Mike and Olly Strive Challenge Update - Day 3


TopCashback’s founders Mike and Olly have completed Day 3 of the STRIVE Challenge; making their way to the Summit of the Matterhorn in aid of the charitable organisation Big Change.

Day 3 entailed an ascent of 750m en route to Les Hauderes; it turned out to be the hardest day so far as the organisers decided to compress two days in to one!  After a brief spell of sunshine the heavens opened with torrential rain lasting most of the day making it hard going for all; especially Olly who was sodden for pretty much all of the day!  Mike on the other hand didn’t seem to miss an opportunity to remind Olly of his superior choice of trekking gear as he pretty much managed to stay completely dry under his gear – nice one Mike!

Half way through the day the team had to climb to Col de riedmatten (a mountain pass).  All the heavy rain had loosened the rocks so boulders the size of microwaves were dislodging above the ascending team.  Luckily there were no injuries just a bizarre feeling of being in a game of Donkey Kong!

Here is a pic of Mike climbing to the Col at 2919m:

Mike Strive Challenge

Later on in the day the team found themselves trekking along to the famous sound of Swiss cow bells while trying their best to dodge the cow pats.  Swiss farmers have used bells on their cattle for centuries, primarily to locate the herd in the open Alpine meadows.  The famous cow bells they wear are passed down to their calves, aww!  In the Spring Swiss villagers celebrate by sending their cows out to the mountains to graze with the best milk producing cow leading the procession and wearing the largest bell.  This all happens in reverse when as winter sets in.

 Swiss Cow Strive Challenge

Unfortunately after a gruelling day some Strivers have had to drop out due to terrible blisters and ligament problems.  Mike and Olly are doing a fantastic job raising money for the Big Change so please join us in cheering them on.

Mike and Olly Strive Challenge

To help raise even more money for the challenge to can ‘Like’ our facebook page, and for every ‘like’ we will donate £1 up to the 7th Sept.

Alternatively, you can donate via Mike’s and Olly's Just Giving page.

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I Would Love To Try K2 -

Or Everest - But K2 Would Be My Prefered Choice