Mega Tell-A-Friend up to £25, plus a £5 sign up bonus for your friend

Posted on 02 Jan 2020 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

From 10am 2nd January - 10am 20th January 2020, we've got a brilliant Tell-a-Friend Bonus that you and your friends won't want to miss out on.

Tell all your friends about the brilliant savings you've made with us and you'll get up to £25 cashback - plus they'll get a £5 Sign Up Bonus.

It's simple, all you need to do is message your friend using your referral code and tell them how much you love TopCashback! Once your friend has signed up, and earned £10 payable cashback, you’ll receive up to £25 cashback in your TopCashback account, and your friend will get a £5 Sign-Up Bonus.


Plus Members – Get a £25 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback.

Classic Members – Get a £20 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback.

Your friend – Gets a £5 Sign-up Bonus for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.



To receive your bonus, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Message your friend about TopCashback and let them know what they're missing out on. Make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page in your message too - if they don’t use it we won’t know you referred them!

2. Your friend then needs to sign-up with your unique referral link.

3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback, and the cashback reaches payable status, you’ll both receive your Tell-a-Friend Bonus.

The increased bonus finishes at 10am 20th Januaruy 2020 – so, make sure you spread the word soon!

* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring.*

See Terms and Conditions.

Member18456692954119 Jan 20 - 21:13 Podoba mi się
cadinogold19 Jan 20 - 03:04 Not good as waiting for free money grom my pizza said inget there and then cash back 15 thanks alot plus the food was not good
Member128348065564518 Jan 20 - 22:12 Cant even find my sign-up offer of 15gbp for Just Eat, let alone my referrals???
ilvija18 Jan 20 - 20:04 Didn't get my cash back..
Member76392331154018 Jan 20 - 11:48 Love this
Chanlee17 Jan 20 - 10:42 Hey, that is good to get cash back from shopping
Member18441770295717 Jan 20 - 05:21 A friend pointed me in the direction of this site but i’M unsure how I can get them this offer

The tell a friend offer would show when you start to earn eligible cashback an would become payable when you have £10 of eligible payable cashback.

If you have any issues please submit a support ticket and our team can take a look.

Best wishes

Member118189476082516 Jan 20 - 20:03 Sign up carley.
advancehire16 Jan 20 - 14:32 This is great thanks
Member18439312121615 Jan 20 - 16:10 I'm starvin
Member18436139264714 Jan 20 - 18:49 I’M hungry
Member87754342703414 Jan 20 - 16:00 Dominos
Member18429911201113 Jan 20 - 13:41 Yeah you cool
AntheaBrookes12 Jan 20 - 21:56 I have £10 payable in my account and signed up using a referral link but I have not received my £5 and the person who referred me has also not received anything

If you are having issues please submit a support ticket on your account and our lovely team can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member18425037314312 Jan 20 - 12:53 Amazing
Member18420906945711 Jan 20 - 16:01 This is great thanks
Member18419313701811 Jan 20 - 11:30 I have free 20 pounds
Member18416821694210 Jan 20 - 18:26 Were is my pizza
Member18416328760010 Jan 20 - 17:30 I have free 25£
Member18415045122610 Jan 20 - 15:05 I didn’T get my cash back
glasgaeshahid10 Jan 20 - 02:24 I made couple of Dell purchases back in November. One of them showed up the other one didn't. I tried to raise a ticket around the time but wasn't successful.


I am sorry to hear this. Our team does work hard through the claims process to get the best resolutions they can for transactions. We do sometimes however receive declines but if this happens the team would post the reason given.

If you do need more information on why we are not eligible please post a message on your claim so our team can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member18411206624509 Jan 20 - 18:18 It's great having TopCashback cause every little bit helps
gwingren08 Jan 20 - 19:46 Could u also tell me what the top up amounts for please?? Like I get what purchase amount is coz that’S the amount you’Ve spent on site but I don’T get what top up??? An how do I go about gettin wat cash i’Ve earnt so far putting to my bank account plz? I’Ll refer someone an let’S see if it works without any problems ect,,.I wrote a comment about website& It was offensive or abusive an they must taken it down coz I can’T see it in my comments 😏! An wen u sign up how do u go about down grading it to classic membership coz wen u sign up it automatically signs u up for plus membership which is £5 year An if u have plus membership then u do get higher rates on cash back rather than if u was classic member!

We would ask to send your query to our lovely team by submitting a support ticket on your account and they can provide all the info to you about helping the issues you are having.

Best wishes

gwingren08 Jan 20 - 19:21 I signed up to TopCashback coz I bought sumthing through amazon for £399 & Ital tracked an I was expecting £7.68& I put in a claim support ticket an after goin back for they told me I was eligible for it after I sent them proof of purchase ect,,, & Then they messaged me sayin I wasn’T eligible for it when not only I was told I was also I never used any discount codes& They closed my claim so I couldn’T comment back😏! I’Ve noticed cupthings i’Ve bought in last cupmonths ain’T tracked either! Most of my stuffs normally tracked pretty much strate away An i’Ve also noticed that some of purchases they’Ve given me cash back on are for wrong amount! But itis good app wen it tracks an they actually payout wat ur owed an the right amount, like for example I spent £14.95 at Asos an it tracked an said I spent £7.50& It’S happened on couple of accasions! Gem
Hey Gem

If you are having issues please submit a support ticket and our lovely team can take a closer look.

Best wishes

millstamm08 Jan 20 - 15:36 Sign up now
Member18402747825208 Jan 20 - 13:14 This app it so gud
Member18400112921008 Jan 20 - 11:08 Deffo worth a go
Member18395649883607 Jan 20 - 21:36 Yayyyyyyyy
Tanya P07 Jan 20 - 19:07 Definately worth a go!
SylviaTuna06 Jan 20 - 22:53 This is not a scam... I genuinely use this site...Its amazing how quickly the refunds mount up.
Sign up now using this link and get £5 cashback x
karenayre5006 Jan 20 - 18:09 I referred my friends Michael and Debbie Budge who live in Birchgrove, Seansea and I know they now use cashback but have not received my bonus. Please check and advise. Thank you

I am sorry to hear this but if you could please submit a support ticket and our team can then take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member18394208535006 Jan 20 - 18:08 I need my money cash or to my payment card

If you need help paying out cashback please submit a support ticket and our lovely team will be able to take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member18391818702506 Jan 20 - 12:09 Good its good
Member18385536550505 Jan 20 - 19:30 Love this
Member128340895743205 Jan 20 - 08:01 Spar spar
Member126969177994705 Jan 20 - 00:00 Last 2 purchases in December 2019 not on my account. (1) Groupon (2) Canadian Affair £377.50

If you are unable to see a transactions after seven days from the purchase date please lodge a claim and the team there will be able to take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member18384444763204 Jan 20 - 17:28 Goodness
Member18379117780803 Jan 20 - 20:36 Pizza Hut
Member128352840633103 Jan 20 - 18:32 Excellent app
Becky Litster03 Jan 20 - 13:32 Sign up please
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