See why Rachel Riley loves our Reward Wallet

Reward Wallet

Save even more with TopCashback’s Reward Wallet

Looking to make your cashback go even further?  When you next request your payout from us make sure you look at our Reward Wallet feature.  

Exclusive to TopCashback this allows you to exchange your cashback for gift-cards at over 50 different brands, including M&S, Tesco, Pizza Express, Amazon and many more.  What makes it even better is that if you exchange your cashback to one of these gift cards you’ll get a bonus on top of your cashback of up to 26%.

We’ve also recently launched our own Virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card as an option in Reward Wallet – with an 8% bonus.  This means £100 of cashback will become £108 and is a great alternative to BACS or Paypal as you can use Mastercard pretty much anywhere.

Find out below how our brand ambassador, Rachel Riley is saving even more with Reward Wallet.


veryfriendlee17 Dec 18 - 17:11If this is monitored can you tell me why you have withdrawn Zeek payouts?
24Ern2417 Dec 18 - 14:27The Mastercard did not work with John Lewis on line Or (at first) to buy an Amazon giftcard/Credit.
Eventually, I set it up with Amazon as a preferred payment method ordered something and then cancelled the order so that I could make a bigger order. It took 10 days for Amazon to credit the card again usually much quicker if not instant. Sorting out with Amazon took over three hours on the phone as they could not explain why the card would not work for future purchases. Topcashback were also unhelpful and you can not ring the provider unless you want to call The usa
Stay clear
Gary_Parsonage17 Dec 18 - 13:10MasterCard only showing as 4% And the best of the others is 12.5% Not 8 % And 26% As stated above
rhondamb9517 Dec 18 - 12:43Great I love it
Alicia201109 Oct 18 - 15:45Enenne
Alicia201109 Oct 18 - 15:45Juu
stevenhalton05 Oct 18 - 05:37Just use it online
simond6403 Oct 18 - 11:22I tried the prepaid mastercard only to find I had to pay £5 to get a physical prepaid card to use in store, then in store (Sainsburys) it failed to read it. Been waiting 5 days for a solution so far. Ironically, I had to use a mastercard credit card to pay instead.

Until this is sorted i'd recommend staying with bacs payments