Our new #WeekendWinner competition

Posted on 27 Mar 2020 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

We understand that these are difficult times right now so we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite brands to give you something else to look forward to each week.

Some of you social lovers may already know about our #Winsday competitions but have you heard about our brand new #WeekendWinner competition?

Yes that’s right, two competitions a week!

Our very first #WeekendWinner competition seemed to go down a treat. Congratualtions to Sam H and Mark J who have won £75 worth of products of their choice from MandMDirect.com.

Our second #WeekendWinner was hosted by lookfantastic.com who gave away a Beauty Egg worth £284, well done to the lucky winner Katrina L!

Our third #WeekendWinner was for a Digital Game Download worth up to £50 from CDKeys.com and our lucky winners were Liam C, Matthew D, Charley R and Tristan C.

Our next #WeekendWinner competition on Friday 17th April was won by Hannah B, who won a Mankind Hero Edit Kit from Mankind worth over to £200.

The Virgin Experience Days #WeekendWinner competition on Friday 24th April was won by these five lucky winners Megan K, Caroline T, Pamela B, Alexandra D and Asha V who have all won an online experience.

The first May #WeekendWinner was won by Angela O, Sarah M, Angela W and Maureen J - these 4 lucky winners have got themselves a hamper from Whittards of Chelsea.

Next up we had two very generous £100 gift vouchers from Charles and Keith won by Amanda W and Lynne O on 8th May.

15th May saw Lynsey G take away her very own Fitbit Charge 4.

On 22nd May OptimalPrint gave away a £100 voucher which was won by Maria K!

May 28th Weekend Winners saw Debbie L and Helen T win a £100 Benefit voucher each - well done!

There was three lucky winners on the 5th June. Congrats to Lynne O, Aruni Y and Lauren S, we hope you love your Nails Inc Bundle.

Three winners again on 14th June. Becky Y, Rebecca W and Katie M have all won a £50 Rymans Stationary voucher each. We hope you get to stock up and create something with your new wealth.

£100 of Little Mistress credit went to Kev B and Anna C June 21st.

28th June saw Rebecca B and Debbie S receieved £75 worth of Brand Alley Credit.

Christine C, Angela F and Brenda W all won a Moschino Fragrance product from Fragrance Direct on July 5th.

Huge congrats to Theresa D for winning a £150 Lily's Kitchen voucher.

This weekend's competition is for four lucky winners to receive a £50 gift card courtesy of Etsy. The competition will start on 17/07/2020 at 1pm and end on 19/07/2020 at 1pm - for your chance to win click here.

Fayzah04 Jul 20 - 22:50Best cashback site ever
nickiJJ204 Jul 20 - 13:50Always check TopCashback before order anything o see deals.
Best cashback site. Thanks.Xx
Member11132023075420 Jun 20 - 08:59Love the site as I always try to find the best price anyway added bonus from TopCashback.
Member58878795894219 Jun 20 - 23:09This is something I never came across .Best website for everything you need .
Their service is so good after few minutes of shopping cash back comes into your account and they also send email to confirm.
Its excellent it deserves more than 5 stars......Super good...Thanks a lot TopCashback.co.Uk.
Member121904041321713 Jun 20 - 00:22I love this site since I received my cash back, this is really a bonus, now I think I lost lots of cash back by joining to late this site. This is amazing. 👍💕
Member77622392413112 Jun 20 - 13:22Great site, just need an App for mobile devices.

We do currently have an app for ios and Andriod which can be found on their app stores :)

Best wishes
selfserviceckin07 Jun 20 - 11:03Great competition and prize where you don't have to buy anything!
Member106659645702906 Jun 20 - 19:50Love it.I am sure winner will be updated by the cash back.
Debbie_L06 Jun 20 - 14:14Hi if you are lucky enough to win one of these prizes
How do you know would TopCashback send the winners an email.

That's correct Debbie, we send all winners an email to let them know :)

Best wishes
Member68921688391401 Jun 20 - 09:50Love TopCashback so easy to earn money as you spend
bella4913 May 20 - 15:44Love TopCashback so easy to earn money as you spend
Pay20p09 May 20 - 10:30I’M ready for the competition...Let’S gooooo
oap4608 May 20 - 18:13Click here still doesn't work for access so no idea how others are managing to get a connection to enter these competitions. Like meme040605 I tried logging out and logging in again, are we the only two having trouble?!

To help with competition links please make sure that any adblockers are disabled and clear all browser data before trying a link.

If you have further issues please drop us a suppport ticket as we can take a closer look

Best wishes

peter197108 May 20 - 06:41Great idea to make people happy, it would be go if it could be rolled out to the App

I will pass this feedback on to our team :)

Best wishes

meme04060505 May 20 - 17:32@Oap46 I had the same problem. I don’T see how it’S fair that the competition works for some members and not all.

I refreshed the page and logged out but there was nothing I could do because of the link.
It may be worth trying this in a different browser to see if this works for you.

Best wishes,
oap4602 May 20 - 16:06Can't see how to enter the Whittards competition, click here leads to the Virgin one which has finished.
Jvbrierley18 Apr 20 - 19:48This is a great idea. I live alone and 4 of my conditions put me on the risk list. I have had coronavirus and pneumonia before the lockdown started. I was not taken to hospital and saw a community nurse a couple of times . It has been really awful and very lonely. I have been trying to keep myself distracted since I was able.To get out of bed to keep going...I'm sure we all have!!
I am now coming into the Birthday season for my family and friends and finding very little online that hasnt been increased in price...These give you something tangible to focus on and websites to go through!!! Thank you so much xx
Dollydaley07 Apr 20 - 22:26How do I enter
We do put a click here link when a competition is live :)

Best wishes,
skipadam05 Apr 20 - 12:52Good idea
oldy193305 Apr 20 - 11:04Great to have additional competitions to enter
kowsarhassan04 Apr 20 - 22:24Together we are strong
We stand in unity to fight this virus although we stand 2 metres apart.
Member46061118733104 Apr 20 - 21:54Great Idea by TopCashback!!! If I win it will be helpful for me to buy a printer for homeschooling my daughter at this difficult time. Please all be stay safe indoors and take care of your dear ones.
Member48743026691804 Apr 20 - 15:17I have a huge family of 18 grandchildren and as I am the owner of a small business and the only wage earner in my household I find it an all year struggle to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for the family ..
We have been temporarily closed by the government so now it’S going to be even more of a struggle than usual. This would be a great help towards such times ..
Thank you ! X
Mandymoo9104 Apr 20 - 14:40Instead of a beauty egg can I just have a hamper of chocolate eggs for my kids 😉 And maybe one for me?? Who needs beauty products when you're stuck inside, chocolate and films are needed
suejok04 Apr 20 - 12:48Great idea
ipdouglas04 Apr 20 - 09:39A great idea and one that I hope catches on. As someone who started Lockdown 3 weeks before anyone else having just returned from Northern Italy . My wife and I self isolated for 2 weeks and had a few days extra for good measure. We were only out a few days before we abided by the Govts advice so are cooped up far longer than most.
Please do not weaken and go out and about it is a death threat to so many!
Great idea by Topcashback, thankyou
KatMassey3704 Apr 20 - 06:43This would make me happy and take my mind off this lockdown as it beginning to get everyone down so having something to look forward to would be good
canalboat04 Apr 20 - 06:41Ill donate this if I win to a child in hospital
Odette Britton04 Apr 20 - 00:25Something to take my mind off this anxious time.
Jaden129 Mar 20 - 18:23We got treat game and weekend competition to keep our minds occupied thanks TCB keep safe everyone.
truffle696929 Mar 20 - 12:43Stay safe everyone.
The peak is coming so lock the door, hunker down & Play
Tcb Spring Treats
PAISLEY202129 Mar 20 - 10:46Great idea let's look after the elderly and disabled during this hard time keep 😀
aasma28 Mar 20 - 17:47Well on time in these hard days
nerosmum1528 Mar 20 - 16:59Goods are fantastic for all ages. A++++
cainer28 Mar 20 - 14:45Give us comps that dont require log in via fb etc..

We do currently have our treats game which can be played via the mobile or desktop site :)

Best wishes

Member66239573671828 Mar 20 - 14:40Great idea in these challeging times let's keep smiling and helping each other
bigmois28 Mar 20 - 14:35Value the good times
Guys xx
Bobinog28 Mar 20 - 10:59Fantastic... I love how everyone is coming together... Seems like we can be kind after all♥️
DavidConnolley27 Mar 20 - 22:21Sitting in the sunshine in my garden. Finding joy wherever I can
Crystaltips1627 Mar 20 - 19:38Highlight of the week was watching the mounted police officer and her horse patrol the village on a daily basis