iPhone 5s set to hit shelves in September

Posted on 17 Sep 2013 Posted in
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Gold iPhone 5s

Gold, always believe in…

New iPhone 5S

Last night at 6pm GMT, Apple hosted one of their trademark events in California. Creating the maximum amount of tension and anticipation before the big reveal, was it going to be a new iPhone?

Apple didn’t disappoint, with not one but two new iPhones going on sale later in September. Apple released the iPhone 5s, a new flagship phone, leading the way in Apple’s latest innovations and competing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. We’ll be reviewing the new features in this blog.

If you didn’t hear the rumours, you may be surprised that Apple has now also released a “budget” version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5c. The 5c is certainly cheerful with its beautiful range of colours but is it cheap? See our  thoughts in our next blog.

iPhone 5s


One of the main reasons for buying the new iPhone 5s beyond its stylish visage is its speed and processing power. Now housed in its elegant casing is a 64-bit Apple A7 chip, which to you and I means that it will be twice as fast as the previous iPhone 5 and 56 times as fast as the original iPhone.

To fully demonstrate the pure power of the iPhone 5s, Apple showed us gameplay from the new Infinity Blade 3. We had to admit, this was impressive and if you’re a bit of a gamer you’ll marvel at the graphics available in a handheld device.

However, when Apple release a new phone you would expect it to be faster, bigger, better, stronger than the previous one, it’s almost a given, so what sets this apart? Why would you buy it over a Samsung Galaxy S4?

New Features

Touch ID

If you’re a fan of James Bond, gadgets and gizmos this new iPhone is for you. With the new iPhone 5s comes a new security feature not previously seen on a phone, a fingerprint scanner. The Touch ID finger print scanner works as part of the home button, when you press down you activate the Touch ID to access the phone. This is to reduce the hassle and fuss of setting up a passcode, which according to Apple, a large percentage of current customers don’t do. The main winner for us was that you are now able to use this feature instead of entering the passcode for your Apple ID account.

Camera and Video

Apple has been under fire from some strong competition on the camera front. It’s been a main differentiating factor for companies such as Nokia, who boast a 41 Megapixel Camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Apple haven’t released a 42 Megapixel camera on their new iPhone, they have actually stuck with an 8MP resolution, but don’t worry there are some new features which should improve the quality of your snaps.

The main change is their sensor size, which camera enthusiasts will tell you vastly contributes to the quality of an image. Apple have increased the sensor on the iPhone 5s 15% from the previous iPhone meaning more light will be captured with every sensor.

This looks to be a step in right direction, a sharper image without increasing the file size seems much more logical than huge files when in reality a lot of the images you take will be used for Instagram or Facebook.


As well as there being new innovations, the undoubted elegance of the iPhone design has always been a major selling point for us. So, how does this new design differ?

Apple has now released a gold iPhone, as well as Silver and “Space Grey”. This is bound to split opinion; if you’re a fan of gold, bling and precious metals the addition of gold to the iPhone’s design will no doubt enhance its premium image. This is not only a phone but a statement, an addition to your look.

However, if you love the simplicity of the previous black and white iPhones then this may leave a sour taste. We want to hear your opinions on the new colours and features, so make sure you leave a comment below!


Of course, at TopCashback this is one of, if not the most important part of choosing your phone. Apple did release the prices for unlocked phones from the Apple website in its pitch yesterday, so if you’re going to be purchasing your phone outright, you’ll be looking at around £549 for the 16GB version.

Now, most of you won’t be looking at buying the phone outright and unfortunately UK prices haven’t been released for contract prices just yet. However, if you look at the US prices, you can gain some perspective of what it may cost. The price of the 16GB model will be $199 as part of a 24 month contract so you’re looking at a similar price (if not a little more) for the current top performing phones such as the S4 and HTC One.

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drharish361 October 2013, 00:18 The scanner option to login is awesome
maerose25 September 2013, 13:20 Better than expected speed increases make this worthwhile upgrade, already sold out speaks for itself
anwarbiggy12 September 2013, 12:31 Same phone as i4s and i5 with marginal speed increases, a flatter look to the ios icons, and fingerprint scanner. Hmmm. Ill stick with my 4s
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