Countdown host, Rachel Riley, is joining the TopCashback family

Posted on 10 Sep 2018 Posted in  Tips & Updates
Rachel Riley

TopCashback are excited to announce that Channel 4’s Countdown co-presenter Rachel Riley is joining the TopCashback fold as their new brand ambassador.

Rachel will be working with us over the next couple of months to help demystify cashback and spread the word about the great savings that can be had by being a TopCashback member.

With a maths background and a love for looking after her money, Rachel is super savvy with her spending. She has also been a member of TopCashback for more than five years, saving hundreds of pounds along the way, making her the perfect fit for helping us spread the word about TopCashback.

Over the coming months you’ll see Rachel popping up across the site and on our social media channels, so be sure to keep an eye out.



Member71580427 Nov 18 - 15:31It's not as simple as "wait for your cashback to appear" any more is it?
I keep having to navigate the maze like Topcashback website and go through a lengthy "raise a ticket" process (with generic replies which ignore your questions and request patience) where I have to provide dates, amounts, policy numbers. ...And then to make it happen phone the companies involved who blame TopCashback - then Topcashback blame the firms.
And there's the built in 6 month delay.
Not at all like it was years ago.
I'm giving up with this lot
If a purchase does not track, we do need to ask for info to get this looked at. Without the info we request the tracking network is not able to look into our query.

Best wishes,
keeweekiddy13 Nov 18 - 17:53She's right even if not completely honest - 'click the link then shop as normal' is actually "Shop as normal and don't forget to check TCB for a bonus or alternative before completing your purchase. Just remember this sequence - Shop, Click, basket, TCB, Click, Basket, Buy!" Love TCB and rr, a perfect match :-)
krisscottsims09 Nov 18 - 11:00Why does it matter how much she has been declined, Ive found I am only declined if no purchase has been made.
Why look for the negatives and just focus on the positives
David_Bedford06 Nov 18 - 18:25For the money!
wrongmark28 Sep 18 - 09:11She's so lovely.
mmzafar21 Sep 18 - 10:17Because nobody else would hire her.
spandanna19 Sep 18 - 11:24She's such a great role model for females!
uglysteve17 Sep 18 - 19:10@Androidgamer

£709.59 according to the video though no news on the declined...
ChrisGerwyn17 Sep 18 - 12:42Hmmmm I suspect mostly the money you're paying her to do so!
androidgamer16 Sep 18 - 12:31How much has Rachel saved in 5years and any declined cashback?