Find the Perfect Present for Every Type of Person with Etsy

Find the perfect present for every type of person with Etsy

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Well today is the day to start shopping as Etsy is offering an exclusive 8% cashback on all gifts, but only until midnight tonight.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your work mate, a friend obsessed with travelling or someone who loves to spoil their pet, Etsy have pulled together the ultimate gift guide with presents for every type of person.

You can browse all of the categories and gifts here, but we’ve picked out a few of our favourite items to give you some inspiration.

Of course, we’ve also shown you the cashback saving you can get. But remember, you need to shop before midnight tonight.

For the person obsessed with tech

This personalised cable organiser is perfect for tech lovers who are always sorting out their wires. Made with real leather, the little holder comes in a range of colours from dark green to gold and can be personalised with initials to add a personal touch.

WAS: £6.93
NOW: £6.37 with a 55p saving (8% cashback)

For the person dedicated to books

What better gift for a bookworm than a new bookmark? This sneaky fox one is made from plywood sourced from sustainable sources and can also be personalised with a name or message.

WAS: £7.50
NOW: £6.90 with a 60p saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves to be in the garden

For green fingered friends who are looking to make their garden a little more inviting, this Bee Hotel is perfect. Designed to hang on an outside wall, it will attract bees and help pollinate and increase fruit yields while also adding a bit of design to the garden.

WAS: £19.95
NOW: £18.35 with a £1.59 saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves to travel

Know someone who is planning to travel as a new year’s resolution? Or have a Wanderlust as a friend? This Scratch the World map lets you map out every place you’ve ever visited and display it for everyone to see.

WAS: £15.95
NOW: £14.67 with a £1.27 saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves to get glammed up

Add a little bit of glamour to your Christmas presents this year with these prosecco and strawberry bath bonbons – the perfect beauty gift.

WAS: £16.50
NOW: £15.18 with a £1.32 saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves a cup of coffee

If you know someone who is a big coffee fan, this poster is a great gift. It acts as a cheat sheet for aspiring baristas with a list of ingredients of everything from a dry cappuccino to a flat white.

WAS: £32
NOW: £29.44 with a £2.56 saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves to whip up a feast in the kitchen

The Smoky Brae’s Ultimate Smoked Food Hamper is perfect for aspiring chefs. The hamper contains seasonings and ingredients for great meals including chilli rub for meats, sesame seeds for salads and sushi, and smoked sugar to make delicious desserts.

WAS: £29.99
NOW: £27.59 with a £2.39 saving (8% cashback)

For the person who loves to show off their style

This minimalist ring hits a perfect balance as it’s simple yet makes a statement with it’s bold lines. It’s the perfect piece of jewellery for someone who knows their style.

WAS: £42
NOW: £38.64 with a £3.36 saving (8% cashback)


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