Win a holiday to Jamaica if your friend’s our Millionth Member EXPIRED

Posted on 16 Aug 2011 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

This competition has now ended. We will announce the winner shortly.

Win a holiday to Jamaica if your friend's our Millionth Member!

Top CashBack is extremely proud to announce we should be hitting our Millionth Member mark at some point within the next few weeks.

It's a fantastic achievement to have so many money savvy people use the site to save extra cash on their online shopping and product sign-ups. And to celebrate we want to get our members involved in the fun, particularly as a reward - and a huge thanks - for helping us reach this milestone by using the site and telling friends and family about how great TopCashBack is.

So to help us find our Millionth Member, from now until midnight Thursday 15 September 2011, if you Tell Your Friends about TopCashBack, suggest they sign up and use the site, and one of them becomes our Millionth Member, YOU'LL win a glorious week-long holiday to Jamaica, plus £500 spending money, and a bounty of extra holiday-themed goodies too.

All we ask is, for your friend to be eligible, they will need to accrue at least £5 worth of tracked cashback by midnight Thursday 15 September 2011 too. But, of course, they can accrue this Cashback Without Spending A Penny.

And for each friend who becomes a new member and accrues £5 worth of cashback, even if they don't become our Millionth Member YOU'LL receive a £2.50 thank you bonus (once their cashback becomes payable). And there's no limit to how much you could earn.

Prizes you could win by telling friends about TopCashBack

With flights courtesy of Virgin Atlantic, TopCashBack will be sending you and a companion to beautiful accommodation provided by on the stunning Caribbean island of Jamaica - floating in the Atlantic Ocean, close to Central America - for a seven-night stay. Resorthoppa will be taking care of the transfers between the airport and hotel.

But before heading off you'll be able to spend £500 at Argos on anything you like or need to buy for your trip. And you can relax on the beach with a 16GB iPad 2, both wifi and 3G enabled, and £50 to spend at as a treat from Let's Subscribe.

More Th>n is taking care of a year's annual travel insurance for the winner too.

What's more, Orange & T-Mobile have thrown in £500 spending money, to take care of your food, drink, activities and anything else you fancy indulging in while away.

Pretty cool, huh?

Plus, until our competition ends, both Orange and T-Mobile have boosted their cashback rates with TopCashBack to £121.20, and Let's Subscribe is giving members a flat £5.05 per purchase during this period too. (UPDATE 1 Sept: the Orange figure's been increased to a staggering £151.50 cashback!)

How to enter

It's simple.

1. Sign-in to your Top CashBack account and head to your personalised Tell-A-Friend page.

2. Grab your personalised link on the page and place it anywhere you're allowed to online for people to click through and sign-up: this could be Facebook, Twitter, your own blog or on other sites' forums (you don't have to personally 'know' your friend). Or use the 'send invites' facility if you use Apple Mail or Outlook for your emails. Alternatively send emails to your friends' addresses using our online form.

Feel free to mention that if they become our Millionth Member and accrue £5 worth of tracked cashback by midnight 15 September 2011 (it doesn't need to be payable by then), THEY will Win A Year's Worth Of Selected Everyday Products, Services And Treats.

And once they're signed up, they can tell their friends about TopCashBack and enter this Win A Holiday To Jamaica If Your Friend's Our Millionth Member competition too. You never know, they may take you on holiday with them!

3. We'll send a message to the winner's TopCashBack account letting them know they've won the Jamaican holiday and goodies competition, at some point between 16 September and 31 October. So remember to sign into TopCashBack regularly as you'll have a week to confirm acceptance of winning.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for special short-lived deals and like us on Facebook to hear all about our exclusive offers and latest news.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Terms And Conditions: Win A Holiday To Jamaica If Your Friend's Our Millionth Member Competition

A special thank you to the competition's sponsors
Virgin Atlantic: get 2.02% cashback get up to 6.06% cashback
Resorthoppa: get 13.13% cashback
Argos: get up to 3.03% cashback
Let's Subscribe: get £5.05 cashback
More Th>n: get up to £106.05 cashback
Orange: get up to £121.20 cashback
T-Mobile: get up to £120.20 cashback
22 Oct 11 - 15:52I think this competition was a bit of a smack in the teeth for the long-term members who've made this site what it is. I hope if a similar draw is run when the site approaches 2 million that it's open to everyone, not just the Johnny-come-lately that happens to hit the magic 2 million number.
Stephen737213 Sep 11 - 09:14If you have an eBay auction put a link on that :) with the words get upto 5% Off this auction. I seemed to get a few people to sign up that way. EBay don't allow it but the worst that can happen is they cancel your auction !
purplesoup07 Sep 11 - 11:19Would of been fairer too make this members only... So that we all get a shot t winning the prze
Member9296952451104 Sep 11 - 07:36Please
Silhouette01 Sep 11 - 15:06Its not a 1 in 1,000,000 per chance of each recommendation… I thought TCB were already at 1m+ So they must be very close.

For example, if they are already at 950,000 – That’S a 1 in 50,000 chance of winning – And that’S a) better odds then the lottery and b) cheaper to enter then the lottery!

Its worth a punt. In the time i've been on the site – I've managed 12 sign ups – But only 2 have become “Payable”.

My question would be – What *If* The 1,000,000th member isnt a recommendation and just straight up signs up?

Does it go to the next recommended sign up?
blackice012723 Aug 11 - 10:53You could just make a facebook group or something and spam it around on free internet blogs or the like of,
(Witch I do and have got 1 sign up by doing tho thats 1 in 1 million so lol)

Ture its more likely someone with lots of real life friends will win but not 100% Certiny,
annepnash23 Aug 11 - 07:13Billy no-mates can't win this then?