Easter Treats £10,000 Cashback Giveaway


That’s right TopCashbackers, it’s back! You honestly didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you?! It wouldn’t be Easter without a special treat from us….be sure to hop along the website and pick up some Easter treats to be in with a cracking chance of winning £1,000 PLUS the Ultimate Chocolate Hamper prize! The Easter Treats will be carried by a fun-loving flying Humingbird carrying an Easter gift. Click on the gift and an Easter egg treat will appear! From top retailers such as ebay to top insurance, who knows where you might discover these tasty treats. This game also comes with an added twist in which 10 players get the chance to win £100! Wow! We’re not yolking either, take a peek below at exactly how you can be in with a chance to make this Easter eggstra-special…


Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…


Instant win prizes:

There are over 30,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching eggs which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.


Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize PLUS the ultimate Chocolate Ester hamper from Cadbury worth £65!


Buy to Win Prizes:

For the duration of the competition there will be a section of Buy to Win retailers in which 10 players get the chance to win £100. If you transact throughout the duration of the game then you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £100! If you want to increase your chances of winning, then get your friends involved too.


Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the Chocolate Hamper MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So keep coming back each day during 3rd to the 17th April 2017 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 17th April 2017 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

act23425 Apr 19 - 16:02 Did anybody actually win anything greater than 50p?

We do have many members who have won prizes more than you have mentioned and we do hope you have better luck in the next game

Best wishes

DKENT21320 Apr 17 - 20:22 @Allan1954

Someone named Sharon Smith won the top prize of £1,000. I'm pretty sure I am the one with the most entries into the prize draw (over 80), yet I didn't win anything. I couldn't even win a decent egg prize - I only managed to win 50p. Spending hours upon hours trying to find so many Hummingbirds... I feel that I have completely wasted my time. I will no longer be entering any of these prize offers. I don't like Topcashback no more.
allan195418 Apr 17 - 22:17 Who won the £1000 please as it can't be seen on here.
allan195418 Apr 17 - 22:16 Who won the £1000 please as it can't be seen on here.
155776244718 Apr 17 - 17:29 Well, I guess someone must have won a decent prize, but for me once again, I was 1 egg short on all the eggs.
Oh, I did win 10p. Thank you TCB.
pinky889318 Apr 17 - 07:04 I've enjoyed playing and have had a lovely easter :) thank you for the opportunity's x
Ocsinberg18 Apr 17 - 00:21 I only needed one egg of any kind... But now I found two birds and all it says ... Oops something went wrong. Error , try again.

So no win for me

Jazchaz8418 Apr 17 - 00:19 Oddly the click on my games still stating 44 mins to go, and I got a bird clicked bit seem to of missed it do you get another chance?
DKENT21318 Apr 17 - 00:07 After hours of searching every single day; I won... 50p!

Wow, thanks Topcashback - you suck!

I have a lack in trust for this site now; not because of not winning anything decent but the fact that their banner says "£7,986 given away so far" - it is now closed but the full £10,000 has not been given away. I have reason to believe that Topcashback isn't totally honest.
klanigan52917 Apr 17 - 23:25 Can't find clue.
weedkid0417 Apr 17 - 22:22 Curry
Member24202244723217 Apr 17 - 18:32 Hotels (dot com)
Member24202244723217 Apr 17 - 18:26 Hotels.Com
Member34309548995617 Apr 17 - 17:58 Confused. Com
Lindalou454517 Apr 17 - 16:25 Royal London
GBooth17 Apr 17 - 15:10 Hotels.Com
Kate9115617 Apr 17 - 14:02 Currys
Kate9115617 Apr 17 - 14:01 Currys.
Elizabeth_117 Apr 17 - 13:29 Hotels.com is today's clue. It took me a while to get it !
GBooth17 Apr 17 - 10:04 Hotels.Com
Fiamma17 Apr 17 - 09:16 Royal Caribbean Cruises
zlvns117 Apr 17 - 08:54 Plusnet Mobile
Plusnet Broadband
GBooth17 Apr 17 - 08:13 I think it's hotels.Com
Ocsinberg17 Apr 17 - 00:01 I don't think the birds are limited. I think all accounts have random allocated eggs and some of us win and some don't like me so far, but if you do have winning eggs you have to find them of course. I am close to get some price if I get another egg, but I don't think there are any left for my account. Saying that, there are still 2 days left, so who knows... I'll let you know if I win the £0.10, £0.50, £1, £5 or £100 for which I just need 1 egg. I won't moan, after all they are freebees. Fact is I have found a few bargains, got some extra cashback on my normal probiotics and enjoyed playing the hummingbird game. Thank you all for giving tips, they were useful sometimes, although didn't always work for me. Thank you Topcashback for the extras and entertainment. Good luck these last two days in finding your price egg !
Happy Easter fellow TCBers..
Member24202244723216 Apr 17 - 20:14 Groupon
Member14069542631716 Apr 17 - 14:55 Now tv, Sky broadband, Expedia, Experian, bt Broadband, Ebay, ao.com , Plus net, , Talk Talk, Very.co.Uk, Thorntons , Groupon , La Redoute , Build a bear , m&S , ee broadband, Facebook
Member14069542631716 Apr 17 - 14:27 A&O, Expedia, bt Broadband, Now tv, m&S ,
Member14069542631716 Apr 17 - 14:11 Now tv, Sky broadband, Plus network, ee broadband,
Bateups07081516 Apr 17 - 11:32 Is it me or can I only get 1 or 2 if I am lucky humming birds in a day. Is there something in the system to only allow 2. I am so close to winning £5 and £10.
Jaden116 Apr 17 - 11:19 All I have had for the past 3 days are entries to the mega prize draw and not instant cash prize. Although the mega prize draw is big what chances are there you winning it ? I guess it's like winning the lottery. And how come some can get £10 cash prize on the second day of competition!!!! Some people have all the luck don't they, by the way I have won astonishing 20p wow!!!! Just having a moan. And thanks for all those helping with clues
mamacosmo16 Apr 17 - 10:52 Now Tv
Tina197016 Apr 17 - 10:49 Now tv
hunney2416 Apr 17 - 10:45 Now tv
markwood196916 Apr 17 - 10:44 Today's clue is: Now tv
Enjoy everyone :0)
Happy Easter
hullywood9216 Apr 17 - 10:32 Now tv
Dj_spud16 Apr 17 - 10:26 Sky
tsvk916 Apr 17 - 10:16 Now tv
sammyjo7216 Apr 17 - 10:00 Where abouts do you look please
JoDolittle16 Apr 17 - 09:58 Past

I don't get the clue?
Member34392494405115 Apr 17 - 18:19 Latest gist about the new package
joollee15 Apr 17 - 15:12 Bt and Expedia
Fiamma15 Apr 17 - 13:25 Ebay
edi123415 Apr 17 - 13:02 I love Easter
Andrewn3015 Apr 17 - 11:04 Cannot get clues for the last few days somone help me out ty
hullywood9215 Apr 17 - 10:12 It is ao
Gabbimaggie5015 Apr 17 - 10:11 Confused.Com
Ocsinberg15 Apr 17 - 09:04 I don't understand today's clue... Something to do with Football? Tony Romo? Can anyone help me?
chend14 Apr 17 - 21:20 Is there something wrong with daily clues as same clue as yesterday but no new one today?
NansTCB14 Apr 17 - 20:39 Hi all
Have to agree. Seems to be a problem with things today! Still same clue as yesterday. Matalan competition question has only just updated from yesterday's and definitely no flyers today.

Still looking.
IvetaVV14 Apr 17 - 16:42 All day I looking for humman and daily clue but , nothing what the hapend
mike_s_price14 Apr 17 - 11:12 Found one on here this morning
SofC14 Apr 17 - 10:19 I seem to be getting the same clue as yesterday and of course when I go to the answer, there's no humming bird. The same happened to my hubby who had the same clue as the day before that. Is something not working properly? I hate the thought that I am missing out on chances to win even 10p ☺ Thanks
Hi there,

We did have a slight issue which caused the wrong clue to show in the morning of the 13th which we do apologise for, we were able to get this altered to the correct clue before the day was out but we are sorry for any inconvenience this caused.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Ocsinberg13 Apr 17 - 23:19 Scs, Talk Talk, Hive
DKENT21313 Apr 17 - 21:33 If anyone is interested in starting a small online business with me; let me know.
Ocsinberg13 Apr 17 - 18:26 I agree woody... If they have so much time to waste , perhaps get a job ! I am grateful for anything. Even the simple 1% On ebay ... Brilliant, I buy lots of stuff ex display and get the nectar points and now a cashback... Can't complain.
And to those that claim they can't work. I am severely disabled and still do work be it less than 10 hours/Week , but I love every minute I can contribute to society for really earning your own makes me feel worthy to be alive. Thank you for all the tips sharing members and thank you to the team of Topcashback for giving us an Easter treat. Much appreciated.
Andrewn3013 Apr 17 - 18:14 Wats the last 2 days clues anyone cannot find it
Andrewn3013 Apr 17 - 18:12 Wats the last 2 days clues anyone cannot find it
lmcorcoran13 Apr 17 - 11:26 Here here Woody (below!), This is a great site that gives you free money when doing your normal online shopping. This competition is just a bonus 😊 And just be grateful if you win anything rather than moaning, it costs nothing but time (that's up to you how much time you spend!)
markwood196913 Apr 17 - 08:35 Lot of negative people on this site, moaning about not finding the humming birds. Well. If you feel your wasting your time, stop! Leave the site and don't come back. Simple. More chance for me to win the big prizes :0)
Love the site, and the prizes, got lots of eggs.
Help for all the moaners today, go look for hive, and get your humming bird and stop moaning. Enjoy :0)
NansTCB13 Apr 17 - 00:45 I, like all other 'players', am getting frustrated!! The birdies have definitely "flown"!!! Only flyers I can get are when I answer the clue.
Also it is not much help telling others where you do get a flyer as they are totally random and you won't get the same ones as each other except for the clue answers. Though how TCB arrange that I could not say.
Anyway, good luck to all. We must just keep clicking and pray. Happy Easter to one and all.
DKENT21312 Apr 17 - 22:00 @Viper777

Thanks, good luck to you too; I think we'll both need it!

Tip: I highly recommend signing up to LottoPlus and Lottoland; if you haven't done so already. It's cheap - £5 for 150+ Entries into the Lottery! I feel I have more chance winning through them than here...
Member73494357793712 Apr 17 - 21:27 Plus+Net again
Fiamma12 Apr 17 - 20:43 Ao.Com
GBooth12 Apr 17 - 12:29 Got one on shoeaholics this morning
viper77712 Apr 17 - 11:12 @DKENT213

Im on the same boat. It was the same scenario with their xmas egg hunt too.

I wasted so much time especially yesterday, I managed to get about 3 birds yesterday after spending way too much time and all of them were pde!

To me those are useless as I think one entry into the draw is enough and all anyone on here needs. How do we know that these multiple entries even go in?

Getting fed up now too.

Anyways, best of luck!
Vicki_Ella12 Apr 17 - 09:08 Sky - found one this morning .
Ocsinberg12 Apr 17 - 08:53 I am struggling finding more than 1, how do you all manage to find them without a clue?
Fiamma12 Apr 17 - 08:52 Very co uk todays hint
YHUSKY12 Apr 17 - 02:14 Today's will have a few of you skipping breakfast typing out all those one word Pet Shop Boys album names....So here it is:

DKENT21312 Apr 17 - 00:33 @Viper777

I haven't won anything decent yet; only managed to get all the eggs for 10p and 50p. Pretty bad if you ask me; yet I have probably found more Hummingbirds than anyone else has! I'm shocked (and disappointed).

I have one egg left to collect for the £20. I have about one week left to find it; and if I don't i'll be emailing Topcashback to demand that £20! Spent too much time trying to find them and so far it's been a waste of my time.

I'm just hoping that collecting all those extra entries into the draw gets me that £1,000! - I really need it, too!
Cathbeth311 Apr 17 - 19:40 Bt broadband
paddycoco11 Apr 17 - 18:09 Superbreak
Member73494357793711 Apr 17 - 17:12 We need another hint for this clue. Maybe the first or last letter in the word?
mamacosmo11 Apr 17 - 13:30 Anyone got the answer to today's twitter clue?
nickieb3611 Apr 17 - 11:42 Plusnet
Member44557913474611 Apr 17 - 02:46 Haven't found any in over a hour, cleared cache and still nothing.
viper77711 Apr 17 - 01:38 Don't know if this is for todays clue but picked one up at - Accorhotels

viper77711 Apr 17 - 01:35 @DKENT213

Oh okay. Still 20 humming birds in past 2 days is an achievement itself! Well done.
You win anything yet or stuck on the verge of completing some of them?

Ocsinberg11 Apr 17 - 01:15 Thorntons, groupon and bt broadband
DKENT21310 Apr 17 - 21:47 @Viper777

When I said that I get 40 daily entries; I didn't mean that I actually get 40 Hummingbirds every day; I meant that I have 40 entries in total. As of right now I have 63 entries which means within the past two days I have managed to find about 20 Hummingbirds. Not bad!
Member73494357793710 Apr 17 - 20:18 Build a Bear
viper77710 Apr 17 - 16:48 Won £1 today lol I think that's the best I can hope for. I didn't get anything during the xmas one.
Also the person on here that said he gets 40 daily entries/Humming birds, that is crazy lol
I only manage 2 at best and i've tried browsing all the pages, including the blog, faq, etc
myozone10 Apr 17 - 16:07 You spelt Easter incorrectly in your 'Mega Prize' above

' A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize plus the ultimate Chocolate Ester hamper from Cadbury worth £65! '
myozone10 Apr 17 - 11:25 I'm having quite a few error pages come up

'Something went wrong. Please try again later.'

Seems weird ?
Samtowner7310 Apr 17 - 11:10 Thorntons.
Member44552503991010 Apr 17 - 02:29 رائع
Ocsinberg10 Apr 17 - 01:53 Expedia
Cara180209 Apr 17 - 17:34 Not on the high street the big Knot at the front is a major giveaway
aurora6409 Apr 17 - 16:53 M&S
Tetyana_Vernyhorova09 Apr 17 - 11:08 Notonthehighstreet
Cathbeth309 Apr 17 - 07:56 Not on the high street is today's answer. Anybody found any others please
DKENT21309 Apr 17 - 01:29 Yes; I believe that there is a limit, a number of people are saying the same thing that they are only about to find about two and a couple more if they check again later. It's the same thing with me. Not sure about you but I have at least 40 daily entries.
Member73494357793708 Apr 17 - 23:49 Is there a limit of how many hummingbirds you can find in a day? I can get 2 and sometimes if I wait awhile I can find 1 or 2 more. What's the limit?
Hey Member734943577937,

There is not a limit as to how many you can find per day :)

Best wishes,
paddycoco08 Apr 17 - 18:46 E buyer
paddycoco08 Apr 17 - 18:41 Go daddy
Nithyast_Nithyast08 Apr 17 - 17:22 Yes me like so much and happy fr me.Tq
helsbels3608 Apr 17 - 13:05 M&S
zlb3308 Apr 17 - 08:40 I havent been able to find more than 2 a day
GWG6107 Apr 17 - 21:25 PlusNet today
jamieleesis07 Apr 17 - 14:08 Look Fantastic
Cathbeth307 Apr 17 - 12:27 Are people just making up these answers
Grandmas07 Apr 17 - 10:06 Try plusher for today's clue
jamieleesis07 Apr 17 - 09:41 Try groupon page
jamieleesis07 Apr 17 - 09:33 :-)
ba73813606 Apr 17 - 15:47 P&O ferries
ba73813606 Apr 17 - 15:46 Po ferries
ba73813606 Apr 17 - 09:07 Dunelm
hamadallah06 Apr 17 - 07:37 Is there information that can be useful to us?
Bateups07081506 Apr 17 - 06:57 Need a lot of help for today's clue
Olgawalsh06 Apr 17 - 06:35 La Redoute - easy one today )
Andrewn3005 Apr 17 - 22:52 Help guys
Dazchopper197405 Apr 17 - 19:05 Bt package
Member113821847753205 Apr 17 - 18:50 Missed the start of the competition but moderator should be noting down names of asked and answering questions asked and supplied answers to the competition as a breaching of the competition rules and account numbers taking and voided there's as a matter of points!!!!!
retkeelan05 Apr 17 - 16:29 Ee home broadband
jeanjeany05 Apr 17 - 16:18 Unsure on this
thenightowl05 Apr 17 - 15:52 What was the daily clue for the 3rd April?
Kinkkee705 Apr 17 - 15:13 Fidelity stocks and shares
jujubaker05 Apr 17 - 10:08 Anybody know the answer to todays clue please?
Member33022983602104 Apr 17 - 21:38 Ec home Broadband
flaherty04 Apr 17 - 17:17 Only second day of comp and I have won £10
nelson0504 Apr 17 - 17:05 Totally baffled by today's 5 5 red balloon clue, any ideas?
nelson0504 Apr 17 - 17:04 Anyone know what today's clue 5 5 is together with a red balloon?
reje6804 Apr 17 - 15:59 G=7
IanH1404 Apr 17 - 15:34 Ee home broadband
Member71741044334604 Apr 17 - 14:11 Ee Home Broadband :)
MARTMART04 Apr 17 - 09:26 Does anyone know what todays clue is please?