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There has never been a better time to be a Sky Sports customer. Not only are we giving away 2 Years Free Broadband Unlimited to new and existing customers who sign up or upgrade to any TV Bundle which contains Sky Sports, this week sees the launch of our brand new Sky Sports 5 channel! We are also keeping you up to date with the latest transfer news in the run up to the highly anticipated Premier League which kicks off Saturday 16th August.

Liverpool: Walking Alone Without Suarez

Despite his four month ban from football after biting an opponent during the World Cup, Luis Suarez was snapped up at the end of last month by Barcelona for an eye-watering £75 Million.

Speaking after the departure of his team mate, Steven Gerrard revealed that he had successfully dissuaded Suarez from leaving Liverpool a year ago for British rivals Arsenal. Though he believes it is a shame that Suarez didn’t stay at Liverpool for an extra year, Gerrard explained that as an international player it was always Suarez’s dream to play for either Barcelona or Real Madrid, especially as he has family roots in Barcelona.

In the wake of Suarez leaving Anfield, what will the future be like for Liverpool? With three new signings; Dejan Lovren, Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is confident that his new players will settle in well as they have all previously played for Southampton; a team which Rodgers draws a lot of comparisons to with his own squad.

Chelsea: Drogba’s Return Sentimental or Strategic?

Following great success playing for Chelsea, it could be argued that Didier Drogba had nothing left to prove or achieve for the team. Though Chelsea fans are certainly not complaining at the news that the stellar striker is returning, Drogba’s announcement that he has been resigned to his former team prompts the question, was the signing one of sentiment or strategy.

In a statement released this week, Drogba explained that it was “an easy decision” to make when he received the offer from Chelsea, particularly with the opportunity to work again with club manager Jose Mourinho whom Drogba is known to have a strong rapport with.

During his eight years at Stamford Bridge, Drogba’s goal scoring was not exactly consistent. However in the club’s most crucial moments, Drogba has always performed. Doubting spectators must remember that Drogba scored goals in four FA Cup Final wins and not forgetting the winning goal which gave Chelsea their first ever Champions League title. Needless to say Drogba left Chelsea with the legacy of a player who saves the day when his team needs him most, so with loyal fans behind him, could Drogba be Chelsea’s secret weapon?

Arsenal/Manchester United- Tug of War for Hummels Signing

Premier League Live on Sky Sports 1 HD

Kick start the opening weekend of the Premier League with us:

Arsenal VS Crystal Palace                              16thth August at 5.30pm              Sky Sports 1 HD

Liverpool VS Southampton                          17thth August at 12.30pm            Sky Sports 1 HD

Newcastle United VS Man City                  17thth August at 4.00pm              Sky Sports 1 HD

Click here to see the full schedule for Sky Sports 1 HD’s coverage of the Premier League.

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