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TopCashBack is the UK’s leading free cashback site for super savers – we offer our members cashback and vouchers for shopping at a range of prominent retailers in a variety of sectors, including travel and leisure, clothing and restaurants.

This week we met up with a few of our super savvy savers and discussed the benefits of using our service.

First up is Gary M, a 47 year old Administrator for a housing association, who has been a keen user of TopCashBack for over half a decade. Along with his wife and 19 year old son, Gary has managed to save over £2,000 since 2008!

Gary first learnt about TopCashBack when he saw a program on TV about the benefits of using cashback sites and opted to look into our service. He says; “The idea of making some money for things I was going to purchase anyway - it seemed stupid not to join!”

Gary has his homepage set to the TopCashBack site to ensure he is kept up to date with our most recent deals, and has made some great savings on insurance, utilities, Sky, shopping and holidays – “You name it – I’ve probably bought it via TopCashback!”

The biggest earning he’s made from TopCashBack is around £160 from a single transaction. He’s found it to be particularly good for earning cashback on car and house insurance. Check out these great offers on Aviva Car Insurance and Together Home Insurance on the TopCashBack site now.

Gary’s top tip for other budding super savers? Recommend your friends and family to the service and earn yourself a cheeky bonus the first time they get some cashback.

Our second saver is Martin W, a super savvy Building Estimator who’s been using our site for just over a year. Just like in his daily job, he’s always estimating what can be saved here and there and has earned himself a decent amount of cashback since he started using our service.

Martin decided to join TopCashBack after his friend recommended the site to him. His friend had to pull Martin’s arm a bit because he wanted to earn the cashback you get from recommending another person – but once he joined he soon found it to be a really good service.

Martin says he always checks TopCashBack for their offers before looking elsewhere, and has made some particularly good savings on flights and hotels, as well as on insurance deals. Check out our current Thomas Cook holiday deals.
But just how much has Martin saved by using TopCashBack? He says; “I can’t be sure, but it’s well into the £100s! I’ve managed to get my annual home insurance for free which is worth about £70 if I recall correctly.”

With combined savings running into the thousands of pounds, Gary and Martin show it really does pay to use TopCashBack. Could you be our next Super Saver?

Posted on 06 Aug 2014  |  Posted in  'How To' Articles, Tips & Updates, Cashback Diary
I joined this fantastic website just over a year ago and in that time I have made over £2000!!
My largest payout last week came in very handy for my daughters birthday and my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a new bed and went christmas shopping in the summer toy sales!
I cant recommend this site enough :)
  10 Aug 14 - 13:49
I have made around £150 since joining around 3 months ago and am due some cashback off sky which hasn't tracked i've had to go through lengthy form filling and support tickets only to be told it could take 4-6 months to resolve which has put me off as i've only recieved a small portion of what i've earned anyway makes me wonder how many actually don't track? I followed advice to clear browser and cookies then go through TopCashback so i'm really disappointed as the deal was only appealing due to the cashback element (i've had broadband and phone added to my tv package with the existing sky customers deal) and was going to use the loot for second hand laptop as I only have a mobile phone to surf the web at present which I pay a hefty amount for anyway. Has took the thrill out of using TopCashback as if there's another deal that's suitable I worry the same thing will happen and it won't track! Hope i'm wrong!
  08 Aug 14 - 01:40
  Hi there,

Please do not be concerned, the odd untracked transaction can occur from time to time on any cashback site but this is why we have the claims system in place, it allows us to look into this with the merchant and their network and hopefully, get your transaction tracking as expected.

I am glad to hear that you have been regularly clearing cookies, I would also suggest ensuring that you purchase directly, if you use a search engine prior to making your purchase, the sale may not be attributed to TopCashback.

I hope that your claim goes on to be successful for you and we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have via our support ticketing system.

Best wishes,

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