Ha ha
Magzy9915 Mar 21 - 05:05 Lol... Does the clue not say 10cogs... When it should say 20cogs .. They need to do their maths lol
cezzaed14 Mar 21 - 23:22 Just got a gummi bear on Thompson and Morgan
shazzy6814 Mar 21 - 22:39 Yes, it's hard to stay away from the game when there's prizes to still be won, if I find any new ones i'll list them but I mainly rely on what's listed here anyway. Hope you have some better luck over the next few days 🤞😊
Betsyboo5914 Mar 21 - 22:22 Yes shazzy68 you're right, I have got birds on all of those you've listed and easyJet. On 144 pde's at the moment and did say I wasn't going to continue playing if birds couldn't be found but it's addictive, you keep trying hoping that the birds will come back. I am only playing now and again though, not like I was initially. Unfortunately no birds for me anywhere 🐦😭
shazzy6814 Mar 21 - 21:54 Just found a bird on easyjet holidays
shazzy6814 Mar 21 - 21:20 I'm still getting them from the list you put on here Betsyboo59. Have you tried these?
Master of malt
The jewel hut
Zatu games
I expect you have, hope you have better luck. Yeah I saw that but couldnt quite work out if he was taking the mick?🤔 Because I know the 2 people after were!
Betsyboo5914 Mar 21 - 19:54 Well come on then shazzy68 be a mate and give us a clue which sites cos i've only found the one on Christy towels (apart from the daily clue) in the last 7 days. Still only 10p won, just the same as last game. Still Brette's done well according to his message on here he's at £100.80!!!!
Eddiesolo14 Mar 21 - 19:46 Just got a pde on feel unique
mconnect14 Mar 21 - 18:42 Charlotte - Topcashback : There is logic written which is rigged that is basis on probability. So that common user should never win big, may be some get small prizes to prove its not rigged.

How can same probability happen again and again for 7 times and you dont win anything. This clearly proves that its additional logic written such a way that process is followed not to allow anyone win big. This proves birds are random which can appear on any retailer but to show prizes is not random.
Ex: "i am 1 away from all prizes but 4 away from flying saucers. Now it is rigged that next prize I will get is 1 flying saucer"


I am sorry to hear that you are not having much luck with the game but that's all it comes down to.

The game gives prizes out at random for members to make this fair for all but we would advise that there is only so many of the prizes available so towards the end of the game you may see less hummingbirds than at the start.

The prize draw is also drawn at random so having the most prize draw entries may not necessarily guranatee you the huge prize and this is done at random to again give all members a chance at winning.

Our game is intented to be a little extra fun for members who are doing their visit to see great cashback offers and i'm sorry if this has caused any disapointment.

Best wishes

Hellsbells6414 Mar 21 - 16:24 Just won 20p
shazzy6814 Mar 21 - 16:13 Hi everyone, i'm finding a bird each time I come back to the game but i'm only looking every few hrs now then put in a couple sites and up one pops. 74 pde's and 1 away from winning 50p, £5 & £20. £1 won so far. Hope you all have some luck over the next few days 🤞
BabyAki14 Mar 21 - 13:01 Betsyboo59. I had about 40 one day. Just daily clue last few days.
JKJ201714 Mar 21 - 12:01 Thanks guys I thought it was The Crown something...I got 1🍳.
Happy Mothers Day🌹
davidlang2314 Mar 21 - 11:11 Betsyboo59 I am still finding some birds but not as many. Just got pde on The Official ghd Website. Just got to keep looking
mconnect14 Mar 21 - 10:52 Hi Topcashback,

Can you justify on below point or accept that sweet treat is totally rigged ?

"I am 1 away from all prizes but 4 away from flying saucers. Now it is riggrd that next prize I will get is 1 flying saucer"

This is my experience and pattern from past 7 games I observed. I end up the game always with 1 away from all prizes.

I can assure you that the game is not rigged. The prizes are completely random and we have already had members who have completed the sections to win these prizes. It is just down to chance and probability. We do not have control over who gets what symbol.

Best wishes,
Brette14 Mar 21 - 10:46 Twinsandy I never log out but clear cookies . Good luck to all
Betsyboo5914 Mar 21 - 10:41 Just a pde for me for daily clue. Anybody finding birds anywhere? Think they've gone again. Would be much more interesting if TCB spread them out a bit. Don't know how others are finding this game but for me loads found first 7 days then just one since then (Christy towels - thanks davidlang23). But I haven't been playing as much as no fun when there are no birds flying! Hope you're having better luck than me. And where are you Andrea and Mike Jaggar. You have been missed! Hope you're both ok.
KLW475361914 Mar 21 - 01:13 The royal mint
scrabb14 Mar 21 - 00:09 Today’S clue: the royal mint
annbalou13 Mar 21 - 22:47 Yaayyy i've just won £1 thanks to Christys towels, the most i've won on these games but I enjoy hunting the birds...
chitrajay13 Mar 21 - 19:06 The humming bird mostly give me 1X chance for draw.... I hate it
SamTraz8113 Mar 21 - 14:33 Monsoon
TwinSandy13 Mar 21 - 12:17 Brette,

It looks like you cracked it...

Do you clear your history, cookies, and/Or log out as others have suggested or just wait?

I have never won more than 20p so your help would be appreciated.
Brette13 Mar 21 - 01:34 The Birds are random , it's the same ones every game , eg the foot locker damart hotel Chocolat Clark's shoes river island , need I go on . Just leave a gap of 20 minutes between each search . Good luck hope you are doing as well as me best one ever £ 100 .80 pence ,beat my best by just under £80 .00 . Keep up the good work and remember just click on every 20/25 minutes and go random and remember the average is 5/6 pde's per treat goooood lukkkke
Tabitha130013 Mar 21 - 00:49 Are they cheekily trying to throw us off the scent with the hint for today's clue ?? It's an anagram not an acronym - Karen Millen. Did get me a second cola bottle for 20p though!
We did have a mix-up on the clue today, however we have updated this now!
Best wishes,
Ryansinclair8513 Mar 21 - 00:23 Todays is karen millen it's a anagram not a acronym
Petrunha112 Mar 21 - 21:46 Gummybear in Asos :)
shazzy6812 Mar 21 - 16:56 I just found an egg on Wiltshire farm foods which I think was on the list you put on Betsyboo59 (the list that has now disappeared!) So thank you, I have been trying Wiltshire farm foods for a while now, only my 2nd bird today but first time i've looked since the daily clue this morning. Hope you all have a bit better luck over the next few days 🤞
davidlang2312 Mar 21 - 16:06 Found birds on espa and Christie Towels
CactusIsland12 Mar 21 - 15:58 @Betsyboo59
Haha, it's ok, i've only ever won 10p, I get quite a few PDEs though so I am hoping that the PDEs will give me something instead. Good luck though! I hope you win that 50p!
Elena081212 Mar 21 - 12:19 House of Fraser
Hargow12 Mar 21 - 12:07 Pde on Armani and Fried Egg on Moonpig
Eddiesolo12 Mar 21 - 10:53 Apart from the daily clues the lickle dickie birds seem to have flown to warmer climes-not had any randoms for over two days now, despite going on merchants that others have found had a prize.
Looks like it is it for me, just daily clues now.
JKJ201712 Mar 21 - 10:01 Armani Beauty
Betsyboo5912 Mar 21 - 09:11 CactusIsland - just got that egg you were looking for on the daily clue - sorry!
Wish I could give it you. Now I just need one more to win 50p. And that's highly unlikely as the birds have flown away again. Not one found again yesterday.
CactusIsland12 Mar 21 - 08:16 I think todays clue is Armani
I finally won 10p! I'm happy with that, I just need one more egg to win 50p though
lexi6512 Mar 21 - 07:36 Armani beauty today folks, I only got a pde though
Elena081211 Mar 21 - 14:36 Getting personal
Thompson and Morgan
Elena081211 Mar 21 - 14:22 Bloom и Wild
Betsyboo5911 Mar 21 - 13:26 Antlercare - you are very welcome. I am more than happy to help. Hope you do well with the game and don't forget all those pde's go into the draw at the end of the game for one lucky person to win the big prize of £1000. The very best of luck 🤞
clonecashback11 Mar 21 - 13:19 8 of my daily clues so far have been extra draw entries. Starting to get a little tedious!
JAIMIEandOZ11 Mar 21 - 09:43 Pde on Aviva
Chris12121211 Mar 21 - 00:25 Monsoon for my second bird on this site. Just a pde though.
elizabethdocarmo10 Mar 21 - 22:29 I found pde!
shazzy6810 Mar 21 - 22:23 That's a shame Betsyboo59, I got another bird earlier but not tried since. Hope tomorrows a better day for you and anyone else who hasn't had much luck 🤞
BabyAki10 Mar 21 - 21:33 Betsyboo59. I have found 130 birds but only the odd one for last few days. Hope you have better luck.
JKJ201710 Mar 21 - 20:07 How cute are these hummingbirds? They kinda wait for you to click on em 😁😊
Betsyboo5910 Mar 21 - 19:42 Hi shazzy68 hope you've had a decent first day back to work. No, not one bird again today other than the daily clue. I really hope it's not like the last game where i, and BabyAki (maybe others also) didn't find any birds for 10/11 days. Really thought this game was going to be different as there were so many birds over the first few days - 139 found by me in total. I'll give it tomorrow but if no birds found then that's me done. I am not spending another 10/11 days looking for birds that aren't there to be found! I'll just do the daily clue.
Antlercare10 Mar 21 - 19:16 @Betsyboo59 thank you for esplaining that it means Prize Draw Entry, I really appreciate you taking time to explain it
Claire4499410 Mar 21 - 19:08 Top gift cards gave me a jellybean
BASSLINEBARGAINS10 Mar 21 - 18:33 Antlercare - pde = Prize Draw Entry xxx
shazzy6810 Mar 21 - 17:56 Only 2 birds found and 1 was the daily clue, how are you getting on Betsyboo59? Hope you have found some today.
shazzy6810 Mar 21 - 17:51 How are we all doing today? I've not had much time to find birds as first day back to work for a long time for me 😕
Betsyboo5910 Mar 21 - 16:14 Antlercare - it's a prize draw entry. Often yiuvwill find a bird and when you click on it it will show that you have won a prize draw entry (pde). At the end if the game TCB draw one ode to win the top prize if £1000. Hope this explains. Good luck🍀
Antlercare10 Mar 21 - 15:23 Can I ask what the heck is a pde?
julich10 Mar 21 - 11:34 Unable to share on facebook, it just tells me the App is still in development mode. How can I play the game if I cannot 'share'? Does anybody know how/If I can get around this? Tia

Hey Tia

Our team are aware of this issue and are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

As we are being told that this may take time we are advising members to use the twitter share button as this is working as normal.

Best wishes
Carol_Dawson10 Mar 21 - 10:48 Just got a bird on apple yard but disappeared as I clicked on it!
Ev3rnight110 Mar 21 - 10:00 Unable to share on Facebook .. App not developed


Our team are aware of this issue and are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible although we have been made aware this may take considerable time.

We are advising that if you wish to share the prize draw on social media to try the twitter share button as this should be working as normal.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5910 Mar 21 - 09:13 Lexi65 - just reading back through the blog and it would appear Phil from TCB has completely missed the point you were making. From his response it looks like he thought you were complaining about the issue members have been having with Facebook from the start of this game, when you were actually stating that there should be a level playing field with these games, and that those of us who don't do social media are disadvantaged by not being able to enhance our pde's. Something I have said more than once!
Hey Betsyboo

Our team work incredibly hard to make the game as fair for all members as possible and this is why winners are chosen at random.

Players can play however they wish and the amount of shares on social media you have would not necessarily mean you are sure to win as winners for the grand prize are also chosen at random.

I will pass your feedback on to our team for future consideration and do wish you luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes

HiLFC10 Mar 21 - 07:32 75 pdes, still no prize
JefferyRA10 Mar 21 - 00:26 Kiehl's today.
quinlami09 Mar 21 - 21:05 Tip:
I recommend if you spend 10 hours a day you get lots of PDEs.
I have 12,194.


We would advise that if you do wish to play for longer periods of time to take plenty of breaks

Best wishes

Claire4499409 Mar 21 - 20:06 Birds have all gone for me too. 59 pdes and 30p won - my usual!
Betsyboo5909 Mar 21 - 17:02 Perhaps i've found all that there is to find??? Not one anywhere and, like I say up to yesterday I was getting one every 15 mins. Doesn't make sense unless there are no more to find.
Chris12121209 Mar 21 - 16:42 Bonbon on I saw it first. Only prize sweet today but the birds are still showing fast.
shazzy6809 Mar 21 - 16:17 3 or 4 birds today for me but not been on it much either, I usually find them after 3 or 4 clicks, not sure why you haven't found any again Betsyboo59 😔🤔 How's everyone else doing?
lolls09 Mar 21 - 16:13 Yey 😊 20p
BabyAki09 Mar 21 - 14:51 Betsyboo59. I only had a couple of birds yesterday but retried some listed below and got a few birds.
Betsyboo5909 Mar 21 - 13:59 Well done shazzy68! I haven't had as much time to play today but when I have logged on , still no birds! Such a shame they were coming thick and fast until yesterday even though only pde's and I was really enjoying the game. 10p won, think that's my lot again!!!
shazzy6809 Mar 21 - 09:11 Yay won £1 with the daily clue, think that's the most i've ever won 😊
SusieAsp09 Mar 21 - 00:11 Protein World is today's clue.
Claire4499408 Mar 21 - 21:47 After a lot of searching all day, got my second bird of the day at Tyres.Net
shazzy6808 Mar 21 - 20:56 Yes, lets just enjoy the game 😊 I haven't found many birds today either I think 3 in total. Chris121212 you make me laugh 😂 It does feel like this game has been going on for years!
devinax08 Mar 21 - 20:29 Not even one bird all day for me!????
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 20:26 Oh dear hun.😥
Not sure what is going on with your account betsyboo59, sorry.
I have used you lists and others and some have now disappeared.
I now have 462 pde's thanks to you. 7 sweets and a 10p win.I
Been doing history clear after every bird found and then wait 15 mins. You can get 4 birds an hour if you are as sad as me.
Believe me that is pretty sad now!!!😁Lol.
I get a bird, straight away every 15 mins (4 per hour)
BabyAki08 Mar 21 - 19:55 Thanks Betsyboo59. My birds have flown away today too.
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 19:52 HiLFC. We randomly pick one of the identical lists from each game we have played in the past and use that. Remember only one pick from all the identical lists we have ever used in the past.
Anything else would be a coincidence!😲 Lol.
Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 19:42 Yes shazzy68 I agree with you, the world is a bad enough place especially at the moment. We shouldn't let our frustration bring out the worst in us and I am sorry that I have personally let that happen. We should all, as TCB say, be kind to one another especially at this very dark time when so many have lost loved ones. Let's all try to be kinder and have fun with this latest game (that's if the birds decide to start flying again😂).
levyveress8308 Mar 21 - 19:41 Waggle Pet Insurance
HiLFC08 Mar 21 - 19:39 Just a question, if these birds appears randomly why do people (who have played this before) keep a list of the merchants where they've found a bird? - And when a new games starts... The birds always seem to appear from the list? Or is it just a coincident?

61 pdes and still no prize btw

Members may have different ways they wish to play the game including have a list of retailers they tried previously. We do advise that hummingbirds do appear at random on retailer offer pages except the daily clue answer.

Best wishes

Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 18:22 Nourish fit foods. Sorry.
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 18:16 Waggle pet insurance, Michael kors, miss pap, Scottish power, boyish fit food, superdrug, bloom and wild and asos.😁
Asia09008 Mar 21 - 18:09 Can anyone give s list of all the clues so far please as i'm late to the party
Thank you in advance
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 17:57 It started last Monday shazzy68 it just feels like years!!!😂
Atiika08 Mar 21 - 17:34 Except daily clue, not a bird in sight for me today 😥
shazzy6808 Mar 21 - 17:22 Betsyboo59, Lots and lots of messages have been deleted from this blog. I for one am quite glad a couple of mine have as feel I was being dragged into nastiness by a few annoying people 😔
Not sure Chris121212 a question for Phil maybe? 😊
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 17:16 Hardley a ever expanding list as we have been using the same site for 2 years now. Lol😄
That makes me think. How many years has this game been running?
Hey Chris

The hummingbird game has been running for 6 years now :)

Best wishes

Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 17:01 Ah, and it was going so well!! Now messages not posting, birds not flying😭😭😭
Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 16:06 Brilliant Chris121212, glad you've found all the birds on the sites I listed. As you say that entry of mine has disappeared, as has shazzy68's original entry asking where I was prior to me putting my first message on here. Wonder what that's about??
Well hello BabyAki lovely to hear from you and glad you're not having the problem we both encountered last game with the absence of birds. I was having a great time with this game but my birds have now all flown away. They were, until today, coming every 15 mins or so (got 24 yesterday) and today, nothing - apart from the daily clue only one other bird found. Hope you have a good win this time.
Chris12121208 Mar 21 - 14:56 Hi Betsyboo59. Not sure where your list went but I have now got all 12 of them. Thanks. 11 pde's and one flying saucer!😊
Some others to go at from the new lists below.
BabyAki08 Mar 21 - 14:55 Betsyboo59. Same here. Getting birds this time although only 60p so far,
Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 13:46 Hi carmancarman, lovely to hear you are having a better game this time. So you too, like me, were struggling finding birds on the last game. Much better this time, although I can't believe the difference a day makes. Found 24 birds in total yesterday - and today?? Just 1 other than the daily clue. Fingers crossed for a decent win for you 🤞🤞
shazzy6808 Mar 21 - 13:20 Thanks Dave0564, just been looking for some more places to look 👍
Dave056408 Mar 21 - 12:34 I have founds birds on the following over the last week:

20 Cogs
Aa uk
Ee Mobile
F Hinds
Furniture 123
Getting Personal
Lands End
Little Mistress
Mac Cosmetics
Mountain Warehouse
Muscle Food
Serenata Flowers
Tyre Shopper
Victoria Plum

On my merry way to 20p so far, having found 58 birds (50 pde) so far.

Hoping for a Lips and a Bonbon to win alittle more in the next 2 weeks.

Good luck everyone.
HUNT8R08 Mar 21 - 12:21 Just a quick one, TCB is a decent company, please give them a fair run.
I have never ever won anything, until recently.

I rarely used TCB, however I randomly got a message saying that do this xyz to claim your prize, even though I never entered any competition. I'm a cautious cynic, but communicating with a lovely gent at TCB, absolutely no fuss whatsoever to choose your prize worth a few hundred £££S!

If I can at random win a prize, can I ask please give TCB a chance? It might be you tomorrow...
Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 11:40 Mconnect - this is exactly what I and others have been saying. It's not rigged, that's the "random" bit about playing. You don't always get a bird first time of clicking but keep clicking on the sites suggested by other members. The birds are there, just sometimes you have to click several times on the site before you get one, or even leave the site and then go back later. Good luck.
The birds outside of the clue page do show up randomly and this will be different for each member. While it may not show on the first click, it might show at another time or day if the bird is placed there by random chance. This does not mean however that it is guaranteed to show for all members.

Best wishes,
mconnect08 Mar 21 - 11:10 I have no complaints here as I am enjoying the game. But want to share one more example that this game is rigged.

Fresh start of the day and first login to TopCashback. Went to Sunday Times Wine Club back and forth.

1. First click - no bird
2. Second Click - no bird
3. Third Click - no bird
4. Fourth Click - Found bird with pde

This was the first time with all cookies cleared. Why first 3 times no bird was shown because there was prize and you have already fixed who will win.

And I am 100% Sure , where all I am 1 away I will never get and keep on getting other prize symbols.

We do advise all members that the game does give prizes out at random.

The prize draw entry is also randmoly drawn meaning that a winner is undecided until the draw has been completed.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5908 Mar 21 - 11:08 DCG1 - fantastic news that you've won over a fiver. Well done! I"m still on 10p but really enjoying this game as finding more birds this time. Last game didn't find any birds for several days straight so obviously something wrong (i did blame TCB but probably me logging in incorrectly or something). Really good news to hear when members win. Here's to more wins 🤞🤞
Good luck to everyone
Matt_TopCashback08 Mar 21 - 09:38 Hi Everyone,

We love creating these games for everyone's enjoyment, that are intended to be a bit of extra fun while browsing the site and we really are pleased so many of you enjoy taking part.

One small ask from us, fair play is at the heart of our company. Do as you would be done by is our motto and so please do bear this in mind whenever you do post a comment on this blog post, or indeed any others.

Let's share our passion for all things TopCashback in a fun, friendly and kind way.

Many thanks,
Matt @ TopCashback
michelle00708 Mar 21 - 09:25 I’Ve had a bird on Cadbury Gifts and Sunday Times Wine Club, don’T think they’Ve been mentioned.

Haven’T been very active this game as doing house up but have won 20p so far! It’S all a bit of fun.
DCG108 Mar 21 - 03:04 @Shazzy68 im up to £5.10p at the mo and 209 pde
rooneal08 Mar 21 - 00:36 Gummy bear on waggle pet insurance
shazzy6807 Mar 21 - 23:15 Hey, Not to bad for me 44 pde's, 8 sweet treats and 10p won. Be nice to hear if someone has won a bigger prize.
Betsyboo5907 Mar 21 - 22:56 How's everyone doing? Anybody had a substantial win yet? For me - 23 more birds found today but only 1 of those birds with a prize, still only 10p won. Happy hunting 🐦🐦
Nicolacar07 Mar 21 - 20:50 I just found a pde at Iceland. Hopefully something better for one of you
LonemanUK07 Mar 21 - 20:08 I thought that these comments were meant to be moderated? If they are, what with allowing so many semi-literate, ad hominem attacks from certain little cliques and anyone who dares to disagree with their infallible logic?

Non-dc birds are random, it's been confirmed multiple times by TCB and by users' own experiences, just because it doesn't align with yours doesn't mean it's not true. Someone below listed 12 places they had found birds, whereas I found just the one pde, that's the definition of random. Just as my first 3 clicks the other day netted me Cherry Lips and 2 Cola Bottles, completely randomly.

No matter who says what to whom, you/We're all participating in an active click-through campaign that rewards with measly "prizes", oh, and don't forget the sheer amount of fun we're all having while clicking. It's a system that earns TCB far more money than they will ever pay out in prizes, if they even do pay out the top amounts at all.

We do look into comments on the blog and would not show posts if they are against our site terms.

We do want a space in the blog where members can work together and not a space that feels uncomfortable at all so please be kind to one another.

Our hummingbird games are meant to be a little extra fun during the year and due to the overwealming postitive feedback we get about this we keep bringing it back.

Best wishes
Chris12121207 Mar 21 - 20:03 They are all new to me thanks Betsyboo59. 54 birds in all. Only one new sweet in the past 2 days. Your list is sure to help.😊
Chris12121207 Mar 21 - 19:15 Pde on Lovell soccer. Thanks Clair44994. How random!😁
SusieAsp07 Mar 21 - 18:07 J d Williams and Dunelm, hope that helps.
shazzy6807 Mar 21 - 14:19 I wish we could get 3 birds in a row! 😊 40 pde's, 8 sweet treats and 10p won so far 1 off a pound and a fiver (even that would do me) some more places to look below for anyone who wants to...
Watch shop
Atg tickets
Serenata flowers
Posted this little list 3 times now, so sorry to all the rest of you for the bombardment if they show up!
Betsyboo5907 Mar 21 - 14:09 Oh sorry shazzy68, I thought you were talking about getting 3 birds in a row!😂😂 The problem with messages not posting is that when/If TCB get round to listing them then loads more messages have been posted and your late message is then lost amongst the more recent ones and it's sometimes too late for the point you are trying to make. (End of sermon).
Yes, it's a very difficult time when you lose a parent and nothing anyone can say will ease the hurt. My thoughts are with you though xx
shazzy6807 Mar 21 - 13:37 Hi Betsyboo, Just in case my 3 messages all show up at once, sorry for the bombardment! Just in case this message does post. Basically said thank you for your kind words about my dad. He was a great man and I miss him like mad x
shazzy6807 Mar 21 - 13:15 Watch shop
Atg tickets
Serenata flowers
shazzy6807 Mar 21 - 12:02 And that 1 shows up! 🙄 Thank you for your kind words Betsyboo59 💔 (That's obviously a shorter version of what I wrote) x
A few more for anyone to try all worked for me.
Watch shop
Atg tickets
Serenata flowers
bannerhouse8207 Mar 21 - 09:41 This competition is just a bit of fun. Why do some people take it so seriously?
lexi6507 Mar 21 - 08:15 I'm with Betsyboo 59, i'm not on any social media site either meaning I can't get the extra pde's. So come on Top cash back, how about levelling the playing field for everyone. Only play and get rewards fo this site, that way everyone has a better chance of a prize.
Hey Lexi

Our team are working on this issue as this was spotted after the game was live for a short while. We thought that members would still like to play the game whilst our team look into resolving this instead of removing the game completly as the team have mentioned this issue may take considerable time to resolve.

Best wishes

HiLFC07 Mar 21 - 07:49 Not having any luck, no cash prizes yet and only 36pdes 😢
Max is 7 birds a day 😢
Lisamcornish82 07 Mar 21 - 02:05 Michael Kors
LeeNa1507 Mar 21 - 00:11 Michael Kors clue for today 😊
Jill Black07 Mar 21 - 00:07 Micheal Kors for today folks!
CMh6707 Mar 21 - 00:03 Sunday michael kors
Chris12121206 Mar 21 - 22:27 I'd pay a £1000 to do away with social media. Only use it for this!
Betsyboo5906 Mar 21 - 22:04 No chance of winning the big prize Chris121212 then if some members have that many pde's. Those of us who don't do social media and, therefore, can't enhance our finds and only get the number of pde's we find are at a disadvantage but it is what it is. Good luck to everyone 😊

As the grand prize draw winner is picked at random we do feel everyone is in with a shout for the prize :)

Best wishes

Chris12121206 Mar 21 - 21:46 I saw a screen shot yesterday of somebody with 1616 pds and thought it was take but when I worked it out it was possible with 3 pde's per hour for 12 hours! Thought I was on here too much😆
Betsyboo5906 Mar 21 - 21:29 Thanks Chris, good to be back with the TCB family. Like I say have put messages on here previously but they haven't posted. Goodness knows why. How on earth have you got so many pde's? I thought I was doing well. Don't do social media so mine are straight finds not enhanced by sharing but mostly pde's, very few prize hummingbirds.
Chris12121206 Mar 21 - 20:17 Welcome back.Betsyboo59.
228 pde's 6 prizes and 10p won.😃 Pde every 15 mins, all from others listed.
Betsyboo5906 Mar 21 - 19:45 Hi all, this is a test message as put messages on previously, including a response to yours Shazzy68 listed at 4.30 on 5th March (thanks for remembering me) and my messages are not posting. Tcb can't check out as to why until Monday. So trying again with this. So far 111 pde's only 7 of which are prizes. Just 10p won so far. Keep looking and good luck 🤞🤞
Braddy6606 Mar 21 - 18:24 Dave0564. Asos stands for As Seen On Screen so i'm guessing the screen on the clue has something to do with that. I agree with you though, its a confusing clue, a bit like 321 😁
beanyt197906 Mar 21 - 16:03 Go groupie =Pde
ush88806 Mar 21 - 15:54 Train line got a flying saucer🤗
shazzy6806 Mar 21 - 15:31 I love wallpaper-pde for me.
beanyt197906 Mar 21 - 14:31 Foot asylum pde
Dave056406 Mar 21 - 12:56 Today's (06/03) clue is Asos.

Can anyone explain how you get this answer from the clue? Or have TCB recruited the guy who set the clues for 3-2-1? :)

Btw there's a "clue progress" section on the Daily Clues tab, so that you can check you've got them all.

We do work hard to give members a varied amount of challenge with the daily clue but I can assure you there's no dusty bin in the office.

If you do need help with the clue please look at our social media posts as members do like to help each other in the comment section.

Best wishes

shazzy6806 Mar 21 - 12:51 Watch shop
Atg tickets
LDMaughan06 Mar 21 - 11:56 Asos today gave me a fried egg ...Thank you
Eddiesolo06 Mar 21 - 11:46 Urban Outfitters gave a pde.
Eddiesolo06 Mar 21 - 11:35 We have had the naysayers before on the other games.

I have won 30p, I am aware that for me the majority of the birdies I find will be now pde's and the chances of me winning another amount is very slim. I have 29 pde's and other members will have more-very disappointed that TCB have not sorted out the fb app-i too do not use twitter so am losing out on extra entries.

But, that's not the point. If you are prepared to do some clicking then the random hummingbirds are out there-they do not always appear on what others have mentioned as you need to do some more clicks before they appear.

You get free cash back for £5 a year, we use it to help towards Xmas. The games are just for fun, of course it would be nice to win £100 or even the top prize but, as TCB doesn't have to do the games at all then just 10p is a bonus.

Get clicking and just have some fun.


Our team are working with the game to get the facebook sharing resolved but they have mentioned that this may take quite a bit of time.

We do advise twitter sharing as this is working as normal and our team will continue to work to get this resolved for all members.

Best wishes
Eddiesolo06 Mar 21 - 11:28 Vistaprint gave a pde.
Betsyboo5906 Mar 21 - 11:05 Hello everyone lovely to see you all on here again and thanks shazzy68 for remembering me. I put a message on here yesterday about 5 pm which hasn't been listed. Been in touch with TCB who state some messages are held back by the system for manually checking if the system picks up anything it considers to be questionable. Could be the unflattering comments I made about quinlami 😂. Watch this space, hopefully will get listed tomorrow.
Hey Everyone

Please be kind to one another no matter what opinion they have about the game.

We are all here to have a little fun with the game and we would like to see members come together.

Best wishes

beanyt197906 Mar 21 - 08:02 I want one of those got me a Dummie
shazzy6806 Mar 21 - 07:42 Watch shop
Atg tickets
Brette06 Mar 21 - 07:11 The easiest way to find the bird is pick a category like fashion or any other and click five different sites , then go to say electricals click any random category and click five more sites and usually up Pop's a bird on the six or seventh site . And always leave for at least 30 minutes after each bird , make sure you don't click the same site twice . Good luck to one and all .🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🐓🐓🐔🐔🐔🦢🦢🦢🦆🦆🦃🦃🐧🐧🦚🦚🐣🐤🐥🥚🥚
DCG106 Mar 21 - 04:12 Just won a fiver but cant post to bookface and can only post to twitter if you have an account

I dont use twitter so cant prove I won thats not right

Will it show up how do I screen shot it not a clue

Windows 10 and edge

If you do wish to check about prizes please reach out to our team via a support ticket and we can check this for you.

Best wishes

DCG106 Mar 21 - 00:53 Asos pde only
CMh6706 Mar 21 - 00:03 Asos Saturday
shazzy6805 Mar 21 - 20:09 👍 And nasty gal worked for me so thank you SusieAsp.
SusieAsp05 Mar 21 - 19:49 Gant worked for me shazzy68, thanks for that.
Chris12121205 Mar 21 - 17:48 Pre for me too, HiLFC. Thanks.
HiLFC05 Mar 21 - 17:13 Thanks for helping guys, 5 pdes today with your help... Where are my treats??

I found a pde on megacasiono 🤨
shazzy6805 Mar 21 - 16:30 Really quinlami!
beanyt197905 Mar 21 - 16:03 Hello fresh got me a pde
SusieAsp05 Mar 21 - 13:23 Chris 121212, I am so sorry for your loss, these are terrible times. We've lost four friends in 8 weeks and ten over the past year, but nothing compares with your loss. None to Covid by the way.

I don't understand the sniping on here, it's just a game. Yes, it can be frustrating at times but it's a bit of fun and we all need that right now.

Talk Talk, Nasty gal, Vista Print and Create & Craft are a few more i've found, hope it helps someone.
shazzy6805 Mar 21 - 10:59 Zooplus-pde, maybe better luck for you.
bighairyferret05 Mar 21 - 10:22 Chris121212 firstly sorry for your losses.
Secondly sorry for stealing all your birds....I just want them all! Haha
shazzy6805 Mar 21 - 10:19 Just found a bird on Gant, pde for me maybe a prize for you!
Tessie131805 Mar 21 - 09:38 Love these quizzes x
Cateycat805 Mar 21 - 09:14 Just found a bird on Zatu Games - pde
Member38721617853805 Mar 21 - 07:23 Loving this!! 👌
shazzy6805 Mar 21 - 03:49 Chris121212, i'm so so sorry to hear of your loss how terrible for you 😔. Yes, I lost my dad 6 weeks ago absolutely loved him to bits 💔 Now just want everyone to have a bit of fun with this game and hopefully a nice windfall. 10p for me so far! Good luck all 🤞
Member11749571420705 Mar 21 - 00:50 5th - Bloom and Wild
CMh6705 Mar 21 - 00:09 Bloom and wild for Friday.
Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 22:33 Thanks shazzy68.
People forget about the fun in life. You are one that dose not.

I was so worried that you had lost somebody you had loved when you said that " you had a bad year so far" but

Some have lost all. Wife and dog, in 2 weeks last year sorry hun.
It's getting hard now. S orry
Eddiesolo04 Mar 21 - 22:31 Ted baker gave a pde.
Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 22:07 Hi, bighairyferret!

Can you please refrain from clicking onto my birds and stealing them all away from my specially excluded area. I know ferrets are to be found in this area but
"I wish I could stop losing my birds!"
70's tv ad humer???
Radoz04 Mar 21 - 22:01 Just found a humming bird on sports shoes.com then got nothing-just a message saying opps something went wrong please try again later

If you could please reach out to us via support ticket and our team can take a closer look to see if this registered on our system.

Best wishes
shazzy6804 Mar 21 - 21:58 Well said Chris121212! It's the main way I find hummingbirds by searching what other members recommend. Bad year for me so far, so here's hoping for a bit of luck (and fun) with the game. Good luck to you all 🤞 Yes even you quinlami even though you call us all time wasters I wish you much luck!😊
I've found birds on all these sites if anyone wants a go...
Amara Living
Ann summers
Urban outfitters

Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 20:48 Hi. HiLfc.
Just started today so not sure. Only 3 pde's including the daily bird. Is bad😢
Last game we where getting a bird every 20 mins. (Clear history. Wait 15 mins. Try again and log in again) but there where days where people got nothing for 3 or 4 days? I hope this is not happening again this time.I
I will let you know after I get through the bird and daily clue, options
Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 20:32 Definitely another message between the last two!!!😂
HiLFC04 Mar 21 - 20:26 Has it been a slow day? Only 3 pdes today that includes the daily clue :(
Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 20:07 I see the time lag with our comments looks to be the same as usual. Here one min gone the next and then back again. What a pain. Also the share button for Facebook shows an error but if you press the back button it will show you that the extra 5 pde points have been awarded.
More bugs than birds this time not sure about the pde's yet but not holding my breath.😂

Our team are aware of an issue with facebook sharing and they are working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We are advising to try the twitter share button as this should be working as normal

Best wishes
quinlami04 Mar 21 - 19:57 Toribop
You would be utterly wrong then. Birds appear at absolute random other than for the daily clue. This has been confirmed many times by TCB.
Solely coincidence of you got a bird at a website others (wasting time) mentioning.
Normally after clicking several sites a bird appears anyway.
Now go to bed please.

Hey Everyone

Can we please be kind to one another as the game is meant to be a little fun

Members can have different ways they wish to play the game but we do advise that hummingbirds do appear at random except the daily clue.

Best wishes

LonemanUK04 Mar 21 - 19:57 Let's see if this comment gets posted this time, I didn't know TCB selectively censor replies.

@CCEM1980 "If you don't like it don't read it. Just stop complaining and play!"

You do see the irony of that comment, right?
Chris12121204 Mar 21 - 19:07 Hi. Top_Frances. Good to see you in early .Did you get an email this time?
Me neither!😊 Goodluck!
sandrawalks04 Mar 21 - 16:58 When I use the Facebook link to 'share' what I have won the link doesn't work and I get a app error message even though I am using a pc
Our team are aware of an issue with facebook sharing and they are working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We are advising to try the twitter share button as this should be working as normal

Best wishes

beanyt197904 Mar 21 - 16:33 Ee... I got a prize draw entry
cvetenceto04 Mar 21 - 11:48 I found a bird on
michelle00704 Mar 21 - 10:57 Currys for a bird
ush88804 Mar 21 - 00:11 Today's clue is mispap- pde again. 😞
CMh6704 Mar 21 - 00:10 Misspap Thursday was
CCEM198003 Mar 21 - 22:38 I've played this game numerous times. I have collected many birds because other people have recommended them on here. If you don't like it don't read it. Just stop complaining and play!
LauraF03 Mar 21 - 21:42 Superdrug, not working tonight, no hummingbirds in site online or in app.

To help with the running of the game we would advise to play on our mobile or desktop website and to clear all cookies regularly before playing.

Best wishes

michelle00703 Mar 21 - 21:35 Virgin Media for a pde!
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 21:32 Hotel Chocolat gave a pde
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 21:01 I just thought it worth mentioning, you cannot refer a friend via the Facebook button, It comes up with the same error app message that appears when you try get share for 5 extra entries.
I thought I would just check to see if it was just happening on the prize board or the whole website regarding fb.
Tcb have said they are aware and are working on it.

Our team are aware of an issue with the Facebook share button and are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We are being told that this may take a while so we are advising to try the twitter share button as this should work as normal

Best wishes

Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 19:49 Policy Expert just gave pde.
toribop03 Mar 21 - 19:42 Sorry Quinlami but I have revived treats from other retailers other than the daily clue. So no, it clearly is possible to get them from other retailers and not only PDEs.

Beanyt1979 thanks, I got a bonbon on Master of Malt
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 19:26 Quinlami
03 Mar 21 - 17:12
Tcb - please confirm to all those wasting their own and other's time below that the only retailer that gives birds is the one from the daily clue and that all other birds are totally random.

This is correct as far as I am aware. The daily clues give you a Hummingbird. All the others are random, dependant on time and the amount of clicks you do on merchants.
Member38721617853803 Mar 21 - 17:45 Loving this!
elizabethdocarmo03 Mar 21 - 17:25 Wayyyy, the pde hunt.
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 17:12 BrandAlley gave a pde
quinlami03 Mar 21 - 17:12 Tcb - please confirm to all those wasting their own and other's time below that the only retailer that gives birds is the one from the daily clue and that all other birds are totally random.


We do advise members that hummingbirds do appear on random retailer offer pages apart from the daily clue answer.

Best wishes

Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 15:56 Boots gave a pde
beanyt197903 Mar 21 - 14:03 Master of malt... Fried egg
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 14:02 AliExpress gave a pde
Eddiesolo03 Mar 21 - 12:14 For folk not getting birdies on listed merchants-you have to lots of clicks on other merchants or wait a while before they appear.
Jill Black03 Mar 21 - 12:13 Hi Yorkshire100,

Click on the pink ‘Sweet treats’ Banner at the bottom of the home page. This then takes you to an overview page and the daily clues are on the right at the top of that page. Due to cookies, it helps too if you clear your search history every so often and log out. Good luck!
zahidabanu03 Mar 21 - 11:42 I don't win
Yorkshire10003 Mar 21 - 10:48 Where are the clues listed please
quinlami03 Mar 21 - 09:56 I won a pde at....
Sajid8903 Mar 21 - 09:29 Superdrug today's clue
Poshbird03 Mar 21 - 09:04 I love waiting for the Hummingbird to appear on my screen. A great incentive from Top Cashback. My no. 1 site for savings & Discounts :-)
Member107924783470303 Mar 21 - 08:07 Sounds interesting
YuliyaKovalchuk03 Mar 21 - 07:50 It's wonderful, I love it!
Victor BunBun03 Mar 21 - 02:08 That's Great!
KGayton03 Mar 21 - 00:07

CMh6703 Mar 21 - 00:03 Superdrug for Tuesday
Lisa Honeybone02 Mar 21 - 23:39 I’M not even seeing any birds even on the pages suggested below.

Hummingbirds would appear on random retailer offer pages except the daily clue answer :)

Best wishes
shop02 Mar 21 - 22:38 Let’S go. . .
Member38721617853802 Mar 21 - 22:30 Loving this!! 👌
iwonapl2302 Mar 21 - 22:13 Let’S play!
C_Heyworth02 Mar 21 - 22:12 I enjoy taking part in Sweet Treas.
Scampi190302 Mar 21 - 21:54 Good luck
imi31602 Mar 21 - 19:59 Excellent
HULKERMAN02 Mar 21 - 19:38 You never know your luck.
Kristy24 02 Mar 21 - 19:27 Nothing happens when I click on the bird
Hey Kirsty

If you could please try clearing cookies on yoru web browser and this should help with the running of the game. If you could also allow a few seconds when clicking on the hummingbird it should show the prize you have won.

If you have any issues please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look

Best wishes
Member106700102681802 Mar 21 - 19:05 Great can’T wait
mariussx02 Mar 21 - 19:02 Let’S do this
Susanfergie02 Mar 21 - 18:48 Give it a go
toribop02 Mar 21 - 18:25 Bensons for beds, Apple yard flowers, little woods
Member89106835074802 Mar 21 - 18:08 Great can't wait

Eddiesolo02 Mar 21 - 17:09 Iceland gave me a pde.
Member118129831195202 Mar 21 - 16:48 Lets play begin goodluck everyone 🙏
mkendall02 Mar 21 - 16:18 Great let's play
jrochford02 Mar 21 - 16:16 Cool, good luck everyone! : )
quinlami02 Mar 21 - 14:09 Nooooooooooooooooo.
Top_Frances02 Mar 21 - 13:27 Whoops typo! Nourish Fit Food, not foot! Sorry everyone, feeling a bit tired today.
Top_Frances02 Mar 21 - 13:21 Just seen this started yesterday (1st of March). Yesterday's daily clue answer was ScottishPower Gas and Electricity and today's is Nourish Fit Foot.

Good luck to everyone! Let's have some fun! :O)

Thank you Top Cashback for running treats. :O)
Abilvsjohn202002 Mar 21 - 03:35 😂😂😁😁😁🤔🤔
Cateycat802 Mar 21 - 00:10 Yay! Let's play xx
Eddiesolo01 Mar 21 - 21:21 Same error on fb too when trying to share...Come on TCB, losing out on extra entries!
Hey Eddie

Our team are aware of an issue with the Facebook share button and they are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible. If you could please use the Twitter share button and this should work for you with the extra entries for sharing.

Best wishes

todtod01 Mar 21 - 20:51 When i've found a treat and then try to share it on Facebook, i'm getting a strange message about "This app is not set up"

Any Ideas??

Nicolacar01 Mar 21 - 20:06 I just found a flying saucer on Petplan Pet Insurance.
FUCH51A501 Mar 21 - 19:26 5 goes and already won £1!
Radoz01 Mar 21 - 18:37 Wow..Just noticed this has started...Good Luck to everyone
Eddiesolo01 Mar 21 - 18:26 Talk talk gave me a 10p win cherry lip.
Member17096582592301 Mar 21 - 18:16 I have the same error sharing with facebook
DCG101 Mar 21 - 18:09 Cant share on fake book getting this

App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.
TLB_UK01 Mar 21 - 17:30 In it to win it! Boooooyaaaaaa!
Dave056401 Mar 21 - 16:59 Raees_Shafiq_05

To get ideas:

Pick up your daily tip (and go back every day);
Look on this blog and make lists of sites;
Look in "Trending".

And make a list of all ideas - just because there's nothing today, doesn't mean that there won't be something tomorrow. And some sites turn up twice....

I found birds on
Avis, Clearscore, Giffgaff, Littlewoods, rac, Tyres.Net

No money yet though ;(
Eddiesolo01 Mar 21 - 16:06 Got a jellybean on very.
TubbyTobster01 Mar 21 - 15:32 Good luck everyone!
Beagle01 Mar 21 - 15:14 I spend so much trying to find treats. I hope I win the biggie this time 🤞🤞🤞
kiranriaz94 01 Mar 21 - 14:27 I havent won anything yet but good luck to every one
Dances01 Mar 21 - 14:20 Is it me or is the facebook app not working, when you try and 'share' ....All I get is :

App not set up: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

Our team are aware of an issue with the Facebook share button and are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible. If you could please use the twitter share button if you use twitter and this should work for you.

Best wishes

Raees_Shafiq_0501 Mar 21 - 14:19 Haven't won anything just yet
Not sure where to look
rooneal01 Mar 21 - 14:02 Scottish power got me a bird as did aviva car ins
Member17096582592301 Mar 21 - 13:20 I just noticed that another giveaway was starting and I immediately found 2 birds and won 20p!
Thanks TCB :)
BabyAki01 Mar 21 - 12:46 I have also won 10p and getting treats. Good luck everyone.
SamSme01 Mar 21 - 12:39 I got 10p almost straight away too!

3 different sweets so far - the Daily Clue, Aviva & Appleyard Flowers.

Love getting the little treats rather than PDEs, just seems more exciting somehow, even if I don't win big ;-)
francis1701 Mar 21 - 09:30 Wow...10 p already...Thank you