Supermarket Bonuses with Reward Wallet

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Did you know, you can make your already earned cashback go even further? Not only do you get the bonus of cashback on your purchase, you can also get a bonus when you payout through Reward Wallet.

So if you need a helping hand with your food shop this month why not withdraw your cashback as a supermarket e-gift card to get a 5% bonus on top of what you’ve already earned.

Our Supermarket bonuses include Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsburys. For those Plus Members who payout they can get a 5% bonus on their payable cashback and Classic Members can get a 2.5% bonus.

If you’re a Plus Member and have £100 payable in your account you’ll get £105 to spend at your chosen supermarket.

More about Reward Wallet

As well as the brands above, there are also over 50+ other options to payout through on Reward Wallet, with bonuses of up to 30% - so make sure to check them out if you find something else you want to get.

Every week thousands of members are paying their cashback out through Reward Wallet and getting big bonuses for free. We have paid out over £20 million to members through Reward Wallet and they have enjoyed an extra £1.5 million in additional payouts. It's time to join them!

If you are a Plus Member, then your bonus is at least double that of Classic Members - the bonuses shown here are Plus Member rates. If you’re not on Plus Membership don't worry, you can upgrade to take advantage of the extra bonuses.

Don't forget you can also come back through us to spend your Reward Wallet voucher, meaning you get even more cashback.

Why not head over to Reward Wallet & give it a try now!

This promotion starts at 9am on the 15th May and ends at 9am on the 22nd May.

LLClancy21 May 20 - 13:11Yes please i'd love to be picked it would help so very much thank you for your time and energy 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
dunstenbenjamin19 May 20 - 11:19Hi
Good luck

shazy6919 May 20 - 10:04Hi everybody, just to let you know without having problem receiving cashback go to the resolved website their really good and will help you sort it out.

Stay safe and happy, shaz😎
vanity1l17 May 20 - 09:38Put my Cashback in my reward wallet by accident can u move it back into your earnings

If you could please submit a support ticket for this the team should be able to help get this resolved

Best wishes
kvik16 May 20 - 15:19Just jack I have to agree ,i was due £120 for changing my internet to talk talk,this was denied after putting in a ticket ,emails etc,no reason was given by topcasher just that it was declined!

I can assure you that we do dispute as much as we can if we have been given a decline and our team will get to the bottom of this before posting a resolution on your claim as soon as they can

Best wishes

Just Jack 15 May 20 - 20:47I am getting sick of putting in Tickets for everything.
I have been waiting a year for one claim.
Beginning to become annoying.

To help with tracking we would advise to make sure cookies are cleared on your browser and that any ad blockers are disabled before clicking to our site

Best wishes
Just Jack 15 May 20 - 20:40Putting it a Ticket is the standard response
To every single thing. Doesn't make a difference.
I have a claim a year old!

I am sorry that you feel like this. We do work incredibly hard to get progress for all member's claims but this process can take time depending on the speed of review and the complexity of the claim.

If you could please bear with the team and they will post more info on the claim the moment they know more.

Best wishes

Kelly250315 May 20 - 13:18Morrison’S always have problems with ecards, they have to select Gift Card and then scan it, hope this saves someone the embarrassment I went though when I was accused of taking pics of gift cards on the shelf

I am sorry to hear this. If you could please submit a support ticket with a little more info we can get this passed on to the card provider who can speak with the retailer to improve this for the future

Best wishes

Shauny20 Jan 20 - 00:46Nothing has changed has it? Hasn't this always been the same bonus rate prior to this promotion??
Member54776473400619 Jan 20 - 17:41Still waiting on Cashback from months ago. Let alone the money I should of got from lookfantastic on Black Friday!
Member97839875072019 Jan 20 - 08:00Paid for bnq e voucher a week ago still haven't got it they've taken the money but i've not received my voucher
Allycoombe18 Jan 20 - 21:05Not sure what you're all hoping to win?!? As far as I can read its info about extra cashback
Member97842126483418 Jan 20 - 20:29I can’T get my cashback?
MrsLJackson2417 Jan 20 - 23:47Annebond - you'll be waiting a while. Booked a holiday via TCB with Virgin Holidays in August 2018. Tracked just over £45 cashback.. Still waiting on it to move from pending to confirmed! We've even had the holiday!

I am sorry that you have not seen progress as quickly as you hoped for. If you could please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Pavels197717 Jan 20 - 21:20E gift card not working in Morrisons , huge embarrassment for my family standing there and barcodes not going through the machine. I want explanation why this happened.

I am sorry that you had issues with this. Please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look as this method should work instore.

Best wishes

Member18448472085417 Jan 20 - 19:30Awesome
staceyh12416 Jan 20 - 12:25This would be amazing
annebond16 Jan 20 - 12:23Would be great, but my payments are still in pending mode
tansari16 Jan 20 - 11:34This would be wonderful
Sonny_oscar_16 Jan 20 - 10:43Would be fantastic
agamarchant16 Jan 20 - 09:30Yes it would be lovely
Kirkytpt16 Jan 20 - 08:56Awesome!!
Saffron716 Jan 20 - 08:45Excellent 😊
barney4816 Jan 20 - 08:29Nice deal
11093116 Jan 20 - 07:20Yes please
wsblack6716 Jan 20 - 07:18Nice one 😮
Toni_Miles16 Jan 20 - 03:59Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
mitzie10016 Jan 20 - 01:59Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏼🙏🏼
evelynurq16 Jan 20 - 01:44Good idea
yosser16 Jan 20 - 00:57Good luck
Hilary_Hill15 Jan 20 - 23:41I wish! :-)
Locket8415 Jan 20 - 23:30Sounds amazing
Reesy198215 Jan 20 - 23:18Hope I win
kelumnk15 Jan 20 - 22:49Looks Great
Millie4715 Jan 20 - 22:44Ohh definitely needed during January..... No points left on the loyalty cards, and payday takes forever this month!
Bugs nanny15 Jan 20 - 22:41It would be very greatly recieved especially this time of year 😁
Bugs nanny15 Jan 20 - 22:35Sounds like a brilliant idea!!!
Mamabearjas15 Jan 20 - 22:32Fingers crossed as every little bit helps especially with a new edition to our family on the 3rd
Wickedlynne15 Jan 20 - 22:22Fingers crossed it would b nice to win something
callumconnor15 Jan 20 - 21:48Every little helps 😊🤞🏼🛒
astule15 Jan 20 - 21:43Yes, please ;)
corriepup15 Jan 20 - 21:42Would come in really handy right now.
Dannie198415 Jan 20 - 21:34Great idea
ania_s198415 Jan 20 - 21:24Fingers Crossed! 👍
shuggy7915 Jan 20 - 21:22Great way to get more for your money
Jodavies7115 Jan 20 - 21:20Love the sound of egiftcards
Clairealexjones15 Jan 20 - 21:19Sounds great
Curly Sue15 Jan 20 - 21:14Yes please...
Owl3415 Jan 20 - 21:08Yes, great idea

Kflo77715 Jan 20 - 21:07Every bit helps
Ikky_16315 Jan 20 - 21:05Would be great to win, good luck everyone 😊
loulou615 Jan 20 - 21:01Would be nice if tesco, morrisons, waitrose and sainsburys delivered to my area - and it's not as if I live in a tiny place, I live in newquay !!! (Only asda deliver here, and guess where I got my cashback from??
Kim902200215 Jan 20 - 20:56👍🤞 Good idea
hm7115 Jan 20 - 20:52This would be wonderful
Teresa Clarke15 Jan 20 - 20:51Yes please....
RomaniaD15 Jan 20 - 20:43🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
malibu23615 Jan 20 - 20:41Fingers crossed
jockjay90115 Jan 20 - 20:38Brilliant idea
kstead196615 Jan 20 - 20:29Good luck everybody :)
Member108002098245615 Jan 20 - 20:25Great idea
JackieHudson15 Jan 20 - 20:17Fingers crossed
Michellebw196615 Jan 20 - 20:11Yes please
Hassockslad15 Jan 20 - 20:11Be nice to win guess it’S the luck of the draw
cashback1715 Jan 20 - 20:07Here's hoping.
Misscris15 Jan 20 - 20:01Would be nuce
SarahLaBella15 Jan 20 - 19:59Yes pleassssseeeeee!
clarice15 Jan 20 - 19:59Haven't worked for a few weeks so this would be timely :)
Member87808678703415 Jan 20 - 19:55🤞 Fingers crossed 🤞
stewstewuk15 Jan 20 - 19:50Fingers Crossed!
ancsiho15 Jan 20 - 19:36Would be great 🤞
kirstieg0515 Jan 20 - 19:30This would be great. Good luck.
Ammara_Sheikh15 Jan 20 - 19:29Good luck to everyone.
sallyb457115 Jan 20 - 19:28Fingers crossed 🤞
kirstieg0515 Jan 20 - 19:22This would be great. Good luck.
kirkland15 Jan 20 - 19:17Fingers crossed!
kirstieg0515 Jan 20 - 19:16This would be great.
bombay15 Jan 20 - 19:14What a help this would be this long January
markbarlow6815 Jan 20 - 19:07Fantastic - fingers crossed
triciatravers15 Jan 20 - 19:02Good luck everyone
annaracken15 Jan 20 - 18:59Make me a winner
TraceyRhyl15 Jan 20 - 18:53Love Top Cash back
Magskimooncat15 Jan 20 - 18:45Good luck everyone
Sarahstod15 Jan 20 - 18:44Wood be lovely good look everyone
Tim727215 Jan 20 - 18:33You never know,if you ay in you cor win.
Avrilini15 Jan 20 - 18:30Erm, yes please. Don't get paid 'til the 91st of January.
Lib128215 Jan 20 - 18:26Fingers crossed
Member67504412161715 Jan 20 - 18:25Great prize
Member126944021284415 Jan 20 - 18:25Would like to be inn chance to win thank you.
jotrez15 Jan 20 - 18:13I could so use this right now!
sdl81115 Jan 20 - 18:12Whoop whoop...
Member11348053852915 Jan 20 - 18:11Good luck everyone
Sarge4615 Jan 20 - 18:11Great prize. Good luck all.X
Paulinesudworth15 Jan 20 - 18:10Hope I win
EJVW2315 Jan 20 - 18:08Yes please!
Jenric15 Jan 20 - 18:00🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Hafni15 Jan 20 - 17:59Hope I win
JaneBlair15 Jan 20 - 17:59Yes please! :)
SRamshead15 Jan 20 - 17:57Fingers crossed!
yordie15 Jan 20 - 17:56Yes please
jacqueline24615 Jan 20 - 17:55Fab prize
tarzansbb15 Jan 20 - 17:51Fingers crossed
AJL197915 Jan 20 - 17:50I would like to get a card. But I suspect full well that the odds of me getting one are very slim.
troberts15 Jan 20 - 17:49Double the chance of this January offer. Much needed after Christmas
michelleyih15 Jan 20 - 17:46Fab! Fingers crossed
MrsCoverdale15 Jan 20 - 17:44Great prize
lost_lou15 Jan 20 - 17:41Yes please 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀
cherylann246115 Jan 20 - 17:19Great prize
ntburton575915 Jan 20 - 17:18Yes please
artimistry15 Jan 20 - 17:16Fingers crossed
MrsLJackson2415 Jan 20 - 17:16Desperately need to win something like this. Feeling the pinch all too much this month!
CatherineH2215 Jan 20 - 17:11🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Aamir25015 Jan 20 - 17:09Fingers crossed. Be a miracle if I win,lol
Billycj15 Jan 20 - 17:08Would love this
Crazyk10015 Jan 20 - 17:08World be loverly
Lydiacat7915 Jan 20 - 17:07Not won anything in my life..Maybe my luck may change 🤞🤞
wellermad15 Jan 20 - 17:05Would be really handy 🙏🏻
lauren86jade15 Jan 20 - 17:00Yes please 🤞
199Jonesy15 Jan 20 - 16:55🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
wendy31115 Jan 20 - 16:54Nice treat after Christmas ♥️
Member118183161142815 Jan 20 - 16:53Top cashback, top site.
mjhurt8315 Jan 20 - 16:51I just like plain hard cash
kriswildheart15 Jan 20 - 16:48I would love to treat my Fiance for her birthday, she does so much for myself and charity, she's one in a million ❤️
louise909015 Jan 20 - 16:47😀 😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀
sarahleigh2315 Jan 20 - 16:40Yes please
markbruchez6815 Jan 20 - 16:36Ooooooooo
Amkh16849900410915 Jan 20 - 16:27Yes please
mia201015 Jan 20 - 16:27Would help save on the weekly shop. Would love to win tesco one
HVS201815 Jan 20 - 16:26A £50 gift card would be amazing
Niamhsmum1615 Jan 20 - 16:25Yes please
Member8692338562015 Jan 20 - 16:16Yes please
Gemma198415 Jan 20 - 16:10Yes please 😀
DianaWinn15 Jan 20 - 16:09A £50 Tesco card would be a great bonus!
Motylek281115 Jan 20 - 16:06Yes please
Member108019561005615 Jan 20 - 16:06Enjoy using this site
Dukelove15 Jan 20 - 16:00Would pay for my 2 children’S non-stop healthy kids snacks. #Eatingmeoutofhouseandhome
sammy_babii_Ox15 Jan 20 - 16:00Me me me
IamSal15 Jan 20 - 15:54Morrison’S 🤞 Hopefully
Dannyshaw2415 Jan 20 - 15:49Very good
Slicktips15 Jan 20 - 15:47🎉Yes please 🎈
Mental4ever15 Jan 20 - 15:47A trusted way to make your money go further.
giraffe6715 Jan 20 - 15:47Fingers crossed
margareteverson15 Jan 20 - 15:41Legs arms and fingers crossed ...Help I am stuck!!
hutchyL15 Jan 20 - 15:40Me me me 😁
angiemary15 Jan 20 - 15:38Wow yes please.
jboyall15 Jan 20 - 15:37Would love to win this
helenhumphreys15 Jan 20 - 15:36Yes please. Could do with wormwood luvk.
cluong8315 Jan 20 - 15:30Fingers crossed
Katebeth8715 Jan 20 - 15:25Hope I get some luck! I sodding need it after my moped got stolen
ABlackall15 Jan 20 - 15:24Keeping my fingers crossed. 🤞
Kellyando115 Jan 20 - 15:22Thank you xxxxx
Jasminjt15 Jan 20 - 15:20Thanks! 🍀
123thesnake15 Jan 20 - 15:18Would be really handy if I was lucky ennough to win
jules30m15 Jan 20 - 15:10I’D love to win the Tesco voucher
insideamind15 Jan 20 - 15:09🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Ratcliffe8715 Jan 20 - 15:09🤞🏼 Fingers crossed
Jmbaker5215 Jan 20 - 15:07Incredibly helpful!!
Leeclaire15 Jan 20 - 15:06Great bonus 👍
petebusby15 Jan 20 - 15:02Thanks for the chance!
trishoke15 Jan 20 - 15:01Yes please
TIM_LAMB_515 Jan 20 - 14:59Supermarket
Carol99915 Jan 20 - 14:56Fingers crossed
almanning9415 Jan 20 - 14:52Yes please! X
ilovespike200515 Jan 20 - 14:46This would really help this month.
Akidnamedcait15 Jan 20 - 14:45🥰♥️🎉🤔🤫💪🥰😩
Mcmfrank15 Jan 20 - 14:41Thanks looking forward to the 50£
ernest3915 Jan 20 - 14:39Amazing! Yes Please!
Ritzzy15 Jan 20 - 14:37Brilliant
Homegoods15 Jan 20 - 14:35Perfect Birthday dinner for my hubby
bahar7915 Jan 20 - 14:34Oh yes please 😄
hayley lowdon15 Jan 20 - 14:32Super prize
janelj3115 Jan 20 - 14:31Yes please
Sureyakamran15 Jan 20 - 14:26:) Ooooo
Leanne9015 Jan 20 - 14:20Yes please
Annette_Money15 Jan 20 - 14:19Yes would be lovely
riv15 Jan 20 - 14:19Yes please
105242940825615 Jan 20 - 14:14Exellent
JIS6615 Jan 20 - 14:13Thank you
tiffanyabbe15 Jan 20 - 14:11Yes please!
Emmlou2415 Jan 20 - 14:10Yes please
StefanG9315 Jan 20 - 14:09Brilliant
lovelyhouse15 Jan 20 - 14:06Ohhhh yes please 😁
travelbuddy15 Jan 20 - 14:05Go for it +1
SaveSaver15 Jan 20 - 14:03Oooooooo
Nikkibam15 Jan 20 - 14:02Amazing prize
JayChambersss15 Jan 20 - 14:02Banging!
debbiemecham15 Jan 20 - 14:01Yes please!
Proudpeace15 Jan 20 - 13:57That would be brill 😁
smarty12315 Jan 20 - 13:51Winners
Bubs199015 Jan 20 - 13:50👍
lizzyjames1615 Jan 20 - 13:49Awesome!
Gill robson15 Jan 20 - 13:49Yes Please
SJBlackwell5215 Jan 20 - 13:48Great idea
Asi25115 Jan 20 - 13:48This is amazing opportunity.
apriestman15 Jan 20 - 13:46Amazing to win
RPS900200015 Jan 20 - 13:45Great way to stock up
Becki9815 Jan 20 - 13:44Brilliant, will have to check it out 👍🏻😀
Sylvi13215 Jan 20 - 13:44I could do with this right now
scottorr15 Jan 20 - 13:42Yes please
sambecks15 Jan 20 - 13:41Yes please 🤞
Emjay163315 Jan 20 - 13:41Very welcome at this time
Member105339915311615 Jan 20 - 13:39This would be great
mavis4315 Jan 20 - 13:38This would be a nice start to 2020
Bexs99015 Jan 20 - 13:38Yes please
ilovespike200515 Jan 20 - 13:35This would really help this month.
blondbit197315 Jan 20 - 13:35Yes please
MagDud15 Jan 20 - 13:32That's nice
abisheknayyar15 Jan 20 - 13:321 question do we need to use all the money in my e-gift card of Tesco in 1 go ? Or can it be used in multiple times till the amount is over?
stacywatson8815 Jan 20 - 13:31Yes please
Kurst8715 Jan 20 - 13:28Fabulous!
swassell8515 Jan 20 - 13:28Fab yes please
tonyh7815 Jan 20 - 13:26Lovely jubley
Member108011557122215 Jan 20 - 13:25Yes please
humtum15 Jan 20 - 13:23Will have to look into it !
Do love a freebie.
brednall115 Jan 20 - 13:23Would be a great help to the family shop!
Member11749793155415 Jan 20 - 13:21Yes please
helenhumphreys15 Jan 20 - 13:20Fabulous
McClane5415 Jan 20 - 13:18Yes please! Need to fill the freezer
Deb15 Jan 20 - 13:17I have not used my reward wallet yet but might start using it once my cash back has built up a bit
rutm1015 Jan 20 - 13:16I like the rewards but do majority of my weekly shop locally
nicmaytox15 Jan 20 - 13:15This would help fill the cupboards to feed the forever hungry kids
handbagfund15 Jan 20 - 13:12Just what's need in January x
rachelleevans1974_15 Jan 20 - 13:09Could do with this with three family January birthdays !
Member66223285471215 Jan 20 - 13:05Xxxxxxxx
eyalbc15 Jan 20 - 10:18What about Ocado?
judahblessing15 Jan 20 - 08:06Don't forget you can also come back through us to spend your Reward Wallet voucher, meaning you get even more cashback.....

Please explain?
craigl6514 Jan 20 - 17:25@Jadob was your payable cash showing more than it is now?
Apparently there was a problem as this also happened to me.
Jodob14 Jan 20 - 00:15Cant collect my cashback can anyone advise please?
DoreenHerd13 Jan 20 - 20:30Can the gift cards be used on more than one occasion, or does it have to be spent in one go?
You can keep on using them until the funds reach £0 :)

Best wishes,
Member126963527160013 Jan 20 - 17:03Maybe this should of been offered at the beginning of Jan. As just put my order through, but thank you
We're always reviewing payout options and are pleased that we can offer this now :)

Best wishes,
paula_pye13 Jan 20 - 16:31Can they be used in store or just online?
These vouchers can be used in store :)

Best wishes,
Mwhiteside13 Jan 20 - 16:21The e-gift card search does not show Sainsbury’S as available
This is available through Reward Wallet only and so please do click on account and then click on 'Reward Wallet' where you can see the top up available :)

josiejosie13 Jan 20 - 16:09Excellent
MichiXx13 Jan 20 - 15:22Hi, i’M not sure how to get into my reward wallet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Hey MichiXx,

If you click on payout, you can transfer your payable funds to reward wallet right as the top option.

However ,if you just want to see what's available please click on 'account' and click on 'Reward Wallet'

Best wishes,
imty9013 Jan 20 - 15:13Excellent initiative
Barton1913 Jan 20 - 15:12Xxxxxxxxxx
v4tennis13 Jan 20 - 15:09Liking this initiative, thank-you, .But will hope it is offered again in the future.....Maybe when my cashback recovers!