Earn cashback on a range of giftcards purchased through TopCashback. Choose the value of your giftcard, receive it immediately via email, and spend it in-store and/or online.
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TopGiftCards FAQs
  • What is TopGiftCards?
    TopGiftCards offers gift cards that are available to buy for your friends or family, and you can then earn cashback on the value of that gift card. For example, if you bought a gift card with £20 credit on it for a brand offering 5% cashback, you would get £1 cashback tracked back to your account.
  • How does it work?
    All you need to do is visit the TopGiftCards shop, select the gift card you want, and complete the steps to purchase it. You'll then receive your chosen giftcard immediately via email.
  • How can I spend my giftcard?
    The TopGiftCards shop will list whether a giftcard can be spent in-store, online or both. To spend it, simply enter the code at the online check out, and print it off or display it on your phone in-store.
  • Who supplies the giftcards?
    We are working in partnership with Gift Cloud, who will supply the giftcard to you.