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Going to university is both exciting and daunting at the same time; you’re about to start a new life away from home, meet new people and of course, study for a degree. In all the excitement of moving into a new house or halls and making sure you’ve got organised, it can be easy to forget about text books you’ll need for your course. Most universities will make a list of what’s needed available to you beforehand so check this out. Once you know what’s what, it’s time to start shopping but the questions is, where will you get the best deal?

Shopping for University Books


Online bookshops are one of the best places to buy university books. Amazon is obviously the biggest and can offer better prices than other bookshops. eBay is another great place, especially as most students use a book for one or two years at most and then have no need for them anymore. You can make some significant savings here but many textbooks have different editions so make sure you get the correct one for your course!

Social Media

Social media is more powerful and prevalent than it ever has been and many universities will have their own pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Post messages on these to see if people have copies of textbooks that they don’t need. Many students could do with the extra money. The Student Room is also a great place to post messages.

Student Union Bookshop

Universities will have their own bookshop and if things get desperate you can be almost guaranteed they will stock what you need here. However, these bookshops often can’t compete with the likes of Amazon etc. so you’ll likely end up paying more. It pays to get these things sorted early…


Some universities may also run book fairs or exchanges and these can also be great places to get your hands on the university books you need. If you’re going in to your first year then you it’s unlikely you’ll have any to sell yourself but if you’re a returning student, here’s your chance to free up some money. There are also websites such as iSwapBooks which are dedicated to exactly this service.

University Library

Don't forget most universities will have an extensive library, stocked with all of the books you could possibly need for your course, which has the potential to save you a lot of money! The key is planning ahead, most people will have the same idea as you so you will need to put your name down on your required book a few weeks in advance.

This is good when you need a book for a week or two for a specific project, if however you're going to need a book throughout the year we would recommend you purchase it from one of the above. If you're not sure if you need to buy a book or not, why not rent it from the library first to try it out?

Cashback from TopCashback

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Posted on 28 Aug 2014  |  Posted in  Student Hub
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