Double Tell-a-Friend Bonus is Back

Double Tell-a-Friend Bonus

It’s that time again where you love telling your friend’s about us even more than usual! That's because we’ll give you DOUBLE Tell-a-Friend bonus for referring your friends. That’s right, up to £15 cashback (£15 for Plus members, £10 for Classic) in your account when your friend signs up and earns £10 Cashback or more. Not only that, we’re also giving your friend 500 Tesco Clubcard points for signing up and earning £10 too!

So tell your friend’s about us, and get them to start earning cashback every time they shop online. Remember to share your cashback tips with them to help them reach the Tell-a-Friend threshold.

Here’s how you can refer your friends!

You can refer your friends in a variety of ways, here’s how:

Click on Tell-a-Friend link

Send this link to your friends however you like and you can earn your Tell-a-Friend Bonus once they earn £15.

Copy and paste the link:

Send them an email:

Click through to our Tell-a-Friend page to find our Tell-a-Friend email template, you can enter your friends email address with a personal message.

Share it with them on Social Media:

If you use social media why not share on Facebook or Twitter? Simply click the image below, we'll take you to our Tell-a-Friend page where you can click the share buttons to refer your friends on social media.

Don't hesitate! Tell your friends and earn more - quick before our double cashback bonus ends!

 Terms and Conditions apply.

Julieanne196828 Jun 16 - 01:24Hi I signed up to this TopCashback they said tell friend and you get 10.00 we'll I did not get my 10.00 I have checked my account and I signed my partner up to this can any one help
mmacknight8801 Jun 15 - 14:19See previous comment. I have just discovered that My Profile needed more info before I could proceed! Newbie error! I have to wait to see if deal goes through but soon I hope to be recommending all my friends.
mmacknight8801 Jun 15 - 11:45I am feeling negative about referring any of my friends at the moment because I cannot get a problem resolved inspite of raising 2 Support Tickets. I need to register my Bank details in order to purchase a deal but there is no where to leave my bank account details no matter how hard I tried. I even offered to pay the £5 for Plus Membership to speed up the process. I see this as an oversight in the way the website works.
bartsmam18 May 15 - 02:26I too have signed up and haven't had an option to register my Tesco Card for the bonus, would be grateful if someone could let me know how this works
Hi there, please do not worry, if you go to 'My Profile' then select Payout Details on the right hand side and enter your Clubcard number (you may need to enter a username if you haven't already to access this page), the option to withdraw your cashback via Clubcard points will then become available. Please be aware though that you will need £10 of eligible cashback at payable on your account before your Clubcard points will become available for you. Feel free to send in a support ticket if you should have any further questions at all. Best wishes, Samantha
SEWilley14 May 15 - 11:46Hi,

How do I claim my club card points? Just signed up from a link my friend shared with me.

Hi there, these will not be available to claim just yet, you should see the £5 pending on your account though and once you have £10 of eligible cashback at payable on your account, then you will go on to see your points become available to withdraw. Be sure to add your Clubcard number to your account though via your 'My Profile' section. I hope this helps! Best wishes, Samantha
insidiousness13 May 15 - 08:49I love my TopCashback so shared this link and a friend instantly signed up, it says club card points not available. This is deceiving!!
Hi there, it will be the referred member that goes on to receive the Clubcard points but once they have £10 of eligible cashback at payable on their account, you will go on to see your referral bonus for this move through to payable for you. The referred member will need to make sure that they have a Clubcard number entered into their account so that once they have met this required threshold, they will be able to withdraw their points. If you have any further questions at all, you can always contact us on a support ticket and we would be happy top help! Best wishes, Samantha