Plus Members get more with Reward Wallet

Plus Members get more

Not only do Plus Members get bigger top ups on cashback rates, they also get bigger bonuses through Reward Wallet, infact they get atleast 50% more than Classic Members.

So if you are a Plus Member, then congratulations, you are already benefiting from these great bonuses, if not, then why not upgrade now and start working your cashback harder.

When you upgrade, we do keep £5 of your cashback each year, but this allows us to invest in our rates and bonuses to offer you more.

An example is if you payout £100 cashback with a Virgin Experience e-gift card, a Classic Member gets a 12.5% bonus so would receive £112.50 to spend, whilst a Plus Member would get a 25% bonus and receive £125 to spend!  If you shop regularly through the site, then its definitely worth seeing if Plus works better for you.

Plus, when you spend your e-gift card you can earn even more cashback.

If you are ready to payout your cashback then visit  Reward Wallet now and work your cashback harder!

Posted on 07 Mar 2019  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Can you detail how this "50% More than Classic Members" is worked out as your example shown is 12.5% Only
  16 Oct 19 - 12:47
Thank you x
  15 Oct 19 - 09:59
How do you become a Plus Member?
  15 Oct 19 - 08:04
Very useful and good
  15 Oct 19 - 01:49
I have used my payouts with bonuses that all have worked brilliantly. I have also had direct payments made into my bank account. I love TopCashback, and always check here before any kind of online purchase. You can’T beat it!
  18 Sep 19 - 12:40
Was really good
  18 Sep 19 - 11:37
Was interesting
  16 Sep 19 - 17:44
Went into harvester used my rewards for it told they were not vaid I showed them the wallet and also tryout web sit side not useable thinki it was a scam will not be using you again I lost 15 pounds and had to pay for my meal never never use you again
  01 Jun 19 - 12:19

I am sorry to hear this.I have now got the team to take a closer look and they have posted a message on your support ticket about this issue.

Best wishes

Ok is good
  08 May 19 - 10:40
Useful and very informative!
  07 May 19 - 23:31

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