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Wellies, tents and lots of beer... are you thinking what I’m thinking? FESTIVALS! If this is the first word that springs to mind then you, like me, are a passionate live music lover and festival goer. You may be waiting for your very first festival this summer or you may be a veteran festival attendee (I have 5 years and counting of Leeds Festival awesomeness under my sparkling festival headband), so I write this blog in the hope that I can share some of my festival wisdom and invite you to do the same. Here are my top five festival tips!

1. Female fashion.


Ladies, as a fellow female I cannot express strongly enough how important glitter, flowery headbands and personal style are at festivals, whatever your age. Come rain, shine or mud, it’s absolutely paramount that you do not compromise on looking amazing just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. I implore you to think as sparkly, unique and daring as you can! Glitter face paint, one-off vintage dresses and beautiful headwear will ensure that even if the heavens should open, your style will radiate a dazzling festival vibe even if the weather doesn’t. Chunky charity shop cardigans, hooded lightweight Macs and customised wellies (think sequins, gems and ribbons) should be packed just in case rain reigns supreme, but keep everything sparkly and luxe and I can assure you that your festival spirit will shine brighter than ever!

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Male Fashion.

Urban Outfitters

Gentlemen, all the best boys I’ve ever spent time with at festivals have understood the importance of hats, skinny jeans and vintage t-shirts. Even if it’s not your usual style of attire you can’t argue with the undeniable inherent coolness of being at a music festival, so finding some quirky and unusual clothes will help you stand out from other festival revellers and will help you project your inner indie music god!

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After many years of packing a really cool tent, struggling to put it up and then struggling even more so to take it down, I think that pop-up tents are the way forward. Cheap, simple and disposable; believe me, on the morning after the final night at your festival the last thing you will want to be doing is losing a painful battle with poles and pegs! I did spend one amazing festival in a ‘paint it yourself’ tent which looked incredible but I lived in fear of it getting trampled on or victimised because it was possibly too cool. If I’ve learnt anything over the years it’s keep your tent cheap, cheerful and discreet!

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Smelling sweet.


Toiletries wise, the following items are imperative whether you’re male or female: dry shampoo, baby wipes, exfoliating face wipes and antibacterial soap. Whether you choose to shower whilst at your festival or not, the above can help you maintain feeling shiny and fresh amidst the music, dancing, sunshine and electric atmosphere.

5.  Camping essentials.

Sun Cream

There will be lots of food and drink for you to buy on the campsites and in the festival arena however it can sometimes be overpriced with long queues. My advice? Take cartons of juice, bottled water, packets of crisps and a bag of oranges. Whether you wake up feeling too hung-over to move or the sun gets a little too much during the day, it’s really lovely to know you have some treats stored in your tent that are accessible and free! It’s really important to stay hydrated and fuelled up, so alongside taking the obvious weekend’s worth of alcohol, make sure you have some emergency supplies to call on if needs be. Vitamin C tablets, rehydration salts and sun cream are also absolute essentials!

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With my above wisdom in mind I wish you all a magical and amazing festival season. My top festival bands to look out for (all of whom I can vouch for being incredible live) are The Courteeners, The Maccabees, The Prodigy and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Who are your favourite bands to see live and who are you anticipating watching the most this summer? Are festivals like Creamfields and GlobalGathering or maybe Download more your thing? We’d love to hear anything that you might have to share about festivals be it tips, highlights or bands to look out for.

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This blog was written by Jessica Price.

Posted on 04 Jun 2013  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Take a hat - if it's raining it will keep the rain off your head. If it's hot it will stop you getting sunstroke.

Don't take anything valuable that you can't carry with you all the time. Leave the Omega watch, Ipod Touch, Ipad etc at home.

Don't pitch your tent near the hedge. That's where the drunk and lazy go to the loo in the dead of night... Both types.
  04 Jun 13 - 15:32

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