How to get the best deal on travel insurance

Posted on 14 Jun 2018 Posted in  'How To' Articles
travel insurance

Getting the best deal on your travel insurance is not just about price. You need to know the cover you need and understand the excess and terms and conditions to avoid getting caught out with a cheap-as-chips policy that doesn’t properly cover you.

Here are our top eight tips to make sure you can go on holiday worry-free and with a little more money in your pocket.

1. Never buy from a travel agent, tour operator or airline

It may be tempting to buy travel insurance while booking your holiday, so it’s done in one go, but buying from a travel agent, tour operator or airline will most definitely be more expensive than doing it separately.

2. If you travel regularly, pick annual cover

If you have more than three holidays planned for the year, or know you’ll be travelling regularly, it’s probably worth buying annual cover as you’ll only have to pay out once and the all-in cost will be cheaper than several single trip policies.

3. Check what’s included

What you want your travel insurance to cover depends what type of holiday you’re going on i.e. a week in Spain is different to six months travelling around the world. However, the most important things to make sure you’re covered for are lost luggage, delays, missed departures, cancellations, medical expenses, personal liability and getting back home if something happens.

4. Understand excess

Don’t buy an insurance policy without paying attention to the excess you will need to pay if you make a claim. If a policy is extremely cheap, the excess couple be extremely high. Only pick an excess you can afford to pay if something did go wrong.

5. Check your home insurance policy

If you’re planning to take jewellery, gadgets, or any other valuables or personal possessions with you on holiday, check your home insurance policy as these items could already be covered when away from home. If they are, you could opt out of having baggage cover which could save you money.

6. Don’t buy a worldwide policy if you don’t need it

Lots of European holiday insurance policies cover countries that don’t actually fall into Europe, like Egypt and Morocco. Play close attention to what’s included as it could help you save a bit of money.

7. Be aware of risky activities

It’s not just sky diving and scuba diving that are classed as extreme sports on the majority of insurance policies. Mountain climbing, quad biking and horse riding are sometimes included, so if you plan on doing any activities, it’s worth paying more to be sure you’re covered if something happens.

8. Use a comparison website

Comparison websites are great if you don’t have the time to shop around for the best deals. However, it’s important to remember that not all companies sell insurance policies through comparison websites. It’s also worth checking with your bank, supermarkets and credit card companies to see what policies they have on offer. If you use TopCashback Compare to compare travel insurance, not only can you work out the best deal, but you’ll get cashback on top.

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