More Ways to Save: TopGiftCards

Posted on 13 Dec 2021 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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More Ways to Save: TopGiftCard


Facing that tricky dilemma of not knowing what to get somebody you care about for Christmas? Are you at wits end with no idea or clue of what they would even possibly like or enjoy? The answer is incredibly simple. Buy a loved one a TopGiftCard at one of their favourite retailers and save yourself some money with cashback.

TopGiftCard offers a variety of gift cards some with up to 43% cashback. Get cashback on some of the biggest brands such as Argos, ASOS, Footlocker, Marks & Spencer and many more. You can buy them for family, friends and even yourself! You can then earn cashback on top of that gift card. So, for example if you buy £20 credit and the offering is 5% cashback you would then receive £1 back into your account.

It’s simple; go to TopGiftCard on-site, select the value you would like on your desired gift card and complete the steps to purchase it. You should receive your chosen gift card almost immediately although you may have to be patient some purchases are subject to extra checks so you may have to allow for up to 12 hours until your digital gift card arrives. 48 hours if it is the weekend.

TopGiftCard will list whether a gift card can be spent in-store, online or both. To spend it, simply enter the code at the online check out, and print it off or display it on your phone in-store, it’s that simple!

Jim7777717 December 2021, 12:16 If my gift card is say £100, can it be spent in increments- i.E. £50, then £25 & £25?

This should be okay to do but we would advise to check the terms of the e-giftcard which should be shown when you visit it from reward wallet as this can help with any exclusions.

Best wishes

Iftimie 17 December 2021, 07:24 Wow awesome
TelboyD16 December 2021, 21:07 I always recommend using the gift cards.... You can get some proper deals. Cheers TopCashback!!!
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kingbatch16 December 2021, 20:15 Just the job.
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