What would you do if you were offered FREE money?

NoCatch PR Campaign


Nothing comes for free right? There’s always a catch isn’t there?

This month we put the old adage to the test - if people could get money for free with no strings attached, would they take it? We hit the streets of London, Brighton and Manchester to find out, offering members of the public up to £50.

So what do you think happened? Find out below…



It turns out that over half (55%) rejected the money in our social experiment, with Manchester and London being quickest to turn down free cash. In London, only 30% capitalised on the offer, similarly in Manchester only 40% accepted, however Brighton bucked the trend being the most receptive to free money; with 65% accepting the offer.

The average TopCashback member receives £356 every year for making purchases they probably would have made anyway. That’s £356; at the cost of a couple of clicks, we think that’s about as close to free money you’ll get!

If someone offered you £50, would you take it?

Posted on 14 Aug 2015  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary, Tips & Updates
Great idea I would treat family for a day out
  08 Dec 15 - 23:00
I think so
  02 Nov 15 - 01:39
Grab it and run I say!
  31 Oct 15 - 14:30
Loving the guy who starts running hahaha
  18 Oct 15 - 12:30
If it is good money, I will take it. Why not every one loves money.
  18 Oct 15 - 10:14
Errr yes!
  16 Oct 15 - 22:35
Yeah definitely it would come in handy rite now x
  15 Oct 15 - 03:25
Drop me a line next time your doing another giveaway - i'll make sure i'm there
  13 Oct 15 - 10:56
Trouble is today nobody trusts anyone, we have become suspicious due to the continual horror stories we hear.
A lovely gesture xx
  12 Oct 15 - 18:35
Just like on TCB, I would be taking the free money.
Why look a gift horse in the mouth?
Amazing how many people didn't take it.
Come to Birkenhead, let me know when your coming, and me and my mates will be there!!!!! Lol
  03 Oct 15 - 14:37
Earn while you shop,couldn't be easier with cashback and Thankyou so much. Online shopping at asda or your choice. Join up with broadband or what ever you need. It helps with all the extra bits like my family & Friends Birthdays xmas gifts.
Keep saving all the little cashbacks yearly. Nice Cash out...Of your choice ie bank or vouchers
:-) Thanks again cashback every little helps!!
  21 Sep 15 - 00:44
If it is good money, I will take it. Why not
  19 Sep 15 - 22:37
Yes but i'd worry there was a catch! Not the case with TopCasnback though :)
  13 Sep 15 - 11:57
There is normally a catch in life, so people are suspicious. Even those who need the cash as I do will naturally not want to take but to earn honestly.
  09 Sep 15 - 21:02
Without TopCashBack I would not be able to afford things such as breakdown cover for my car.
  03 Sep 15 - 15:29
Yes , big thank to TopCashback , really amazing site
  01 Sep 15 - 07:03
Yes, definitely, I like tcp. Very honest and professional. I have saved quite a bit of money myself.
Thanks TCB
  29 Aug 15 - 15:51
Nice pick
  23 Aug 15 - 13:10
I would be suspicious of an offer of free money but if I was convinced that nothing was required in return then I can see no problem in accepting it. If it feels too good to be true or it makes you feel guilty you can always give it away again to someone else who needs it! Personally, I like to give to charity occasionally but I always take my Topcashback payout in Tesco vouchers when possible; in this way I get three or four times the cash value which goes towards our holidays. Very handy. Thanks.
  22 Aug 15 - 23:21
So be it
  22 Aug 15 - 17:20
I wont say know, dont know what I did b4 TopCashback love you guys
  19 Aug 15 - 13:07
I have been a member for about 4 years and my total cashback is £3,369.32.

I still find friends who despite me showing them my account balance, still think it's too good to be true! Nutters!

They will learn eventually...

Thanks Top Cashback
  19 Aug 15 - 00:35
Yes, if it's free Cash no catch - then why not!
  18 Aug 15 - 18:12
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. However, in this case everything appears to be above board, with plenty of testimonials in reputable places. I for one in the period of 4 years have made £1400 plus by TopCashback!! You would be amazed by how much you could save by just clicking once, and kerching it is on your way...
Thanks TCB

  18 Aug 15 - 16:06
Money is difficult to obtain anyway, so to get something for free is a no brainer! I'd take money if it were offered to me! I can, however, understand why people in the street would be reluctant to accept free money. We're tuned to know that 'you don't get something for nothing' and with the increasing amount of scammers and sales people in the street, its easier to just say 'no thanks' and walk away.

Thanks Topcashback! In just over two years, you've managed to hand me back £568.09 for things I would have bought anyway!

Keep up the good work!
  18 Aug 15 - 11:59

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