Foot Locker 15% Payout Bonus

Foot Locker

From time to time we run amazing Reward Wallet Bonuses just for you, and today’s no different. From 14th – 30th June, get a bonus on your payout with Foot Locker. Foot Locker offers a huge range of clothing, shoes and accessories from big name brands including Nike, adidas, Converse, Timberland and many more.

For this limited time offer Plus Members will be able to get a 15% payout bonus on their payable cashback and Classic Members will get 7.5%. Part of the perks of being a Plus Member means Plus Members get double bonuses through Reward Wallet.

Which you must agree, any bonus is amazing on your free money! But Classic Members, you could be getting more. Upgrade to take advantage of this bonus and other Plus Member benefits, there’s an annual fee of £5 that comes from your cashback earnt. But let’s say you go for the Foot Locker payout option, using £50 of your payable cashback, as a Plus Member you could turn this into £57.50. That’s your annual fee paid for in one payout bonus – so it’s well worth using Reward Wallet every time you payout.

Every week thousands of members are paying out their cashback through the 50+ options Reward Wallet has to offer. We have paid out over £12 million to members through Reward Wallet and they have enjoyed an extra £1 million in additional payouts. It's time to join them!

cashbacktricky28 Jul 19 - 21:41Awesome and Top cash back is one of the best sites there is so thank you and continue with the good work.

Thanks for your kind words and we do hope to continue getting the most generous offers to members

Best wishes

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TGriessel19 Jun 19 - 15:14Yes, always good to hear about discounts and cashback