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Posted on 07 Jan 2010 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

Hi All,

There's no sign of the big freeze subsiding and we all need to eat, so why not stay indoors and do your grocery shopping online from the comfort (and warmth) of your kitchen table along with the obligatory cuppa and chocolate biscuit! You can get all the products you usually buy in store delivered straight to your front door, no trolley rage, no checkout queues and more importantly no bracing the freezing cold! What's more, you'll earn cashback too with Top CashBack's exclusive offers from Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Our new and exclusive cashback offer from Sainsbury's is hot off the retail shelves. Previously only on new orders, Sainsbury's are now giving 50p cashback to both new and existing customers across all tracked grocery purchases.

Tesco have exclusively DOUBLED their cashback to £10 for all new grocery orders but you need to be quick as it's for one week only! Be sure to place your orders before midnight Wednesday 13th January 2009. Just think what you could spend your £10 on....

Asda are also continuing to pay £5 for all new grocery purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Let your fingers do the work and stay cosy while you do your online grocery shopping.

Happy (warm) Shopping!

The Top CashBack team
14 Jan 10 - 17:25I submitted 2 delivery charge questions & 1 response time question via the help link on the 5th & 9th of Jan. I'm still waiting. I havn't even had an acknowledgment to the queries.
fcorfield12 Jan 10 - 16:31Why does everyone keep bleating about the delivery being canx because of the snow! Doh! Oh poor me, the Tesco driver wouldnt risk his life to bring my shopping! Very mean of him or her! Get real!
uranian10 Jan 10 - 22:45I've used js for a few orders online. They do offer free delivery if you spend over £100 and are willing to take mid-week delivery. Plus their site is better for my shopping wishes (they list ingredients, which Tesco didn't last time I looked), and make it easy to search on the special offers. They've always been on time and helpful. 50p off offer now, too!
Jaqueline10 Jan 10 - 04:12I dont drive, I am disabled and it usually costs me £10 Taxi to do my shopping. I ordered from Tesco and Sainsbury's and both said they couldnt deliver due to roads in my area, So I ordered from Asda and it cost me nothing for delivery, and was delivered the next day, everything I asked for was there and the driver was really friendly and helpful. So I now order every week and im very pleased with the service.
08 Jan 10 - 20:51I have used asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Ocado and Waitrose delivery for 2.5 years already. I would say Waitrose is the best. You can even shop in branch and get them to deliver for £3 - £5.
Asda quality is really bad. I have had expired goods delivered or those that expire on the day of delivery. Late delivery as well for a party which was disastrous.
Sainsbury is the next best for me! They are really decent when they offered me vouchers for late delivery as compensation. That's really customer service.
Ocado has great and user friendly website. But, they didn't live up to expectation. Several late deliveries were made. No compensation. When I wrote in to express my disappointment, there were no response from the company. How can they be good! I just don't see it. They should be better than the rest as online grocery is their main business as compared to the rest. I would get more leeway to the other grocers for not being really excellent in online grocery.
Tesco is ok but may not give the freshest ingredients.
jonwinter08 Jan 10 - 19:26I've used Ocado lots of times and they frequently offer me very good discounts for shopping on Tuesday or Wednesdays. They did a 25% Off all wine offer before Xmas. Their delivery charge is often £0 after 9pm. They price match Tesco on many items and it's easy to find bargains. They have never got an order wrong (apart from one time I got an extra bottle of wine by accident, no charge :-) Tesco on the other hand have been rubbish - lots of substitutions for products I didn't want, expensive delivery charges and the price you pay on the website doesn't include discounts and multibuys, they refund that later, it's very confusing.
hypnome08 Jan 10 - 16:47Hi TopDesigner, I take you're point re: big car expensive to run!
Do you have a Iceland store in your area? In my area if you buy
Goods to the value of £25 or more from them they deliver free!Tesco on the other hand require a spend of at least £50.
greenman7008 Jan 10 - 16:30I think this is a great idea - but I wish I had thought of it a couple of weeks ago...

My Dad was ill with a bad cold after Christmas, but needed to get in supplies. Mum can't drive and the rest of the family are scattered over the country. Dad had to brave the cold weather and go shopping - putting his recovery back by a couple of days.

I wish I had thought that I could have set him up for online delivery - saving him the trip and also earning him (or me) cashback. Once he had got the hang of the system, he could always fall back on this idea in future if he was ever ill again... That would probably put everyone's mind at ease.
signman08 Jan 10 - 16:23Have used Asda several times, but have found them to be unreliable in what they deliver. My experience is that they deliver on time but usually leave part of your shopping on the van and return to the depot, when you phone the local store they say they will refund you what was not delivered.

The last time I used Asda was 2 days before xmas, ordered the food for xmas and the days following with guests arriving only to find that most of the dairy items or chilled food items and the bread had a use by date of 24th Dec.

So I ended up going shopping anyway for replacements.

Not the best of experiences I have also had the same with Tesco it seems they try to get rid of items that are near to their sell by date to people who order online or is just me being unlucky?

I have used Asda & Tesco several times over the past year and they both seem to practice this.
giff108 Jan 10 - 16:18Have always wanted an excuse to try home shopping gos on for first time and asda cancelled due to weather,whats the point?
trudes08 Jan 10 - 16:08Not good customer service - do not use them for deliveries anymore
08 Jan 10 - 14:59Because of the weather, I booked an Asda delivery for today. I have not done grocery shopping online for a number of years, since I got my car.
I am really impressed with the service. Everything was present and correct, and arrived on time (two hour time slot). I'm going to do this every month now, to save lugging all the heavy stuff up the path. Well done Asda - and all for only £5.50.
dinanny08 Jan 10 - 14:20Tesco cancelled mine too rescheduled it for tommorrow fingers crossed
Margaretanne08 Jan 10 - 13:21Hi
Its a great idea while the weather is bad however I tried putting an on-line order with Tesco only to get it cancelled due to the weather so I had to go out after all
08 Jan 10 - 13:13I always shop online and due to this weather Sainsburys won't deliver my shopping, which I am finding extremely inconvenient, so as much as I would love to shop from the comfort of my kitchen table with a cuppa and a choc biscuit, I can't!
08 Jan 10 - 13:05I would love to shop online but Tesco's say they can't deliver were I live as the roads are too dangerous!! I already know that! Lucky for me I foresaw this and stocked up!!
twiggystardust08 Jan 10 - 12:46I ordered online so I wouldnt have to go out and they rang back to say they cant deliver because of the weather !!
akashbhasin08 Jan 10 - 12:34Asda:
1. £5 new signup ........ "Payable £0 at last"
2. Cheap as compare to other supermarket
3. Usually you get free delivery codes
4. No cashback on subsequent purchases

1. £5, currently £10 new signup......"Payable quickly"
2. Not so cheap these days
3. You get tesco points
4. You can find some free delivery codes
5. No cashback on subsequent purchases

1. 50p new signup ...............Not yet tried
2. Not cheap
3. You get nector points
4. No free delivery
5. 50p cashback on subsequent purchases

1. No cashback
2. Best quality
3. Costly
4. No rewards points
5. Not free delivery

Which one delivers best value ??
WightGoat08 Jan 10 - 12:26I have used Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. Asda is medicore. They turn up on time and the shopping is normally okay. Tesco is awful but I think thats more to do with my local store. They "lost" my order and only told me when I phoned an hour after my slot to see where my shopping was and said I would have to re-order! I also booked 5pm-7pm slot. Got home at 4.50pm to find a card in my door saying they turned up at 5pm and I wasn't home!! I have got delivery charge refunded everytime I phone up to find out why late though (which is regular!) And also if something is subistuted if it costs more they refund the difference. I would give Tesco a go as I think its just the store mine is delivered from.
Sainsburys are wonderful though. They have one hour slots. One day my shopping turned up 15mins late and I wasn't that bothered and the driver phone beforehand so say would be late and when arrived was so apologetic and gave me a £10 voucher off my next shop! Even through the snow they turn up. The shopping also is no more expensive than any of the others.
08 Jan 10 - 12:22Tesco cancelled my home delivery yesterday due to their vehicles being out of action in the ice and snow.
tonibrookman208 Jan 10 - 12:22Only problem is if there is too much snow they don't deliver. So be careful. We ordered on line with Sainsburys before Xmas for delivery 2 days before and due to snow they cancelled the order. So I then had to go an que with everyone else on one of the busiest days of the year!!! Not too happy!!1
blackpear208 Jan 10 - 12:15I have been shopping for groceries online ever since the service was offered in my area. I have used Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Ocado.
I have discovered that, if you don't buy from them for about 6 weeks, they usually send an email offering either a free delivery or money off to try to entice you back. So if you rotate your business around several, you can pretty well avoid paying delivery charges (or the equivalent) altogether.

The best one for me is Ocado. They only sell Waitrose stuff, but cheaper than Waitrose stores (or Waitrose online). Because they operate nationally from one massive warehouse, they rarely run out of items so substitutes are rare. I like the way they text you a reminder ahead of delivery and they also throw in a free copy of The Times or Sunday Times! Their website claims that it is "greener" to shop with them than go to your nearest supermarket, presumably because they are not operating energy-hungry retail outlets.

On the point about whether the delivery charges are good value, you need to compare not only the cost of fuel used in your car, but also how much value you put on your time. I think £5/£6 to have someone else do what would take me 1-2 hours is well worth it.
Newtalie08 Jan 10 - 12:13Asda have refused to deliver to us twice this week because of the weather.
08 Jan 10 - 11:59Fair point about the delivery charge, but you save on petrol, I have a large people carrier, it costs me at least three pounds to travel to my local asda, so it still a big saving?
hypnome08 Jan 10 - 11:52Tesco's £10 cashback sounds good, but since they charge anything from £3 to £6 depending on which day or time you choose for delivery it does'nt leave much of the £10 left!