Easter Bank Holiday Bonus 2017

Easter Bonus

Calling all TopCashbackers! Who fancies an Easter BONUS? (14/04/17 to midnight 17/04/17)

It’s your lucky day TopCashbackers it’s time that you increased your cashback. “But How?” We hear you ask…well this is where a little TopCashback magic happens….


How do I get my Easter Bonus?

All you need to do is shop online as you usually would via the TopCashback website and for up to 5 transactions we will top up your cashback earnings by 50p each when you spend a minimum of £5! Simply shop up to 5 different merchants and as soon as your cashback has tracked we will credit your account from 50p up to £2.50.


1 transaction (cashback tracked) = 50p

2 transactions (cashback tracked) = £1

3 transactions (cashback tracked) = £1.50

4 transactions (cashback tracked) = £2

5 transactions (cashback tracked) = £2.50


Top Tips

Tell-a-Friend or sign up bonuses won’t count towards a transaction bonus so remember it’s all about a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself. Treat yourself to a purchase above £5 as some retailers may exclude VAT or delivery charges. Give our Terms and Conditions a quick read – we promise it won’t take too long!

And finally…..

To ensure you don’t get any hiccups remember to refresh your cache, clear those Easter cookies and enjoy a smooth online shopping experience. Sit back, relax, shop online and we’ll do the rest.

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Terms and Conditions

Posted on 13 Apr 2017  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Laura bentley
Hi how do I lodge a missing claim? Booked hotel.com and haven't received cashback
  09 Mar 18 - 12:23

You can lodge a claim by clicking on 'Account' 'Customer Care' and then 'Lodge a Missing Cashback Claim'.

If you need further help please do lodge a support ticket.

Many thanks,
What a convenient get-out clause-
Gives TCB even more incentive not to track properly
10. Cashback Bonus may not apply to purchases where a Missing Cashback Claim needs to be lodged to get your purchase to track correctly.
  17 Apr 17 - 19:46
  Hey kieranlong,

This is becuase it will not track in our systems but if your claim is successful please submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to award the bonuis.

Best wishes,
Bonus not applied to 3 purchases over £5 on eBay are they not included?
  17 Apr 17 - 19:36
  Hey Lu88Lu,

If these bonuses have still not applied please submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to award the bonuis.

Best wishes,
I made a purchase on the 14th, but for some reason it tracked as the 13th and I didn't get my 50p. So that sucks.
  17 Apr 17 - 17:13
  Hey badblokebob,

Our Team will be happy to review this if you lodge a support ticket.

Best wishes,
Happy Easter Everyone :)
  16 Apr 17 - 09:39
Greater than ever
  16 Apr 17 - 07:47
There's nothing worse than you having an even greater offer than normal on and me forgetting to go through my TopCashback site first for our take away last night, my son reminded me while we were eating it!!!!
Im sure we've all done it!!
  16 Apr 17 - 01:54
  15 Apr 17 - 02:28
When the tracked cashback is more than £2 after one transaction will you count for tell-a-Friend and sign up bonuses during the promotion period? Thanks
  14 Apr 17 - 17:49
  Hey elizet,

The bonus is not included in the Tell a Friend threshold. If you still need help pleas expand on your query please submit a support ticket.

Best wishes,
  14 Apr 17 - 15:36
Happy Easter to you all!
  14 Apr 17 - 13:46
Hi I am glad of such a gift,
Can you tell me do you add gift, everytime.
Do you have to log in everytime,
  14 Apr 17 - 12:33
Thanks for the Easter present xx Happy Easter to you all.
  14 Apr 17 - 08:50
Another great idea from TopCashback!
  14 Apr 17 - 08:26
So thank!
  14 Apr 17 - 04:25

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