Innovative Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

As house prices continue to rise exponentially and the cost of a one bed flat in London is the same as a mansion in other parts of the country, some homes need more creative storage ideas to make the most of their limited space. Here we’ve put together a list of innovative and cheap storage solutions to ease that issue.


Cupboards filled to the brim with pots and pans are unruly places and it’s always a nightmare looking for the saucepan you want. Furthermore, once you have found the pot you need, the matching lid proves to be rather more elusive.

The ‘Bygel Rail’ from Ikea is a snip at only £2 and is a great way to keep your lids in order.

It’s also worth considering a slide out rail for your cupboard to keep your pans organised.

(Source: Someday Crafts)                            (Source: Glideware)

Putting a handy little bracket on the inside of a cupboard to store your chopping boards is a great way of making the most of the space available to you.

Source: UsefulDIY


Storage doesn’t necessarily have to be about practicality, it can be useful and aesthetically pleasing. Try attaching some old baskets to the wall to get your towels out of the way, or think about repurposing an old wine rack.

(Source: Making Lemonade)


This ingenious solution for organising jewellery, ties or belts is both practical and great to look at. Get yourself an old picture frame, attach some twigs and you’ve got yourself a centrepiece for your bedroom. Or if you’d rather have it out of the way, attach it to the inside of a wardrobe door.

Under bed storage is of course the king of keeping things tidy, but why not try using vintage suitcases or hampers to blend in with your bedroom décor.

(Source: Love Chic Living)                             (Source: The Holding Company)

Living Room

The absolute key to living room storage is to make the most of every available space. This repurposed window shutter can work as a pinboard and keep the whole family up-to-date with goings on. Display postcards and mementos, as well as creating a storage space for mail and keys. Additionally, the upcycled cable spool is perfect for storing books in an accessible manner.

(Source: Apartment Therapy)                                    (Source)


Another simple yet highly practical innovation – try using bull dog clips to keep your cables tidy and stop them from disappearing behind your desk.

You can also put a lick of chalk board paint on a filing cabinet to ensure you’re even more on top of your to do list and stay organised.

(Source:                                                                                 (Source:  Fantastic Home)

Kids Room

Upcycling wooden pallets can be a great way to increase space as they have a whole host of uses. Encourage your kids to keep their shoes tidy by using this fun organiser.

(Source: Decorating Your Small Space)

Got a bit of space behind a door? Make the most of that area and put some shelves there to keep books hidden away.

It’s also worth considering using a garden trellis to make a wonderful canopy for keeping treasures safe near their beds.

(Source)                                                               (Source)

Utility Room

This clever little idea may not have occurred to many before, but it’s worth considering installing some drawers underneath your washing machine and tumble drier to keep laundry room bits and bobs tucked away, and make the most of this otherwise dead space.

(Source: Bobvila)


We all know that everything spilling over from the house gets put in the garage until the next move. Well, why not make the most all the space available to you, including the ceiling! Simply install some brackets and you can slide all sorts of stuff up there.

 (Source: Design Rulz)


Like we said before, wooden pallets have got loads of uses and we reckon everyone should be making the most of them. Use them to keep gardening tools organised and keep your garden tidy over the winter season.

(Source: Geranium Homes)                                         (Source: Gardenista)

We hope that we’ve inspired you with a few fresh ideas for improving the storage in your home. If you’ve got any creative storage solutions of your own then please share them with us, we’re always looking for new ideas!

Posted on 06 Oct 2014  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates, 'How To' Articles
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