Just Eat: New to Reward Wallet


Are you a weekend takeaway lover? If so, we have some great news for you. Just Eat have joined Reward Wallet.

Request your payable cashback as a Just Eat e-Gift Card through Reward Wallet and we’ll give you an extra 5% for plus members (2.5% for classic) on top of the cashback you’ve already earned. That’s right, you can now get a cheeky takeaway with your payable cashback.

As well as Just Eat, there are also 50+ other options to payout through on Reward Wallet, with bonuses of up to 25% - so make sure to check them out if you find something else you want to get.

Every week thousands of members are paying their cashback out through Reward Wallet and getting big bonuses for free. We have paid out over £12 million to members through Reward Wallet and they have enjoyed an extra £1 million in additional payouts. It's time to join them!

If you are a Plus Member, then your bonus is at least double that of Classic Members - the bonuses shown here are Plus Member rates. If you’re not on Plus Membership don't worry, you can upgrade to take advantage of the extra bonuses.

Don't forget you can also come back through us to spend you Reward Wallet voucher, meaning you get even more cashback.

Why not head over to Reward Wallet & give it a try now!

ADAM30130 Oct 19 - 18:21They only pay small cashback!!!! For 120GBP from virgin i'm waiting for 4MONTS when is confirm a 2MONTHS but dont paying back!!!!
BCFCbluenose27 Oct 19 - 08:18In the last but one paragraph, you, should your. Xx
Member97882078144325 Oct 19 - 18:54Great news
wbafcben25 Oct 19 - 12:36Can you get Just Eat cashback on orders placed with these vouchers?

If you do use the reward wallet you should be eligible for cashback by using these.

If you have any issues please let our team know

Best wishes

Member107999673191423 Oct 19 - 18:05I has order food today Red Hot Goodies it’S was lovely 😊 😊
Member126954243245321 Oct 19 - 21:01I'm happy