Singles Day - A TopCashback Explainer

Singles Day Explainer

Have you heard a lot about Singles Day but aren’t too sure what it is? Don’t fear, we’ve got the lowdown.

When it comes to internationally celebrated shopping days, Singles Day is big. Huge even. It’s celebrated on 11th November (11/11) each year and first became a trend in China in the 1990s.

The name Singles Day came about because the date has the most number ones of all the dates in a calendar year and has become synonymous with the celebration of being single i.e. the number one being a single figure.

The Chinese created a shopping day of the date because it’s said that as a single person you’ll have more money to treat yourself with. Although, you don’t have to be single to make the most of the bargains offered on Singles Day of course.

It’s now celebrated on a global scale, with retail giant Alibaba pretty much running the show. Last year Alibaba hosted a televised gala to celebrate the day, including celebrity appearances and entertainment broadcasts in the build up to midnight on 11/11. Last yeat Alibaba made over £11.4 billion, and this year sales are expected to be even higher.

In recent years, deals on Singles Day have included hundreds of pounds off Nike trainers and MacBooks and designer clothes for less than £10 – so it really is an opportune day to try and bag yourself that big-ticket item.

If you want to get involved in Singles Day then look no further, as we’ll be offering exclusive discounts with some massive brands, including AliExpress, Boohoo and Nike. So, roll on 11/11.

NanaD7611 Nov 17 - 09:29Never heard of single day but until today great promotion keep me udataed many thanks