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Posted on 02 Dec 2013 Posted in  Christmas Ideas

Camera Phones for Christmas


When phones first came out with cameras it was a revelation, you could snap whenever you pleased and then fire a very grainy selfie of yourself in a Santa suit to your friends. The cameras were less than 1mp, but it didn’t matter as it was so convenient.

Fast forward 5 years and we now have camera phones with 41mp,  super fast 4g internet and no more 30p picture messages of the snow outside! The cameras on phones rival compact cameras and in some cases are even better.

So, now it’s nearly Christmas, you’ll no doubt be taking plenty of snaps. You’ve got the thrill and surprise of present opening, snowy landscapes and snowmen, or the scenes from the German Christmas market. Some of you will be using your camera for these snaps but if you want the middle ground between camera and phone, we’ve got 4 fantastic options from O2.

HTC One - The Screen


O2 Refresh £129.99 + £32 per month

The HTC One is one of the most stylish smart phones on the market right now. It’s aluminium case gives it a wonderfully finished feel, oozing quality from every angle. If you were to receive this as a present for Christmas, you wouldn’t be disappointed, it really has the feel of a premium product.

Not only that but it gives you some serious processing power too, with 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM, there’s only a couple of more recent phones on the market that can compete. That means running apps should be pretty seemless, great if you want to play games on it over the Christmas break.

The camera is good on the “One”, it has a 4MP rear camera which will take pretty good images. If you’re a casual user of the camera and just want to take some snaps while sat round the fire, this is a great phone to do so on. You won’t notice the image quality difference too much plus it’s large sensor will create greatly lit pictures in the lowest of lights.

The real standout feature of the HTC One is the screen. Set in the cast aluminium cover, the screen cements this phone’s great look. With a 4.7” screen and 468 ppi, images are crystal clear, meaning your Christmas snaps or videos will only look better on the amazing screen.

Go for the HTC One if you’re looking for a phone with unique style and screen to match.

Sony Xperia Z1 - For the Messy one


02 Refresh £189.99 + £32 per month

Winter is quite a hazardous time for phones, you have rain, puddles not to mention snow! That’s why the Sony Xperia Z1 is so handy and if you’re one of those people that could find water with your phone in a desert then this is probably the phone for you.

It’s the only smartphone on the market currently that you can fully submerge in water, not only that but it’s also dust resistant so if you have an active life, it will be a bit more resistant to general wear and tear!

This is great for taking pictures all year round, as you find the times where you most want to take a picture are often the times where you’re a little weary of taking your phone with you. Whether that be a wet and windy Sunday game of rugby or a canoeing trip, you no longer need to worry about splashing your phone.

Plus, for a waterproof phone, its quite good looking if we do say so ourselves. There’s not too much rubber which you used to get with the old rough and ready Nokia’s or JCB type phones. This one is glass with a metal trim, rubber and plastic can only really be found where buttons are concerned.

The camera isn’t too shabby either, with 20mp it’s one of the highest out there at the moment so the amount of detail is going to be good and the screen isn’t far off the HTC One. That means this phone is a pretty strong all rounder, there are better phones out there but if you like Sony’s style and the waterproof casing try the Sony Xperia Z1.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Usability

Galaxy S4

O2 Refresh £139.99 + £32 per month

Having a large screen is great for taking snaps at Christmas, you can really see the picture you're taking and you can show everyone else there snaps. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a massive 5” screen, with 441 ppi (only a little less than the HTC) meaning you can show off your Christmas snaps to the family in ease.

The big screen also makes the phone a lot easier to use, browsing the internet becomes easier as you can see more of the screen. The large screen size doesn’t make the phone to cumbersome either, which is really impressive from Samsung. The phone is actually the same length as the HTC One and is thinner in your pocket, plus it only weighs 130g which is pretty much standard for smartphones at the moment.

The camera on the S4 comes with some cool features too including a 360 degree sweep panorama which will allow you take some great shots on your winter walks over the festive period. The camera is 13mp too, which really is ample unless you’re looking for more professional shots and the sensor is also large compared to other smart phones on the market, allowing for more light in your images.

So, if you’re looking for a large screened phone with cool features then the S4 will be for you. Get more info on the S4 on our Samsung Galaxy S4 review.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - The Camera (which is also a phone)




O2 Refresh £139.99 + £32 per month

Rumour is when you go into O2 they ask you if you would like some phone with your camera when purchasing the 1020.

Ok, they don’t but the Lumia 1020 really is a whole lot of camera, blowing all phones out of the water on the pure camera front. It’s equipped with a 41 megapixel camera, which is more than any other smartphone and probably more than a lot of other cameras out there too.

It comes with a whole range of camera settings too, enabling you to adjust shutter speed, focus and white balance. Which sounds like a lot of technical jargon but basically, this phone allows you to capture some really high quality images and adjust them to your preferences. Other cool features include image stabilisation, so if you're taking pictures in low light, say for instance NYE fireworks, you shouldn’t get too many blurred images.

The phone is also a worthy contender to Apple and Android phones, using a Windows OS makes a nice change, plus if you have a Windows 8 PC or tablet at home you will be well versed in using this style of menu, which we feel is even better suited to mobile devices.

If you’re looking for a phone with a camera that stands out, this is the phone for you.

philipjpaul10 Dec 13 - 22:37Nice looking phones but I would also to like to see something (much) cheaper.

£32 per month is a lot more than I am able to afford per month and I am reluctant to pay well over £100 up front.
boyart01 Dec 13 - 18:58Very interesting for those with 'loadsamoney', what about us who want last years or the year before phototaking,friendly mobiphon?